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In future, in order to complete the whole GLEP-81 migration, the packages www-servers/apache and www-servers/nginx will be migrated to GLEP-81.

If changes have been made to the default user and group created by one of the both packages, the configuration needs to be updated, as otherwise it will be overwritten.

The following configuration settings can be set in make.conf or per package in package.env:

1. ACCT_USER_<UPPERCASE_USERNAME>_GROUPS for overriding all default groups.

2. ACCT_USER_<UPPERCASE_USERNAME>_GROUPS_ADD for adding additional groups to default groups.

3. ACCT_USER_<UPPERCASE_USERNAME>_HOME for overriding default home directory.

4. ACCT_USER_<UPPERCASE_USERNAME>_HOME_OWNER for overriding default owner of home directory.

5. ACCT_USER_<UPPERCASE_USERNAME>_HOME_PERMS for overriding default permissions of home directory.

6. ACCT_USER_<UPPERCASE_USERNAME>_SHELL for overriding default assigned shell.

If being set per package in package.env, it needs to be set for acct-user/apache or acct-user/nginx, depending on which user should be modified.

See [1] for more details on those variables.

** Package acct-user/apache will use username/group 'apache'. -> ACCT_USER_APACHE_GROUPS=".." -> ACCT_USER_APACHE_GROUPS_ADD=".." -> ACCT_USER_APACHE_HOME=".." -> ACCT_USER_APACHE_HOME_OWNER=".." -> ACCT_USER_APACHE_HOME_PERMS=".." -> ACCT_USER_APACHE_SHELL=".."

** Package acct-user/nginx will use username/group 'nginx'. -> ACCT_USER_NGINX_GROUPS=".." -> ACCT_USER_NGINX_GROUPS_ADD=".." -> ACCT_USER_NGINX_HOME=".." -> ACCT_USER_NGINX_HOME_OWNER=".." -> ACCT_USER_NGINX_HOME_PERMS=".." -> ACCT_USER_NGINX_SHELL=".."

Please update configuration parameters before emerging both GLEP-81 enabled ebuilds, as otherwise configuration will be overwritten to default.

Migration to GLEP-81 will start after 2022-07-01.

Applies to

  • www-servers/apache
  • www-servers/nginx

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