app-benchmarks packages

28 packages - The app-benchmarks category contains benchmarking software.

app-benchmarks / bashmark : Geno's cross platform benchmarking suite

app-benchmarks / bonnie : Performance Test of Filesystem I/O using standard C library calls

app-benchmarks / bonnie++ : Hard drive bottleneck testing benchmark suite

app-benchmarks / bootchart2 : Performance analysis and visualization of the system boot process

app-benchmarks / cpuburn : CPU testing utilities in optimized assembler for maximum loading

app-benchmarks / dbench : Popular filesystem benchmark

app-benchmarks / filebench : Filebench - A Model Based File System Workload Generator

app-benchmarks / forkbomb : Controlled fork() bomber for testing heavy system load

app-benchmarks / geekbench : A Cross-Platform Benchmark for Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows

app-benchmarks / geekbench-ml : A Cross-Platform ML workloads Benchmark

app-benchmarks / hey : HTTP load generator, ApacheBench (ab) replacement, formerly known as rakyll/boom

app-benchmarks / httperf : A tool from HP for measuring web server performance

app-benchmarks / hyperfine : A command-line benchmarking tool (runs other benchmarks)

app-benchmarks / i7z : A better i7 (and now i3, i5) reporting tool for Linux

app-benchmarks / interbench : A Linux interactivity benchmark

app-benchmarks / ioping : Simple disk I/0 latency measuring tool

app-benchmarks / iozone : Filesystem benchmarking program

app-benchmarks / libc-bench : Time and memory-efficiency tests of various C/POSIX standard library functions

app-benchmarks / nbench : Linux/Unix of release 2 of BYTE Magazine's BYTEmark benchmark

app-benchmarks / pipebench : Measures the speed of stdin/stdout communication

app-benchmarks / pmbw : Parallel Memory Bandwidth Measurement / Benchmark Tool

app-benchmarks / ramspeed : Benchmarking for memory and cache

app-benchmarks / siege : A HTTP regression testing and benchmarking utility

app-benchmarks / stress : A deliberately simple workload generator for POSIX systems

app-benchmarks / stress-ng : Stress test for a computer system with various selectable ways

app-benchmarks / sysbench : A scriptable multi-threaded benchmark tool based on LuaJIT

app-benchmarks / tiobench : Portable, robust, fully-threaded I/O benchmark program

app-benchmarks / wrk : A HTTP benchmarking tool