app-emacs packages

460 packages - The app-emacs category contains extension packages for the Emacs text editor.

app-emacs / a : Associative data structure functions for Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / ace-window : Quickly switch windows in Emacs

app-emacs / actionscript-mode : A major mode for GNU Emacs for editing Actionscript 3 files

app-emacs / adaptive-wrap : Smart line-wrapping with wrap-prefix

app-emacs / all-the-icons : Various icon fonts propertized for Emacs

app-emacs / all-the-icons-dired : Display all-the-icons icon for each file in Emacs' dired buffer

app-emacs / all-the-icons-ibuffer : Display all-the-icons icons for all buffers in Emacs' ibuffer

app-emacs / all-the-icons-ivy-rich : Display icons for ivy buffers in Emacs

app-emacs / amx : Alternative M-x interface for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / analog : Monitor lists of files or command output

app-emacs / anaphora : Anaphoric expressions for Emacs Lisp, providing implicit temporary variables

app-emacs / ansi : Emacs library to convert strings into ansi

app-emacs / apache-mode : Major mode for editing Apache configuration files

app-emacs / apel : A Portable Emacs Library is a library for making portable Emacs Lisp programs

app-emacs / apheleia : Reformat GNU Emacs buffers stably without moving point

app-emacs / assess : Test support functions for Emacs

app-emacs / async : Simple library for asynchronous processing in Emacs

app-emacs / atomic-chrome : Edit text area on Chrome with Emacs using Atomic Chrome

app-emacs / auctex : Extensible package for writing and formatting TeX files in Emacs

app-emacs / auto-complete : Auto-complete package

app-emacs / autoconf-mode : Emacs major modes for editing autoconf and autotest input

app-emacs / autothemer : Conveniently define themes for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / avy : Jump to arbitrary positions in visible text and quickly select

app-emacs / avy-embark-collect : Use avy to jump to Embark Collect entries

app-emacs / basic-toolkit : Basic edit toolkit

app-emacs / bbdb : The Insidious Big Brother Database

app-emacs / biblio : Browse and import bibliographic references with Emacs

app-emacs / binclock : Display the current time using a binary clock

app-emacs / bind-chord : Key-chord binding helper for use-package-chords

app-emacs / bind-key : Simple way to manage personal keybindings

app-emacs / bison-mode : Emacs major mode for Bison, Yacc and Lex grammars

app-emacs / blogmax : Blogging in Emacs

app-emacs / bm : Visible bookmarks in buffer

app-emacs / bnf-mode : GNU Emacs major mode for editing BNF grammars

app-emacs / bongo : Buffer-oriented media player for Emacs

app-emacs / boogie-friends : Emacs tools for interacting with Boogie, Dafny and Z3 (SMT2)

app-emacs / boxquote : Quote text with a semi-box

app-emacs / browse-kill-ring : An improved interface to kill-ring

app-emacs / bubblet : A bubble-popping game

app-emacs / buffer-extension : Some enhanced functions for buffer manipulate

app-emacs / bui : Buffer interface library for Emacs

app-emacs / burly : Save and restore frames and windows with their buffers in Emacs

app-emacs / buttercup : Behaviour-driven Elisp testing

app-emacs / calfw : A calendar framework for Emacs

app-emacs / cape : Completion At Point Extensions

app-emacs / cask : Project management for Emacs package development

app-emacs / cask-mode : Major mode for editing Cask files for Emacs

app-emacs / centaur-tabs : Customizable tabs plugin for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / cfrs : Child Frame Read String, alternative to read-string

app-emacs / chess : A chess client and library for Emacs

app-emacs / cider : Clojure Interactive Development Environment for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / circe : A great IRC client for Emacs

app-emacs / citar : Emacs package to quickly find and act on bibliographic references

app-emacs / citeproc-el : CSL 1.0.2 Citation Processor for Emacs

app-emacs / cldoc : Show Common Lisp operators and variables information in echo area

app-emacs / clojure-mode : Major mode for Clojure code

app-emacs / cmake-font-lock : Advanced, type aware, highlight support for CMake

app-emacs / cmake-mode : GNU Emacs mode for handling CMake build files

app-emacs / color-browser : A utility for designing Emacs color themes

app-emacs / color-moccur : Major mode for color moccur

app-emacs / color-theme : Install color themes (includes many themes)

app-emacs / commander : Emacs command line parser

app-emacs / commenter : Set both single and multi line comment variables in Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / company-coq : Collection of extensions for Proof General's Coq mode

