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OpenCL support in Gentoo is now being migrated to having all implementations operate through an ICD loader (dev-libs/ocl-icd or dev-libs/opencl-icd-loader) installed directly into /usr rather than using eselect-opencl to switch between implementations, with updated loader ebuilds having just been released to the public. Unfortunately although the upgrade process will automatically uninstall app-eselect/eselect-opencl, it will not remove the symbolic links to created by this tool in library directories because those links are not owned by the package in question.

For everyone using the default Gentoo configuration of collision protection (FEATURES='-collision-protect protect-owned'), this should cause no trouble because this configuration allows the overwriting of orphaned files. Obviously, systems with collision protection completely disabled (not recommended but technically possible) will not be affected either. However, if your system is configured for full collision protection (FEATURES=collision-protect), it will be necessary to manually remove those links

rm -i /usr/lib{,64}/*

before running the upgrade.

Applies to

  • app-eselect/eselect-opencl