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Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language

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v5.24.0 :: 0/5.24 :: gentoo

|| ( Artistic GPL-1+ )
~alpha ~amd64 ~amd64-fbsd ~amd64-linux ~arm ~arm64 ~hppa ~hppa-hpux ~ia64 ~ia64-hpux ~ia64-linux ~m68k ~m68k-mint ~mips ~ppc ~ppc-aix ~ppc-macos ~ppc64 ~s390 ~sh ~sparc ~sparc-solaris ~sparc64-solaris ~x64-freebsd ~x64-macos ~x64-solaris ~x86 ~x86-fbsd ~x86-freebsd ~x86-interix ~x86-linux ~x86-macos ~x86-solaris
USE flags
berkdb debug doc gdbm ithreads

v5.22.2 :: 0/5.22 :: gentoo

|| ( Artistic GPL-1+ )
alpha arm ~amd64 ~amd64-fbsd ~amd64-linux ~arm64 ~hppa ~hppa-hpux ~ia64 ~ia64-hpux ~ia64-linux ~m68k ~m68k-mint ~mips ~ppc ~ppc-aix ~ppc-macos ~ppc64 ~s390 ~sh ~sparc ~sparc-solaris ~sparc64-solaris ~x64-freebsd ~x64-macos ~x64-solaris ~x86 ~x86-fbsd ~x86-freebsd ~x86-interix ~x86-linux ~x86-macos ~x86-solaris
USE flags
berkdb debug doc gdbm ithreads

v5.22.1 :: 0/5.22 :: gentoo

|| ( Artistic GPL-1+ )
~alpha ~amd64 ~amd64-fbsd ~amd64-linux ~arm ~arm64 ~hppa ~hppa-hpux ~ia64 ~ia64-hpux ~ia64-linux ~m68k ~m68k-mint ~mips ~ppc ~ppc-aix ~ppc-macos ~ppc64 ~s390 ~sh ~sparc ~sparc-solaris ~sparc64-solaris ~x64-freebsd ~x64-macos ~x64-solaris ~x86 ~x86-fbsd ~x86-freebsd ~x86-interix ~x86-linux ~x86-macos ~x86-solaris
USE flags
berkdb debug doc gdbm ithreads

v5.22.0 :: 0/5.22 :: gentoo

|| ( Artistic GPL-1+ )
~alpha ~amd64 ~amd64-fbsd ~amd64-linux ~arm ~arm64 ~hppa ~hppa-hpux ~ia64 ~ia64-hpux ~ia64-linux ~m68k ~m68k-mint ~mips ~ppc ~ppc-aix ~ppc-macos ~ppc64 ~s390 ~sh ~sparc ~sparc-solaris ~sparc64-solaris ~x64-freebsd ~x64-macos ~x64-solaris ~x86 ~x86-fbsd ~x86-freebsd ~x86-interix ~x86-linux ~x86-macos ~x86-solaris
USE flags
berkdb debug doc gdbm ithreads

v5.20.2-r1 :: 0/5.20 :: gentoo

|| ( Artistic GPL-1+ )
~alpha ~amd64 ~amd64-fbsd ~amd64-linux ~arm ~arm64 ~hppa ~hppa-hpux ~ia64 ~ia64-hpux ~ia64-linux ~m68k ~m68k-mint ~mips ~ppc ~ppc-aix ~ppc-macos ~ppc64 ~s390 ~sh ~sparc ~sparc-solaris ~sparc64-solaris ~x64-freebsd ~x64-macos ~x64-solaris ~x86 ~x86-fbsd ~x86-freebsd ~x86-interix ~x86-linux ~x86-macos ~x86-solaris
USE flags
berkdb debug doc gdbm ithreads

v5.20.2 :: 0/5.20 :: gentoo

|| ( Artistic GPL-1+ )
alpha amd64 arm arm64 hppa ia64 m68k ppc ppc64 s390 sh sparc x86 ~amd64-fbsd ~amd64-linux ~hppa-hpux ~ia64-hpux ~ia64-linux ~m68k-mint ~mips ~ppc-aix ~ppc-macos ~sparc-solaris ~sparc64-solaris ~x64-freebsd ~x64-macos ~x64-solaris ~x86-fbsd ~x86-freebsd ~x86-interix ~x86-linux ~x86-macos ~x86-solaris
USE flags
berkdb debug doc gdbm ithreads


Add support for sys-libs/db (Berkeley DB for MySQL)
Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra output. If you want to get meaningful backtraces see
Add extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally
Add support for sys-libs/gdbm (GNU database libraries)
Enable Perl threads, has some compatibility problems

app-arch / bzip2 : A high-quality data compressor used extensively by Gentoo Linux

sys-freebsd / freebsd-mk-defs : Makefiles definitions used for building and installing libraries and system files

sys-libs / db : Oracle Berkeley DB

sys-libs / gdbm : Standard GNU database libraries

sys-libs / zlib : Standard (de)compression library

app-arch / bzip2 : A high-quality data compressor used extensively by Gentoo Linux

sys-libs / db : Oracle Berkeley DB

sys-libs / gdbm : Standard GNU database libraries

sys-libs / zlib : Standard (de)compression library

app-accessibility / SphinxTrain : Speech Recognition (Training Module)

app-accessibility / julius : Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Engine

app-accessibility / perlbox-voice : A voice enabled application to bring your desktop under your command

app-admin / bastille : Bastille-Linux is a security hardening tool

app-admin / collectd : Collects system statistics and provides mechanisms to store the values

app-admin / diradm : diradm is a nearly complete nss/shadow suite for managing POSIX users/groups/data in LDAP

app-admin / durep : A perl script designed for monitoring disk usage in a more visual way than du

app-admin / evtxtools : Read, decode and dump Windows Vista/2008/7 event log file

app-admin / kpcli : A command line interface to KeePass database files

app-admin / logcheck : Mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator

app-admin / lsat : The Linux Security Auditing Tool

app-admin / makepasswd : Random password generator

app-admin / multilog-watch : Watches a multilog file for irregularities

app-admin / passook : Password generator capable of generating pronounceable and/or secure passwords

app-admin / perl-cleaner : User land tool for cleaning up old perl installs

app-admin / pprocm : a ncurses which monitors the CPU, disk, network and memory usage

app-admin / psmon : Monitors process table to slay aggressive, and spawn dead, processes

app-admin / quickswitch : Utility to switch network profiles on the fly

app-admin / rex : (R)?ex is a small script to ease the execution of remote commands

app-admin / stow : Manage installation of software in /var/lib/

app-admin / sudo : Allows users or groups to run commands as other users

app-admin / swatch : Perl-based system log watcher

app-admin / sysklogd : Standard log daemons

app-admin / system-tools-backends : Tools aimed to make easy the administration of UNIX systems

app-admin / tenshi : Log parsing and notification program

app-admin / yaala : Yet Another Log Analyzer

app-antivirus / clamav-unofficial-sigs : Download and install third-party clamav signatures

app-arch / alien : Converts between the rpm, dpkg, stampede slp, and slackware tgz file formats

app-arch / atool : a script for managing file archives of various types

app-arch / cabextract : Extracts files from Microsoft cabinet archive files

app-arch / deb2targz : Convert a .deb file to a .tar.gz archive

app-arch / dpkg : Package maintenance system for Debian

app-arch / rpm : Red Hat Package Management Utils

app-arch / unp : Script for unpacking various file formats

app-arch / upx-ucl : Ultimate Packer for eXecutables (free version using UCL compression and not NRV)

app-arch / zpaq : Journaling incremental deduplicating archiving compressor

app-backup / amanda : The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver

app-backup / backup-manager : Backup Manager is a command line backup tool for GNU/Linux

app-backup / backuppc : High-performance backups to a server's disk

app-backup / boxbackup : A completely automatic on-line backup system

app-backup / furball : A handy backup script utilizing tar

app-backup / kbackup : KBackup is a program that lets you back up any directories or files

app-backup / reoback : Reoback Backup Solution

app-backup / rsnapshot : A filesystem backup utility based on rsync

app-backup / simplebackup : Cross-platform backup program

app-backup / snapback2 : Routines for support of rsync-based snapshot backup

app-backup / vzdump : A utility to make consistent snapshots of running OpenVZ containers

app-benchmarks / ltp : A testsuite for the linux kernel

app-benchmarks / os-autoinst : automated testing of Operating Systems

app-benchmarks / tiobench : Portable, robust, fully-threaded I/O benchmark program

app-cdr / burncenter : A Perl module and a collection of easy-to-use text based interfaces to the UNIX CD burning tools

app-cdr / cdlabelgen : CD cover, tray card and envelope generator

app-cdr / disc-cover : Creates CD-Covers via LaTeX by fetching cd-info from or local file

app-cdr / k3b : The CD/DVD Kreator for KDE

app-cdr / k9copy : k9copy is a DVD backup utility which allows the copy of one or more titles from a DVD9 to a DVD5

app-cdr / kcdemu : A frontend to cdemu daemon for KDE4

app-cdr / mkcdtoc : command-line utility to create toc-files for cdrdao

app-cdr / mp3burn : Burn mp3s without filling up your disk with .wav files

app-cdr / multicd : Tool for making direct copies of your files to multiple cd's

app-crypt / gnupg : The GNU Privacy Guard, a GPL OpenPGP implementation

app-crypt / gpg-ringmgr : GPG Keyring Manager to handle large GPG keyrings more easily

app-crypt / jetring : GPG keyring maintenance using changesets

app-crypt / keylookup : A tool to fetch PGP keys from keyservers

app-crypt / mhash : library providing a uniform interface to a large number of hash algorithms

app-crypt / pius : A tool for signing and email all UIDs on a set of PGP keys

app-crypt / quickcrypt : gives you a quick MD5 Password from any string

app-crypt / sgeps : simple GnuPG-encrypted password store written in perl

app-crypt / signing-party : A collection of several tools related to OpenPGP

app-dicts / dikt : A dictionary for KDE

app-dicts / edictionary : Command line dictionary and thesaurus

app-doc / NaturalDocs : Extensible, multi-language source code documentation generator

app-doc / doxygen : Documentation system for most programming languages

app-doc / mkdoxy : mkDoxy generates Doxygen-compatible HTML documentation for makefiles

app-doc / podbrowser : PodBrowser is a documentation browser for Perl

app-doc / xmltoman : Simple scripts for converting xml to groff or html

app-editors / XML-XSH2 : XML Editing Shell

app-editors / gvim : GUI version of the Vim text editor

app-editors / kile : A Latex Editor and TeX shell for KDE

app-editors / mousepad : GTK+-based editor for the Xfce Desktop Environment

app-editors / mp : Minimum Profit: A text editor for programmers

app-editors / ne : the nice editor, easy to use for the beginner and powerful for the wizard

app-editors / nedit : Multi-purpose text editor for the X Window System

app-editors / neovim : Vim-fork focused on extensibility and agility.

app-editors / nvi : Vi clone

app-editors / padre : Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment

app-editors / vile : VI Like Emacs -- yet another full-featured vi clone

app-editors / vim : Vim, an improved vi-style text editor

app-editors / vim-qt : Qt GUI version of the Vim text editor

app-editors / xvile : VI Like Emacs -- yet another full-featured vi clone

app-editors / zile : Zile is a small Emacs clone

app-emulation / crossover-bin : Commercial version of app-emulation/wine with paid support.

app-emulation / fuse : Free Unix Spectrum Emulator by Philip Kendall

app-emulation / libguestfs : Tools for accessing, inspect and modifying virtual machine (VM) disk images

app-emulation / libspectrum : Spectrum emulation library

app-emulation / libvirt : C toolkit to manipulate virtual machines

app-emulation / qemu : QEMU + Kernel-based Virtual Machine userland tools

app-emulation / virt-manager : A graphical tool for administering virtual machines

app-emulation / virt-viewer : Graphical console client for connecting to virtual machines

app-emulation / virt-what : Detects if the current machine is running in a virtual machine

app-emulation / wine : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix

app-emulation / xen-tools : Xen tools including QEMU and xl

app-eselect / eselect-gnome-shell-extensions : Manages system defaults for GNOME Shell extensions

app-forensics / autopsy : A graphical interface to the digital forensic analysis tools in The Sleuth Kit

app-forensics / examiner : Application that utilizes the objdump command to disassemble and comment foreign executable binaries

app-forensics / rkhunter : Rootkit Hunter scans for known and unknown rootkits, backdoors, and sniffers

app-i18n / cstools : A charset conversion tool cstocs and two convenience Perl modules for Czech language

app-i18n / ibus : Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS

app-i18n / im-ja : A Japanese input module for GTK2 and XIM

app-i18n / kcm-fcitx : KDE configuration module for Fcitx

app-i18n / nkf : Network Kanji code conversion Filter with UTF-8/16 support

app-i18n / scim : Smart Common Input Method (SCIM) is an Input Method (IM) development platform

app-i18n / yaskkserv : Yet Another SKK server

app-i18n / zinnia : Online hand recognition system with machine learning

app-laptop / tpacpi-bat : Control battery thresholds of recent ThinkPads, which are not supported by tp_smapi

app-misc / beancounter : Finance performance calculation engine with full data acquisition and SQL support

app-misc / bfr : General-purpose command-line pipe buffer

app-misc / bgrep : grep-like tool to search for binary strings

app-misc / cadubi : CADUBI is an application that allows you to draw ASCII-Art images

app-misc / colordiff : Colorizes output of diff

app-misc / conmux : A console multiplexor

app-misc / g15daemon : G15daemon takes control of the G15 keyboard, through the linux kernel uinput device driver

app-misc / gcstar : Manage your collections of movies, games, books, music and more

app-misc / glastree : glastree is a poor mans snapshot utility using hardlinks written in perl

app-misc / golly : simulator for Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata

app-misc / grabcartoons : Comic-summarizing utility

app-misc / hivex : Library for reading and writing Windows Registry 'hive' binary files

app-misc / jail : a tool that builds a chroot and configures all the required files, directories and libraries

app-misc / mencal : Calendar to track menstruation cycles

app-misc / misterhouse : Mister House, an open source home automation program with X10 support

app-misc / muttprint : Script for pretty printing of your mails

app-misc / note : A note taking perl program

app-misc / perltrash : Command-line trash can emulation

app-misc / pfm : A terminal-based file manager written in Perl

app-misc / pip : Wrapper around programs that don't support stdin/stdout

app-misc / plod : PLOD is a tool designed to help administrators (and others) keep track of their daily activities.

app-misc / rox-filer : ROX-Filer a drag and drop spatial file manager

app-misc / run-mailcap : Execute programs via entries in the mailcap file

app-misc / smtm : Stock ticker, profit/loss calculator and chart tool

app-misc / vit : Perl/Curses front-end for Taskwarrior (app-misc/task)

app-misc / when : Extremely simple personal calendar program aimed at the Unix geek who wants something minimalistic

app-mobilephone / esms : A small console program to send SMS messages to Spanish cellular phones

app-mobilephone / kannel : Powerful SMS and WAP gateway

app-mobilephone / linuxsms : A console perl script for sending SMS to cell phones

app-mobilephone / obexftp : File transfer over OBEX for mobile phones

app-office / abiword : Fully featured yet light and fast cross platform word processor

app-office / calligra : KDE Office Suite

app-office / calligra-l10n : Calligra localization package

app-office / gnumeric : The GNOME Spreadsheet

app-office / homebank : Free, easy, personal accounting for everyone

app-office / kmymoney : Personal finance manager for KDE

app-office / kraft : Software for operating a small business, creating documents such as invoices

app-office / libalkimia : Library with common classes and functionality used by KDE finance applications

app-office / libreoffice : A full office productivity suite

app-office / libreoffice-bin : A full office productivity suite. Binary package

app-office / magicpoint : An X11 based presentation tool

app-office / openoffice-bin : Apache OpenOffice productivity suite

app-office / skrooge : Personal finances manager, aiming at being simple and intuitive

app-office / tedia2sql : Convert database ERD designed in Dia into SQL DDL scripts

app-pda / coldsync : A command-line tool to synchronize PalmOS PDAs with Unix workstations

app-pda / gnupod : A collection of Perl-scripts for iPod

app-pda / pilot-link : suite of tools for moving data between a Palm device and a desktop

app-portage / demerge : demerge - revert to previous installation states

app-portage / epm : rpm workalike for Gentoo Linux

app-portage / g-cpan : Autogenerate and install ebuilds for CPAN modules

app-portage / genlop : A nice emerge.log parser

app-portage / gentoolkit-dev : Collection of developer scripts for Gentoo

app-portage / kuroo4 : Graphical Portage frontend based on KDE4/Qt4

app-portage / perl-info : Tool to gather relevant perl data useful for bugreports; 'emerge --info' for perl

app-portage / splat : Simple Portage Log Analyzer Tool

app-portage / ufed : Gentoo Linux USE flags editor

app-shells / psh : Combines the interactive nature of a Unix shell with the power of Perl

app-shells / tcsh : Enhanced version of the Berkeley C shell (csh)

app-text / adiff : wordwise diff

app-text / bdf2psf : Converter to generate console fonts from BDF source fonts

app-text / chasen : Japanese Morphological Analysis System, ChaSen

app-text / cmigemo : C/Migemo -- Migemo library implementation in C

app-text / code2html : Converts source files to colored HTML output

app-text / convmv : convert filenames to utf8 or any other charset

app-text / ddir : A perl implementation of the tree(1) program

app-text / delta : Heuristically minimizes interesting files

app-text / docbook-sgml-utils : Shell scripts to manage DocBook documents

app-text / docbook2X : Tools to convert docbook to man and info

app-text / docx2txt : Convert MS Office docx files to plain text

app-text / dos2unix : Convert DOS or MAC text files to UNIX format or vice versa

app-text / freepwing : FreePWING is a free JIS X 4081 (subset of EPWING V1) formatter

app-text / gnopaster : A submitter for gnopaste, a nopaste service like

app-text / grutatxt : A converter from plain text to HTML and other markup languages

app-text / htag : random signature maker

app-text / info2html : Converts GNU .info files to HTML

app-text / kbibtex : BibTeX editor for KDE to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX

app-text / kchmviewer : Feature rich chm file viewer, based on Qt

app-text / kding : KDE port of Ding, a dictionary lookup program

app-text / lesspipe : a preprocessor for less

app-text / linuxdoc-tools : A toolset for processing LinuxDoc DTD SGML files

app-text / logmerge : Merge multiple logs such that multilined entries appear in chronological order without breaks

app-text / lv : Powerful Multilingual File Viewer

app-text / mecab : Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer

app-text / openjade : Jade is an implementation of DSSSL - an ISO standard for formatting SGML and XML documents

app-text / peg-markdown : Implementation of markdown in C, using a PEG grammar

app-text / po4a : Tools for helping translation of documentation

app-text / psutils : PostScript Utilities

app-text / qpdf : Command-line tool for structural, content-preserving transformation of PDF files

app-text / referencer : Application to organise documents or references, and to generate BibTeX files

app-text / rfcutil : return all related RFCs based upon a number or a search string

app-text / sloccount : Tools for counting Source Lines of Code (SLOC) for a large number of languages

app-text / texi2html : Perl script that converts Texinfo to HTML

app-text / txt2pdbdoc : Text/HTML to Doc file converter for the Palm Pilot

app-text / u2ps : A text to PostScript converter like a2ps, but supports UTF-8

app-text / unac : Library and command-line tool for removing accents from characters

app-text / xapian-omega : An application built on Xapian, consisting of indexers and a CGI search frontend

app-text / xindy : A Flexible Indexing System

app-text / xlsx2csv : Convert MS Office xlsx files to CSV

app-text / xmlformat : Reformat XML documents to your custom style

dev-db / bucardo : An asynchronous PostgreSQL replication system

dev-db / innotop : innotop - A text-mode MySQL and InnoDB monitor like mytop, but with many more features

dev-db / maatkit : essential command-line utilities for MySQL

dev-db / mtop : Mysql top monitors a MySQL server

dev-db / mysqltuner : MySQLTuner is a high-performance MySQL tuning script

dev-db / mytop : mytop - a top clone for mysql

dev-db / percona-toolkit : Advanced command-line tools to perform a variety of MySQL and system tasks

dev-db / pgbadger : pgBadger is a PostgreSQL log analyzer.

dev-db / postgresql : PostgreSQL RDBMS

dev-db / qdbm : Quick Database Manager

dev-embedded / pista : Commandline-driven interface to PICSTART+ PIC programmer

dev-games / clanlib : multi-platform game development library

dev-java / gcj-jdk : Java wrappers around GCJ

dev-java / icedtea : A harness to build OpenJDK using Free Software build tools and dependencies

dev-java / java-gnome : Java bindings for GTK and GNOME

dev-java / jss : Network Security Services for Java (JSS)

dev-lang / R : Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics

dev-lang / erlang : Erlang programming language, runtime environment and libraries (OTP)

dev-lang / ghc : The Glasgow Haskell Compiler

dev-lang / moarvm : A 6model-based VM for NQP and Rakudo Perl 6

dev-lang / mozart : Advanced development platform for intelligent, distributed applications

dev-lang / nasm : groovy little assembler

dev-lang / nqp : Not Quite Perl, a Perl 6 bootstrapping compiler

dev-lang / opendylan : OpenDylan language runtime environment

dev-lang / parrot : Virtual machine designed to efficiently compile and execute bytecode for dynamic languages

dev-lang / qu-prolog : Extended Prolog supporting quantifiers, object-variables and substitutions

dev-lang / rakudo : A compiler for the Perl 6 programming language

dev-lang / rust : Systems programming language from Mozilla

dev-lang / tcc : A very small C compiler for ix86/amd64

dev-libs / OpenSRF : Framework for the high-level development of the Evergreen ILS software

dev-libs / atk : GTK+ & GNOME Accessibility Toolkit

dev-libs / dbxml : BerkeleyDB XML, a native XML database from the BerkeleyDB team

dev-libs / klibc : A minimal libc subset for use with initramfs

dev-libs / libcdio : A library to encapsulate CD-ROM reading and control

dev-libs / libcdio-paranoia : an advanced CDDA reader with error correction

dev-libs / libcss : CSS parser and selection engine, written in C

dev-libs / libical : An implementation of basic iCAL protocols

dev-libs / libmoe : multi octet character encoding handling library

dev-libs / libntru : C Implementation of NTRUEncrypt

dev-libs / libparserutils : library for building efficient parsers, written in C

dev-libs / libtasn1 : ASN.1 library

dev-libs / ltxml : Integrated set of XML tools and a developers tool-kit with C API

dev-libs / ntl : High-performance and portable Number Theory C++ library

dev-libs / openssl : full-strength general purpose cryptography library (including SSL and TLS)

dev-libs / ossp-uuid : An ISO-C:1999 API and corresponding CLI for the generation of DCE 1.1, ISO/IEC 11578:1996 and RFC 4122 compliant UUID

dev-libs / pslib : pslib is a C-library to create PostScript files on the fly

dev-libs / redland-bindings : Language bindings for Redland

dev-libs / stfl : A library which implements a curses-based widget set for text terminals

dev-libs / unibilium : A very basic terminfo library

dev-libs / uthash : An easy-to-use hash implementation for C programmers

dev-libs / xapian-bindings : SWIG and JNI bindings for Xapian

dev-lisp / common-lisp-controller : Common Lisp Controller

dev-lua / lua-cjson : A fast JSON encoding/parsing module for Lua

dev-ml / cudf : Library to parse, pretty print, and evaluate CUDF documents

dev-ml / zarith : Arithmetic and logic operations over arbitrary-precision integers

dev-perl / Ace : Object-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databases

dev-perl / Acme-Damn : Module, that 'unblesses' Perl objects

dev-perl / Algorithm-Annotate : Represent a series of changes in annotate form

dev-perl / Algorithm-C3 : A module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm

dev-perl / Algorithm-ClusterPoints : Find clusters inside a set of points

dev-perl / Algorithm-Dependency : Toolkit for implementing dependency systems

dev-perl / Algorithm-Diff : Compute intelligent differences between two files / lists

dev-perl / Algorithm-Munkres : Munkres solution to classical Assignment problem

dev-perl / Alien-SDL : building, finding and using SDL binaries

dev-perl / Alien-wxWidgets : Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries

dev-perl / Any-Moose : Use Moose or Mouse modules (DEPRECATED)

dev-perl / AnyEvent : Provides a uniform interface to various event loops

dev-perl / AnyEvent-CacheDNS : Simple DNS resolver with caching

dev-perl / AnyEvent-HTTP : Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client

dev-perl / AnyEvent-I3 : Communicate with the i3 window manager

dev-perl / Apache-AuthCookie : Perl Authentication and Authorization via cookies

dev-perl / Apache-CGI-Builder : CGI::Builder and Apache/mod_perl (1 and 2) integration

dev-perl / Apache-DBI : Apache::DBI module for perl

dev-perl / Apache-LogFormat-Compiler : Compile an Apache log format string to perl-code

dev-perl / Apache-Reload : Perl module for Apache::Reload

dev-perl / Apache-Session : A persistence framework for session data

dev-perl / Apache-SessionX : An extented persistence framework for session data

dev-perl / Apache-SizeLimit : Graceful exit for large children

dev-perl / Apache-Test : wrapper with helpers for testing Apache

dev-perl / Apache2-AuthenNTLM : Apache2::AuthenNTLM - Perform Microsoft NTLM and Basic User Authentication

dev-perl / App-CLI : Dispatcher module for command line interface programs

dev-perl / App-Nopaste : Easy access to any pastebin

dev-perl / App-cpanminus : Get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN

dev-perl / App-perlbrew : Manage perl installations in your $HOME

dev-perl / AppConfig : Perl5 module for reading configuration files and parsing command line arguments

dev-perl / Archive-Any : Single interface to deal with file archives

dev-perl / Archive-Extract : Generic archive extracting mechanism

dev-perl / Archive-Rar : Archive::Rar - Interface with the rar command

dev-perl / Archive-Zip : A wrapper that lets you read Zip archive members as if they were files

dev-perl / Array-Compare : Perl extension for comparing arrays

dev-perl / Array-RefElem : Set up array elements as aliases

dev-perl / Array-Window : Array::Window - Calculate windows/subsets/pages of arrays

dev-perl / Astro-FITS-Header : Interface to FITS headers

dev-perl / AtExit : atexit() function to register exit-callbacks

dev-perl / Audio-CD-disc-cover : Perl Module needed for app-cdr/disc-cover

dev-perl / Audio-DSP : Perl interface to *NIX digital audio device

dev-perl / Audio-FLAC-Header : Access to FLAC audio metadata

dev-perl / Audio-Mixer : Perl extension for Sound Mixer control

dev-perl / Audio-Musepack : An OO interface to Musepack file information and APE tag fields

dev-perl / Audio-Scan : Fast C metadata and tag reader for all common audio file formats

dev-perl / Audio-WMA : extension for reading WMA/ASF metadata

dev-perl / Audio-Wav : Modules for reading & writing Microsoft WAV files

dev-perl / Authen-DigestMD5 : SASL DIGEST-MD5 authentication (RFC2831)

dev-perl / Authen-Htpasswd : interface to read and modify Apache .htpasswd files

dev-perl / Authen-Libwrap : A Perl access to the TCP Wrappers interface

dev-perl / Authen-NTLM : An NTLM authentication module

dev-perl / Authen-PAM : Interface to PAM library

dev-perl / Authen-SASL : A Perl SASL interface

dev-perl / Authen-SASL-SASLprep : A Stringprep Profile for User Names and Passwords (RFC 4013)

dev-perl / Authen-SCRAM : Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism (RFC 5802)

dev-perl / Authen-Simple : Simple Authentication

dev-perl / Authen-Simple-Passwd : Simple Passwd authentication

dev-perl / AutoXS-Header : Container for the AutoXS header files

dev-perl / B-Hooks-EndOfScope : Execute code after a scope finished compilation

dev-perl / B-Hooks-OP-Check : Wrap OP check callbacks

dev-perl / B-Hooks-Parser : Interface to perls parser variables

dev-perl / B-Keywords : Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names

dev-perl / B-OPCheck : PL_check hacks using Perl callbacks

dev-perl / B-Utils : Helper functions for op tree manipulation

dev-perl / BSD-Resource : Perl module for BSD process resource limit and priority functions

dev-perl / BZ-Client : A client for the Bugzilla web services API.

