acct-group / gamestat

Group for shared high-score and game state files

v0-r3 :: 0 :: gentoo

amd64 arm arm64 hppa ppc ppc64 sparc x86 ~alpha ~amd64-linux ~arm64-macos ~ia64 ~loong ~m68k ~mips ~ppc-macos ~riscv ~s390 ~x64-macos ~x64-solaris ~x86-linux

app-editors / emacs : The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor

app-emacs / emacs-common : Common files needed by all GNU Emacs versions

games-action / barrage : Violent point-and-click shooting game

games-action / battalion : Be a rampaging monster and destroy the city

games-action / chickens : Target chickens with rockets and shotguns. Funny

games-action / geki2-KXL : 2D length scroll shooting game

games-action / geki3-KXL : 2D horizontal scroll shooting game

games-action / maelstrom : An asteroids battle game

games-action / moon-buggy : Simple console game, where you drive a car across the moon's surface

games-action / nighthawk : Tribute to Paradroid by Andrew Braybrook

games-action / powermanga : Arcade 2D shoot-em-up game

games-action / spacearyarya-kxl : 2D/3D shooting game

games-arcade / barbarian-bin : Save Princess Mariana through one-on-one battles with demonic barbarians

games-arcade / emilia-pinball : SDL OpenGL pinball game

games-arcade / grande-KXL : ZANAC type game

games-arcade / gunocide2ex : Fast-paced 2D shoot'em'up

games-arcade / jardinains : Arkanoid with Gnomes

games-arcade / kobodeluxe : An SDL port of xkobo, a addictive space shoot-em-up

games-arcade / late : Game similar to Barrack by Ambrosia Software

games-arcade / lbreakout : Breakout clone written with the SDL library

games-arcade / lbreakout2 : Breakout clone written with the SDL library

games-arcade / pachi : Platform game inspired by games like Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy

games-arcade / rockdodger : Dodge the rocks for as long as possible until you die

games-arcade / tomatoes : How many tomatoes can you smash in ten short minutes?

games-arcade / xbill : Game about an evil hacker called Bill!

games-arcade / xboing : Blockout type game where you bounce a ball trying to destroy blocks

games-arcade / xgalaga : A clone of the classic game Galaga for the X Window System

games-arcade / xjump : An X game where one tries to jump up as many levels as possible

games-board / xscrabble : An X11 clone of the well-known Scrabble

games-fps / ut2003-bonuspack-epic : Epic Bonus Pack for UT2003

games-kids / tuxtype : Typing tutorial with lots of eye-candy

games-misc / bsd-games : collection of games from NetBSD

games-misc / typespeed : Test your typing speed, and get your fingers CPS

games-mud / circlemud : A multi-user dungeon game system server

games-puzzle / gweled : Bejeweled clone game

games-puzzle / lmarbles : Puzzle game inspired by Atomix and written in SDL

games-puzzle / ltris : Very polished Tetris clone

games-puzzle / seatris : A color ncurses tetris clone

games-puzzle / toppler : Reimplementation of Nebulous using SDL

games-puzzle / triptych : Fast-paced Tetris-like puzzler

games-puzzle / xbomb : Minesweeper clone with hexagonal, rectangular and triangular grid

games-puzzle / xlogical : Puzzle game based on the Logical! game released on the Commodore Amiga

games-puzzle / xwelltris : 2.5D tetris like game

games-roguelike / moria : The Dungeons of Moria, a single player roguelike game, also known as Umoria

games-roguelike / nethack : The ultimate old-school single player dungeon exploration game

games-roguelike / tome : save the world from Morgoth and battle evil (or become evil ;])

games-roguelike / zangband : An enhanced version of the Roguelike game Angband

games-strategy / tornado : Clone of a C64 game - destroy the opponent's house

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Conrad Kostecki · gentoo
acct-group/gamestat: update EAPI 7 -> 8
Signed-off-by: Conrad Kostecki <>
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Mike Gilbert · gentoo
Revbump all acct-group and acct-user packages
user-info.eclass was modified to fix a bug in egetent. Revbump everything to ensure that binpkgs get regenerated. Signed-off-by: Mike Gilbert <>
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acct-*: Revbumps for sysusers.d in eclass
Closes: Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
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Ulrich Müller · gentoo
acct-group/gamestat: Initial import.
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