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Up until Qt 5.15.2 we were using qtchooser to provide unversioned links to Qt binaries in PATH, like qmake, moc, qmljs etc. Starting with 5.15.3 [1] such links will be installed by each respective Qt package and '5'-version-suffixed, e.g. qmake becomes qmake5, qml becomes qml5 etc., mirroring Qt6.

If you develop with Qt5 and rely on unversioned binaries for your workflow, dev-qt/qtchooser as a tool for quickly switching between multiple Qt installations (e.g. Qt3, Qt4 and Qt5) can still be manually installed. The 'default' Qt version in PATH is then controlled via config in /etc/xdg/qtchooser.

Otherwise, dev-qt/qtchooser will be slated for cleanup on your next emerge --depclean run.


Applies to

  • >=dev-qt/qtcore-5.15.3

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