dev-perl / Benchmark-Timer : Perl code benchmarking tool

dev-perl / BerkeleyDB : This module provides Berkeley DB interface for Perl

dev-perl / Bio-ASN1-EntrezGene : Regular expression-based Perl Parser for NCBI Entrez Gene

dev-perl / Bio-Das : Interface to Distributed Annotation System

dev-perl / Bio-Graphics : Generate images from Bio::Seq objects for visualization purposes

dev-perl / Bio-SamTools : Read SAM/BAM database files

dev-perl / Bit-Vector : Efficient bit vector, set of integers and big int math library

dev-perl / Bit-Vector-Minimal : Object-oriented wrapper around vec()

dev-perl / Boulder : An API for hierarchical tag/value structures

dev-perl / Business-FedEx-DirectConnect : Interface to FedEx Ship Manager Direct

dev-perl / Business-ISBN : Work with ISBN as objects

dev-perl / Business-ISBN-Data : Data pack for Business::ISBN

dev-perl / Business-ISMN : International Standard Music Numbers

dev-perl / Business-ISSN : Object and functions to work with International Standard Serial Numbers

dev-perl / Business-Tax-VAT-Validation : A class for european VAT numbers validation

dev-perl / Business-UPS : A UPS Interface Module

dev-perl / CDB_File : Tie to CDB (Bernstein's constant DB) files

dev-perl / CDDB : high-level interface to cddb/freedb protocol

dev-perl / CDDB-File : Parse a CDDB/freedb data file

dev-perl / CDDB_get : Read the CDDB entry for an audio CD in your drive

dev-perl / CGI : Simple Common Gateway Interface Class

dev-perl / CGI-Ajax : a perl-specific system for writing Asynchronous web applications

dev-perl / CGI-Builder : Framework to build simple or complex web-apps

dev-perl / CGI-Compile : Compile .cgi scripts to a code reference like ModPerl::Registry

dev-perl / CGI-Emulate-PSGI : PSGI adapter for CGI

dev-perl / CGI-Fast : CGI Interface for Fast CGI

dev-perl / CGI-FastTemplate : The Perl CGI::FastTemplate Module

dev-perl / CGI-FormBuilder : Extremely fast, reliable form generation and processing module

dev-perl / CGI-PSGI : Adapt to the PSGI protocol

dev-perl / CGI-Session : persistent session data in CGI applications

dev-perl / CGI-Simple : A Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant

dev-perl / CHI : Unified cache handling interface

dev-perl / CPAN-Changes : Read and write Changes files

dev-perl / CPAN-Checksums : Write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN

dev-perl / CPAN-Meta-Check : Verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object

dev-perl / CPAN-Mini : Create a minimal mirror of CPAN

dev-perl / CPAN-Mini-Inject : Inject modules into a CPAN::Mini mirror

dev-perl / CPAN-Perl-Releases : Mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs

dev-perl / CQL-Parser : compiles CQL strings into parse trees of Node subtypes

dev-perl / CSS-Minifier : Perl extension for minifying CSS

dev-perl / CSS-Packer : Another CSS minifier

dev-perl / CSS-Squish : Compact many CSS files into one big file

dev-perl / Cache : the Cache interface

dev-perl / Cache-Cache : Generic cache interface and implementations

dev-perl / Cache-FastMmap : Uses an mmaped file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache

dev-perl / Cache-Memcached : Perl API for memcached

dev-perl / Cache-Memcached-Fast : Perl client for memcached, in C language

dev-perl / Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry : A lightweight cache with timed expiration

dev-perl / Cairo : Perl interface to the cairo library

dev-perl / Calendar-Simple : Perl extension to create simple calendars

dev-perl / Canary-Stability : Canary to check perl compatibility for schmorp's modules

dev-perl / Capture-Tiny : Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs

dev-perl / Carp-Always : Warns and dies noisily with stack backtraces

dev-perl / Carp-Assert : Executable comments in carp

dev-perl / Carp-Assert-More : convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert

dev-perl / Carp-Clan : Report errors from perspective of caller of a clan of modules

dev-perl / Chart : The Perl Chart Module

dev-perl / Chart-Math-Axis : Implements an algorithm to find good values for chart axis

dev-perl / Cisco-IPPhone : Cisco IP Phone interface using XML Objects

dev-perl / Cisco-Reconfig : Parse and generate Cisco configuration files

dev-perl / Class-Accessor : Automated accessor generation

dev-perl / Class-Accessor-Chained : Perl module to make chained class accessors

dev-perl / Class-Accessor-Grouped : Lets you build groups of accessors

dev-perl / Class-Accessor-Lite : A minimalistic variant of Class::Accessor

dev-perl / Class-Adapter : Implementation of the "Adapter" Design Pattern

dev-perl / Class-Autouse : Runtime aspect loading of one or more classes

dev-perl / Class-Base : Useful base class for deriving other modules

dev-perl / Class-C3 : A pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algortihm

dev-perl / Class-C3-Componentised : Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class

dev-perl / Class-C3-XS : XS speedups for Class::C3

dev-perl / Class-Container : Class-Container module for perl

dev-perl / Class-DBI : Simple Database Abstraction

dev-perl / Class-DBI-AbstractSearch : Abstract Class::DBI's SQL with SQL::Abstract::Limit

dev-perl / Class-DBI-Plugin : Abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins

dev-perl / Class-DBI-Plugin-DeepAbstractSearch : deep_search_where() method for Class::DBI

dev-perl / Class-DBI-mysql : Extensions to Class::DBI for MySQL

dev-perl / Class-Data-Accessor : Inheritable, overridable class and instance data accessor creation

dev-perl / Class-Data-Inheritable : Inheritable, overridable class data

dev-perl / Class-Default : Static calls apply to a default instantiation

dev-perl / Class-ErrorHandler : Automated accessor generation

dev-perl / Class-Factory-Util : Provide utility methods for factory classes

dev-perl / Class-ISA : Report the search path thru an ISA tree

dev-perl / Class-InsideOut : A safe, simple inside-out object construction kit

dev-perl / Class-Inspector : Provides information about Classes

dev-perl / Class-Load : A working (require q{Class::Name}) and more

dev-perl / Class-Load-XS : XS implementation of parts of Class::Load

dev-perl / Class-MakeMethods : Automated method creation module for Perl

dev-perl / Class-Member : Class::Member - A set of modules to make the module developement easier

dev-perl / Class-Method-Modifiers : provides Moose-like method modifiers

dev-perl / Class-MethodMaker : Create generic methods for OO Perl

dev-perl / Class-Mix : dynamic class mixing

dev-perl / Class-ReturnValue : A return-value object that lets you treat it as as a boolean, array or object

dev-perl / Class-Singleton : Implementation of a Singleton class

dev-perl / Class-Spiffy : Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You

dev-perl / Class-Std : Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes

dev-perl / Class-Std-Fast : Faster but less secure than Class::Std

dev-perl / Class-Tiny : Minimalist class construction

dev-perl / Class-Trigger : Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers

dev-perl / Class-Unload : Unload a class

dev-perl / Class-Virtual : Base class for virtual base classes

dev-perl / Class-WhiteHole : base class to treat unhandled method calls as errors

dev-perl / Class-XPath : adds xpath matching to object trees

dev-perl / Class-XSAccessor : Generate fast XS accessors without runtime compilation

dev-perl / Clipboard : Copy and paste with any OS

dev-perl / Clone : Recursively copy Perl datatypes

dev-perl / Color-Calc : Simple calculations with RGB colors

dev-perl / Color-Library : An easy-to-use and comprehensive named-color library

dev-perl / Compress-Bzip2 : Interface to Bzip2 compression library

dev-perl / Config-Any : Load configuration from different file formats, transparently

dev-perl / Config-ApacheFormat : use Apache format config files

dev-perl / Config-Auto : Magical config file parser

dev-perl / Config-AutoConf : A module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure perl

dev-perl / Config-Crontab : Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab(5) files

dev-perl / Config-General : Config file parser module

dev-perl / Config-Grammar : A grammar-based, user-friendly config parser

dev-perl / Config-IniFiles : A module for reading .ini-style configuration files

dev-perl / Config-JSON : A JSON based config file system

dev-perl / Config-Properties : Configuration using Java style properties

dev-perl / Config-Simple : Config::Simple - simple configuration file class

dev-perl / Config-Tiny : Read/Write .ini style files with as little code as possible

dev-perl / ConfigReader : Read directives from a configuration file

dev-perl / Const-Fast : Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes

dev-perl / Context-Preserve : Pass chained return values from subs, modifying their values, without losing context

dev-perl / Contextual-Return : Create context-sensitive return values

dev-perl / Convert-ASN1 : Standard en/decode of ASN.1 structures

dev-perl / Convert-BER : Class for encoding/decoding BER messages

dev-perl / Convert-BinHex : Extract data from Macintosh BinHex files

dev-perl / Convert-Binary-C : Binary Data Conversion using C Types

dev-perl / Convert-Color : Color space conversions and named lookups

dev-perl / Convert-TNEF : A Perl module for reading TNEF files

dev-perl / Convert-UUlib : A Perl interface to the uulib library

dev-perl / Cookie-Baker : Cookie string generator / parser

dev-perl / Coro : The only real threads in perl

dev-perl / Crypt-Blowfish : Crypt::Blowfish module for perl

dev-perl / Crypt-CAST5_PP : CAST5 block cipher in pure Perl

dev-perl / Crypt-CBC : Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode

dev-perl / Crypt-Cracklib : Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib

dev-perl / Crypt-DES : Crypt::DES module for perl

dev-perl / Crypt-DES_EDE3 : Triple-DES EDE encryption/decryption

dev-perl / Crypt-DH : Diffie-Hellman key exchange system

dev-perl / Crypt-DH-GMP : Crypt::DH Using GMP Directly

dev-perl / Crypt-DSA : DSA Signatures and Key Generation

dev-perl / Crypt-Eksblowfish : the Eksblowfish block cipher

dev-perl / Crypt-IDEA : Parse and save PGP packet streams

dev-perl / Crypt-OpenPGP : Pure-Perl OpenPGP-compatible PGP implementation

dev-perl / Crypt-OpenSSL-Bignum : OpenSSL's multiprecision integer arithmetic

dev-perl / Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA : Digital Signature Algorithm using OpenSSL

dev-perl / Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA : Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA module for perl

dev-perl / Crypt-OpenSSL-Random : Crypt::OpenSSL::Random module for perl

dev-perl / Crypt-PasswdMD5 : Provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() functions

dev-perl / Crypt-Primes : Provable Prime Number Generator suitable for Cryptographic Applications

dev-perl / Crypt-RC4 : Implements the RC4 encryption algorithm

dev-perl / Crypt-RIPEMD160 : Crypt::RIPEMD160 module for perl

dev-perl / Crypt-RSA : RSA public-key cryptosystem

dev-perl / Crypt-Random : Cryptographically Secure, True Random Number Generator

dev-perl / Crypt-Random-Source : Get weak or strong random data from pluggable sources

dev-perl / Crypt-Rijndael : Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module

dev-perl / Crypt-SMIME : S/MIME message signing, verification, encryption and decryption

dev-perl / Crypt-SSLeay : OpenSSL support for LWP

dev-perl / Crypt-Simple : Crypt::Simple - encrypt stuff simply

dev-perl / Crypt-SmbHash : LM/NT hashing, for Samba's smbpasswd entries

dev-perl / Crypt-Twofish : The Twofish Encryption Algorithm

dev-perl / Crypt-URandom : Provide non blocking randomness

dev-perl / Crypt-X509 : Parse a X.509 certificate

dev-perl / CryptX : Self-contained crypto toolkit

dev-perl / Curses : Curses interface modules for Perl

dev-perl / Curses-UI : Perl UI framework based on the curses library

dev-perl / CursesWidgets : Provide high level APIs for rapid user interface design on the console in Perl

dev-perl / Cwd-Guard : Temporary changing working directory (chdir)

dev-perl / DBD-Pg : PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module

dev-perl / DBD-SQLite : Self Contained RDBMS in a DBI Driver

dev-perl / DBD-mysql : The Perl DBD:mysql Module

dev-perl / DBI : Database independent interface for Perl

dev-perl / DBI-Shell : Interactive command shell for the DBI

dev-perl / DBICx-TestDatabase : create a temporary database from a DBIx::Class::Schema

dev-perl / DBIx-Class : Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-DynamicDefault : Automatically set and update fields

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Boolean : Auto-create boolean objects from columns

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-IP : Auto-create NetAddr::IP objects from columns

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Object-Enum : Allows a DBIx::Class user to define a Object::Enum column

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-UserStamp : Automatically set update and create user id fields

dev-perl / DBIx-ContextualFetch : Add contextual fetches to DBI

dev-perl / DBIx-DBSchema : Database-independent schema objects

dev-perl / DBIx-Migration : Seamless DB schema up- and downgrades

dev-perl / DBIx-Safe : Safer access to your database through a DBI database handle

dev-perl / DBIx-Simple : Very complete easy-to-use OO interface to DBI

dev-perl / DB_File-Lock : Locking with flock wrapper for DB_File

dev-perl / Daemon-Generic : Framework to provide start/stop/reload for a daemon

dev-perl / Danga-Socket : A non-blocking socket object; uses epoll()

dev-perl / Data-AMF : (de)serializer perl module for Adobe's AMF (Action Message Format)

dev-perl / Data-Compare : Compare perl data structures

dev-perl / Data-Diver : Simple, ad-hoc access to elements of deeply nested structures

dev-perl / Data-Dump : Pretty printing of data structures

dev-perl / Data-Dump-Streamer : Accurately serialize a data structure as Perl code

dev-perl / Data-DumpXML : Dump arbitrary data structures as XML

dev-perl / Data-Dumper-Concise : Less indentation and newlines plus sub deparsing

dev-perl / Data-Float : details of the floating point data type

dev-perl / Data-FormValidator : Validates user input (usually from an HTML form) based on input profile

dev-perl / Data-GUID : Simple interface for generating and using globally unique identifiers

dev-perl / Data-HexDump : Data::HexDump - A Simple Hexadecial Dumper

dev-perl / Data-Hexify : Perl extension for hexdumping arbitrary data

dev-perl / Data-Hierarchy : Data::Hierarchy - Handle data in a hierarchical structure

dev-perl / Data-ICal : Generates iCalendar (RFC 2445) calendar files

dev-perl / Data-ObjectDriver : Simple, transparent data interface, with caching

dev-perl / Data-OptList : parse and validate simple name/value option pairs

dev-perl / Data-Page : help when paging through sets of results

dev-perl / Data-Perl : Base classes wrapping fundamental Perl data types

dev-perl / Data-Random : A module used to generate random data

dev-perl / Data-Serializer : Modules that serialize data structures

dev-perl / Data-ShowTable : routines to display tabular data in several formats

dev-perl / Data-Stag : Structured Tags datastructures

dev-perl / Data-Stream-Bulk : N at a time iteration API

dev-perl / Data-Structure-Util : Change nature of data within a structure

dev-perl / Data-Types : Validate and convert data types.

dev-perl / Data-URIEncode : Allow complex data structures to be encoded using flat URIs

dev-perl / Data-UUID : Generate Globally/Universally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs/UUIDs)

dev-perl / Data-Uniqid : Perl extension for simple generating of unique ids

dev-perl / Data-Utilities : Merge nested Perl data structures

dev-perl / Data-Validate-Domain : Domain and host name validation

dev-perl / Data-Validate-IP : Lightweight IPv4 and IPv6 validation module

dev-perl / Data-Visitor : Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures

dev-perl / Date-Calc : Gregorian calendar date calculations

dev-perl / Date-Extract : Extract probable dates from strings

dev-perl / Date-ICal : ICal format date base module for Perl

dev-perl / Date-Leapyear : Simple Perl module that tracks Gregorian leap years

dev-perl / Date-Manip : Perl date manipulation routines

dev-perl / Date-Pcalc : Gregorian calendar date calculations

dev-perl / Date-Simple : A simple date object

dev-perl / DateTime : A date and time object

dev-perl / DateTime-Event-ICal : Perl DateTime extension for computing rfc2445 recurrences

dev-perl / DateTime-Event-Recurrence : DateTime::Set extension for create basic recurrence sets

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-Builder : Create DateTime parser classes and objects

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-DateParse : Parses Date::Parse compatible formats

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-Flexible : Flexibly parse strings and turn them into DateTime objects

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-HTTP : Date conversion routines

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-ICal : Parse and format iCal datetime and duration strings

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-ISO8601 : Parses ISO8601 formats

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-Mail : Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-Natural : Create machine readable date/time with natural parsing logic

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-SQLite : Parse and format SQLite dates and times

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-Strptime : Parse and Format DateTimes using Strptime

dev-perl / DateTime-Format-W3CDTF : Parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings

dev-perl / DateTime-HiRes : Create DateTime objects with sub-second current time resolution

dev-perl / DateTime-Locale : Localization support for DateTime

dev-perl / DateTime-Set : Datetime sets and set math

dev-perl / DateTime-TimeZone : Time zone object base class and factory

dev-perl / DateTime-Tiny : A date object, with as little code as possible

dev-perl / DateTimeX-Easy : Parse a date/time string using the best method available

dev-perl / Debug-Client : Client side code for perl debugger

dev-perl / DelimMatch : A Perl 5 module for locating delimited substrings with proper nesting

dev-perl / Devel-ArgNames : Figure out the names of variables passed into subroutines

dev-perl / Devel-Caller : Meatier versions of caller

dev-perl / Devel-CheckBin : check that a command is available

dev-perl / Devel-CheckCompiler : Check the compiler's availability

dev-perl / Devel-CheckLib : check that a library is available

dev-perl / Devel-Cover : Code coverage metrics for Perl

dev-perl / Devel-Cycle : Find memory cycles in objects

dev-perl / Devel-Declare : Adding keywords to perl, in perl

dev-perl / Devel-Dumpvar : Pure-OO reimplementation of

dev-perl / Devel-GlobalDestruction : Returns the equivalent of ${^GLOBAL_PHASE} eq DESTRUCT for older perls

dev-perl / Devel-Hide : Forces the unavailability of specified Perl modules (for testing)

dev-perl / Devel-Leak : Utility for looking for perl objects that are not reclaimed

dev-perl / Devel-LexAlias : Alias lexical variables

dev-perl / Devel-NYTProf : Powerful feature-rich perl source code profiler

dev-perl / Devel-OverloadInfo : Introspect overloaded operators

dev-perl / Devel-PatchPerl : Patch perl source a la Devel::PPPort's

dev-perl / Devel-REPL : A modern perl interactive shell

dev-perl / Devel-Refactor : Perl extension for refactoring Perl code

dev-perl / Devel-Size : Perl extension for finding the memory usage of Perl variables

dev-perl / Devel-SmallProf : Per-line Perl profiler

dev-perl / Devel-StackTrace : An object representing a stack trace

dev-perl / Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML : Displays stack trace in HTML

dev-perl / Devel-Symdump : Dump symbol names or the symbol table

dev-perl / Device-SerialPort : A Serial port Perl Module

dev-perl / Digest-CRC : Generic CRC function

dev-perl / Digest-HMAC : Keyed Hashing for Message Authentication

dev-perl / Digest-JHash : Perl extension for 32 bit Jenkins Hashing Algorithm

dev-perl / Digest-MD4 : MD4 message digest algorithm

dev-perl / Digest-MD5-File : Perl extension for getting MD5 sums for files and urls

dev-perl / Digest-Nilsimsa : Digest::Nilsimsa - Perl version of Nilsimsa code

dev-perl / Digest-Perl-MD5 : Pure perl implementation of MD5

dev-perl / Digest-SHA1 : NIST SHA message digest algorithm

dev-perl / Dist-CheckConflicts : Declare version conflicts for your dist

dev-perl / EV : Perl interface to libev, a high performance full-featured event loop

dev-perl / Emacs-PDE : Perl Develop Environment in Emacs

dev-perl / Email-Abstract : unified interface to mail representations

dev-perl / Email-Address : RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation

dev-perl / Email-Address-List : RFC close address list parsing

dev-perl / Email-Date : Find and Format Date Headers

dev-perl / Email-Date-Format : Produce RFC 822 date strings

dev-perl / Email-Filter : Simple filtering of RFC2822 message format and headers

dev-perl / Email-Find : Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text

dev-perl / Email-FolderType : Determine the type of a mail folder

dev-perl / Email-LocalDelivery : Local delivery of RFC2822 message format and headers

dev-perl / Email-MIME : Easy MIME message parsing

dev-perl / Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper : Strip the attachments from a mail

dev-perl / Email-MIME-ContentType : Parse a MIME Content-Type Header

dev-perl / Email-MIME-Encodings : A unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding

dev-perl / Email-MessageID : Generate world unique message-ids

dev-perl / Email-Reply : Reply to a Message

dev-perl / Email-Send : Simply Sending Email

dev-perl / Email-Send-Gmail : Send Messages using Gmail

dev-perl / Email-Sender : A library for sending email

dev-perl / Email-Simple : Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers

dev-perl / Email-Valid : Check validity of Internet email addresses

dev-perl / Encode-Detect : Encode::Detect - An Encode::Encoding subclass that detects the encoding of data

dev-perl / Encode-EUCJPASCII : An eucJP-open mapping

dev-perl / Encode-HanConvert : Traditional and Simplified Chinese mappings

dev-perl / Encode-HanExtra : Extra sets of Chinese encodings

dev-perl / Encode-IMAPUTF7 : Modification of UTF-7 encoding for IMAP

dev-perl / Encode-JIS2K : JIS X 0212 (aka JIS 2000) Encodings

dev-perl / Encode-Locale : Determine the locale encoding

dev-perl / Encode-compat : emulation layer

dev-perl / Error : Error/exception handling in an OO-ish way

dev-perl / Eval-Closure : safely and cleanly create closures via string eval

dev-perl / Eval-LineNumbers : Add line numbers to hereis blocks that contain perl source code

dev-perl / Event : Fast, generic event loop

dev-perl / Event-ExecFlow : High level API for event-based execution flow control

dev-perl / Event-RPC : Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework

dev-perl / Exception-Base : Error handling with exception class

dev-perl / Exception-Class : A module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl

dev-perl / Exception-Died : Convert simple die into real exception object

dev-perl / Exception-System : Exception class for system or library calls

dev-perl / Exception-Warning : Convert simple warn into real exception object

dev-perl / Expect : Expect for Perl

dev-perl / Exporter-Cluster : Extension for easy multiple module imports

dev-perl / Exporter-Lite : Lightweight exporting of variables

dev-perl / Exporter-Tiny : An exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter but only core dependencies

dev-perl / ExtUtils-AutoInstall : Allows module writers to specify a more sophisticated form of dependency information

dev-perl / ExtUtils-CChecker : Configure-time utilities for using C headers

dev-perl / ExtUtils-Config : A wrapper for perl's configuration

dev-perl / ExtUtils-Constant : Generate XS code to import C header constants

dev-perl / ExtUtils-CppGuess : Guess C++ compiler and flags

dev-perl / ExtUtils-Depends : Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions

dev-perl / ExtUtils-F77 : Facilitate use of FORTRAN from Perl/XS code

dev-perl / ExtUtils-Helpers : Various portability utilities for module builders

dev-perl / ExtUtils-InstallPaths : Build.PL install path logic made easy

dev-perl / ExtUtils-LibBuilder : A tool to build C libraries

dev-perl / ExtUtils-Typemaps-Default : A set of useful typemaps

dev-perl / ExtUtils-XSBuilder : Modules to parse C header files and create XS glue code

dev-perl / ExtUtils-XSpp : XS for C++

dev-perl / FCGI : Fast CGI module

dev-perl / FCGI-ProcManager : A FastCGI process manager

dev-perl / FLV-AudioExtractor : Extract audio from Flash Videos

dev-perl / Fatal-Exception : Succeed or throw exception

dev-perl / Feed-Find : Syndication feed auto-discovery

dev-perl / Festival-Client-Async : Festival-Async - Non-blocking interface to a Festival server

dev-perl / File-BOM : Utilities for handling Byte Order Marks

dev-perl / File-BaseDir : Use the base directory specification

dev-perl / File-Copy-Link : Perl extension for replacing a link by a copy of the linked file

dev-perl / File-Copy-Recursive : uses File::Copy to recursively copy dirs

dev-perl / File-DesktopEntry : Object to handle .desktop files

dev-perl / File-DirWalk : File::DirWalk - walk through a directory tree and run own code

dev-perl / File-Find-Rule : Alternative interface to File::Find

dev-perl / File-Find-Rule-Perl : Common rules for searching for Perl things

dev-perl / File-Flat : Implements a flat filesystem

dev-perl / File-Flock : flock() wrapper. Auto-create locks

dev-perl / File-Grep : Find matches to a pattern in a series of files and related functions