app-emacs / company-ebuild : Company backend for editing Ebuild files

app-emacs / company-math : Completion back-ends for for math unicode symbols and latex tags

app-emacs / company-mode : In-buffer completion front-end

app-emacs / company-quickhelp : Company documentation popups for completion candidates

app-emacs / compat : Compatibility libraries for Emacs

app-emacs / consult : Consulting complete-read for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / consult-flycheck : Consult integration for Flycheck

app-emacs / corfu : Completion Overlay Region FUnction

app-emacs / counsel : Versions of common Emacs commands customized to make the best use of ivy

app-emacs / crontab-mode : Mode for editing crontab files

app-emacs / crux : Collection of Ridiculously Useful eXtensions for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / csharp-mode : A derived Emacs mode implementing most of the C# rules

app-emacs / css-mode : A major mode for editing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

app-emacs / css-sort-buffer : Sort CSS buffer

app-emacs / csv-mode : A major mode for editing comma-separated value files

app-emacs / ctable : Table Component for Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / cycle-buffer : Select buffer by cycling through

app-emacs / d-mode : Emacs major mode for editing D code

app-emacs / dap-mode : Debug Adapter Protocol mode

app-emacs / dash : A modern list library for Emacs

app-emacs / dashboard : Extensible Emacs dashboard, with sections like bookmarks, agenda and more

app-emacs / ddskk : One Japanese input methods on Emacs

app-emacs / deferred : Deferred and Concurrent - simple asynchronous functions for Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / deft : Quickly browse, filter and edit directories of plain text notes

app-emacs / demap : Detachable minimap for Emacs

app-emacs / denote : Simple notes for Emacs with an efficient file-naming scheme

app-emacs / desktop+ : desktop+ extends standard desktop module

app-emacs / desktop-entry-mode : GNU Emacs mode for handling desktop entry files

app-emacs / develock : An Emacs minor mode for highlighting broken formatting rules

app-emacs / devil : Provides a modifier-free editing experience

app-emacs / df-mode : Minor mode to show space left on devices in the mode line

app-emacs / dictionary : Emacs package for talking to a dictionary server

app-emacs / diff-hl : Highlight uncommitted changes, jump between and revert them selectively

app-emacs / diminish : Hiding or abbreviation of the mode line displays (lighters)

app-emacs / dircolors : Provide the same facility of ls --color inside Emacs

app-emacs / dired-hacks : Collection of useful dired additions for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / dired-sort-menu : Sort entries in Dired mode

app-emacs / distel : Distributed Emacs Lisp for Erlang

app-emacs / docker : Emacs integration for Docker

app-emacs / docker-tramp : Emacs TRAMP integration for docker containers

app-emacs / dockerfile-mode : GNU Emacs mode for handling Dockerfiles

app-emacs / doctest-mode : An Emacs major mode for editing Python source

app-emacs / doom-modeline : Fancy and fast mode-line for Emacs inspired by minimalism design

app-emacs / doom-themes : Opinionated megapack of modern color-themes for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / doxymacs : Doxygen editing minor mode

app-emacs / dropdown-list : Drop-down menu interface

app-emacs / dts-mode : Emacs major mode for devicetree sources

app-emacs / dune-format : Reformat OCaml's dune files automatically

app-emacs / dwarf-mode : Emacs mode to browse DWARF information

app-emacs / earthfile-mode : GNU Emacs major mode for editing Earthly Earthfiles

app-emacs / ebib : BibTeX database manager for Emacs

app-emacs / ebuild-mode : Emacs modes for editing ebuilds and other Gentoo specific files

app-emacs / ebuild-run-mode : Major mode for Emacs buffers where ebuild commands run

app-emacs / ecb : Source code browser for Emacs

app-emacs / ecukes : Cucumber for Emacs

app-emacs / edb : EDB, The Emacs Database

app-emacs / edit-indirect : Edit regions in separate Emacs buffers

app-emacs / edit-list : Edit a single list

app-emacs / edit-server : Service edit requests from a web browser for editing of textareas

app-emacs / editorconfig-emacs : EditorConfig plugin for emacs

app-emacs / ef-themes : Colourful and legible themes for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / eglot : A minimal Emacs LSP client for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / eimp : Emacs Image Manipulation Package

app-emacs / el-mock : Mocking library for Emacs

app-emacs / eldev : Emacs Lisp Development Tool

app-emacs / eldoc-box : Child frame doc for Eglot and anything that uses ElDoc

app-emacs / elfeed : Emacs web feeds client

app-emacs / elfeed-protocol : Provide extra news client subscription protocols for elfeed

