app-accessibility packages

37 packages - The app-accessibility category contains packages which help with accessibility (for example, screen readers).

app-accessibility / SphinxTrain : Speech Recognition (Training Module)

app-accessibility / accerciser : Interactive Python accessibility explorer

app-accessibility / at-spi2-atk : Gtk module for bridging AT-SPI to Atk

app-accessibility / at-spi2-core : D-Bus accessibility specifications and registration daemon

app-accessibility / brltty : Daemon that provides access to the Linux/Unix console for a blind person

app-accessibility / caribou : Input assistive technology intended for switch and pointer users

app-accessibility / edbrowse : Combination editor, browser, and mail client that is 100% text based

app-accessibility / eflite : A speech server that allows screen readers to interact with festival lite

app-accessibility / emacspeak : the emacspeak audio desktop

app-accessibility / emacspeak-ss : adds support for several speech synthesizers to emacspeak

app-accessibility / epos : language independent text-to-speech system

app-accessibility / espeak : Speech synthesizer for English and other languages

app-accessibility / espeakup : espeakup is a small lightweight connector for espeak and speakup

app-accessibility / festival : Festival Text to Speech engine

app-accessibility / festival-fi : Finnish diphones and text to speech script for festival

app-accessibility / festival-freebsoft-utils : a collection of Festival functions for speech-dispatcher

app-accessibility / festival-hts : HTS voices for Festival

app-accessibility / festival-it : A collection of italian voices for Festival TTS

app-accessibility / festival-ru : Russian voices for Festival

app-accessibility / flite : Flite text to speech engine

app-accessibility / freetts : A speech synthesis system written entirely in Java

app-accessibility / julius : Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Engine

app-accessibility / mbrola : Speech synthesizer based on the concatenation of diphones. Includes samples

app-accessibility / nfbtrans : braille translator from the National Federation of the Blind

app-accessibility / orca : Extensible screen reader that provides access to the desktop

app-accessibility / perlbox-voice : A voice enabled application to bring your desktop under your command

app-accessibility / pidgin-festival : A plugin which enables text-to-speech output of conversations using festival

app-accessibility / powiedz : Polish speech synthesizer based on rsynth

app-accessibility / simon : Open-source speech recognition program for replacing mouse and keyboard

app-accessibility / sound-icons : a collection of Sound Icons for speech-dispatcher

app-accessibility / speech-dispatcher : Speech synthesis interface

app-accessibility / speech-tools : Speech tools for Festival Text to Speech engine

app-accessibility / speechd-el : Emacs speech support

app-accessibility / sphinx2 : CMU Speech Recognition-engine

app-accessibility / sphinx3 : CMU Speech Recognition engine

app-accessibility / sphinxbase : Support library required by the Sphinx Speech Recognition Engine

app-accessibility / yasr : General-purpose console screen reader