dev-perl / File-HomeDir : Get home directory for self or other user

dev-perl / File-KeePass : Interface to KeePass V1 and V2 database files

dev-perl / File-Listing : Parse directory listings

dev-perl / File-MMagic : The Perl Image-Info Module

dev-perl / File-Map : Memory mapping made simple and safe

dev-perl / File-MimeInfo : Determine file type

dev-perl / File-NCopy : Copy file, file Copy file[s] | dir[s], dir

dev-perl / File-NFSLock : perl module to do NFS (or not) locking

dev-perl / File-Next : File::Next is an iterator-based module for finding files

dev-perl / File-Path-Expand : Expand filenames

dev-perl / File-ReadBackwards : The Perl File-ReadBackwards Module

dev-perl / File-Remove : Remove files and directories

dev-perl / File-RsyncP : An rsync perl module

dev-perl / File-Scan-ClamAV : Connect to a local Clam Anti-Virus clamd service and send commands

dev-perl / File-SearchPath : Search for a file in an environment variable path

dev-perl / File-ShareDir : Locate per-dist and per-module shared files

dev-perl / File-ShareDir-Install : Install shared files

dev-perl / File-ShareDir-ProjectDistDir : Simple set-and-forget using of a '/share' directory in your projects root

dev-perl / File-Slurp : Efficient Reading/Writing of Complete Files

dev-perl / File-Slurp-Tiny : A simple, sane and efficient file slurper

dev-perl / File-Slurp-Unicode : Reading/Writing of Complete Files with Character Encoding Support

dev-perl / File-Slurper : A simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file

dev-perl / File-Sort : Sort a file or merge sort multiple files

dev-perl / File-Stat-Bits : File stat bit mask constants

dev-perl / File-Stat-Moose : Status info for a file - Moose-based

dev-perl / File-Sync : Perl access to fsync() and sync() function calls

dev-perl / File-Tail : Perl extension for reading from continously updated files

dev-perl / File-Tempdir : This module provide an object interface to tempdir() from File::Temp

dev-perl / File-Type : Determine file type using magic

dev-perl / File-Which : Perl module implementing 'which' internally

dev-perl / File-chdir : An alternative to File::Spec and CWD

dev-perl / File-chmod : Implements symbolic and ls chmod modes

dev-perl / File-pushd : Change directory temporarily for a limited scope

dev-perl / FileHandle-Unget : A FileHandle which supports ungetting of multiple bytes

dev-perl / Filesys-Df : Disk free based on Filesys::Statvfs

dev-perl / Filesys-DiskSpace : Perl df

dev-perl / Filesys-Notify-Simple : Simple and dumb file system watcher

dev-perl / Filesys-SmbClient : Provide Perl API for

dev-perl / Filter : Interface for creation of Perl Filters

dev-perl / Finance-Quote : Get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges

dev-perl / Finance-YahooQuote : Get stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance

dev-perl / Font-AFM : Parse Adobe Font Metric files

dev-perl / Font-TTF : module for compiling and altering fonts

dev-perl / Format-Human-Bytes : Format a bytecount and make it human readable

dev-perl / FreezeThaw : converting Perl structures to strings and back

dev-perl / Fuse : Fuse module for perl

dev-perl / GD : Interface to Thomas Boutell's gd library

dev-perl / GD-Barcode : GD::Barcode - Create barcode image with GD

dev-perl / GD-Graph3d : Create 3D Graphs with GD and GD::Graph

dev-perl / GD-SVG : Seamlessly enable SVG output from scripts written using GD

dev-perl / GDGraph : Perl5 module to create charts using the GD module

dev-perl / GDTextUtil : Text utilities for use with GD

dev-perl / GSSAPI : GSSAPI - Perl extension providing access to the GSSAPIv2 library

dev-perl / GStreamer : Perl bindings for GStreamer

dev-perl / GStreamer-Interfaces : Perl interface to the GStreamer Interfaces library

dev-perl / Gearman : Gearman distributed job system, client and worker libraries

dev-perl / Gearman-Client-Async : Asynchronous client module for Gearman for Danga::Socket applications

dev-perl / Gearman-Server : Gearman distributed job system - worker/client connector

dev-perl / Gentoo-App-Pram : Readily merge Pull Requests from the Gentoo Github repository

dev-perl / Gentoo-PerlMod-Version : Convert arbitrary Perl Modules' versions into normalised Gentoo versions

dev-perl / Geo-IP : Look up country by IP Address

dev-perl / Geography-Countries : 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries

dev-perl / Getopt-ArgvFile : This module is a simple supplement to other option handling modules

dev-perl / Getopt-GUI-Long : Auto-GUI extending Getopt::Long

dev-perl / Getopt-Long-Descriptive : Getopt::Long with usage text

dev-perl / Getopt-Mixed : Getopt::Mixed is used for parsing mixed options

dev-perl / Getopt-Tabular : Table-driven argument parsing with help text

dev-perl / GnuPG-Interface : Perl module interface to interacting with GnuPG

dev-perl / Goo-Canvas : Perl interface to the GooCanvas

dev-perl / Graph : Data structure and ops for directed graphs

dev-perl / GraphViz : GraphViz - Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool

dev-perl / Graphics-ColorNames : Defines RGB values for common color names

dev-perl / Graphics-ColorNames-WWW : WWW color names and equivalent RGB values

dev-perl / Graphics-ColorObject : convert between color spaces

dev-perl / Growl-GNTP : Perl implementation of GNTP Protocol (Client Part)

dev-perl / Gtk2-AppIndicator : Perl binding for the GTK2 AppIndicator

dev-perl / Gtk2-Ex-PodViewer : a Gtk2 widget for displaying Plain old Documentation (POD)

dev-perl / Gtk2-Ex-PrintDialog : a simple, pure Perl dialog for printing PostScript data in GTK+ applications

dev-perl / Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List : A simple interface to Gtk2's complex MVC list widget

dev-perl / Gtk2-ImageView : Perl binding for the GtkImageView image viewer widget

dev-perl / Gtk2-Notify : A perl interface to the notification library

dev-perl / Gtk2-Unique : Perl binding for C libunique library

dev-perl / Gtk2-WebKit : Web content engine library for Gtk2

dev-perl / Guard : Safe cleanup blocks

dev-perl / HTML-Clean : Cleans up HTML code for web browsers, not humans

dev-perl / HTML-Element-Extended : Extension for manipulating a table composed of HTML::Element style components

dev-perl / HTML-FillInForm : Populates HTML Forms with data

dev-perl / HTML-Form : Class that represents an HTML form element

dev-perl / HTML-Format : HTML Formatter

dev-perl / HTML-FormatText-WithLinks : HTML to text conversion with links as footnotes

dev-perl / HTML-FormatText-WithLinks-AndTables : Converts HTML to text with tables intact

dev-perl / HTML-FromText : Convert plain text to HTML

dev-perl / HTML-HTMLDoc : Perl interface to the htmldoc program for producing PDF-Files from HTML-Content

dev-perl / HTML-Highlight : A module to highlight words or patterns in HTML documents

dev-perl / HTML-LinkExtractor : A bare-bones HTML parser, similar to HTML::Parser, but with a couple important distinctions

dev-perl / HTML-Mason : A HTML development and delivery Perl Module

dev-perl / HTML-Mason-PSGIHandler : PSGI handler for HTML::Mason

dev-perl / HTML-Object : A HTML development and delivery Perl Module

dev-perl / HTML-Packer : Another HTML code cleaner

dev-perl / HTML-Parser : Parse <HEAD> section of HTML documents

dev-perl / HTML-Quoted : Extract structure of quoted HTML mail message

dev-perl / HTML-RewriteAttributes : Perl module for concise attribute rewriting

dev-perl / HTML-Scrubber : Perl extension for scrubbing/sanitizing html

dev-perl / HTML-SimpleParse : A bare-bones HTML parser, similar to HTML::Parser, but with a couple important distinctions

dev-perl / HTML-Strip : Extension for stripping HTML markup from text

dev-perl / HTML-Table : produces HTML tables

dev-perl / HTML-TableContentParser : Parse the content of tables in HTML

dev-perl / HTML-TableExtract : The Perl Table-Extract Module

dev-perl / HTML-TableParser : Extract data from an HTML table

dev-perl / HTML-TagFilter : A fine-grained html-filter, xss-blocker and mailto-obfuscator

dev-perl / HTML-Tagset : Data tables useful in parsing HTML

dev-perl / HTML-Template : A Perl module to use HTML Templates

dev-perl / HTML-Template-Expr : HTML::Template extension adding expression support

dev-perl / HTML-Template-JIT : a just-in-time compiler for HTML::Template

dev-perl / HTML-Template-Pro : Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts

dev-perl / HTML-TokeParser-Simple : Easy to use HTML::TokeParser interface

dev-perl / HTML-Tree : A library to manage HTML-Tree in PERL

dev-perl / HTTP-Body : HTTP Body Parser

dev-perl / HTTP-BrowserDetect : Determine Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string

dev-perl / HTTP-Cache-Transparent : Cache the result of http get-requests persistently

dev-perl / HTTP-Cookies : Storage of cookies

dev-perl / HTTP-DAV : A WebDAV client library for Perl5

dev-perl / HTTP-Daemon : Base class for simple HTTP servers

dev-perl / HTTP-Date : Date conversion for HTTP date formats

dev-perl / HTTP-Headers-Fast : Faster implementation of HTTP::Headers

dev-perl / HTTP-Message : Base class for Request/Response

dev-perl / HTTP-Negotiate : HTTP content negotiation

dev-perl / HTTP-Request-AsCGI : Set up a CGI environment from an HTTP::Request

dev-perl / HTTP-Response-Encoding : Adds encoding() to HTTP::Response

dev-perl / HTTP-Server-Simple : Lightweight HTTP Server

dev-perl / HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason : An abstract baseclass for a standalone mason server

dev-perl / HTTP-Server-Simple-PSGI : PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple

dev-perl / HTTPD-User-Manage : Perl module for managing access control of web servers

dev-perl / Hash-Merge : Merges arbitrarily deep hashes into a single hash

dev-perl / Hash-MoreUtils : Provide the stuff missing in Hash::Util

dev-perl / Hash-MultiValue : Store multiple values per key

dev-perl / Hash-NoRef : A HASH that store values without increasing the reference count (weak references)

dev-perl / Heap : Heap - Perl extensions for keeping data partially sorted

dev-perl / Hook-LexWrap : Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers

dev-perl / IMAP-Admin : Perl module for basic IMAP server administration

dev-perl / IMAP-BodyStructure : IMAP4-compatible BODYSTRUCTURE and ENVELOPE parser

dev-perl / IO-AIO : Asynchronous Input/Output

dev-perl / IO-All : unified IO operations

dev-perl / IO-BufferedSelect : Perl module that implements a line-buffered select interface

dev-perl / IO-Capture : Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output

dev-perl / IO-CaptureOutput : Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl code, subprocesses or XS

dev-perl / IO-Digest : IO::Digest - Calculate digests while reading or writing

dev-perl / IO-Event : Tied Filehandles for Nonblocking IO with Object Callbacks

dev-perl / IO-HTML : Open an HTML file with automatic charset detection

dev-perl / IO-Handle-Util : Functions for working with IO::Handle like objects

dev-perl / IO-Interactive : Utilities for interactive I/O

dev-perl / IO-Interface : Perl extension for access to network card configuration information

dev-perl / IO-LockedFile : Supply object methods for locking files

dev-perl / IO-Multiplex : Manage IO on many file handles

dev-perl / IO-Pager : Select a pager, optionally pipe it output if destination is a TTY

dev-perl / IO-Pipely : Portably create pipe() or pipe-like handles, one way or another

dev-perl / IO-Prompt : Interactively prompt for user input

dev-perl / IO-SessionData : Session data support module for SOAP::Lite

dev-perl / IO-Socket-INET6 : Work with IO sockets in ipv6

dev-perl / IO-Socket-PortState : Perl extension for checking the open or closed status of a port

dev-perl / IO-Socket-SSL : Nearly transparent SSL encapsulation for IO::Socket::INET

dev-perl / IO-Socket-Timeout : IO::Socket with read/write timeout

dev-perl / IO-String : IO::File interface for in-core strings

dev-perl / IO-Stty : Change and print terminal line settings

dev-perl / IO-Tee : Multiplex output to multiple output handles

dev-perl / IO-Tty : IO::Tty and IO::Pty modules for Perl

dev-perl / IO-Util : A selection of general-utility IO function

dev-perl / IO-stringy : A Perl module for I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays

dev-perl / IP-Anonymous : Perl port of Crypto-PAn to provide anonymous IP addresses

dev-perl / IPC-Run : system() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys

dev-perl / IPC-Run3 : Run a subprocess in batch mode (a la system)

dev-perl / IPC-ShareLite : IPC::ShareLite module for perl

dev-perl / IPC-Shareable : Share Perl variables between processes

dev-perl / IPC-Signal : Translate signal names to/from numbers

dev-perl / IPC-System-Simple : Run commands simply, with detailed diagnostics

dev-perl / IPTables-libiptc : Perl extension for iptables libiptc library

dev-perl / Ima-DBI : Add contextual fetches to DBI

dev-perl / Image-Imlib2 : Interface to the Imlib2 image library

dev-perl / Image-Info : The Perl Image-Info Module

dev-perl / Image-Scale : Fast, high-quality fixed-point image resizing

dev-perl / Image-Size : A library to extract height/width from images

dev-perl / Import-Into : Import packages into other packages

dev-perl / Inline : Write Perl subroutines in other languages

dev-perl / Inline-C : C Language Support for Inline

dev-perl / Inline-Files : Multiple virtual files in a single file

dev-perl / Inline-Python : Easy implementation of Python extensions

dev-perl / JSON : JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoder/decoder

dev-perl / JSON-Any : Wrapper Class for the various JSON classes (DEPRECATED)

dev-perl / JSON-MaybeXS : Use Cpanel::JSON::XS with a fallback to JSON::XS and JSON::PP

dev-perl / JSON-RPC : JSON RPC 2.0 Server Implementation

dev-perl / JSON-XS : JSON::XS - JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast

dev-perl / JSON-XS-VersionOneAndTwo : Support versions 1 and 2 of JSON::XS

dev-perl / JavaScript-Minifier : Perl extension for minifying JavaScript code

dev-perl / JavaScript-Packer : Perl version of Dean Edward's Packer.js

dev-perl / JavaScript-SpiderMonkey : Perl interface to the JavaScript Engine

dev-perl / Jcode : Japanese transcoding module for Perl

dev-perl / LWP-Authen-Wsse : Library for enabling X-WSSE authentication in LWP

dev-perl / LWP-MediaTypes : Media types and mailcap processing

dev-perl / LWP-Online : Does your process have access to the web

dev-perl / LWP-Protocol-http10 : Legacy HTTP/1.0 support for LWP

dev-perl / LWP-Protocol-https : Provide https support for LWP::UserAgent

dev-perl / LWP-UserAgent-Cached : LWP::UserAgent with simple caching mechanism

dev-perl / LWP-UserAgent-Determined : A virtual browser that retries errors

dev-perl / LWPx-ParanoidAgent : Subclass of LWP::UserAgent that protects you from harm

dev-perl / LaTeX-Driver : Perl encapsulation of invoking the Latex programs

dev-perl / LaTeX-Encode : Encode characters for LaTeX formatting

dev-perl / LaTeX-Table : Perl extension for the automatic generation of LaTeX tables

dev-perl / Lab-Measurement : Measurement control and automation with Perl

dev-perl / Lchown : Use the lchown(2) system call from Perl

dev-perl / Lexical-Persistence : Bind lexicals to persistent data

dev-perl / Lexical-SealRequireHints : Prevent leakage of lexical hints

dev-perl / Lingua-EN-Inflect : Perl module to pluralize English words

dev-perl / Lingua-EN-NameCase : Correctly case a person's name from UPERCASE or lowcase

dev-perl / Lingua-EN-NameParse : routines for manipulating a person's name

dev-perl / Lingua-EN-Numbers-Ordinate : Convert cardinal numbers(3) to ordinal numbers(3rd)

dev-perl / Lingua-PT-Stemmer : Portuguese language stemming

dev-perl / Lingua-Preferred : Pick a language based on user's preferences

dev-perl / Lingua-Stem : Porter's stemming algorithm for 'generic' English

dev-perl / Lingua-Stem-Fr : Perl French Stemming

dev-perl / Lingua-Stem-It : Porter's stemming algorithm for Italian

dev-perl / Lingua-Stem-Ru : Porter's stemming algorithm for Russian (KOI8-R only)

dev-perl / Lingua-Stem-Snowball-Da : Porters stemming algorithm for Denmark

dev-perl / Lingua-Translit : Transliterates text between writing systems

dev-perl / Linux-DesktopFiles : Perl module to get and parse the Linux .desktop files

dev-perl / Linux-Inotify2 : scalable directory/file change notification

dev-perl / Linux-Pid : Interface to Linux getpp?id functions

dev-perl / Linux-Smaps : Perl interface to /proc/PID/smaps

dev-perl / Lirc-Client : A client library for the Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC)

dev-perl / List-AllUtils : Combines List::Util and List::MoreUtils in one bite-sized package

dev-perl / List-MoreUtils : Provide the missing functionality from List::Util

dev-perl / List-UtilsBy : Higher-order list utility functions

dev-perl / Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy : Maketext from already interpolated strings

dev-perl / Locale-Maketext-Lexicon : Use other catalog formats in Maketext

dev-perl / Locale-Msgfmt : Compile .po files to .mo files

dev-perl / Locale-PO : Perl module for manipulating .po entries from GNU gettext

dev-perl / Locale-gettext : A Perl module for accessing the GNU locale utilities

dev-perl / LockFile-Simple : File locking module for Perl

dev-perl / Log-Agent : A general logging framework

dev-perl / Log-Any : Bringing loggers and listeners together

dev-perl / Log-Dispatch : Dispatches messages to one or more outputs

dev-perl / Log-Dispatch-Array : log events to an array (reference)

dev-perl / Log-Log4perl : Log4j implementation for Perl

dev-perl / Log-TraceMessages : Logging/debugging aid

dev-perl / MARC-Charset : convert MARC-8 encoded strings to UTF-8

dev-perl / MARC-Record : Perl extension for handling MARC records

dev-perl / MARC-XML : A subclass of to provide XML support

dev-perl / MCE : Many-Core Engine providing parallel processing capabilities

dev-perl / MD5 : The Perl MD5 Module

dev-perl / MIME-Base32 : Base32 encoder / decoder

dev-perl / MIME-Charset : Charset Informations for MIME

dev-perl / MIME-EncWords : Deal with RFC 2047 encoded words (improved)

dev-perl / MIME-Lite : Low-calorie MIME generator

dev-perl / MIME-Types : Definition of MIME types

dev-perl / MIME-tools : A Perl module for parsing and creating MIME entities

dev-perl / MLDBM : A multidimensional/tied hash Perl Module

dev-perl / MLDBM-Sync : Safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases

dev-perl / MP3-Info : A Perl module to manipulate/fetch info from MP3 files

dev-perl / MP3-Tag : Tag - Module for reading tags of mp3 files

dev-perl / MP4-Info : Fetch info from MPEG-4 files (.mp4, .m4a, .m4p, .3gp)

dev-perl / MRO-Compat : Lets you build groups of accessors

dev-perl / Mac-Pasteboard : Manipulate Mac OS X clipboards/pasteboards

dev-perl / Mail-Audit : Mail sorting/delivery module for Perl

dev-perl / Mail-Box : Mail folder manager and MUA backend

dev-perl / Mail-Builder : Easily create plaintext/html e-mail messages with attachments and inline images

dev-perl / Mail-Builder-Simple : Send UTF-8 HTML and text email using templates

dev-perl / Mail-DKIM : Mail::DKIM - Signs/verifies Internet mail using DKIM message signatures

dev-perl / Mail-DMARC : Perl implementation of DMARC

dev-perl / Mail-DomainKeys : A perl implementation of DomainKeys

dev-perl / Mail-IMAPClient : IMAP client module for Perl

dev-perl / Mail-ListDetector : Perl extension for detecting mailing list messages

dev-perl / Mail-Mbox-MessageParser : A fast and simple mbox folder reader

dev-perl / Mail-POP3Client : POP3 client module for Perl

dev-perl / Mail-Procmail : Mail sorting/delivery module for Perl

dev-perl / Mail-SPF : An object-oriented implementation of Sender Policy Framework

dev-perl / Mail-SPF-Query : query Sender Policy Framework for an IP,email,helo

dev-perl / Mail-SRS : Interface to Sender Rewriting Scheme

dev-perl / Mail-Sender : Module for sending mails with attachments through an SMTP server

dev-perl / Mail-Sendmail : Simple platform independent mailer

dev-perl / Mail-SpamAssassin-Plugin-GoogleSafeBrowsing : SpamAssassin plugin to score mail based on Google blocklists

dev-perl / MailTools : Manipulation of electronic mail addresses

dev-perl / Math-Base-Convert : Very fast base to base conversion

dev-perl / Math-Base36 : Encoding and decoding of base36 strings

dev-perl / Math-Bezier : Solution of Bezier Curves

dev-perl / Math-BigInt-GMP : Use the GMP library for Math::BigInt routines

dev-perl / Math-BigInt-Lite : What BigInts are before they become big

dev-perl / Math-Calc-Units : Human-readable unit-aware calculator

dev-perl / Math-Derivative : 1st and 2nd order differentiation of data

dev-perl / Math-Factor-XS : Factorize numbers and calculate matching multiplications

dev-perl / Math-GMP : High speed arbitrary size integer math

dev-perl / Math-Libm : wrapper to libm functions

dev-perl / Math-ModInt : modular integer arithmetic

dev-perl / Math-NumSeq : number sequences (for example from OEIS)

dev-perl / Math-NumberCruncher : Collection of useful math-related functions

dev-perl / Math-Pari : Perl interface to PARI

dev-perl / Math-PlanePath : Mathematical paths through the 2-D plane

dev-perl / Math-Prime-XS : Detect and calculate prime numbers with deterministic tests

dev-perl / Math-Random : Random Number Generators

dev-perl / Math-Random-ISAAC : Perl interface to the ISAAC PRNG algorithm

dev-perl / Math-Random-ISAAC-XS : C implementation of the ISAAC PRNG algorithm

dev-perl / Math-Random-MT : The Mersenne Twister PRNG

dev-perl / Math-Random-Secure : Cryptographically-secure, cross-platform replacement for rand()

dev-perl / Math-Round : Perl extension for rounding numbers

dev-perl / Math-Spline : Cubic Spline Interpolation of data

dev-perl / Math-Vec : Vectors for perl

dev-perl / Math-VecStat : Some basic numeric stats on vectors

dev-perl / MediaWiki-API : A OO interface to the Mediawiki API

dev-perl / Mo : Perl Micro Object framework

dev-perl / Modem-Vgetty : Interface to voice modems using vgetty

dev-perl / Modern-Perl : enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one import

dev-perl / Module-Build : Build and install Perl modules

dev-perl / Module-Build-Tiny : A tiny replacement for Module::Build

dev-perl / Module-Build-WithXSpp : XS++ enhanced flavour of Module::Build

dev-perl / Module-Build-XSUtil : A Module::Build class for building XS modules

dev-perl / Module-Find : Find and use installed modules in a (sub)category

dev-perl / Module-Implementation : Loads one of several alternate underlying implementations for a module

dev-perl / Module-Info : Information about Perl modules

dev-perl / Module-Install : Standalone, extensible Perl module installer

dev-perl / Module-Install-AuthorTests : Designate tests only run by module authors

dev-perl / Module-Locate : Locate modules in the same fashion as require and use

dev-perl / Module-Manifest : Parse and examine a Perl distribution MANIFEST file

dev-perl / Module-Pluggable : Automatically give your module the ability to have plugins

dev-perl / Module-Refresh : Refresh %INC files when updated on disk

dev-perl / Module-Runtime : Runtime module handling

dev-perl / Module-Runtime-Conflicts : Provide information on conflicts for Module::Runtime

dev-perl / Module-ScanDeps : Recursively scan Perl code for dependencies

dev-perl / Module-Signature : Module signature file manipulation

dev-perl / Module-Starter : A simple starter kit for any module

dev-perl / Module-Util : Module name tools and transformations

dev-perl / Module-Versions-Report : Report versions of all modules in memory

dev-perl / MogileFS-Client : Client library for the MogileFS distributed file system

dev-perl / MogileFS-Client-Async : MogileFS Client using AnyEvent non-blocking IO

dev-perl / MogileFS-Network : Network awareness and extensions for MogileFS::Server

dev-perl / MogileFS-Server : Server for the MogileFS distributed file system

dev-perl / MogileFS-Utils : Server for the MogileFS distributed file system

dev-perl / Mojolicious : Real-time web framework

dev-perl / Mon : A Monitor Perl Module

dev-perl / MongoDB : Official MongoDB Driver for Perl

dev-perl / Monitoring-Plugin : Modules to streamline Nagios, Icinga, Shinken, etc. plugins

dev-perl / Moo : Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatiblity)

dev-perl / MooX-HandlesVia : NativeTrait-like behavior for Moo

dev-perl / MooX-Types-MooseLike : Some Moosish types and a type builder

dev-perl / MooX-Types-MooseLike-Numeric : Moo types for numbers

dev-perl / MooX-late : Easily translate Moose code to Moo

dev-perl / Moose : A postmodern object system for Perl 5

dev-perl / MooseX-Aliases : Easy aliasing of methods and attributes in Moose

dev-perl / MooseX-ClassAttribute : Declare class attributes Moose-style

dev-perl / MooseX-ConfigFromFile : An abstract Moose role for setting attributes from a configfile

dev-perl / MooseX-FollowPBP : Name your accessors get_foo() and set_foo(), whatever that may mean

dev-perl / MooseX-Getopt : A Moose role for processing command line options

dev-perl / MooseX-GlobRef : Store a Moose object in glob reference

dev-perl / MooseX-MultiInitArg : Attributes with aliases for constructor arguments

dev-perl / MooseX-Object-Pluggable : Make your classes pluggable

dev-perl / MooseX-Role-Parameterized : Roles with composition parameters

dev-perl / MooseX-Role-WithOverloading : Roles which support overloading

dev-perl / MooseX-SimpleConfig : A Moose role for setting attributes from a simple configfile

dev-perl / MooseX-StrictConstructor : Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes

dev-perl / MooseX-Types : Organise your Moose types in libraries

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-DateTime : DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-DateTime-ButMaintained : DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-DateTime-MoreCoercions : Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-DateTimeX : Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime::ButMaintained

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-JSON : JSON datatype for Moose

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-Path-Class : A Path::Class type library for Moose