app-emacs / elixir-mode : Emacs major mode for editing Elixir files

app-emacs / elpa-mirror : Create local package repository from installed Emacs Lisp packages

app-emacs / elpher : Practical and friendly Gopher and Gemini client for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / elpy : Emacs Python Development Environment

app-emacs / elscreen : Frame configuration management for GNU Emacs modelled after GNU Screen

app-emacs / emacs-aio : Async and await functions for Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / emacs-ansilove : Display buffers as PNG images using ansilove in GNU Emacs

app-emacs / emacs-bazel-mode : Emacs major modes for the Bazel build system support

app-emacs / emacs-ccls : Emacs client for ccls, a C/C++ language server

app-emacs / emacs-common : Common files needed by all GNU Emacs versions

app-emacs / emacs-crystal-mode : GNU Emacs major mode for editing Crystal programming language files

app-emacs / emacs-daemon : Gentoo support for Emacs running as a server in the background

app-emacs / emacs-eat : Emulate A Terminal, in a region, in a buffer and in Eshell

app-emacs / emacs-ebuild-snippets : Yasnippets for editing ebuilds and eclasses

app-emacs / emacs-eix : Eix integration for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / emacs-el-fetch : Show system information in Neofetch-like style inside Emacs

app-emacs / emacs-ipython-notebook : Jupyter notebook client in Emacs

app-emacs / emacs-jabber : A Jabber client for Emacs

app-emacs / emacs-openrc : OpenRC integration for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / emacs-w3m : emacs-w3m is an interface program of w3m on Emacs

app-emacs / emacs-websearch : Query search engines from Emacs

app-emacs / emacs-wget : Wget interface for Emacs

app-emacs / emacsql : A high-level Emacs Lisp RDBMS front-end

app-emacs / embark : Conveniently act on minibuffer completions inside GNU Emacs

app-emacs / embark-consult : Consult integration for Embark

app-emacs / emhacks : Useful Emacs Lisp libraries, including gdiff, jjar, jmaker, swbuff, and tabbar

app-emacs / emms : The Emacs Multimedia System

app-emacs / emojify : Display emojis in Emacs, like :smile: or plain ASCII ones like :)

app-emacs / engrave-faces : Convert font-lock faces to other formats

app-emacs / epc : RPC stack for Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / epl : A convenient high-level API for package.el

app-emacs / erefactor : Emacs-Lisp refactoring utilities

app-emacs / erobot : Battle-bots for Emacs!

app-emacs / ert-async : Async support for ERT

app-emacs / ert-runner : Opinionated Emacs Ert testing workflow

app-emacs / eselect-mode : Emacs major mode for editing eselect files

app-emacs / espuds : Common step definitions for Emacs Ecukes

app-emacs / ess : Emacs Speaks Statistics

app-emacs / esup : Benchmark Emacs Startup time without ever leaving it

app-emacs / evil : Extensible vi layer for Emacs

app-emacs / exec-path-from-shell : Ensure environment variables inside Emacs are the same as in shell

app-emacs / exheres-mode : Major mode for editing files in exheres format

app-emacs / expand-region : Emacs extension to increase selected region by semantic units

app-emacs / external-completion : Let external tools control completion style in GNU Emacs

app-emacs / exwm : Emacs X Window Manager

app-emacs / f : Modern API for working with files and directories in Emacs

app-emacs / fennel-mode : Emacs support for the Fennel programming language

app-emacs / fff : Fast file finder for Emacs

app-emacs / filladapt : Filladapt enhances the behavior of Emacs' fill functions

app-emacs / flashcard : An Emacs Lisp package for drilling on questions and answers

app-emacs / flim : A library to provide basic features about message representation or encoding

app-emacs / flycheck : Modern on-the-fly syntax checking extension for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / flycheck-clang-tidy : Flycheck syntax checker using clang-tidy

app-emacs / flycheck-guile : Flycheck checker for the GNU Guile Scheme implementation

app-emacs / flycheck-inline : Display Flycheck errors inline

app-emacs / flycheck-nimsuggest : Emacs Flycheck backend for Nim language using nimsuggest

app-emacs / flycheck-package : Flycheck checker for Emacs Lisp package metadata

app-emacs / folding : A folding-editor-like Emacs minor mode

app-emacs / fsharp-mode : Support for the F# programming language

app-emacs / gap-mode : Major mode for editing and running GAP programs

app-emacs / geiser : Generic interaction mode between Emacs and different Scheme implementations