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-Path-Tiny : Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-Stringlike : Moose type constraints for strings or string-like objects

dev-perl / Mouse : Moose minus the antlers

dev-perl / MouseX-Types : Organize your Mouse types in libraries

dev-perl / Mozilla-CA : Mozilla's CA cert bundle in PEM format

dev-perl / MusicBrainz-DiscID : Perl interface for the MusicBrainz libdiscid library

dev-perl / Nagios-Plugin : A family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins

dev-perl / Net-ARP : Perl extension for creating ARP packets

dev-perl / Net-Amazon : Framework for accessing via SOAP and XML/HTTP

dev-perl / Net-Amazon-S3 : Framework for accessing the Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service

dev-perl / Net-Bonjour : Module for DNS service discovery (Apple's Bonjour)

dev-perl / Net-CIDR : Manipulate netblock lists in CIDR notation

dev-perl / Net-CIDR-Lite : Perl extension for merging IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses

dev-perl / Net-CUPS : CUPS C API Interface

dev-perl / Net-DBus : Perl extension for the DBus message system

dev-perl / Net-DNS : Perl Net::DNS - Perl DNS Resolver Module

dev-perl / Net-DNS-Async : Asynchronous DNS helper for high volume applications

dev-perl / Net-DNS-Resolver-Programmable : programmable DNS resolver class for offline emulation of DNS

dev-perl / Net-DNS-SEC : DNSSEC extensions to Net::DNS

dev-perl / Net-Daemon : Abstract base class for portable servers

dev-perl / Net-Domain-TLD : Current top level domain names including new ICANN additions and ccTLDs

dev-perl / Net-FreeDB : OOP interface to the FreeDB database

dev-perl / Net-Google-SafeBrowsing-Blocklist : Query a Google SafeBrowsing table

dev-perl / Net-Google-SafeBrowsing-UpdateRequest : Update a Google SafeBrowsing table

dev-perl / Net-HTTP : Low-level HTTP connection (client)

dev-perl / Net-IDN-Encode : Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)

dev-perl / Net-IMAP-Simple : Perl extension for simple IMAP account handling

dev-perl / Net-IMAP-Simple-SSL : SSL support for Net::IMAP::Simple

dev-perl / Net-IP : Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses

dev-perl / Net-IP-Minimal : Minimal functions from Net::IP

dev-perl / Net-IPv4Addr : Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses

dev-perl / Net-IRC : Perl IRC module

dev-perl / Net-IRR : Internet Route Registry daemon (IRRd) client

dev-perl / Net-Ident : lookup the username on the remote end of a TCP/IP connection

dev-perl / Net-Jabber : Jabber Perl library

dev-perl / Net-Kismet : Module for writing perl Kismet clients

dev-perl / Net-LDAP-Server : LDAP server side protocol handling

dev-perl / Net-LDAPapi : Perl5 Module Supporting LDAP API

dev-perl / Net-LibIDN : Perl bindings for GNU Libidn

dev-perl / Net-Netmask : Parse, manipulate and lookup IP network blocks

dev-perl / Net-OAuth : OAuth protocol support

dev-perl / Net-OpenID-Common : Libraries shared between Net::OpenID::Consumer and Net::OpenID::Server

dev-perl / Net-OpenID-Consumer : Library for consumers of OpenID identities

dev-perl / Net-OpenSSH : Net::OpenSSH, Perl wrapper for OpenSSH secure shell client

dev-perl / Net-Patricia : Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups

dev-perl / Net-Pcap : Perl Net::Pcap - Perl binding to the LBL pcap

dev-perl / Net-PcapUtils : Perl Net::PcapUtils - Net::Pcap library utils

dev-perl / Net-RBLClient : Net::RBLClient - Queries multiple Realtime Blackhole Lists in parallel

dev-perl / Net-RawIP : Perl Net::RawIP - Raw IP packets manipulation Module

dev-perl / Net-SFTP : Secure File Transfer Protocol client

dev-perl / Net-SFTP-Foreign : SSH File Transfer Protocol client

dev-perl / Net-SMTP-SSL : SSL support for Net::SMTP

dev-perl / Net-SMTP-TLS : A SMTP client supporting TLS and AUTH

dev-perl / Net-SMTP-TLS-ButMaintained : An SMTP client supporting TLS and AUTH

dev-perl / Net-SMTPS : SSL/STARTTLS support for Net::SMTP

dev-perl / Net-SNMP : A SNMP Perl Module

dev-perl / Net-SNPP : libnet SNPP component

dev-perl / Net-SSH-Any : Use any SSH module

dev-perl / Net-SSH-AuthorizedKeysFile : Read and modify ssh's authorized_keys files

dev-perl / Net-SSH-Perl : Perl client Interface to SSH

dev-perl / Net-SSH2 : Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libssh2

dev-perl / Net-SSLeay : Perl extension for using OpenSSL

dev-perl / Net-Server : Extensible, general Perl server engine

dev-perl / Net-Server-Coro : A co-operative multithreaded server using Coro

dev-perl / Net-Server-Mail : Class to easily create a mail server

dev-perl / Net-Subnet : Fast IP-in-subnet matcher for IPv4 and IPv6, CIDR or mask

dev-perl / Net-Telnet : interact with TELNET port or other TCP ports in Perl

dev-perl / Net-Telnet-Cisco : Automate telnet sessions w/ routers&switches

dev-perl / Net-Trackback : Object-oriented interface for developing Trackback clients and servers

dev-perl / Net-Twitter : A perl interface to the Twitter API

dev-perl / Net-UPnP : Perl extension for UPnP

dev-perl / Net-Whois-IP : Perl extension for looking up the whois information for ip addresses

dev-perl / Net-XMPP : XMPP Perl Library

dev-perl / Net-Z3950-ZOOM : Perl extension for invoking the ZOOM-C API

dev-perl / NetAddr-IP : Manipulation and operations on IP addresses

dev-perl / NetPacket : Assemble / disassemble network packets at the protocol level

dev-perl / NetxAP : A base class for protocols such as IMAP, ACAP, IMSP, and ICAP

dev-perl / News-Newsrc : Manage newsrc files

dev-perl / Nmap-Parser : Nmap::Parser - parse nmap scan data with perl

dev-perl / Number-Compare : Numeric comparisons

dev-perl / Number-Format : Package for formatting numbers for display

dev-perl / Number-Fraction : Perl extension to model fractions

dev-perl / OLE-StorageLite : Simple Class for OLE document interface

dev-perl / OOTools : Pragma to implement lvalue accessors with options

dev-perl / ORLite : Extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM

dev-perl / ORLite-Migrate : Extremely light weight SQLite-specific schema migration

dev-perl / Object-Enum : Replacement for if ($foo eq 'bar')

dev-perl / Object-MultiType : Perl Objects as Hash, Array, Scalar, Code and Glob at the same time

dev-perl / Object-Realize-Later : Delayed creation of objects

dev-perl / Ogg-Vorbis-Header : An object-oriented interface to Ogg Vorbis information and comment fields

dev-perl / Ogg-Vorbis-Header-PurePerl : Object-oriented interface to Ogg Vorbis information and comment fields

dev-perl / Olson-Abbreviations : Globally unique timezones abbreviation handling

dev-perl / OpenGL : Perl interface providing graphics display using OpenGL

dev-perl / PAR : Perl Archive Toolkit

dev-perl / PAR-Dist : Create and manipulate PAR distributions

dev-perl / PBKDF2-Tiny : Minimalist PBKDF2 (RFC 2898) with HMAC-SHA1 or HMAC-SHA2

dev-perl / PBS-Client : Perl interface to submit jobs to PBS (Portable Batch System)

dev-perl / PDF-API2 : Facilitates the creation and modification of PDF files

dev-perl / PDF-Create : Create PDF documents in Perl

dev-perl / PDL : Perl Data Language for scientific computing

dev-perl / PGPLOT : allow subroutines in the PGPLOT graphics library to be called from Perl

dev-perl / PHP-Serialization : Convert PHP's serialize() into the equivalent Perl structure, and vice versa

dev-perl / POE : A framework for creating multitasking programs in Perl

dev-perl / POE-API-Peek : Peek into the internals of a running POE env

dev-perl / POE-Component-Client-DNS : Non-blocking, parallel DNS client

dev-perl / POE-Component-Client-Keepalive : Manage connections, with keep-alive

dev-perl / POE-Component-IKC : Inter-Kernel Communication for POE

dev-perl / POE-Component-PreforkDispatch : Preforking task dispatcher

dev-perl / POE-Component-Resolver : A non-blocking getaddrinfo() resolver

dev-perl / POE-Test-Loops : Reusable tests for POE::Loop authors

dev-perl / POE-XS-Loop-EPoll : An XS implementation of POE::Loop, using Linux epoll(2)

dev-perl / POE-XS-Loop-Poll : An XS implementation of POE::Loop, using poll(2)

dev-perl / POE-XS-Queue-Array : An XS implementation of POE::Queue::Array

dev-perl / POSIX-strftime-Compiler : GNU C library compatible strftime for loggers and servers

dev-perl / PPI : Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl (without perl)

dev-perl / PPI-PowerToys : A handy collection of small PPI-based utilities

dev-perl / PPIx-EditorTools : Utility methods and base class for manipulating Perl via PPI

dev-perl / PPIx-Regexp : Represent a regular expression of some sort

dev-perl / PPIx-Utilities : Extensions to PPI

dev-perl / Package-DeprecationManager : Manage deprecation warnings for your distribution

dev-perl / Package-Stash : Routines for manipulating stashes

dev-perl / Package-Stash-XS : Faster and more correct implementation of the Package::Stash API

dev-perl / Package-Variant : Parameterizable packages

dev-perl / PadWalker : play with other peoples' lexical variables

dev-perl / Palm : Read & write Palm OS databases (both PDB and PRC)

dev-perl / Palm-PDB : Parse Palm database files

dev-perl / Pango : Layout and render international text

dev-perl / Panotools-Script : A perl module for reading, writing, and manipulating hugin script files

dev-perl / ParaDNS : a DNS lookup class for the Danga::Socket framework

dev-perl / Parallel-ForkManager : A simple parallel processing fork manager

dev-perl / Parallel-Prefork : A simple prefork server framework

dev-perl / Params-Classify : Argument type classification

dev-perl / Params-Util : Utility functions to aid in parameter checking

dev-perl / Params-Validate : Flexible system for validation of method/function call parameters

dev-perl / Parse-ErrorString-Perl : Parse error messages from the perl interpreter

dev-perl / Parse-ExuberantCTags : Efficiently parse exuberant ctags files

dev-perl / Parse-RecDescent : Parse::RecDescent - generate recursive-descent parsers

dev-perl / Parse-Syslog : Parse::Syslog - Parse Unix syslog files

dev-perl / Parse-Yapp : Compiles yacc-like LALR grammars to generate Perl OO parser modules

dev-perl / Passwd-Linux : Perl module for manipulating the passwd and shadow files

dev-perl / Passwd-Unix : access to standard unix passwd files

dev-perl / PatchReader : Module for reading diff-compatible patch files

dev-perl / Path-Class : Cross-platform path specification manipulation

dev-perl / Path-FindDev : Find a development path somewhere in an upper hierarchy

dev-perl / Path-IsDev : Determine if a given Path resembles a development source tree

dev-perl / Path-Tiny : File path utility

dev-perl / Pegex : Acmeist PEG Parser Framework

dev-perl / Perl-Critic : Critique Perl source code for best-practices

dev-perl / Perl-Critic-Deprecated : Perl::Critic policies which have been superseded by others

dev-perl / Perl-Critic-Dynamic : Base class for dynamic Policies

dev-perl / Perl-Critic-Nits : policies of nits I like to pick

dev-perl / Perl-Critic-Policy-Dynamic-NoIndirect : Perl::Critic policy against indirect method calls

dev-perl / Perl-Tags : Generate (possibly exuberant) Ctags style tags for Perl sourcecode

dev-perl / Perl-Tidy : Perl script indenter and beautifier

dev-perl / Perl-Unsafe-Signals : Allow unsafe handling of signals in selected blocks

dev-perl / Perl6-Junction : Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5

dev-perl / PerlIO-Layers : Querying your filehandle's capabilities

dev-perl / PerlIO-eol : PerlIO::eol - PerlIO layer for normalizing line endings

dev-perl / PerlIO-gzip : PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip

dev-perl / PerlIO-via-Timeout : PerlIO layer that adds read & write timeout to a handle

dev-perl / PerlIO-via-dynamic : PerlIO::via::dynamic - dynamic PerlIO layers

dev-perl / PerlIO-via-symlink : PerlIO::via::symlink - PerlIO layer for symlinks

dev-perl / Perlbal : Reverse-proxy load balancer and webserver

dev-perl / Perlbal-XS-HTTPHeaders : XS acceleration for Perlbal header processing

dev-perl / PlRPC : The Perl RPC Module

dev-perl / Plack : Perl Superglue for Web frameworks and Web Servers (PSGI toolkit)

dev-perl / Plucene : Plucene - the Perl lucene port

dev-perl / Pod-Abstract : Abstract document tree for Perl POD documents

dev-perl / Pod-Coverage : Checks if the documentation of a module is comprehensive

dev-perl / Pod-LaTeX : Convert Pod data to formatted LaTeX

dev-perl / Pod-Markdown : Convert POD to Markdown

dev-perl / Pod-POM : POD Object Model

dev-perl / Pod-Readme : Intelligently generate a README file from POD

dev-perl / Pod-Simple-LaTeX : format Pod as LaTeX

dev-perl / Pod-Spell : A formatter for spellchecking Pod

dev-perl / Pod-Strip : Remove POD from Perl code

dev-perl / Pod-Tests : Extracts embedded tests and code examples from POD

dev-perl / PortageXS : Portage abstraction layer for perl

dev-perl / PostScript : An object that may be used to construct a block of text in PostScript

dev-perl / PostScript-Simple : Allows you to have a simple method of writing PostScript files from Perl

dev-perl / Probe-Perl : Information about the currently running perl

dev-perl / Proc-Background : Generic interface to background process management

dev-perl / Proc-Daemon : Run Perl program as a daemon process

dev-perl / Proc-ProcessTable : Unix process table information

dev-perl / Proc-Simple : Launch and control background processes

dev-perl / Proc-Wait3 : Perl extension for wait3 system call

dev-perl / Proc-WaitStat : Interpret and act on wait() status values

dev-perl / Quota : Perl interface to file system quotas

dev-perl / REST-Client : A simple client for interacting with RESTful http/https resources

dev-perl / RPC-XML : An implementation of XML-RPC

dev-perl / RRD-Simple : Simple interface to create and store data in RRD files

dev-perl / RTF-Writer : RTF::Writer - for generating documents in Rich Text Format

dev-perl / RadiusPerl : Communicate with a Radius server from Perl

dev-perl / Rcs : Perl bindings for Revision Control System

dev-perl / Readonly : Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes

dev-perl / Readonly-XS : Companion module for, to speed up read-only scalar variables

dev-perl / Redis : Perl binding for Redis database

dev-perl / RedisDB : Perl extension to access redis database

dev-perl / RedisDB-Parser : Redis protocol parser for RedisDB

dev-perl / Regexp-Common-net-CIDR : Provides patterns for CIDR blocks

dev-perl / Regexp-IPv6 : Regular expression for IPv6 addresses

dev-perl / Regexp-RegGrp : Groups a regular expressions collection

dev-perl / Regexp-Shellish : Regexp::Shellish - Shell-like regular expressions

dev-perl / Return-Value : Polymorphic Return Values

dev-perl / Role-Basic : Just roles. Nothing else

dev-perl / Role-Tiny : Roles. Like a nouvelle cuisine portion size slice of Moose

dev-perl / Roman : Perl module for conversion between Roman and Arabic numerals

dev-perl / Router-Simple : Simple HTTP router

dev-perl / SDL : Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) bindings for perl

dev-perl / SGMLSpm : Perl library for parsing the output of nsgmls

dev-perl / SNMP_Session : A SNMP Perl Module

dev-perl / SOAP-Lite : Lightweight interface to the SOAP protocol both on client and server side

dev-perl / SOAP-WSDL : SOAP with WSDL support

dev-perl / SQL-Abstract : Generate SQL from Perl data structures

dev-perl / SQL-Abstract-Limit : Portable LIMIT emulation

dev-perl / SQL-Statement : Small SQL parser and engine

dev-perl / SQL-Translator : Manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)

dev-perl / SRU : Search and Retrieval by URL

dev-perl / SUPER : control superclass method dispatch

dev-perl / SVG : Perl extension for generating Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents

dev-perl / SVG-Graph : Visualize your data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format

dev-perl / SVN-Simple : SVN::Simple::Edit - Simple interface to SVN::Delta::Editor

dev-perl / Safe-Hole : Exec subs in the original package from Safe

dev-perl / Safe-Isa : Call isa, can, does and DOES safely on things that may not be objects

dev-perl / Sane : The Sane module allows you to access SANE-compatible scanners in a Perl

dev-perl / Scalar-Properties : run-time properties on scalar variables

dev-perl / Schedule-At : OS independent interface to the Unix 'at' command

dev-perl / Schedule-Cron-Events : Take a line from a crontab and find out when events will occur

dev-perl / Scope-Guard : Lexically scoped resource management

dev-perl / Search-Xapian : Perl XS frontend to the Xapian C++ search library

dev-perl / Server-Starter : A superdaemon for hot-deploying server programs

dev-perl / Set-Crontab : Expand crontab(5)-style integer lists

dev-perl / Set-Infinite : Sets of intervals

dev-perl / Set-IntSpan : Manages sets of integers

dev-perl / Set-Object : set of objects and strings

dev-perl / Set-Scalar : Scalar set operations

dev-perl / Shell : Run shell commands transparently within perl

dev-perl / Shell-EnvImporter : Import environment variable changes from external commands or shell scripts

dev-perl / ShipIt : Software Release Tool

dev-perl / Signal-Mask : Signal masks made easy

dev-perl / Snowball-Norwegian : Porters stemming algorithm for Norwegian

dev-perl / Snowball-Swedish : Porters stemming algorithm for Swedish

dev-perl / Socket-GetAddrInfo : Address-family independent name resolving functions

dev-perl / Socket6 : IPv6 related part of the C socket.h defines and structure manipulators

dev-perl / Sort-Key : sort objects by some (calculated) key

dev-perl / Sort-Key-IPv4 : Sort IP v4 addresses

dev-perl / Sort-Naturally : sort lexically, but sort numeral parts numerically

dev-perl / Sort-Tree : Organize list of objects into parent/child order

dev-perl / Sort-Versions : A perl 5 module for sorting of revision-like numbers

dev-perl / Speech-Recognizer-SPX : Interface to Sphinx-II speech recognition

dev-perl / Sphinx-Config : Sphinx search engine configuration file read/modify/write

dev-perl / Sphinx-Search : Perl API client for Sphinx search engine

dev-perl / Spiffy : Spiffy Perl Interface Framework For You

dev-perl / Spreadsheet-ParseExcel : Read information from an Excel file

dev-perl / Spreadsheet-WriteExcel : Write cross-platform Excel binary file

dev-perl / Starlet : A simple, high-performance PSGI/Plack HTTP server

dev-perl / Stat-lsMode : The Perl Stat-lsMode Module

dev-perl / Statistics-Descriptive : Module of basic descriptive statistical functions

dev-perl / Statistics-Descriptive-Discrete : Statistics-Descriptive-Discrete module

dev-perl / Statistics-Distributions : Perl module for calculating critical values

dev-perl / Statistics-TTest : module to compute the confidence interval

dev-perl / Stream-Buffered : Temporary buffer to save bytes

dev-perl / String-Approx : Perl extension for approximate string matching (fuzzy matching)

dev-perl / String-CRC32 : Perl interface for cyclic redundancy check generation

dev-perl / String-Ediff : Produce common sub-string indices for two strings

dev-perl / String-Escape : Backslash escapes, quoted phrase, word elision, etc

dev-perl / String-Format : sprintf-like string formatting capabilities with arbitrary format definitions

dev-perl / String-RewritePrefix : Rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes

dev-perl / String-ShellQuote : Quote strings for passing through the shell

dev-perl / String-Tokenizer : A simple string tokenizer

dev-perl / Struct-Compare : Recursive diff for perl structures

dev-perl / Sub-Exporter : A sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines

dev-perl / Sub-Exporter-ForMethods : Helper routines for using Sub::Exporter to build methods

dev-perl / Sub-Exporter-Progressive : Only use Sub::Exporter if you need it

dev-perl / Sub-Identify : Retrieve names of code references

dev-perl / Sub-Install : Install subroutines into packages easily

dev-perl / Sub-Name : (Re)name a sub

dev-perl / Sub-Override : Perl extension for easily overriding subroutines

dev-perl / Sub-Uplevel : Apparently run a function in a higher stack frame

dev-perl / Switch : A switch statement for Perl

dev-perl / Symbol-Global-Name : Finds name and type of a global variable

dev-perl / Symbol-Util : Additional utils for Perl symbols manipulation

dev-perl / Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Simple : Simple Syntax Highlight Engine

dev-perl / Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Simple-Perl : Experimental Perl code highlighting class

dev-perl / Syntax-Keyword-Junction : Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5

dev-perl / Sys-CPU : Access CPU info. number, etc on Win and UNIX

dev-perl / Sys-Hostname-Long : Try every conceivable way to get full hostname

dev-perl / Sys-MemInfo : Memory informations

dev-perl / Sys-Mmap : Uses mmap to map in a file as a Perl variable

dev-perl / Sys-SigAction : Perl extension for Consistent Signal Handling

dev-perl / Sys-Statistics-Linux : Collect linux system statistics

dev-perl / Sys-Syscall : Access system calls that Perl doesn't normally provide access to

dev-perl / Sys-Virt : API for using the libvirt library from Perl

dev-perl / Sysadm-Install : Typical installation tasks for system administrators

dev-perl / TAP-Parser-SourceHandler-pgTAP : Stream TAP from pgTAP test scripts

dev-perl / Taint-Runtime : Runtime enable taint checking

dev-perl / Task-Weaken : Ensure that a platform has weaken support

dev-perl / TeX-Encode : Encode/decode Perl utf-8 strings into TeX

dev-perl / Template-DBI : DBI plugin for the Template Toolkit

dev-perl / Template-GD : GD plugin(s) for the Template Toolkit

dev-perl / Template-Plugin-Cycle : Cyclically insert into a Template from a sequence of values

dev-perl / Template-Plugin-Latex : LaTeX support for the Template Toolkit

dev-perl / Template-Tiny : Template Toolkit reimplemented in as little code as possible

dev-perl / Template-Toolkit : The Template Toolkit

dev-perl / Template-XML : XML plugins for the Template Toolkit

dev-perl / Term-ANSIScreen : Terminal control using ANSI escape sequences

dev-perl / Term-Encoding : Detect encoding of the current terminal

dev-perl / Term-ProgressBar : Perl module for Term-ProgressBar

dev-perl / Term-ProgressBar-Quiet : Provide a progress meter if run interactively

dev-perl / Term-ProgressBar-Simple : Simple progess bars

dev-perl / Term-ReadLine-Gnu : GNU Readline XS library wrapper

dev-perl / Term-ReadLine-Perl : Quick implementation of readline utilities

dev-perl / Term-ReadLine-TTYtter : Quick implementation of readline utilities for ttytter

dev-perl / Term-ReadPassword : Term::ReadPassword - Asking the user for a password

dev-perl / Term-Screen : A simple Term::Cap based screen positioning module

dev-perl / Term-ScreenColor : A Term::Screen based screen positioning and coloring module

dev-perl / Term-Shell : A simple command-line shell framework

dev-perl / Term-ShellUI : A fully-featured shell-like command line environment

dev-perl / TermReadKey : Change terminal modes, and perform non-blocking reads

dev-perl / Test-Assert : Assertion methods for those who like JUnit

dev-perl / Test-Base : A Data Driven Testing Framework

dev-perl / Test-CPAN-Meta : Validate your CPAN META.yml file

dev-perl / Test-CheckDeps : Check for presence of dependencies

dev-perl / Test-Class : Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style

dev-perl / Test-ClassAPI : Provides basic first-pass API testing for large class trees

dev-perl / Test-CleanNamespaces : Check for uncleaned imports

dev-perl / Test-Command : Test routines for external commands

dev-perl / Test-Command-Simple : Test external commands (nearly) as easily as loaded modules

dev-perl / Test-Deep : Extremely flexible deep comparison testing

dev-perl / Test-Dependencies : Ensure that your Makefile.PL specifies all module dependencies

dev-perl / Test-Differences : Test strings and data structures and show differences if not ok

dev-perl / Test-DistManifest : Author test that validates a package MANIFEST

dev-perl / Test-Distribution : perform tests on all modules of a distribution

dev-perl / Test-EOL : Check the correct line endings in your project

dev-perl / Test-Exception : Test functions for exception based code

dev-perl / Test-FailWarnings : Add test failures if warnings are caught

dev-perl / Test-Fatal : Incredibly simple helpers for testing code with exceptions

dev-perl / Test-File-ShareDir : Create a Fake ShareDir for your modules for testing.

dev-perl / Test-Inline : Inline test suite support for Perl

dev-perl / Test-Inter : Framework for more readable interactive test scripts

dev-perl / Test-LeakTrace : Traces memory leaks

dev-perl / Test-LongString : A library to test long strings

dev-perl / Test-Manifest : Interact with a t/test_manifest file

dev-perl / Test-Memory-Cycle : Check for memory leaks and circular memory references

dev-perl / Test-Mock-LWP-Dispatch : Mocks LWP::UserAgent and dispatches your requests/responses

dev-perl / Test-MockModule : Override subroutines in a module for unit testing

dev-perl / Test-MockObject : Perl extension for emulating troublesome interfaces

dev-perl / Test-MockRandom : Replaces random number generation with non-random number generation

dev-perl / Test-MockTime : Replaces actual time with simulated time

dev-perl / Test-Most : Most commonly needed test functions and features

dev-perl / Test-NoTabs : Check the presence of tabs in your project

dev-perl / Test-NoWarnings : Make sure you didn't emit any warnings while testing

dev-perl / Test-Number-Delta : Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance

dev-perl / Test-Object : Thoroughly testing objects via registered handlers

dev-perl / Test-Output : Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages

dev-perl / Test-Perl-Critic : Use Perl::Critic in test programs

dev-perl / Test-Pod : Check for POD errors in files

dev-perl / Test-Pod-Coverage : Check for pod coverage in your distribution

dev-perl / Test-Portability-Files : Check file names portability

dev-perl / Test-Requires : Checks to see if the module can be loaded

dev-perl / Test-Script : Cross-platform basic tests for scripts

dev-perl / Test-SharedFork : fork test

dev-perl / Test-Spec : Write tests in a declarative specification style

dev-perl / Test-SubCalls : Track the number of times subs are called

dev-perl / Test-TCP : Testing TCP program

dev-perl / Test-Taint : Tools to test taintedness

dev-perl / Test-Tester : Ease testing test modules built with Test::Builder

dev-perl / Test-Time : Overrides the time() and sleep() core functions for testing

dev-perl / Test-Trap : Trap exit codes, exceptions, output, etc

dev-perl / Test-Unit-Lite : Unit testing without external dependencies

dev-perl / Test-UseAllModules : do use_ok() for all the MANIFESTed modules

dev-perl / Test-WWW-Mechanize : Testing-specific WWW::Mechanize subclass

dev-perl / Test-Warn : Perl extension to test methods for warnings

dev-perl / Test-Warnings : Test for warnings and the lack of them

dev-perl / Test-Without-Module : Test fallback behaviour in absence of modules

dev-perl / Test-YAML : Testing Module for YAML Implementations

dev-perl / Test-use-ok : Alternative to Test::More::use_ok

dev-perl / Text-Aligner : Used to justify strings to various alignment styles

dev-perl / Text-Aspell : Perl interface to the GNU Aspell Library

dev-perl / Text-Autoformat : Automatic text wrapping and reformatting

dev-perl / Text-BibTeX : A Perl library for reading, parsing, and processing BibTeX files

dev-perl / Text-CSV : Manipulate comma-separated value strings

dev-perl / Text-CSV-Simple : Text::CSV::Simple - Simpler parsing of CSV files

dev-perl / Text-CSV_XS : Comma-separated values manipulation routines

dev-perl / Text-CharWidth : Get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal

dev-perl / Text-Diff : Perform diffs on files and record sets

dev-perl / Text-FindIndent : Heuristically determine the indent style

dev-perl / Text-Format : Various subroutines to format text

dev-perl / Text-German : German grundform reduction

dev-perl / Text-Glob : Match globbing patterns against text

dev-perl / Text-Iconv : A Perl interface to the iconv() codeset conversion function

dev-perl / Text-Kakasi : This module provides libkakasi interface for Perl

dev-perl / Text-Levenshtein : An implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance

dev-perl / Text-LevenshteinXS : An XS implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance

dev-perl / Text-Markdown : Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML

dev-perl / Text-Netstring : Create and manipulate netstrings

dev-perl / Text-Password-Pronounceable : Generate pronounceable passwords

dev-perl / Text-Patch : Patches text with given patch

dev-perl / Text-Quoted : Extract the structure of a quoted mail message

dev-perl / Text-Reform : Manual text wrapping and reformatting

dev-perl / Text-Roman : Allows conversion between Roman and Arabic algarisms

dev-perl / Text-Shellwords : Parses lines of text and returns a set of tokens using the same rules as the Unix shell

dev-perl / Text-Soundex : Implementation of the soundex algorithm

dev-perl / Text-Table : Organize Data in Tables

dev-perl / Text-Template : Expand template text with embedded Perl

dev-perl / Text-Unaccent : Removes accents from a string

dev-perl / Text-Unidecode : Plain ASCII transliterations of Unicode text

dev-perl / Text-VimColor : Syntax highlighting using vim

dev-perl / Text-WikiFormat : Translate Wiki formatted text into other formats

dev-perl / Text-WrapI18N : Internationalized substitute of Text::Wrap

dev-perl / Text-Wrapper : Word wrap text by breaking long lines

dev-perl / Text-vFile-asData : Perl module to parse vFile formatted files into data structures

dev-perl / TheSchwartz : Reliable job queue

dev-perl / Thread-SigMask : Thread specific signal masks

dev-perl / Throwable : A role for classes that can be thrown

dev-perl / Tie-Array-Sorted : An array which is kept sorted

dev-perl / Tie-CPHash : Case preserving but case insensitive hash table

dev-perl / Tie-Cache : In memory size limited LRU cache

dev-perl / Tie-Cache-LRU : A Least-Recently Used cache

dev-perl / Tie-Cache-LRU-Expires : Extends Tie::Cache::LRU with expiring

dev-perl / Tie-Cycle : Cycle through a list of values via a scalar

dev-perl / Tie-EncryptedHash : Hashes (and objects based on hashes) with encrypting fields

dev-perl / Tie-Hash-Method : Tied hash with specific methods overriden by callbacks

dev-perl / Tie-IxHash : Ordered associative arrays for Perl

dev-perl / Tie-LLHash : Implements an ordered hash-like object

dev-perl / Tie-ShadowHash : Merge multiple data sources into a hash

dev-perl / Tie-Simple : Module for creating easier variable ties

dev-perl / Tie-StrictHash : A hash with strict-like semantics

dev-perl / Tie-Sub : Tying a subroutine, function or method to a hash

dev-perl / Tie-ToObject : Tie to an existing object

dev-perl / Time-Duration : Rounded or exact English expression of durations

dev-perl / Time-Duration-Parse : Parse string that represents time duration

dev-perl / Time-Format : Easy-to-use date/time formatting

dev-perl / Time-Moment : Represents a date and time of day with an offset from UTC

dev-perl / Time-Out : Easily timeout long running operations

dev-perl / Time-ParseDate : A Date/Time Parsing Perl Module

dev-perl / Time-Period : Time period Perl module

dev-perl / Time-Piece-MySQL : MySQL-specific functions for Time::Piece

dev-perl / Time-Stopwatch : Use tied scalars as timers

dev-perl / Time-TAI64 : Time manipulation in the TAI64* formats

dev-perl / Time-TZOffset : Show timezone offset strings like +0900

dev-perl / TimeDate : A Date/Time Parsing Perl Module

dev-perl / Tk : A Perl Module for Tk

dev-perl / Tk-CursorControl : Manipulate the mouse cursor programmatically

dev-perl / Tk-JPEG-Lite : lite JPEG loader for Tk::Photo

dev-perl / Tk-TableMatrix : Perl module for Tk-TableMatrix

dev-perl / Tree-DAG_Node : (Super)class for representing nodes in a tree

dev-perl / Tree-Simple : A simple tree object

dev-perl / Try-Tiny : Minimal try/catch with proper localization of $@

dev-perl / Type-Tiny : tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint

dev-perl / Type-Tiny-XS : provides an XS boost for some of Type::Tiny's built-in type constraints

dev-perl / Types-Serialiser : simple data types for common serialisation formats

dev-perl / UNIVERSAL-can : Hack around people calling UNIVERSAL::can() as a function

dev-perl / UNIVERSAL-isa : Attempt to recover from people calling UNIVERSAL::isa as a function

dev-perl / UNIVERSAL-moniker : adds a moniker to every class or module

dev-perl / UNIVERSAL-require : UNIVERSAL::require - require() modules from a variable

dev-perl / URI : Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative)

dev-perl / URI-Encode : Simple percent Encoding/Decoding

dev-perl / URI-Fetch : Smart URI fetching/caching

dev-perl / URI-Find : Find URIs in plain text

dev-perl / UUID : Perl extension for using UUID interfaces as defined in e2fsprogs.

dev-perl / UUID-Tiny : Pure Perl UUID Support With Functional Interface

dev-perl / UltraDNS : Client API for the NeuStar UltraDNS Transaction Protocol

dev-perl / Unicode-EastAsianWidth : East Asian Width properties

dev-perl / Unicode-LineBreak : UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm

dev-perl / Unicode-Map : Map charsets from and to utf16 code

dev-perl / Unicode-Map8 : Convert between most 8bit encodings

dev-perl / Unicode-MapUTF8 : Conversions to and from arbitrary character sets and UTF8

dev-perl / Unicode-String : String manipulation for Unicode strings

dev-perl / Unicode-Stringprep : Preparation of Internationalized Strings (RFC 3454)

dev-perl / Unicode-UTF8 : Encoding and decoding of UTF-8 encoding form

dev-perl / Unicode-UTF8simple : Conversions to/from UTF8 from/to charactersets

dev-perl / Unix-Getrusage : Perl interface to the Unix getrusage system call

dev-perl / Unix-Syslog : A Perl module which provides access to the system logger

dev-perl / User-Identity : Maintains info about a physical person

dev-perl / VM-EC2 : Interface to Amazon EC2, VPC, ELB, Autoscaling, and Relational DB services

dev-perl / VM-EC2-Security-CredentialCache : Cache credentials respecting expiration time for IAM roles

dev-perl / Validate-Net : Format validation and more for Net:: related strings

dev-perl / Validate-Tiny : Minimalistic data validation

dev-perl / Variable-Magic : Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl

dev-perl / Video-Frequencies : Video Frequencies perl module, for use with ivtv-ptune

dev-perl / Video-Info : Perl extension for getting video info

dev-perl / Video-ivtv : Video::ivtv perl module, for use with ivtv-ptune

dev-perl / WWW-Bugzilla : WWW::Bugzilla - automate interaction with bugzilla

dev-perl / WWW-Curl : Perl extension interface for libcurl

dev-perl / WWW-Dict-Leo-Org : Commandline interface to

dev-perl / WWW-Mechanize : Handy web browsing in a Perl object

dev-perl / WWW-Mechanize-FormFiller : Framework to automate HTML forms

dev-perl / WWW-Pastebin-PastebinCom-Create : Paste on without API keys

dev-perl / WWW-RobotRules : Parse /robots.txt file

dev-perl / WWW-Shorten : Interface to URL shortening sites

dev-perl / Want : A generalisation of wantarray

dev-perl / WattsUp-Daemon : Watt's Up Monitoring Daemon

dev-perl / WeakRef : An API to the Perl weak references

dev-perl / Weather-Com : fetching weather information from

dev-perl / WebService-Linode : Perl interface to the API

dev-perl / WebService-MusicBrainz : Web service API to MusicBrainz database

dev-perl / WordNet-QueryData : Direct perl interface to WordNet database

dev-perl / Wx : Perl bindings for wxGTK

dev-perl / Wx-GLCanvas : interface to wxWidgets' OpenGL canvas

dev-perl / Wx-Perl-ProcessStream : access IO of external processes via events

dev-perl / Wx-Scintilla : Scintilla source code editing component for wxWidgets

dev-perl / X-Osd : Perl glue to libxosd (X OnScreen Display)

dev-perl / X11-FreeDesktop-DesktopEntry : An interface to .desktop files

dev-perl / X11-Protocol : Client-side interface to the X11 Protocol

dev-perl / X500-DN : handle X.500 DNs (Distinguished Names), parse and format them

dev-perl / XML-Atom : Atom feed and API implementation

dev-perl / XML-AutoWriter : DOCTYPE based XML output

dev-perl / XML-Catalog : Resolve public identifiers and remap system identifiers

dev-perl / XML-CompactTree-XS : a fast builder of compact tree structures from XML documents

dev-perl / XML-DOM : A Perl module for an DOM Level 1 compliant interface

dev-perl / XML-DOM-XPath : Perl extension to add XPath support to XML::DOM, using XML::XPath engine

dev-perl / XML-DT : A perl XML down translate module

dev-perl / XML-DTDParser : Quick and dirty DTD Parser

dev-perl / XML-Directory : Returns a content of directory as XML

dev-perl / XML-Dumper : Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML

dev-perl / XML-Elemental : an XML::Parser style and generic classes for simplistic and perlish handling of XML data

dev-perl / XML-Encoding : Perl Module that parses encoding map XML files

dev-perl / XML-Entities : Decode strings with XML entities

dev-perl / XML-Fast : Simple and very fast XML to hash conversion

dev-perl / XML-Feed : Syndication feed parser and auto-discovery

dev-perl / XML-FeedPP : Parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds

dev-perl / XML-Filter-BufferText : Filter to put all characters() in one event

dev-perl / XML-Filter-DOMFilter-LibXML : SAX Filter allowing DOM processing of selected subtrees

dev-perl / XML-Generator : Perl XML::Generator - A module to help in generating XML documents

dev-perl / XML-Grove : A Perl module providing a simple API to parsed XML instances

dev-perl / XML-Handler-YAWriter : A Perl module providing a simple API to parsed XML instances

dev-perl / XML-LibXML : Perl binding for libxml2

dev-perl / XML-LibXML-Iterator : Iterator class for XML::LibXML parsed documents

dev-perl / XML-LibXML-Simple : XML::LibXML based XML::Simple clone

dev-perl / XML-LibXSLT : A Perl module to parse XSL Transformational sheets using gnome's libXSLT

dev-perl / XML-Mini : pure perl API to create and parse XML

dev-perl / XML-NamespaceSupport : A Perl module that offers a simple to process namespaced XML names

dev-perl / XML-NodeFilter : Generic XML::NodeFilter Class

dev-perl / XML-Parser : A Perl extension interface to James Clark's XML parser, expat

dev-perl / XML-Parser-Lite : Lightweight regexp-based XML parser

dev-perl / XML-RAI : RSS Abstraction Interface

dev-perl / XML-RSS : a basic framework for creating and maintaining RSS files

dev-perl / XML-RSS-Feed : Persistant XML RSS Encapsulation

dev-perl / XML-RSS-LibXML : XML::RSS with XML::LibXML

dev-perl / XML-RSS-Parser : A liberal object-oriented parser for RSS feeds

dev-perl / XML-RegExp : Regular expressions for XML tokens

dev-perl / XML-SAX : Perl module for using and building Perl SAX2 XML parsers, filters, and drivers

dev-perl / XML-SAX-Base : Base class SAX Drivers and Filters

dev-perl / XML-SAX-Expat : SAX2 Driver for Expat

dev-perl / XML-SAX-ExpatXS : Perl SAX 2 XS extension to Expat parser

dev-perl / XML-SAX-Writer : SAX2 Writer

dev-perl / XML-Simple : XML::Simple - Easy API to read/write XML (esp config files)

dev-perl / XML-Simple-DTDReader : Simple XML file reading based on their DTDs

dev-perl / XML-SimpleObject : A Perl XML Simple package

dev-perl / XML-Smart : A smart, easy and powerful way to access or create XML from fiels, data and URLs.

dev-perl / XML-Stream : Creates and XML Stream connection and parses return data

dev-perl / XML-TreePP : Pure Perl implementation for parsing/writing XML documents

dev-perl / XML-Twig : Process huge XML documents in tree mode

dev-perl / XML-Validator-Schema : Validate XML against a subset of W3C XML Schema

dev-perl / XML-Writer : XML Writer Perl Module

dev-perl / XML-XPath : A XPath Perl Module

dev-perl / XML-XPathEngine : A re-usable XPath engine for DOM-like trees

dev-perl / XML-XQL : A Perl module that allows you to perform XQL queries on XML trees

dev-perl / XML-XSLT : A Perl module to parse XSL Transformational sheets

dev-perl / XML-XUpdate-LibXML : Process XUpdate commands over an XML document

dev-perl / XMLRPC-Lite : client and server implementation of XML-RPC protocol

dev-perl / YAML : YAML Ain't Markup Language (tm)

dev-perl / YAML-LibYAML : Perl YAML Serialization using XS and libyaml

dev-perl / YAML-Syck : Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper

dev-perl / YAML-Tiny : Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible

dev-perl / ZMQ-Constants : Constants for libzmq

dev-perl / ZMQ-LibZMQ2 : A libzmq 2.x wrapper for Perl

dev-perl / ZMQ-LibZMQ3 : A libzmq 3.x wrapper for Perl

dev-perl / aliased : Use shorter versions of class names

dev-perl / asa : Lets your class/object say it works like something else

dev-perl / autobox : Call methods on native types

dev-perl / autovivification : Lexically disable autovivification

dev-perl / bareword-filehandles : Disables bareword filehandles

dev-perl / boolean : Boolean support for Perl

dev-perl / cache-mmap : Shared data cache using memory mapped files

dev-perl / capitalization : no capitalization on method names

dev-perl / cdk-perl : Perl extension for Cdk

dev-perl / class-loader : Load modules and create objects on demand

dev-perl / common-sense : Save a tree AND a kitten, use common::sense!

dev-perl / constant-boolean : Define TRUE and FALSE constants

dev-perl / constant-defer : constant subs with deferred value calculation

dev-perl / convert-ascii-armour : Convert binary octets into ASCII armoured messages

dev-perl / convert-pem : Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files

dev-perl / data-buffer : Read/write buffer class

dev-perl / dbix-searchbuilder : Encapsulate SQL queries and rows in simple Perl objects

dev-perl / digest-bubblebabble : Create bubble-babble fingerprints

dev-perl / digest-md2 : Perl interface to the MD2 Algorithm

dev-perl / encoding-warnings : Warn on implicit encoding conversions

dev-perl / enum : C style enumerated types and bitmask flags in Perl

dev-perl / extutils-pkgconfig : Simplistic perl interface to pkg-config

dev-perl / forks : Emulate threads with fork

dev-perl / frontier-rpc : Perform remote procedure calls using extensible markup language

dev-perl / glib-perl : Glib - Perl wrappers for the GLib utility and Object libraries

dev-perl / gnome2-canvas : Perl interface to the Gnome Canvas

dev-perl / gnome2-perl : Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gnome libraries

dev-perl / gnome2-vfs-perl : Perl interface to the 2.x series of the Gnome Virtual File System libraries

dev-perl / gnome2-wnck : Perl interface to the Window Navigator Construction Kit

dev-perl / google-api-adwords-perl : Google AdWords API Perl Client

dev-perl / gtk2-ex-formfactory : Gtk2 FormFactory

dev-perl / gtk2-gladexml : Create user interfaces directly from Glade XML files

dev-perl / gtk2-perl : Perl bindings for GTK2

dev-perl / gtk2-spell : Bindings for GtkSpell with Gtk2.x

dev-perl / gtk2-trayicon : Perl wrappers for the egg cup Gtk2::TrayIcon utilities

dev-perl / gtk2-traymanager : Perl bindings for EggTrayManager

dev-perl / indirect : Lexically warn about using the indirect method call syntax

dev-perl / libintl-perl : High-Level Interface to Uniforum Message Translation

dev-perl / librg-utils-perl : Parsers and format conversion utilities used by (e.g.) profphd

dev-perl / libvorbis-perl : Ogg::Vorbis - Perl extension for Ogg Vorbis streams

dev-perl / libwww-perl : A collection of Perl Modules for the WWW

dev-perl / libxml-perl : Collection of Perl modules for working with XML

dev-perl / local-lib : create and use a local lib/ for perl modules with PERL5LIB

dev-perl / maybe : Use a Perl module and ignore error if can't be loaded

dev-perl / mecab-perl : Perl binding for MeCab

dev-perl / mime-construct : construct and optionally mail MIME messages

dev-perl / multidimensional : disables multidimensional array emulation

dev-perl / namespace-autoclean : Keep imports out of your namespace

dev-perl / namespace-clean : Keep imports and functions out of your namespace

dev-perl / pcsc-perl : A Perl Module for PC/SC SmartCard access

dev-perl / perl-ldap : Perl modules which provide an object-oriented interface to LDAP servers

dev-perl / perl-mozldap : Mozilla PerLDAP

dev-perl / prefork : Optimized module loading for forking or non-forking processes

dev-perl / regexp-common : Provide commonly requested regular expressions

dev-perl / rename : A filename renaming utility based on perl regular expression

dev-perl / rpm-build-perl : Automatically extract Perl dependencies

dev-perl / self : provides '$self' in OO code

dev-perl / strictures : Turn on strict and make most warnings fatal

dev-perl / syntax : Activate syntax extensions

dev-perl / tkispell : Perl/Tk user interface for ispell

dev-perl / txt2html : Convert a plain text file to HTML

dev-python / subunit : A streaming protocol for test results

dev-qt / assistant : Tool for viewing on-line documentation in Qt help file format

dev-qt / designer : WYSIWYG tool for designing and building Qt-based GUIs

dev-qt / linguist : Graphical tool for translating Qt applications

dev-qt / linguist-tools : Tools for working with Qt translation data files

dev-qt / pixeltool : Qt screen magnifier

dev-qt / qdbus : Interface to Qt applications communicating over D-Bus

dev-qt / qdbusviewer : Graphical tool that lets you introspect D-Bus objects and messages

dev-qt / qdoc : Qt documentation generator

dev-qt / qt3support : The Qt3Support module for the Qt toolkit

dev-qt / qtbearer : The network bearer plugins for the Qt toolkit

dev-qt / qtbluetooth : Bluetooth support library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtconcurrent : Multi-threading concurrence support library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtcore : Cross-platform application development framework

dev-qt / qtdbus : The D-Bus module for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtdeclarative : The QML and Quick modules for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtdemo : Demonstration module and examples for the Qt toolkit

dev-qt / qtdiag : Tool for reporting diagnostic information about Qt and its environment

dev-qt / qtgraphicaleffects : Set of QML types for adding visual effects to user interfaces

dev-qt / qtgui : The GUI module and platform plugins for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qthelp : The Help module for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtimageformats : Additional format plugins for the Qt image I/O system

dev-qt / qtlocation : The Location module for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtmultimedia : The Multimedia module for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtnetwork : Network abstraction library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtopengl : OpenGL support library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

dev-qt / qtopenvg : The OpenVG module for the Qt toolkit

dev-qt / qtpaths : Command line client to QStandardPaths

dev-qt / qtphonon : The Phonon module for the Qt toolkit

dev-qt / qtplugininfo : Qt5 plugin metadata dumper

dev-qt / qtpositioning : Physical position determination library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtprintsupport : Printing support library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtquick1 : Legacy declarative UI module for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

dev-qt / qtquickcontrols : Set of controls used in conjunction with Qt Quick to build complete interfaces

dev-qt / qtscript : Application scripting library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

dev-qt / qtsensors : Hardware sensor access library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtserialport : Serial port abstraction library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtsql : SQL abstraction library for the Qt5 tooolkit

dev-qt / qtsvg : SVG rendering library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qttest : Unit testing library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qttranslations : Translation files for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtwayland : Wayland platform plugin for Qt

dev-qt / qtwebchannel : Qt5 module for integrating C++ and QML applications with HTML/JavaScript clients

dev-qt / qtwebengine : Library for rendering dynamic web content in Qt5 C++ and QML applications

dev-qt / qtwebkit : WebKit rendering library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

dev-qt / qtwebsockets : Implementation of the WebSocket protocol for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtwidgets : Set of components for creating classic desktop-style UIs for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtx11extras : Linux/X11-specific support library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtxml : SAX and DOM implementation library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtxmlpatterns : XPath, XQuery, and XSLT support library for the Qt5 framework

dev-ruby / bluecloth : A Ruby implementation of Markdown

dev-tcltk / tclperl : Perl package for Tcl

dev-tex / biber : A BibTeX replacement for users of biblatex

dev-tex / chktex : Checks latex source for common mistakes

dev-tex / feynmf : Combined LaTeX/Metafont package for drawing of Feynman diagrams

dev-tex / glossaries : Create glossaries and lists of acronyms

dev-tex / html2latex : Perl script to convert HTML files into formatted LaTeX

dev-tex / latex2html : Convertor written in Perl that converts LATEX documents to HTML

dev-tex / latexdiff : Compare two latex files and mark up significant differences

dev-tex / latexmk : Perl script for automatically building LaTeX documents

dev-tex / serienbrief : Easy creation of form letters written in LaTeX

dev-tex / sketch : Produces drawings of two- or three-dimensional solid objects and scenes for TeX

dev-util / App-SVN-Bisect : Binary search through svn revisions

dev-util / abi-compliance-checker : A tool for checking backward compatibility of a C/C++ library

dev-util / abi-dumper : Dump ABI of an ELF object containing DWARF debug info

dev-util / anjuta : A versatile IDE for GNOME

dev-util / autodia : Parses source code, XML or data and produces an XML document in Dia format

dev-util / bitcoin-tx : Command-line Bitcoin transaction tool

dev-util / cgvg : A tiny version of cscope that is much more useful in certian instances

dev-util / checkbashisms : Perl script to check for commonly used bash features not defined by POSIX

dev-util / cloc : Count Lines of Code

dev-util / colorgcc : Perl script to colorise the gcc output.

dev-util / creduce : C-Reduce - a plugin-based C program reducer

dev-util / debhelper : Collection of programs that can be used to automate common tasks in debian/rules

dev-util / distro-info : Provides information about the Debian distributions' releases

dev-util / egypt : devilishly simple tool for creating call graphs of C programs

dev-util / electron : Cross platform application development framework based on web technologies

dev-util / febootstrap : Fedora bootstrap scripts

dev-util / fix-la-relink-command : Helps prevent .la files from relinking to libraries outside a build tree

dev-util / gtk-doc : GTK+ Documentation Generator

dev-util / gtk-doc-am : Automake files from gtk-doc

dev-util / hxtools : A collection of tools and scripts

dev-util / icemon : Icemon is a KDE monitor program for use with Icecream compile clusters

dev-util / intltool : Internationalization Tool Collection

dev-util / kdbg : A graphical debugger interface

dev-util / kdevelop : Integrated Development Environment, supporting KDE/Qt, C/C++ and much more

dev-util / kdevelop-pg-qt : A LL(1) parser generator used mainly by KDevelop language plugins

dev-util / kdevelop-php : PHP plugin for KDevelop 4

dev-util / kdevelop-php-docs : PHP documentation plugin for KDevelop 4

dev-util / kdevelop-python : Python plugin for KDevelop 4

dev-util / kdevelop-qmake : qmake plugin for KDevelop 4

dev-util / kdevelop-qmljs : QML and javascript plugin for KDevelop 4

dev-util / kdevplatform : KDE development support libraries and apps

dev-util / kdoc : C++ and IDL Source Documentation System

dev-util / kup : uploader tool

dev-util / lcov : A graphical front-end for GCC's coverage testing tool gcov

dev-util / leaktracer : trace and analyze memory leaks in C++ programs

dev-util / linklint : A Perl program that checks links on web sites

dev-util / makepp : GNU make replacement

dev-util / obs-service-generator_driver_update_disk : Open Build Service client module - generator_driver_update_disk service

dev-util / osdt : tools for Open Source software distribution

dev-util / perf : Userland tools for Linux Performance Counters

dev-util / pkgconfig-openbsd : A perl based version of pkg-config from OpenBSD

dev-util / rej : A utility for solving diff/patch rejects

dev-util / rpmdevtools : Collection of rpm packaging related utilities

dev-util / shtool : Set of stable and portable shell scripts

dev-util / shunit2 : Unit-test framework for Bourne-based shell scripts

dev-util / smem : A tool to parse smaps statistics

dev-util / strace : A useful diagnostic, instructional, and debugging tool

dev-util / tmake : A Cross platform Makefile tool

dev-util / universalindentgui : Cross platform GUI for several code formatters, beautifiers and indenters

dev-util / xxdi : Simple alternative to vim's 'xxd -i' mode

dev-vcs / colorcvs : A tool based on colorgcc to beautify cvs output

dev-vcs / colorsvn : Subversion output colorizer

dev-vcs / cvs2cl : produces a GNU-style ChangeLog for CVS-controlled sources

dev-vcs / cvsd : CVS pserver daemon

dev-vcs / cvsutils : A small bundle of utilities to work with CVS repositories

dev-vcs / easygit : Easy GIT is a wrapper for git, designed to make git easy to learn and use

dev-vcs / git : stupid content tracker: distributed VCS designed for speed and efficiency

dev-vcs / git-annex : manage files with git, without checking their contents into git

dev-vcs / git-deploy : make deployments so easy that you'll let new hires do them on their first day

dev-vcs / gitolite : Highly flexible server for git directory version tracker

dev-vcs / gitolite-gentoo : Highly flexible server for git directory version tracker, Gentoo fork

dev-vcs / gitstats : Statistics generator for git

dev-vcs / kdesvn : A frontend to the subversion vcs

dev-vcs / mr : Multiple Repository management tool

dev-vcs / stgit : Manage a stack of patches using GIT as a backend

dev-vcs / subversion : Advanced version control system

games-arcade / frozen-bubble : A Puzzle Bubble clone written in perl (now with network support)

games-arcade / openmortal : A spoof of the famous Mortal Kombat game

games-board / eboard : chess interface for POSIX systems

games-board / knights : Simple chess board for KDE

games-board / mah-jong : A networked Mah Jong program, together with a computer player

games-engines / zoom : A fast, clean, modern Z-code interpreter for X

games-fps / duke3d : Port of the original Duke Nukem 3D

games-misc / cowsay : configurable talking ASCII cow (and other characters)

games-misc / fortune-mod-gentoo-dev : Fortune database of #gentoo-dev quotes

games-misc / rfksay : Like cowsay, but different because it involves robots and kittens

games-mud / kildclient : Powerful MUD client with a built-in PERL interpreter

games-mud / kmuddy : MUD client for KDE

games-puzzle / sgt-puzzles : Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

games-roguelike / stone-soup : Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a role-playing roguelike game of exploration and treasure-hunting in dungeons

games-strategy / 0ad : A free, real-time strategy game

games-strategy / asc : turn based strategy game designed in the tradition of the Battle Isle series

games-strategy / liquidwar6 : Unique multiplayer wargame between liquids

games-util / grfcodec : A suite of programs to modify openttd/Transport Tycoon Deluxe's GRF files

games-util / uglygs : quickly searches the network for game servers

games-util / umodpack : portable and useful [un]packer for Unreal Tournament's Umod files

games-util / xgame : Run games in a separate X session

games-util / xgame-gtk2 : Run games in a separate X session

games-util / xgamer : A launcher for starting games in a second X session

gnome-base / gnome-session : Gnome session manager

gnome-base / libgnome : Essential Gnome Libraries

gnome-base / libgnomecanvas : The Gnome 2 Canvas library

gnome-base / nautilus : A file manager for the GNOME desktop

gnome-extra / gnome-dvb-daemon : Setup your DVB devices, record and watch TV shows and browse EPG using GStreamer

gnome-extra / nemo : A file manager for Cinnamon, forked from Nautilus

kde-apps / akonadiconsole : Akonadi developer console

kde-apps / akregator : KDE news feed aggregator (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / amor : KDE: Amusing Misuse Of Resources - desktop-dwelling creature

kde-apps / analitza : KDE library for mathematical features

kde-apps / ark : KDE Archiving tool

kde-apps / artikulate : Language learning application that helps improving pronunciation skills

kde-apps / attica : Open Collaboration Services provider management

kde-apps / audiocd-kio : KDE kioslaves from the kdemultimedia package

kde-apps / baloo-widgets : Widget library for baloo

kde-apps / blinken : KDE version of the Simon Says game

kde-apps / blogilo : KDE Blogging Client (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / bomber : KDE arcade bombing game

kde-apps / bovo : Five-in-a-row Board Game

kde-apps / calendarjanitor : A tool to scan calendar data for buggy instances

kde-apps / cantor : KDE4 interface for doing mathematics and scientific computing

kde-apps / cervisia : Cervisia - A KDE CVS frontend

kde-apps / dolphin : A KDE filemanager focusing on usability

kde-apps / dolphin-plugins : Extra Dolphin plugins

kde-apps / dragon : Dragon Player is a simple video player for KDE 4

kde-apps / drkonqi : KDE crash handler, gives the user feedback if a program crashed

kde-apps / ffmpegthumbs : A FFmpeg based thumbnail Generator for Video Files

kde-apps / filelight : Visualise disk usage with interactive map of concentric, segmented rings

kde-apps / gpgmepp : C++ bindings for gpgme

kde-apps / granatier : KDE Bomberman game

kde-apps / gwenview : KDE image viewer

kde-apps / jovie : Jovie is a text to speech application

kde-apps / juk : Jukebox and music manager for KDE

kde-apps / kabcclient : A command line client for accessing the KDE addressbook (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kaccessible : Provides accessibility services like focus tracking

kde-apps / kaddressbook : The KDE Address Book (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kajongg : The classical Mah Jongg for four players

kde-apps / kalarm : Personal alarm message, command and email scheduler for KDE (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kalgebra : MathML-based graph calculator for KDE

kde-apps / kalzium : KDE: periodic table of the elements

kde-apps / kamera : KDE digital camera manager

kde-apps / kanagram : KDE: letter order game

kde-apps / kapman : Pac-Man clone for KDE

kde-apps / kapptemplate : A shell script to create the necessary framework to develop KDE applications

kde-apps / kate : Kate is an MDI texteditor

kde-apps / katomic : KDE Atomic Entertainment Game

kde-apps / kblackbox : KDE Blackbox Game

kde-apps / kblocks : KDE: Kblocks is a single-player Tetris-like game

kde-apps / kbounce : KDE Bounce Ball Game

kde-apps / kbreakout : KDE: A Breakout-like game for KDE

kde-apps / kbruch : KDE Educational: Learn calculating with fractions

kde-apps / kcachegrind : KDE Frontend for Cachegrind

kde-apps / kcalc : KDE calculator

kde-apps / kcharselect : KDE character selection utility

kde-apps / kcmshell : KCMShell is a utility to host KDE control modules independently of SystemSettings

kde-apps / kcolorchooser : KDE color selector/editor

kde-apps / kcontrol : The KDE Control Center

kde-apps / kcron : KDE Task Scheduler

kde-apps / kde-base-artwork : KDE base artwork

kde-apps / kde-dev-scripts : KDE Development Scripts

kde-apps / kde-dev-utils : KDE Development Utilities

kde-apps / kde-wallpapers : KDE wallpapers

kde-apps / kde4-l10n : KDE internationalization package

kde-apps / kdeartwork-colorschemes : KDE extra colorschemes

kde-apps / kdeartwork-desktopthemes : Additional KDE4 Plasma themes

kde-apps / kdeartwork-emoticons : EmotIcons (icons for things like smilies :-) for kde

kde-apps / kdeartwork-iconthemes : Icon themes for kde

kde-apps / kdeartwork-kscreensaver : Extra screensavers for kde

kde-apps / kdeartwork-styles : Extra KWin styles and window decorations

kde-apps / kdeartwork-wallpapers : Wallpapers from kde

kde-apps / kdeartwork-weatherwallpapers : Weather aware wallpapers. Changes with weather outside

kde-apps / kdebase-data : Icons, localization data and various .desktop files from kdebase

kde-apps / kdebase-desktoptheme : Oxygen KDE4 desktop theme

kde-apps / kdebase-kioslaves : kioslave: the kde VFS framework - kioslave plugins present a filesystem-like view of arbitrary data

kde-apps / kdebase-menu : KDE Menu query tool

kde-apps / kdebase-menu-icons : KDE menu icons

kde-apps / kdebugdialog : KDE: A dialog box for setting preferences for debug output

kde-apps / kdegraphics-mobipocket : Library to support mobipocket ebooks

kde-apps / kdenetwork-filesharing : kcontrol filesharing config module for SMB

kde-apps / kdenlive : Non-linear video editing suite by KDE

kde-apps / kdepasswd : KDE GUI for passwd

kde-apps / kdepim-common-libs : Common libraries for KDE PIM apps

kde-apps / kdepim-icons : KDE PIM icons (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kdepim-kresources : KDE PIM groupware plugin collection (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kdepim-l10n : KDE PIM internationalization package

kde-apps / kdepim-runtime : KDE PIM runtime plugin collection

kde-apps / kdepim-wizards : KDE PIM wizards (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kdepimlibs : Common library for KDE PIM apps

kde-apps / kdesdk-kioslaves : kioslaves from kdesdk package

kde-apps / kdesdk-strigi-analyzer : kdesdk: strigi plugins

kde-apps / kdesu : KDE: gui for su(1)

kde-apps / kdf : KDE free disk space utility

kde-apps / kdialog : KDialog can be used to show nice dialog boxes from shell scripts

kde-apps / kdiamond : KDE: KDiamond is a three-in-a-row game

kde-apps / kdontchangethehostname : Tool to inform KDE about a change in hostname

kde-apps / keditbookmarks : KDE's bookmarks editor

kde-apps / keditfiletype : KDE mime/file type assocciation editor

kde-apps / kfile : A commandline frontend to KFileMetaInfo

kde-apps / kfilereplace : KDE web development - powerful search and replace in multiple files

kde-apps / kfind : KDE file finder utility

kde-apps / kfloppy : KFloppy - formats disks and puts a DOS or ext2fs filesystem on them

kde-apps / kfmclient : KDE tool for opening URLs from the command line

kde-apps / kfourinline : KDE four-in-a-row game

kde-apps / kgamma : KDE screen gamma values kcontrol module

kde-apps / kgeography : KDE: a geography learning tool

kde-apps / kget : An advanced download manager for KDE

kde-apps / kglobalaccel : KDE's Global Shortcut Daemon

kde-apps / kgoldrunner : KDE: KGoldrunner is a game of action and puzzle solving

kde-apps / kgpg : KDE gpg keyring manager

kde-apps / khangman : Classical hangman game for KDE

kde-apps / khelpcenter : The KDE Help Center

kde-apps / kiconfinder : Finds an icon based on its name

kde-apps / kig : KDE Interactive Geometry tool

kde-apps / kigo : KDE Go game

kde-apps / killbots : Kill the bots or they kill you!

kde-apps / kimagemapeditor : KDE web development - image map editor

kde-apps / kimgio : KDE WebP image format plugin

kde-apps / kioclient : Command-line tool for network-transparent operations

kde-apps / kiriki : Kiriki - a gtali clone for KDE4

kde-apps / kiten : KDE Japanese dictionary and reference

kde-apps / kjots : KDE note taking utility (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kjumpingcube : KDE: Tactical one or two player game

kde-apps / kleopatra : Kleopatra - KDE X.509 key manager (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / klettres : KDE: KLettres helps a very young child or an adult learning

kde-apps / klickety : A KDE game almost the same as ksame, but a bit different

kde-apps / klines : KDE: Kolor Lines - a little game about balls and how to get rid of them

kde-apps / klinkstatus : KDE web development - link validity checker

kde-apps / kmag : KDE screen magnifier

kde-apps / kmahjongg : Mahjongg for KDE

kde-apps / kmail : Email component of Kontact (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kmimetypefinder : KDE application to report the mimetype for a given file

kde-apps / kmines : KMines is a classic mine sweeper game

kde-apps / kmix : KDE mixer gui

kde-apps / kmousetool : KDE program that clicks the mouse for you

kde-apps / kmouth : KDE application that reads what you type out loud. Doesn't include a speech synthesizer

kde-apps / kmplot : Mathematical function plotter for KDE

kde-apps / knavalbattle : The KDE Battleship clone

kde-apps / knetattach : KDE network wizard

kde-apps / knetwalk : KDE: Knetwalk is the kde version of the popular NetWalk game for system administrators

kde-apps / knewstuff : KDE4 software to download and upload 'new stuff'

kde-apps / knode : A newsreader for KDE (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / knotes : KDE Notes application (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / knotify : The KDE notification daemon

kde-apps / kolf : KDE Minigolf Game

kde-apps / kollision : KDE: A simple ball dodging game

kde-apps / kolourpaint : Paint Program for KDE

kde-apps / kommander : KDE dialog system for scripting

kde-apps / kompare : Kompare is a program to view the differences between files

kde-apps / konq-plugins : Various plugins for konqueror

kde-apps / konqueror : KDE: Web browser and file manager

kde-apps / konquest : Galactic Strategy KDE Game

kde-apps / konsole : X terminal for use with KDE

kde-apps / konsolekalendar : A command line interface to KDE calendars (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / konsolepart : X terminal kpart for use by konsole and other KDE applications

kde-apps / kontact : KDE personal information manager (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kopete : KDE multi-protocol IM client

kde-apps / korganizer : A Personal Organizer for KDE (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kpasswdserver : KDED Password Module

kde-apps / kpat : KDE patience game

kde-apps / kppp : KDE: A dialer and front-end to pppd

kde-apps / kqtquickcharts : Qt Quick 1 plugin for beautiful and interactive charts

kde-apps / kquitapp : A CLI application quitter

kde-apps / krdc : KDE remote desktop connection (RDP and VNC) client

kde-apps / kreadconfig : KDE: A command-line tool to read KConfig entries

kde-apps / kremotecontrol : KDE frontend for the Linux Infrared Remote Control system

kde-apps / kreversi : KDE Board Game

kde-apps / krfb : VNC-compatible server to share KDE desktops

kde-apps / kruler : A screen ruler for KDE

kde-apps / ksaneplugin : SANE Plugin for KDE

kde-apps / kscd : KDE CD player

kde-apps / kshisen : A KDE game similiar to Mahjongg

kde-apps / ksirk : KDE: Ksirk is a KDE port of the board game risk

kde-apps / ksnakeduel : KDE Tron game

kde-apps / ksnapshot : KDE Screenshot Utility

kde-apps / kspaceduel : KDE Space Game

kde-apps / ksquares : KSquares is an implementation of the game squares for KDE4

kde-apps / kstars : KDE Desktop Planetarium

kde-apps / kstart : KDE: Utility to launch applications with special window properties

kde-apps / ksudoku : KDE Sudoku

kde-apps / ksystemlog : KDE system log viewer

kde-apps / kteatime : KDE timer for making a fine cup of tea

kde-apps / ktimer : KDE Timer

kde-apps / ktimetracker : KTimeTracker tracks time spent on various tasks (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / ktimezoned : KDE: Timezone daemon

kde-apps / ktnef : A viewer for TNEF attachments

kde-apps / ktouch : KDE: A program that helps you to learn and practice touch typing

kde-apps / ktp-accounts-kcm : KDE Telepathy account management kcm

kde-apps / ktp-approver : KDE Telepathy notification handler

kde-apps / ktp-auth-handler : KDE Telepathy authentication handler

kde-apps / ktp-call-ui : KDE Telepathy audio/video conferencing ui

kde-apps / ktp-common-internals : KDE Telepathy common library

kde-apps / ktp-contact-list : KDE Telepathy contact list

kde-apps / ktp-contact-runner : KDE Telepathy krunner plugin

kde-apps / ktp-desktop-applets : KDE Telepathy contact, presence and chat Plasma applets

kde-apps / ktp-filetransfer-handler : KDE Telepathy file transfer handler

kde-apps / ktp-kded-module : KDE Telepathy workspace integration

kde-apps / ktp-send-file : KDE Telepathy file manager plugin to send files to contacts

kde-apps / ktp-text-ui : KDE Telepathy text chat window

kde-apps / ktraderclient : A command-line tool for querying the KDE trader system

kde-apps / ktuberling : KDE: potato game for kids

kde-apps / kturtle : KDE: Educational programming environment using the Logo programming language

kde-apps / ktux : KDE: screensaver featuring the Space-Faring Tux

kde-apps / kubrick : A game based on the "Rubik's Cube" puzzle

kde-apps / kuiserver : KDE: Progress Info UI server

kde-apps / kurifilter-plugins : KDE: Plugins to manage filtering URIs

kde-apps / kuser : KDE application that helps you manage system users

kde-apps / kwalletd : KDE Password Server

kde-apps / kwalletmanager : KDE Wallet Management Tool

kde-apps / kwordquiz : KDE: A powerful flashcard and vocabulary learning program

kde-apps / kwrite : KDE MDI editor/IDE

kde-apps / libkcddb : KDE library for CDDB

kde-apps / libkcompactdisc : KDE library for playing & ripping CDs

kde-apps / libkdcraw : KDE digital camera raw image library wrapper

kde-apps / libkdeedu : Common library for KDE educational apps

kde-apps / libkdegames : Base library common to many KDE games

kde-apps / libkdepim : Common library for KDE PIM apps (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / libkexiv2 : KDE Image Plugin Interface: an exiv2 library wrapper

kde-apps / libkface : Qt/C++ wrapper around LibFace to perform face recognition and detection

kde-apps / libkgeomap : Wrapper library for world map components as marble, openstreetmap and googlemap

kde-apps / libkipi : A library for image plugins accross KDE applications

kde-apps / libkleo : KDE library for encryption handling

kde-apps / libkmahjongg : LibKMahjongg for KDE

kde-apps / libkomparediff2 : KDE library to compare files and strings

kde-apps / libkonq : The embeddable part of konqueror

kde-apps / libkpgp : KDE pgp abstraction library

kde-apps / libksane : SANE Library interface for KDE

kde-apps / lokalize : KDE4 translation tool

kde-apps / lskat : Skat game for KDE

kde-apps / marble : Generic geographical map widget

kde-apps / mplayerthumbs : A Thumbnail Generator for Video Files on KDE filemanagers

kde-apps / nsplugins : Netscape plugins support for Konqueror

kde-apps / okteta : KDE hexeditor

kde-apps / okular : Okular is a universal document viewer based on KPDF for KDE 4

kde-apps / pairs : KDE memory and pairs game

kde-apps / palapeli : KDE jigsaw puzzle game

kde-apps / parley : KDE Educational: vocabulary trainer

kde-apps / phonon-kde : Phonon KDE Integration

kde-apps / picmi : Nonogram logic game for KDE

kde-apps / plasma-apps : Additional Applets for Plasma

kde-apps / plasma-runtime : Script engine and package tool for plasma

kde-apps / poxml : KDE utility to translate DocBook XML files using gettext po files

kde-apps / print-manager : Manage print jobs and printers in KDE

kde-apps / renamedlg-plugins : KDE RenameDlg plugins

kde-apps / rocs : KDE4 interface to work with Graph Theory

kde-apps / solid-runtime : KDE SC solid runtime modules (autoeject, automounter and others)

kde-apps / step : The KDE physics simulator

kde-apps / superkaramba : A tool to create interactive applets for the KDE desktop

kde-apps / svgpart : Svgpart is a kpart for viewing SVGs

kde-apps / sweeper : KDE Privacy Settings Widget

kde-apps / thumbnailers : KDE 4 thumbnail generators for PDF/PS files

kde-apps / umbrello : KDE UML Modeller

kde-apps / zeroconf-ioslave : A DNSSD (DNS Service Discovery - part of Rendezvous) ioslave and kded module

kde-base / baloo : Next generation of the Nepomuk project

kde-base / freespacenotifier : A module that monitors free disk space on the home dir

kde-base / kactivities : KDE Activity Manager

kde-base / kactivitymanagerd : KDE Activity Manager Daemon

kde-base / katepart : KDE Editor KPart

kde-base / kcheckpass : A simple password checker, used by any software in need of user authentication

kde-base / kcminit : KCMInit - runs startups initialization for Control Modules

kde-base / kdebase-cursors : oxygen cursors from kdebase

kde-base / kdebase-startkde : Startkde script, which starts a complete KDE session, and associated scripts

kde-base / kdelibs : KDE libraries needed by all KDE programs

kde-base / kdeplasma-addons : Extra Plasma applets and engines

kde-base / kdm : KDE login manager, similar to xdm and gdm

kde-base / kephal : Allows handling of multihead systems via the XRandR extension

kde-base / kfilemetadata : A library for extracting file metadata

kde-base / khotkeys : KDE: hotkey daemon

kde-base / kimono : C# bindings for KDE

kde-base / kinfocenter : The KDE Info Center

kde-base / klipper : Applet for KDE and X clipboard management

kde-base / kmenuedit : KDE menu editor

kde-base / korundum : KDE Ruby bindings

kde-base / krossjava : Java plugin for the kdelibs/kross scripting framework

kde-base / krosspython : Kross scripting framework: Python interpreter

kde-base / krossruby : Kross scripting framework: Ruby interpreter

kde-base / krunner : KDE Command Runner

kde-base / kscreensaver : KDE screensaver framework

kde-base / ksmserver : The reliable KDE session manager that talks the standard X11R6

kde-base / ksplash : KDE splashscreen framework (the splashscreen of KDE itself, not of individual apps)

kde-base / kstartupconfig : KDE: Utility to launch applications with special window properties

kde-base / kstyles : KDE: A set of different KDE styles

kde-base / ksysguard : KSysguard is a network enabled task manager and system monitor application

kde-base / ksystraycmd : Ksystraycmd embeds applications given as argument into the system tray

kde-base / kwin : KDE window manager

kde-base / kwrited : KDE daemon listening for wall and write messages

kde-base / legacy-icons : KDE legacy icons

kde-base / libkgreeter : Conversation widgets for KDM greeter

kde-base / libkworkspace : A library for KDE desktop applications

kde-base / liboxygenstyle : Library to support the Oxygen style in KDE

kde-base / libplasmaclock : Libraries for KDE Plasma's clocks

kde-base / libplasmagenericshell : Libraries for the KDE Plasma shell

kde-base / libtaskmanager : A library that provides basic taskmanager functionality

kde-base / perlkde : KDE Perl bindings

kde-base / perlqt : Qt Perl bindings

kde-base / plasma-workspace : Plasma: KDE desktop framework

kde-base / powerdevil : PowerDevil is an utility for KDE4 for Laptop Powermanagement

kde-base / pykde4 : Python bindings for KDE4

kde-base / qguiplatformplugin_kde : Helps integration of pure Qt applications with KDE Workspace

kde-base / smokekde : Scripting Meta Object Kompiler Engine - KDE bindings

kde-base / solid-actions-kcm : KDE control module for Solid actions

kde-base / systemsettings : System settings utility

kde-frameworks / kdelibs4support : Framework easing the development transition from KDE 4 to KF 5

kde-frameworks / kdoctools : Tools to generate documentation in various formats from DocBook files

kde-frameworks / khtml : KHTML web rendering engine

kde-frameworks / kjs : ECMAScipt compatible parser and engine

kde-misc / about-distro : KCM displaying distribution and system information

kde-misc / adjustableclock : Plasmoid to show date and time in adjustable format using rich text

kde-misc / akonadi-facebook : Facebook services integration in Akonadi

kde-misc / akonadi-git-resource : Git commit integration in Akonadi

kde-misc / baloo-kcmadv : Alternative configuration module for the Baloo search framework

kde-misc / basket : A DropDrawers clone. Multiple information organizer

kde-misc / bkodama : A friendly, yet very simple-minded Kodama (Japanese ghost) wandering on your desktop

kde-misc / chromi : Titlebar-less decoration inspired by Google Chrome and Nitrogen minimal mod

kde-misc / colibri : Alternative to KDE4 Plasma notifications

kde-misc / colord-kde : Provides interfaces and session daemon to colord

kde-misc / commandwatch : KDE4 plasmoid which periodically runs a system command and displays its output

kde-misc / cpuload : KDE4 plasmoid that shows CPU load on the screen

kde-misc / customizable-weather : KDE4 weather plasmoid. It is highly customizable, but a little harder to setup

kde-misc / drop2ftp : KDE4 plasmoid. Add files over KIO supported protocols, like ftp and ssh

kde-misc / emerging-plasmoid : Portage emerge progress plasmoid

kde-misc / eventlist : Plasmoid showing the events from Akonadi resources

kde-misc / eyesaver : KDE4 plasmoid. Reminds us to take our eyes off the screen

kde-misc / fancytasks : Task and launch representation plasmoid

kde-misc / fsrunner : FSRunner give you instant access to any file or directory you need

kde-misc / geekclock : Geeky Clock KDE4 Plasmoid

kde-misc / gx-mail-notify : Plasmoid for checking unread mail

kde-misc / hdaps_monitor : KDE-based monitor for the IBM HDAPS system

kde-misc / homerun : Application launcher for KDE Plasma desktop

kde-misc / katelatexplugin : Kate LaTeX typesetting plugin

kde-misc / kbiff : New mail notification utility

kde-misc / kbstateapplet : Plasmoid that shows the state of keyboard leds

kde-misc / kcaldav : CalDAV support plugin for KDE Kontact

kde-misc / kcm-grub2 : KCModule for configuring the GRUB2 bootloader

kde-misc / kcm-touchpad : KCM, daemon and applet for touchpad

kde-misc / kcm-ufw : KCM module to control the Uncomplicated Firewall

kde-misc / kcollectd : Simple KDE-based live data viewer for collectd

kde-misc / kcometen4 : OpenGL KDE4 screensaver

kde-misc / kde-gtk-config : KDE systemsettings kcm to set GTK application look&feel

kde-misc / kdeconnect : Adds communication between KDE and your smartphone

kde-misc / kdesudo : A frontend for sudo. Unlike kdesu, it uses directly sudo as backend

kde-misc / kdiff3 : Qt/KDE based frontend to diff3

kde-misc / kdirstat : Nice KDE replacement to the du command

kde-misc / kdmthemegenerator : Generates kdm theme from your current plasma theme and wallpaper

kde-misc / kepas : A zeroconf KDE4 filetransfer tool

kde-misc / kgrubeditor : A KDE utility that edits GRUB configuration files

kde-misc / kgtk : Allows *some* Gtk and Qt4 applications to use KDE's file dialogs when run under KDE

kde-misc / kimtoy : An input method frontend for Plasma

kde-misc / kio-ftps : KDE ftps KIO slave

kde-misc / kio-locate : Locate KIO slave for KDE

kde-misc / kio-mtp : MTP KIO-Client for KDE

kde-misc / kio-slp : Service Location Protocol component for KIO

kde-misc / kio_gopher : Gopher Kioslave for Konqueror

kde-misc / kolor-manager : KControl module for Oyranos CMS cross desktop settings

kde-misc / konstruktor : LEGO CAD

kde-misc / kookie : Manage recipes and shopping lists

kde-misc / kopete-antispam : Antispam filter for Kopete instant messenger

kde-misc / kopete-thinklight : A thinkpad's light flash on every incoming message

kde-misc / kosd : KDE application that runs in the background and responds to button presses by showing a tiny OSD

kde-misc / kover : An easy to use WYSIWYG CD cover printer with CDDB support

kde-misc / kprayertime : Islamic Prayer Times Plasmoid

kde-misc / kraidmonitor : Indicator widget for raid arrays

kde-misc / krcstat : A Gentoo system management tool

kde-misc / krecipes : A KDE4 recipe application

kde-misc / krename : KRename - a very powerful batch file renamer

kde-misc / krunner-googletranslate : Krunner plug-in for Google translate service

kde-misc / krunner-kopete-contacts : A krunner plug-in that allows you to open conversation with your contact

kde-misc / krusader : An advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE with many extras

kde-misc / kscreen : Alternative KDE screen management

kde-misc / kshutdown : A shutdown manager for KDE

kde-misc / ktrafficanalyzer : A network traffic visualizer

kde-misc / kvkbd : A virtual keyboard for KDE

kde-misc / kwebkitpart : A WebKit KPart for Konqueror

kde-misc / milou : Dedicated search application built on top of Baloo

kde-misc / miniplayer : Multimedia player plasmoid

kde-misc / networkmanagement : KDE frontend for NetworkManager

kde-misc / nightmode : kwin plugin that makes the entire screen darker

kde-misc / nvdevmon : A device monitor for NVIDIA cards

kde-misc / openofficeorg-thumbnail : KDE thumbnail-plugin that generates thumbnails for ODF files

kde-misc / plasma-applet-daisy : Simple application launcher for KDE 4's plasma desktop

kde-misc / plasma-emergelog : KDE4 plasmoid for monitoring emerge progress

kde-misc / plasma-lionmail : A Plasma widget displaying new and important email

kde-misc / plasma-mpd-nowplaying : Plasmoid attached to MPD displaying currently played item

kde-misc / plasma-network-status : KDE applet to monitor the network interface status

kde-misc / plasma-nm : KDE Plasma applet for NetworkManager

kde-misc / plasma-photooftheday : Photo of the Day plasmoid

kde-misc / plasma-widget-menubar : A Plasma widget to display menubar of application windows

kde-misc / plasma-widget-message-indicator : Plasmoid for displaying Ayatana indications

kde-misc / plasma-wifi : KDE4 plasmoid. Displays the currect signal strength

kde-misc / plasmatvgr : KDE4 plasmoid which shows greek TV program

kde-misc / plasmoid-workflow : Plasmoid that integrates Activities, Virtual Desktops and Tasks Functionalities in one component

kde-misc / quadkonsole : Grid of Konsole terminals

kde-misc / quickaccess : KDE4 plasmoid. Designed for the panel, provides quick access to the most used folders

kde-misc / redshift-plasmoid : KDE4 plasmoid for redshift

kde-misc / semantik : Mindmapping-like tool for document generation

kde-misc / serverstatuswidget : KDE plasma widget used for monitoring servers via ping or tcp connect

kde-misc / skanlite : KDE image scanning application

kde-misc / smooth-tasks : Alternate taskbar KDE plasmoid, similar to Windows 7

kde-misc / stdin-plasmoid : KDE4 plasmoid for executing a process and capturing its stderr and stdout

kde-misc / steamcompanion : Connector for web Steam service from Valve

kde-misc / stock-quote : Displays stock quotes pulled from the Yahoo! servers

kde-misc / synaptiks : Touchpad configuration and management tool for KDE

kde-misc / systemd-kcm : Plasma control module for systemd

kde-misc / takeoff : A tablet desktop style app launcher

kde-misc / tellico : A collection manager for the KDE environment

kde-misc / wacomtablet : KControl module for Wacom tablets

kde-misc / wicd-client-kde : Wicd client built on the KDE Development Platform

kde-misc / yakuake : Quake-style terminal emulator based on konsole

kde-misc / yawp : Yet Another Weather Plasmoid

kde-misc / zanshin : Todo management application for KDE

mail-client / claws-mail : An email client (and news reader) based on GTK+

mail-client / clawsker : Applet to edit Claws Mail's hidden preferences

mail-client / cone : CONE: COnsole News reader and Emailer

mail-filter / MailScanner : Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filter

mail-filter / amavisd-new : High-performance interface between the MTA and content checkers

mail-filter / anomy-sanitizer : Perl based e-mail filtering tool, sensitive to html tags, mime types and attachments

mail-filter / assp : Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy written in Perl

mail-filter / dcc : Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse

mail-filter / disspam : A Perl script that removes spam from POP3 mailboxes based on RBLs

mail-filter / maildrop : Mail delivery agent/filter

mail-filter / opensmtpd-extras : Extra tables, filters, and various other addons for OpenSMTPD

mail-filter / postfwd : Versatile Postfix policy server with a flexible ruleset based configuration

mail-filter / postgrey : Postgrey is a Postfix policy server implementing greylisting

mail-filter / qmail-scanner : E-Mail virus scanner for qmail

mail-filter / razor : Vipul's Razor is a distributed, collaborative spam detection and filtering network

mail-filter / sieve-connect : Sieve Command Line Interface

mail-filter / spamassassin : An extensible mail filter which can identify and tag spam

mail-filter / spamassassin-botnet : SpamAssassin plugin that attempts to detect messages sent by a botnet

mail-filter / spampd : spampd is a program to scan messages for possible Unsolicited Commercial E-mail content

mail-filter / sqlgrey : SQLgrey is a postfix policy service implementing a grey-listing policy

mail-mta / courier : An MTA designed specifically for maildirs

mail-mta / exim : A highly configurable, drop-in replacement for sendmail

mail-mta / postfix : A fast and secure drop-in replacement for sendmail

mail-mta / qpsmtpd : qpsmtpd is a flexible smtpd daemon written in Perl

mate-base / caja : Caja file manager for the MATE desktop

mate-base / mate-panel : The MATE panel

mate-base / mate-session-manager : MATE session manager

media-fonts / monafont : Japanese bitmap and TrueType fonts suitable for browsing 2ch

media-fonts / terminus-font : A clean fixed font for the console and X11

media-fonts / unifont : GNU Unifont - a Pan-Unicode X11 bitmap iso10646 font

media-gfx / album : HTML photo album generator

media-gfx / asymptote : A vector graphics language that provides a framework for technical drawing

media-gfx / digikam : Digital photo management application for KDE

media-gfx / exact-image : A fast, modern and generic image processing library

media-gfx / feh : A fast, lightweight imageviewer using imlib2

media-gfx / graphicsmagick : Collection of tools and libraries for many image formats

media-gfx / graphite2 : Library providing rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems

media-gfx / graphviz : Open Source Graph Visualization Software

media-gfx / icoutils : A set of programs for extracting and converting images in icon and cursor files (.ico, .cur)

media-gfx / igal : Static HTML image gallery generator

media-gfx / imagemagick : A collection of tools and libraries for many image formats

media-gfx / jigl : Jason's Image Gallery

media-gfx / kcoloredit : Tool for editing color palettes

media-gfx / kfax : A fax file viewer

media-gfx / kflickr : KDE image uploading program

media-gfx / kgrab : KDE screen grabbing utility

media-gfx / kgraphviewer : KDE graphviz dot graph file viewer

media-gfx / kiconedit : KDE Icon Editor

media-gfx / kphotoalbum : KDE Photo Album is a tool for indexing, searching, and viewing images

media-gfx / kpovmodeler : A modeling and composition program for creating POV-Ray(TM) scenes

media-gfx / kuickshow : KDE program to view images

media-gfx / kxstitch : Program to create cross stitch patterns

media-gfx / llgal : Command-line static web gallery generator

media-gfx / metapixel : a program for generating photomosaics

media-gfx / sam2p : Utility to convert raster images to EPS, PDF and many others

media-gfx / slic3r : A mesh slicer to generate G-code for fused-filament-fabrication (3D printers)

media-gfx / wally : A Qt4/KDE4 wallpaper changer

media-libs / exiftool : Read and write meta information in image, audio and video files

media-libs / gegl : A graph based image processing framework

media-libs / hamlib : Ham radio backend rig control libraries

media-libs / libvisio : Library parsing the visio documents

media-libs / ming : An Open Source library for Flash movie generation

media-libs / prison : QRCode and data matrix barcode library

media-libs / stk : Synthesis ToolKit in C++

media-libs / x264 : A free library for encoding X264/AVC streams

media-plugins / kipi-plugins : Plugins for the KDE Image Plugin Interface

media-radio / adifmerg : A small conversion and check utility for ADIF files

media-radio / dxcc : A ham radio callsign DXCC lookup utility

media-sound / SmarTagger : Perl script for renaming and tagging mp3s

media-sound / audex : KDE based CDDA extraction tool

media-sound / audiotag : A command-line tool for mass tagging/renaming of audio files

media-sound / gmusicbrowser : An open-source jukebox for large collections of mp3/ogg/flac files

media-sound / gnump3d : A streaming server for MP3, OGG vorbis and other streamable files

media-sound / icecream : Extracts and records individual MP3 tracks from shoutcast streams

media-sound / k4guitune : A program to tune a musical instrument using your computer and it's mic- or line- input

media-sound / kaudiocreator : KDE CD ripper and audio encoder frontend

media-sound / kenvy24 : VIA Envy24 based sound card control utility for KDE

media-sound / kid3 : A simple tag editor for KDE

media-sound / kmetronome : MIDI based metronome using ALSA sequencer

media-sound / kmid : A MIDI/Karaoke player for KDE

media-sound / kmidimon : A MIDI monitor for ALSA sequencer

media-sound / konvertible : A program to convert audio formats with FFmpeg

media-sound / kradio : kradio is a radio tuner application for KDE

media-sound / kstreamripper : Program for ripping internet radios

media-sound / kwave : A sound editor built on KDE Frameworks 5 that can edit many types of audio files

media-sound / lilypond : GNU Music Typesetter

media-sound / lltag : Automatic command-line mp3/ogg/flac file tagger and renamer

media-sound / mp3report : Perl script to create an HTML report of MP3 files in a directory

media-sound / mplay : A Curses front-end for mplayer

media-sound / mserv : Jukebox-style music server

media-sound / qtmpc : Qt MPD client with a tree view music library interface

media-sound / rip : A command-line based audio CD ripper and mp3 encoder

media-sound / shnflacverify : This program helps manage the verification of checksums related to Shorten and FLAC files

media-sound / soundkonverter : Frontend to various audio converters

media-sound / tomahawk : Multi-source social music player

media-sound / volwheel : A volume control trayicon with mouse wheel support

media-sound / waheela : Amarok Fullscreen Player

media-sound / xmms2 : X(cross)platform Music Multiplexing System. Next generation of the XMMS player

media-tv / dvbstream : simple command line tools for DVB cards. Includes a RTP multicast stream server

media-tv / linuxtv-dvb-apps : small utils for DVB to scan, zap, view signal strength, ...

media-tv / xmltv : Set of utilities to manage TV listings stored in the XMLTV format

media-video / 2mandvd : The successor of ManDVD

media-video / acidrip : A gtk-perl mplayer/mencoder frontend for ripping DVDs

media-video / clive : Command line tool for extracting videos from various websites

media-video / cpdvd : transfer a DVD title to your harddisk with ease on Linux

media-video / dvd9to5 : Perl script to backup the main feature of a DVD-9 on DVD-5

media-video / dvdrip : dvd::rip is a graphical frontend for transcode

media-video / emovix : Micro Linux distro to boot from a CD and play every video file localized in the CD root

media-video / get_flash_videos : Downloads videos from various Flash-based video hosting sites

media-video / kaffeine : KDE media player with digital TV support

media-video / kamerka : Simple photo taking application with fancy animated interface

media-video / kffmpegthumbnailer : KDE thumbnailer based on ffmpegthumbnailer

media-video / kmplayer : Video player plugin for Konqueror and basic MPlayer frontend

media-video / kplayer : KPlayer is a KDE media player based on mplayer

media-video / lives : LiVES is a Video Editing System

media-video / loopy : Simple video player for KDE

media-video / mpv : Media player based on MPlayer and mplayer2

media-video / plasma-mediacenter : Unified media experience for any device capable of running KDE

media-video / sub2srt : Tool to convert several subtitle formats into subviewer srt

media-video / subtitlecomposer : Text-based subtitles editor

media-video / vdr : Video Disk Recorder - turns a pc into a powerful set top box for DVB

media-video / vdrsync : converting vdr-recordings to mpeg2, dvd or other similar formats

net-analyzer / aimsniff : Utility for monitoring and archiving AOL Instant Messenger messages across a network

net-analyzer / arp-scan : ARP scanning and fingerprinting tool

net-analyzer / bro : The Bro Network Security Monitor

net-analyzer / calamaris : Calamaris parses the logfiles of a wide variety of Web proxy servers and generates reports

net-analyzer / chaosreader : A tool to trace TCP/UDP/... sessions and fetch application data from snoop or tcpdump logs

net-analyzer / dhcpdump : DHCP Packet Analyzer/tcpdump postprocessor

net-analyzer / egressor : tool for checking router configuration

net-analyzer / icinga : Nagios Fork - Check daemon, CGIs, docs, IDOutils

net-analyzer / ipsumdump : Simple TCP/IP Dump summarizer/analyzer

net-analyzer / mk-livestatus : Nagios/Icinga event broker module that allows quick/direct access to your status data

net-analyzer / monitoring-plugins : 50+ standard plugins for Icinga, Naemon, Nagios, Shinken, Sensu

net-analyzer / mrtg : A tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links

net-analyzer / mrtg-ping-probe : Addon mrtg contrib for stats ping/loss packets

net-analyzer / munin : Munin Server Monitoring Tool

net-analyzer / nagios-check_ipmi_sensor : IPMI Sensor Monitoring Plugin for Nagios/Icinga

net-analyzer / nagios-check_linux_bonding : Nagios plugin to monitor bonding status of network interfaces

net-analyzer / nagios-check_rbl : Monitor whether or not a host is blacklisted

net-analyzer / nagios-core : Nagios core - monitoring daemon, web GUI, and documentation

net-analyzer / nagios-plugin-check_raid : Nagios/Icinga plugin to check current server's RAID status

net-analyzer / nagios-plugins : Official plugins for Nagios

net-analyzer / net-snmp : Software for generating and retrieving SNMP data

net-analyzer / nfdump : A set of tools to collect and process netflow data

net-analyzer / nikto : Web Server vulnerability scanner

net-analyzer / nodebrain : Monitor and do event correlation

net-analyzer / ntop : Network traffic analyzer with web interface

net-analyzer / oinkmaster : Rule management for SNORT

net-analyzer / pbnj : A tool for running Nmap scans and diff'ing the results

net-analyzer / prelude-nessus : Nessus Correlation support for Prelude-IDS

net-analyzer / rrdtool : A system to store and display time-series data

net-analyzer / sec : Simple Event Correlator

net-analyzer / smokeping : A powerful latency measurement tool

net-analyzer / snips : System & Network Integrated Polling Software

net-analyzer / snmptt : SNMP Trap Translator

net-analyzer / snortalog : a powerful perl script that summarizes snort logs

net-analyzer / sqlninja : A SQL Server injection & takeover tool

net-analyzer / symon : Performance and information monitoring tool

net-analyzer / tcpdump : A Tool for network monitoring and data acquisition

net-analyzer / wireshark : A network protocol analyzer formerly known as ethereal

net-dialup / capi4k-utils : CAPI4Linux Utils

net-dialup / freeradius : Highly configurable free RADIUS server

net-dialup / globespan-adsl : Driver for various ADSL modems. Also known as EciAdsl

net-dialup / hcfpcimodem : Linuxant's modem driver for Connexant HCF chipset

net-dialup / mgetty : fax and voice modem programs

net-dialup / pppconfig : A text menu based utility for configuring ppp

net-dialup / pptpclient : Linux client for PPTP

net-dialup / sendpage : Dialup alphapaging software

net-dns / ddclient : Perl updater client for dynamic DNS services

net-dns / dnssec-tools : tools to ease the deployment of DNSSEC related technologies

net-dns / fpdns : Fingerprinting DNS servers

net-dns / opendnssec : An open-source turn-key solution for DNSSEC

net-dns / valtz : Validation tool for tinydns-data zone files

net-firewall / ebtables : Utility that enables basic Ethernet frame filtering on a Linux bridge, MAC NAT and brouting

net-firewall / ferm : Command line util for managing firewall rules

net-firewall / fwanalog : Script to parse firewall logs and analyze them with Analog

net-firewall / psad : Port Scanning Attack Detection daemon

net-firewall / shorewall : A high-level tool for configuring Netfilter

net-fs / netatalk : Open Source AFP server

net-fs / samba : Samba Suite Version 4

net-ftp / profxp : FXP (server-to-server FTP) commandline client written in Perl

net-im / choqok : Free/Open Source micro-blogging client for KDE

net-im / ekg2 : Text-based, multi-protocol instant messenger

net-im / pidgin : GTK Instant Messenger client

net-im / pork : Console based AIM client that looks like ircII

net-im / sendxmpp : A perl-script to send xmpp (jabber), similar to what mail(1) does for mail

net-irc / atheme-services : A portable and secure set of open-source and modular IRC services

net-irc / epic4 : Epic4 IRC Client

net-irc / epic5 : Epic5 IRC Client

net-irc / hexchat : Graphical IRC client based on XChat

net-irc / iip : Proxy server for encrypted anonymous IRC-like network

net-irc / inspircd : Inspire IRCd - The Stable, High-Performance Modular IRCd

net-irc / ircmap : Scripts to treate diagrams of IRC networks using the LINKS command

net-irc / irssi : A modular textUI IRC client with IPv6 support

net-irc / kvirc : Advanced IRC Client

net-irc / onis : onis not irc stats

net-irc / pisg : Perl IRC Statistics Generator

net-irc / weechat : Portable and multi-interface IRC client

net-irc / znc : An advanced IRC Bouncer

net-libs / gtk-vnc : VNC viewer widget for GTK

net-libs / hubbub : HTML5 compliant parsing library, written in C

net-libs / libbluedevil : Qt wrapper for bluez used in the KDE bluetooth stack

net-libs / libhubbub : HTML5 compliant parsing library, written in C

net-libs / libkfbapi : Library for accessing Facebook services based on KDE technology

net-libs / libkgapi : Library for accessing Google calendar and contact resources

net-libs / libkolab : Advanced Kolab Object Handling Library

net-libs / libkpeople : KDE contact person abstraction library

net-libs / libktorrent : BitTorrent library based on KDE Frameworks

net-libs / libkvkontakte : Library for accessing the features of social networking site

net-libs / libmediawiki : KDE C++ interface for MediaWiki based web service as

net-libs / liboping : C library and ncurses based program to generate ICMP echo requests and ping multiple hosts at once

net-libs / libproxy : Library for automatic proxy configuration management

net-libs / libwebsockets : canonical websocket library

net-libs / libwhisker : Perl module geared to HTTP testing

net-libs / mbedtls : Cryptographic library for embedded systems

net-libs / nfqueue-bindings : High-level language bindings for libnetfilter_queue

net-libs / polarssl : Cryptographic library for embedded systems

net-libs / webkit-gtk : Open source web browser engine

net-libs / xrootd : Extended ROOT remote file server

net-mail / amavis-logwatch : A log analyzer for amavisd-new

net-mail / courier-imap : An IMAP daemon designed specifically for maildirs

net-mail / cyrus-imap-admin : Utilities and Perl modules to administer a Cyrus IMAP server

net-mail / grepmail : Search normal or compressed mailbox using a regular expression or dates

net-mail / imapsync : A tool allowing incremental and recursive imap transfer from one mailbox to another

net-mail / kuvert : An MTA wrapper that automatically signs and/or encrypts outgoing mail

net-mail / mailgraph : A mail statistics RRDtool frontend for Postfix

net-mail / mhonarc : Perl Mail-to-HTML Converter

net-mail / mhonarc-gentoo : Perl Mail-to-HTML Converter, Gentoo fork

net-mail / pflogsumm : Pflogsumm is a log analyzer for Postfix logs

net-mail / pop-before-smtp : a simple daemon to allow email relay control based on successful POP or IMAP logins

net-mail / pop2imap : Synchronize mailboxes between a pop and an imap servers

net-mail / popick : POP3 mailbox deleter using regular expressions to match message headers and delete messages

net-mail / postfix-logwatch : A log analyzer for postfix

net-mail / qmail-lint : qmail-lint checks your qmail configuration for common problems

net-mail / qmail-qsanity : qmail-qsanity checks your queue data structures for internal consistency

net-mail / qmhandle : Qmail message queue tool

net-mail / randomsig : randomsig - perl script for generating random .signature files

net-mail / sendEmail : Command line based, SMTP email agent

net-mail / signify : A (semi-)random e-mail signature rotator

net-mail / spamcup : This script does the same you would do when you report spam with your browser in

net-mail / swaks : Swiss Army Knife SMTP; Command line SMTP testing, including TLS and AUTH

net-mail / t-prot : TOFU protection - display filter for RFC822 messages

net-mail / tpop3d : An extensible POP3 server with vmail-sql/MySQL support

net-mail / yosucker : Downloads mail from a Yahoo! webmail account to a local mail spool, an mbox file, or to procmail

net-misc / aggregate : Take a list of prefixes and perform two optimisations to reduce the length of the prefix list

net-misc / apt-cacher-ng : Yet another implementation of an HTTP proxy for Debian/Ubuntu software packages written in C++

net-misc / arpsponge : Sweeps up stray ARP queries from a peering LAN

net-misc / blinkperl : blinkperl is a telnet server, which plays BlinkenLight movies

net-misc / bwwhois : Perl-based whois client designed to work with the new Shared Registration System

net-misc / clusterssh : Concurrent Multi-Server Terminal Access

net-misc / curl : A Client that groks URLs

net-misc / gcap : Command line tool for downloading Youtube closed captions

net-misc / gwhois : generic whois

net-misc / httptype : Returns the http host software of a website

net-misc / ipcalc : IP Calculator prints broadcast/network/etc for an IP address and netmask

net-misc / jlj : A simple console LiveJournal entry system

net-misc / keychain : manage ssh and GPG keys in a convenient and secure manner

net-misc / knemo : The KDE Network Monitor

net-misc / knutclient : A visual KDE client for UPS systems

net-misc / ksshaskpass : KDE implementation of ssh-askpass with Kwallet integration

net-misc / kvpnc : KDE frontend for various VPN clients

net-misc / memcached : High-performance, distributed memory object caching system

net-misc / midentd : ident daemon with masquerading and fake replies support

net-misc / mknbi : Utility for making tagged kernel images useful for netbooting

net-misc / mosh : Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo

net-misc / nat-traverse : Traverse NAT gateways with the Use of UDP

net-misc / ndisc6 : Recursive DNS Servers discovery Daemon (rdnssd) for IPv6

net-misc / openvswitch : Production quality, multilayer virtual switch

net-misc / plowshare : Command-line downloader and uploader for file-sharing websites

net-misc / putty : A Free Telnet/SSH Client

net-misc / qtm : Qt4 blogging client

net-misc / rancid : Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ

net-misc / rancid-git : Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ with git extensions and support for colorized emails!

net-misc / slimrat : Linux Rapidshare downloader

net-misc / smb4k : The advanced network neighborhood browser for KDE

net-misc / ssh-chain : ssh via a chain of intermediary hosts

net-misc / sslh : Port multiplexer - accept both HTTPS and SSH connections on the same port

net-misc / stunnel : TLS/SSL - Port Wrapper

net-misc / tigervnc : Remote desktop viewer display system

net-misc / ttytter : A multi-functional, console-based Twitter client

net-misc / udpcast : Multicast file transfer tool

net-misc / usbip : Userspace utilities for a general USB device sharing system over IP networks

net-misc / vinagre : VNC client for the GNOME desktop

net-misc / vino : An integrated VNC server for GNOME

net-misc / vpnc : Free client for Cisco VPN routing software

net-misc / wakeonlan : Client for Wake-On-LAN

net-misc / wget : Network utility to retrieve files from the WWW

net-misc / whois : improved Whois Client

net-misc / youtube-viewer : A command line utility for viewing youtube-videos in Mplayer

net-nds / led : led is a general purpose LDAP editor

net-nds / openldap : LDAP suite of application and development tools

net-nds / shelldap : A handy shell-like interface for browsing LDAP servers and editing their content

net-news / amphetadesk : AmphetaDesk is a free syndicated news aggregator

net-news / newsbeuter : A RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console

net-nntp / kwooty : Friendly nzb linux usenet binary client

net-nntp / slrnconf : slrnconf is a graphical configuration utility for the newsreader slrn

net-nntp / suck : Grab news from a remote NNTP server and feed them to another

net-p2p / bitcoin-cli : Command-line client specifically designed for talking to Bitcoin Core Daemon

net-p2p / bitcoin-qt : An end-user Qt GUI for the Bitcoin crypto-currency

net-p2p / bitcoind : Original Bitcoin crypto-currency wallet for automated services

net-p2p / ctcs : interface for monitoring and managing Enhanced CTorrent clients

net-p2p / dbhub : Hub software for Direct Connect, fork of opendchub

net-p2p / eiskaltdcpp : Qt based client for DirectConnect and ADC protocols, based on DC++ library

net-p2p / kmldonkey : Provides integration for the MLDonkey P2P software and KDE 4

net-p2p / ktorrent : Powerful BitTorrent client based on KDE Frameworks

net-p2p / mldonkey : A multi-network P2P application written in Ocaml, with its own Gtk GUI, web and telnet interface

net-p2p / opendchub : hub software for Direct Connect

net-p2p / tvrss : TV RSS is a tool for automating torrent downloads

net-print / cups-filters : Cups PDF filters

net-print / foomatic-db-engine : Generates ppds out of xml foomatic printer description files

net-print / foomatic-filters : Foomatic wrapper scripts

net-print / gutenprint : Ghostscript and cups printer drivers

net-proxy / adzapper : Redirector for squid that intercepts advertising, page counters and some web bugs

net-proxy / squid : A full-featured web proxy cache

net-proxy / wwwoffle : Web caching proxy suitable for non-permanent Internet connections

net-voip / ekiga : H.323 and SIP VoIP softphone

net-wireless / bluedevil : Bluetooth stack for KDE

net-wireless / orinoco-fwutils : ORiNOCO IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN firmware utilities

perl-core / CPAN-Meta : The distribution metadata for a CPAN dist

perl-core / CPAN-Meta-Requirements : A set of version requirements for a CPAN dist

perl-core / Data-Dumper : Stringified perl data structures, suitable for both printing and eval

perl-core / Devel-PPPort : Perl/Pollution/Portability

perl-core / Digest : Modules that calculate message digests

perl-core / Digest-MD5 : MD5 message digest algorithm

perl-core / Digest-SHA : Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512

perl-core / Dumpvalue : provides screen dump of Perl data

perl-core / Encode : character encodings

perl-core / ExtUtils-Command : Utilities to replace common UNIX commands in Makefiles etc

perl-core / ExtUtils-Constant : Generate XS code to import C header constants

perl-core / ExtUtils-MakeMaker : Create a module Makefile

perl-core / ExtUtils-Manifest : Utilities to write and check a MANIFEST file

perl-core / File-Path : File path and name utilities

perl-core / File-Temp : File::Temp can be used to create and open temporary files in a safe way

perl-core / Getopt-Long : Advanced handling of command line options

perl-core / HTTP-Tiny : A small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client

perl-core / IO-Zlib : IO:: style interface to Compress::Zlib

perl-core / JSON-PP : JSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module

perl-core / Locale-Maketext-Simple : Locale::Maketext::Simple - Simple interface to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon

perl-core / MIME-Base64 : A base64/quoted-printable encoder/decoder Perl Modules

perl-core / Math-BigInt : Arbitrary size floating point math package

perl-core / Math-Complex : complex numbers and associated mathematical functions

perl-core / Memoize : Generic Perl function result caching system

perl-core / Module-CoreList : what modules shipped with versions of perl

perl-core / Module-Loaded : Mark modules as loaded or unloaded

perl-core / Module-Metadata : Gather package and POD information from perl module files

perl-core / Package-Constants : List all constants declared in a package

perl-core / Params-Check : A generic input parsing/checking mechanism

perl-core / Pod-Simple : Framework for parsing Pod

perl-core / Sys-Syslog : Provides same functionality as BSD syslog

perl-core / Term-ANSIColor : Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences

perl-core / Test : Utilities for writing test scripts

perl-core / Test-Simple : Basic utilities for writing tests

perl-core / Text-Balanced : Extract balanced-delimiter substrings

perl-core / Text-ParseWords : Parse strings containing shell-style quoting

perl-core / Text-Tabs+Wrap : Expand/unexpand tabs per unix expand and line wrapping

perl-core / Thread-Semaphore : Thread-safe semaphores

perl-core / Time-HiRes : Perl Time::HiRes. High resolution alarm, sleep, gettimeofday, interval timers

perl-core / Time-Local : Implements timelocal() and timegm()

perl-core / Unicode-Collate : Unicode Collate Algorithm

perl-core / Unicode-Normalize : Unicode Normalization Forms

perl-core / libnet : A URI Perl Module

perl-core / parent : Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time

perl-core / podlators : Format POD source into various output formats

perl-core / version : Perl extension for Version Objects

sci-biology / GBrowse : Generic Model Organism Database Project - The Generic Genome Browser

sci-biology / bioperl : Perl tools for bioinformatics - Core modules

sci-biology / bioperl-db : Perl tools for bioinformatics - Perl API that accesses the BioSQL schema

sci-biology / bioperl-network : Perl tools for bioinformatics - Analysis of protein-protein interaction networks

sci-biology / bioperl-run : Perl tools for bioinformatics - Wrapper modules around key bioinformatics applications

sci-biology / bowtie : Popular short read aligner for Next-generation sequencing data

sci-biology / bwa : Burrows-Wheeler Alignment Tool, a fast short genomic sequence aligner

sci-biology / consed : A genome sequence finishing program

sci-biology / diya : Do It Yourself Annotation, a collection of tools and libraries for sequence assembly and annotation

sci-biology / ncbi-tools : Development toolkit and applications for computational biology, including NCBI BLAST

sci-biology / phrap : Shotgun assembly and alignment utilities

sci-biology / primer3 : Primer Design for PCR reactions

sci-biology / profphd : Secondary structure and solvent accessibility predictor

sci-biology / qrna : Prototype ncRNA genefinder

sci-biology / samtools : Utilities for analysing and manipulating the SAM/BAM alignment formats

sci-biology / trnascan-se : tRNA detection in large-scale genome sequences

sci-biology / update-blastdb : for local blast db maintainance

sci-biology / vcftools : Tools for working with VCF (Variant Call Format) files

sci-biology / vienna-rna : RNA secondary structure prediction and comparison

sci-biology / wise : Intelligent algorithms for DNA searches

sci-calculators / keurocalc : A universal currency converter and calculator

sci-chemistry / easychem : Chemical structure drawing program - focused on presentation

sci-chemistry / mpqc : The Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program

sci-chemistry / openbabel-perl : Perl bindings for OpenBabel

sci-chemistry / pdbcns : Convert atom names for common amino acids and nucleic acid bases from PDB format to CNS or back

sci-chemistry / psi : Suite for ab initio quantum chemistry computing various molecular properties

sci-chemistry / vmd : Visual Molecular Dynamics

sci-chemistry / votca-csg : Votca coarse-graining engine

sci-electronics / balsa : The Balsa asynchronous synthesis system

sci-electronics / cirkuit : An application to generate publication-ready figures

sci-electronics / freehdl : A free VHDL simulator

sci-electronics / geda-xgsch2pcb : A graphical front-end for the gschem -> pcb workflow

sci-geosciences / gpsbabel : GPS waypoints, tracks and routes converter

sci-geosciences / mapserver : Development environment for building spatially enabled webapps

sci-libs / fftw : Fast C library for the Discrete Fourier Transform

sci-libs / gdal : Translator library for raster geospatial data formats (includes OGR support)

sci-libs / getdata : Reference implementation of the Dirfile, format for time-ordered binary data

sci-libs / linux-gpib : Kernel module and driver library for GPIB (IEEE 488.2) hardware

sci-libs / profphd-utils : Additional utils for profphd

sci-mathematics / cado-nfs : Number Field Sieve (NFS) implementation for factoring integers

sci-mathematics / isabelle : Isabelle is a generic proof assistant

sci-mathematics / num-utils : A set of programs for dealing with numbers from the command line

sci-mathematics / nusmv : NuSMV: new symbolic model checker

sci-mathematics / polymake : research tool for polyhedral geometry and combinatorics

sci-mathematics / rkward : IDE for the R-project

sci-mathematics / singular : Computer algebra system for polynomial computations

sci-visualization / gwyddion : Framework for Scanning Mode Microscopy data analysis

sci-visualization / labplot : KDE data analysis and visualisation program

sys-apps / ack : ack is a tool like grep, aimed at programmers with large trees of heterogeneous source code

sys-apps / adjtime : A perl script to adjust the clock tick of the hardware clock on the system board

sys-apps / apparmor : Userspace utils and init scripts for the AppArmor application security system

sys-apps / apparmor-utils : Additional userspace utils to assist with AppArmor profile management

sys-apps / checkservice : Check the status of services running on local/remote machines

sys-apps / collectl : light-weight performance monitoring tool capable of reporting interactively and logging to disk

sys-apps / help2man : GNU utility to convert program --help output to a man page

sys-apps / hwids : Hardware (PCI, USB, OUI, IAB) IDs databases

sys-apps / likwid : A performance-oriented tool suite for x86 multicore environments

sys-apps / lm_sensors : Hardware Monitoring user-space utilities

sys-apps / lnxhc : Linux Health Checker

sys-apps / logwatch : Analyzes and Reports on system logs

sys-apps / lsb-release : LSB version query program

sys-apps / moreutils : a growing collection of the unix tools that nobody thought to write thirty years ago

sys-apps / nca : Network Console on Acid

sys-apps / openrc : OpenRC manages the services, startup and shutdown of a host

sys-apps / texinfo : The GNU info program and utilities

sys-apps / ucspi-ssl : Command-line tools for building SSL client-server applications

sys-apps / xinetd : powerful replacement for inetd

sys-auth / openpam : Open source PAM library

sys-auth / pam_ssh_agent_auth : Simple module to authenticate users against their ssh-agent keys

sys-auth / polkit-kde-agent : PolKit agent module for KDE

sys-auth / skey : Linux Port of OpenBSD Single-key Password System

sys-block / kvpm : KDE frontend for Linux LVM2 and GNU parted

sys-cluster / feedbackd-agent : system for dynamic feedback of server loads in a Linux Virtual Server (LVS)-based cluster

sys-cluster / feedbackd-master : Linux Virtual Server (LVS) addon for dynamic server health feedback

sys-cluster / mpich : A high performance and portable MPI implementation

sys-cluster / mpich2 : A high performance and portable MPI implementation

sys-cluster / onesis : Diskless computing made easy

sys-cluster / slurm : SLURM: A Highly Scalable Resource Manager

sys-devel / autoconf : Used to create autoconfiguration files

sys-devel / automake : Used to generate from

sys-devel / binutils-apple : Darwin assembler as(1) and static linker ld(1), Xcode Tools 7.2

sys-devel / bison : A general-purpose (yacc-compatible) parser generator

sys-devel / byfl : Compiler-based Application Analysis

sys-devel / cons : Extensible perl-based build utility

sys-devel / llvm : Low Level Virtual Machine

sys-firmware / ipxe : Open source network boot (PXE) firmware

sys-fs / e4rat : Toolset to accelerate the boot process and application startup

sys-fs / encfs : An implementation of encrypted filesystem in user-space using FUSE

sys-fs / eudev : Linux dynamic and persistent device naming support (aka userspace devfs)

sys-fs / owfs : Access 1-Wire devices like a filesystem

sys-fs / zfs-kmod : Linux ZFS kernel module for sys-fs/zfs

sys-kernel / aufs-sources : Full sources including the Gentoo patchset for the 4.5 kernel tree and aufs4 support

sys-kernel / ck-sources : Con Kolivas' high performance patchset and Gentoo's genpatches for Linux 4.3

sys-kernel / gentoo-sources : Full sources including the Gentoo patchset for the 4.6 kernel tree

sys-kernel / git-sources : The very latest -git version of the Linux kernel

sys-kernel / hardened-sources : Hardened kernel sources (kernel series 4.5)

sys-kernel / linux-headers : Linux system headers

sys-kernel / mips-sources : Linux-Mips GIT sources for MIPS-based machines, dated 20151126

sys-kernel / openvz-sources : Kernel sources with OpenVZ patchset

sys-kernel / pf-sources : Linux kernel fork with new features, including the -ck patchset (BFS), BFQ, TuxOnIce and UKSM

sys-kernel / raspberrypi-sources : Raspberry PI kernel sources

sys-kernel / rt-sources : Full Linux 4.4 kernel sources with the CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT patch

sys-kernel / spl : The Solaris Porting Layer is a Linux kernel module which provides many of the Solaris kernel APIs

sys-kernel / tuxonice-sources : TuxOnIce + Gentoo patchset sources

sys-kernel / vanilla-sources : Full sources for the Linux kernel

sys-kernel / xbox-sources : Full sources for the Xbox Linux kernel

sys-kernel / zen-sources : The Zen Kernel Live Sources

sys-libs / freeipmi : Provides Remote-Console and System Management Software as per IPMI v1.5/2.0

sys-libs / libapparmor : Library to support AppArmor userspace utilities

sys-libs / libhugetlbfs : easy hugepage access

sys-libs / openipmi : Library interface to IPMI

sys-power / pmtools : Collection of tools for ACPI and power management

sys-power / suspend : Userspace Software Suspend and S2Ram

sys-process / parallel : A shell tool for executing jobs in parallel locally or on remote machines

virtual / perl-Archive-Tar : Virtual for Archive-Tar

virtual / perl-Attribute-Handlers : Virtual for Attribute-Handlers

virtual / perl-AutoLoader : Virtual for AutoLoader

virtual / perl-B-Debug : Virtual for B-Debug

virtual / perl-CPAN : Virtual for CPAN

virtual / perl-CPAN-Meta : Virtual for CPAN-Meta

virtual / perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements : Virtual for CPAN-Meta-Requirements

virtual / perl-CPAN-Meta-YAML : Virtual for CPAN-Meta-YAML

virtual / perl-Carp : Virtual for Carp

virtual / perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2 : Virtual for Compress-Raw-Bzip2

virtual / perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib : Virtual for Compress-Raw-Zlib

virtual / perl-DB_File : Virtual for DB_File

virtual / perl-Data-Dumper : Virtual for Data-Dumper

virtual / perl-Devel-PPPort : Virtual for Devel-PPPort

virtual / perl-Digest : Virtual for Digest

virtual / perl-Digest-MD5 : Virtual for Digest-MD5

virtual / perl-Digest-SHA : Virtual for Digest-SHA

virtual / perl-Dumpvalue : Virtual for Dumpvalue

virtual / perl-Encode : Virtual for Encode

virtual / perl-Exporter : Virtual for Exporter

virtual / perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder : Virtual for ExtUtils-CBuilder

virtual / perl-ExtUtils-Command : Virtual for ExtUtils-Command

virtual / perl-ExtUtils-Constant : Virtual for ExtUtils-Constant

virtual / perl-ExtUtils-Install : Virtual for ExtUtils-Install

virtual / perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker : Virtual for ExtUtils-MakeMaker

virtual / perl-ExtUtils-Manifest : Virtual for ExtUtils-Manifest

virtual / perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS : Virtual for ExtUtils-ParseXS

virtual / perl-File-Path : Virtual for File-Path

virtual / perl-File-Spec : Virtual for File-Spec

virtual / perl-Filter-Simple : Virtual for perl-core/Filter-Simple

virtual / perl-Getopt-Long : Virtual for Getopt-Long

virtual / perl-HTTP-Tiny : Virtual for HTTP-Tiny

virtual / perl-I18N-LangTags : Virtual for I18N-LangTags

virtual / perl-IO : Virtual for IO

virtual / perl-IO-Compress : Virtual for IO-Compress

virtual / perl-IO-Socket-IP : Virtual for IO-Socket-IP

virtual / perl-IO-Zlib : Virtual for IO-Zlib

virtual / perl-IPC-Cmd : Virtual for IPC-Cmd

virtual / perl-JSON-PP : Virtual for JSON-PP

virtual / perl-Locale-Maketext : Virtual for Locale-Maketext

virtual / perl-Locale-Maketext-Simple : Virtual for Locale-Maketext-Simple

virtual / perl-MIME-Base64 : Virtual for MIME-Base64

virtual / perl-Math-BigInt : Virtual for Math-BigInt

virtual / perl-Math-BigInt-FastCalc : Virtual for Math-BigInt-FastCalc

virtual / perl-Math-BigRat : Virtual for Math-BigRat

virtual / perl-Math-Complex : Virtual for Math-Complex

virtual / perl-Memoize : Virtual for Memoize

virtual / perl-Module-CoreList : Virtual for Module-CoreList

virtual / perl-Module-Load : Virtual for Module-Load

virtual / perl-Module-Load-Conditional : Virtual for Module-Load-Conditional

virtual / perl-Module-Loaded : Virtual for Module-Loaded

virtual / perl-Module-Metadata : Virtual for Module-Metadata

virtual / perl-Net-Ping : Virtual for Net-Ping

virtual / perl-Package-Constants : Virtual for Package-Constants

virtual / perl-Params-Check : Virtual for Params-Check

virtual / perl-Parse-CPAN-Meta : Virtual for Parse-CPAN-Meta

virtual / perl-Perl-OSType : Virtual for Perl-OSType

virtual / perl-Pod-Escapes : Virtual for Pod-Escapes

virtual / perl-Pod-Parser : Virtual for Pod-Parser

virtual / perl-Pod-Simple : Virtual for Pod-Simple

virtual / perl-Safe : Virtual for Safe

virtual / perl-Scalar-List-Utils : Virtual for Scalar::Util and List::Util, also distributed as Scalar::List::Utils

virtual / perl-Socket : Virtual for Socket

virtual / perl-Storable : Virtual for Storable

virtual / perl-Sys-Syslog : Virtual for Sys-Syslog

virtual / perl-Term-ANSIColor : Virtual for Term-ANSIColor

virtual / perl-Term-ReadLine : Virtual for Term-ReadLine

virtual / perl-Test : Virtual for Test

virtual / perl-Test-Harness : Virtual for Test-Harness

virtual / perl-Test-Simple : Virtual for Test-Simple

virtual / perl-Text-Balanced : Virtual for Text-Balanced

virtual / perl-Text-ParseWords : Virtual for Text-ParseWords

virtual / perl-Text-Tabs+Wrap : Virtual for Text::Tabs and Text::Wrap, also distributed as Text::Tabs+Wrap

virtual / perl-Thread-Queue : Virtual for Thread-Queue

virtual / perl-Thread-Semaphore : Virtual for Thread-Semaphore

virtual / perl-Tie-RefHash : Virtual for Tie-RefHash

virtual / perl-Time-HiRes : Virtual for Time-HiRes

virtual / perl-Time-Local : Virtual for Time-Local

virtual / perl-Time-Piece : Virtual for Time-Piece

virtual / perl-Unicode-Collate : Virtual for Unicode-Collate

virtual / perl-Unicode-Normalize : Virtual for Unicode-Normalize

virtual / perl-XSLoader : Virtual for XSLoader

virtual / perl-autodie : Virtual for autodie

virtual / perl-bignum : Virtual for bignum

virtual / perl-if : Virtual for if

virtual / perl-libnet : Virtual for libnet

virtual / perl-parent : Virtual for parent

virtual / perl-podlators : Virtual for podlators

virtual / perl-threads : Virtual for threads

virtual / perl-threads-shared : Virtual for threads-shared

virtual / perl-version : Virtual for version

www-apache / libapreq2 : A library for manipulating client request data via the Apache API

www-apache / mod_auth_tkt : Apache module for cookie based authentication

www-apache / mod_perl : An embedded Perl interpreter for Apache2

www-apps / Apache-Gallery : Apache gallery for mod_perl

www-apps / blazeblogger : simple-to-use, capable content management system for the cmdline producing static content

www-apps / bugzilla : Bugzilla is the Bug-Tracking System from the Mozilla project

www-apps / cvsweb : WWW interface to a CVS tree

www-apps / drraw : drraw is a simple web based presentation front-end for RRDtool

www-apps / ikiwiki : A wiki compiler

www-apps / lxr : general purpose source code indexer and cross-referener with a web-based frontend

www-apps / metadot : Metadot is a CMS with file, page and link management, and collaboration features

www-apps / mirmon : Simple webapp to monitor the status of mirrors

www-apps / mod_survey : XML-defined web questionnaires as a plug-in module using Apache

www-apps / rt : RT is an enterprise-grade ticketing system

www-apps / webdavcgi : A Perl CGI for accessing and sharing files, or calendar/addressbooks via WebDAV

www-client / chromium : Open-source version of Google Chrome web browser

www-client / elinks : Advanced and well-established text-mode web browser

www-client / rekonq : A browser based on qtwebkit

www-client / seamonkey : Seamonkey Web Browser

www-client / surfraw : A fast unix command line interface to WWW

www-client / vimprobable2 : A minimal web browser that behaves like the Vimperator plugin for Firefox

www-client / w3mir : w3mir is a all purpose HTTP copying and mirroring tool

www-client / w3mmee : A variant of w3m with support for multiple character encodings

www-client / xombrero : A minimalist web browser with sophisticated security features designed-in

www-misc / awstats : AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics

www-misc / bookmarksync : bookmarksync synchronizes various browser bookmark files

www-misc / vdradmin-am : WWW Admin for the Video Disk Recorder

www-misc / zoneminder : ZoneMinder allows you to capture, analyse, record and monitor any cameras attached to your system

www-plugins / gnash : GNU Flash movie player that supports many SWF v7,8,9 features

www-plugins / kpartsplugin : Plugin using KDE's KParts technology to embed file viewers into non-KDE browsers

www-servers / apache : The Apache Web Server

www-servers / nginx : Robust, small and high performance http and reverse proxy server

www-servers / uwsgi : uWSGI server for Python web applications

x11-libs / compizconfig-backend-kconfig4 : Compizconfig Kconfig Backend

x11-libs / goffice : A library of document-centric objects and utilities

x11-libs / libX11 : X.Org X11 library

x11-libs / libkscreen : KDE screen management library

x11-misc / bbweather : blackbox weather monitor

x11-misc / dunst : customizable and lightweight notification-daemon

x11-misc / icon-naming-utils : Utils to help with the transition to the new naming scheme

x11-misc / light-locker : A simple locker using lightdm

x11-misc / lightdm-kde : LightDM KDE greeter

x11-misc / mgm : Moaning Goat Meter: load and status meter written in Perl

x11-misc / obmenu-generator : A fast pipe/static menu generator for the Openbox Window Manager

x11-misc / shutter : Feature-rich screenshot program

x11-misc / wmakerconf : X based config tool for the windowmaker X windowmanager

x11-misc / xbattbar : Advanced Power Management battery status display for X

x11-misc / xscreensaver : A modular screen saver and locker for the X Window System

x11-misc / xsnap : Program to interactively take a 'snapshot' of a region of the screen

x11-plugins / gkrellweather : GKrellM2 Plugin that monitors a METAR station and displays weatherinfo

x11-plugins / wmSpaceWeather : dockapp showing weather at geosynchronous orbit

x11-plugins / wmXName : dock-app showing you status of your XName hosted zones

x11-terms / rxvt-unicode : rxvt clone with xft and unicode support

x11-terms / sakura : sakura is a terminal emulator based on GTK and VTE

x11-themes / bespin : Very configurable Qt4/KDE4 style derived from the Oxygen project

x11-themes / crystal : Crystal decoration theme for KDE4.x

x11-themes / dekorator : A window decoration engine for KDE

x11-themes / gartoon-redux : A massively improved variant of the well-known Gartoon theme

x11-themes / nitrogen : A window decoration for KDE

x11-themes / qtcurve : A set of widget styles for Qt and GTK2

x11-themes / skulpture : Classical style and window decorations for KDE

x11-themes / smaragd : KWin theme engine that uses Emerald themes

x11-themes / wm-icons : A Large Assortment of Beutiful Themed Icons, Created with FVWM in mind

x11-wm / fvwm : An extremely powerful ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window manager

x11-wm / i3 : An improved dynamic tiling window manager

xfce-base / exo : Extensions, widgets and framework library with session support for the Xfce desktop environment

xfce-base / libxfce4ui : Unified widgets and session management libraries for the Xfce desktop environment

xfce-base / thunar : File manager for the Xfce desktop environment

xfce-base / xfce4-panel : Panel for the Xfce desktop environment

xfce-base / xfconf : A simple client-server configuration storage and query system for the Xfce desktop environment

134650 : dev-lang/perl: cross-compile support

233354 : LDFLAGS used for Module-Build packages are LDFLAGS from dev-lang/perl

261375 : dev-lang/perl and xs: bad CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS handling

499630 : mail-filter/amavisd-new-2.7.2 with dev-lang/perl-5.16 has truncated incorrect process name

518490 : net-analyzer/nagios-check_logfiles- with dev-lang/perl-5.18.2 - syntax error at /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_logfiles line 326, near "$level qw(CRITICAL WARNING UNKNOWN OK)" -//- Global symbol "$level" requires explicit package name at [...]

519994 : dev-lang/perl-5.20.2 fails fork test

521486 : www-misc/awstats-7.3 with dev-lang/perl-5.18.2-r1 - Use of each() on hash after insertion without resetting hash iterator results in undefined behavior at /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/5.18.2/x86_64-linux/ModPerl/ line 526

522698 : >=www-apache/mod_perl-2.0.7 - dev-lang/perl[ithreads] is no longer optional - Failed requirements: Perl built with ithreads (build perl with -Duseithreads)

523578 : mail-filter/spampd-2.30 with dev-lang/perl-5.18.2-r1 - spampd around line 1078: You can't have =items (as at line 1082) unless the first thing after the =over is an =item

524422 : media-tv/xmltv-0.5.57 with dev-lang/perl-5.18.2 - missing IO::Wrap and IO::Scalar

526364 : [TRACKER] Packages missing a := slot operator in the dev-lang/perl dependency

531058 : dev-lang/perl with USE=-gdbm still tries to use gdbm and fails during configure phase

539414 : dev-lang/perl:0/5.20 - hundreds of packages depend on version dev-lang/perl:0/5.18

539642 : dev-vcs/subversion-1.7.19 with dev-lang/perl-5.20.1-r4 - svn_client.c: In function ‘SWIG_AsCharPtrAndSize’: svn_client.c:1870:58: error: ‘bool’ undeclared (first use in this function)

543748 : dev-lang/perl-5.20.2 fails to build with undefined reference to glibc_main

552260 : dev-lang/perl - automagical dep on NetworkManager

554346 : dev-lang/perl-5.20.2-r1: installs perl modules u-w

554748 : sys-devel/autoconf-2.69 fails "503: autoscan" tests if dev-lang/perl-5.22.0 is installed

558070 : dev-lang/perl ebuilds don't support EXTRA_ECONF environment variable anymore

562238 : =dev-lang/perl-5.20.2-r1: never goes beyond dynamic loading tests

567482 : dev-lang/perl-5.22.2 perl-core/* virtual/perl-* stabilization

575342 : dev-lang/perl-5.22.1 fails on arm: op.c:3898:5: error: invalid use of void expression

576076 : net-dns/avahi-0.6.31-r10 - dev-lang/perl[ithreads] is no longer optional - Failed requirements

580612 : <dev-lang/perl-5.22.1: denial-of-service / Regexp-matching "hangs" indefinitely on illegal input using binmode :utf8 using 100%CPU

583532 : dev-lang/perl-5.24.0 gcc6 patch

583904 : dev-libs/hyphen-2.8.8 needs dev-lang/perl in DEPEND

584272 : dev-lang/perl: shows postinst message before compilation starts

584306 : dev-lang/perl: Cygwin support

Andreas K. Hüttel · gentoo
Add some more debug output in configure phase
Michał Górny · gentoo
Unify quoting in metadata.xml files for machine processing
Michał Górny · gentoo
Replace all herds with appropriate projects (GLEP 67)
Michał Górny · gentoo
Set appropriate maintainer types in metadata.xml (GLEP 67)
Fabian Groffen · gentoo
update Darwin ld fix for newer versions
Andreas K. Hüttel · gentoo
Version bump
Andreas K. Hüttel · gentoo
Add a PDEPEND on virtual/perl-Test-Harness
Mike Frysinger · gentoo
stop installing config_data files #553726
Justin Lecher · gentoo
Use https by default
Mike Gilbert · gentoo
Revert DOCTYPE SYSTEM https changes in metadata.xml
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
proj/gentoo: Initial commit