app-emacs / geiser-chez : Chez Scheme's implementation of the Geiser protocols

app-emacs / geiser-chicken : Chicken Scheme's implementation of the Geiser protocols

app-emacs / geiser-gambit : Gambit Scheme's implementation of the Geiser protocols

app-emacs / geiser-guile : Guile's implementation of the Geiser protocols

app-emacs / geiser-mit : MIT/GNU Scheme's implementation of the Geiser protocols

app-emacs / ghub : Minuscule client library for the Git forge APIs

app-emacs / git-modes : Emacs major modes for editing Git configuration files

app-emacs / git-timemachine : Step through historic versions of git controlled files in GNU Emacs

app-emacs / gnuplot-mode : Gnuplot mode for Emacs

app-emacs / gnuserv : Attach to an already running Emacs

app-emacs / go-mode : An improved Go mode for emacs

app-emacs / god-mode : Minor mode for God-like command entering in GNU Emacs

app-emacs / google-c-style : Provides the google C/C++ coding style

app-emacs / graphql : GraphQL utilities

app-emacs / graphviz-dot-mode : Emacs mode for editing and previewing Graphviz dot graphs

app-emacs / groovy-emacs-modes : Groovy major mode, grails minor mode, and a groovy inferior mode

app-emacs / gruvbox-theme : Gruvbox is a retro groove color scheme, now in Emacs

app-emacs / h4x0r : Aid in writing like a script kiddie does

app-emacs / haskell-mode : Mode for editing (and running) Haskell programs in Emacs

app-emacs / haxe-mode : Major mode for editing Haxe files

app-emacs / helm : Emacs incremental completion and selection narrowing framework

app-emacs / helm-system-packages : A Helm interface to the package manager of your operating system

app-emacs / hexrgb : Functions to manipulate colors, including RGB hex strings

app-emacs / highlight-indentation : Minor modes to highlight indentation guides in Emacs

app-emacs / highline : Minor mode to highlight current line in buffer

app-emacs / hl-todo : Highlight TODO and similar keywords in comments and strings

app-emacs / howm : Note-taking tool on Emacs

app-emacs / ht : The missing hash table library for Emacs

app-emacs / htmlize : HTML-ize font-lock buffers in Emacs

app-emacs / httpd : A HTTP server embedded in the Emacs

app-emacs / hydra : Make Emacs bindings that stick around

app-emacs / icicles : Minibuffer input completion and cycling

app-emacs / igrep : An improved interface to "grep" and "find"

app-emacs / indent-bars : Fast, configurable indentation guide-bars for Emacs

app-emacs / inf-clojure : Major mode for Clojure code

app-emacs / inform-mode : A major mode for editing Inform programs

app-emacs / initsplit : Split customizations into different files

app-emacs / ivy : Generic completion mechanism for Emacs

app-emacs / ivy-rich : More friendly interface for ivy

app-emacs / jam-mode : An Emacs major mode for editing Jam files

app-emacs / jasmin : An Emacs major mode for editing Jasmin Java bytecode assembler files

app-emacs / jinx : Enchanted Spell Checker for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / jq-mode : Emacs major mode for editing jq queries

app-emacs / js-comint : Run a JavaScript interpreter in an Emacs inferior process window

app-emacs / js2-mode : Improved JavaScript editing mode for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / julia-mode : Emacs major mode for the Julia programming language

app-emacs / julia-repl : Run an inferior Julia REPL in a terminal inside Emacs

app-emacs / kaolin-themes : Set of eye pleasing themes for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / key-chord : Map pairs of simultaneously pressed keys to commands

app-emacs / keywiz : Emacs key sequence quiz

app-emacs / kind-icon : Completion kind icons

app-emacs / lean-mode : Emacs mode for the Lean 3 theorem prover

app-emacs / ledger-mode : An Emacs major mode for editing ledger files

app-emacs / libegit2 : Emacs bindings for libgit2

app-emacs / lice-el : License and header template for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / load-relative : Relative loads for Emacs Lisp files

app-emacs / lookup : An interface to search CD-ROM books and network dictionaries

app-emacs / lsp-docker : Emacs library to leverage lsp-mode in the Docker environment

app-emacs / lsp-java : Emacs Java IDE using Eclipse JDT Language Server

app-emacs / lsp-mode : Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol

app-emacs / lsp-treemacs : Integration between lsp-mode and treemacs

app-emacs / lsp-ui : UI modules for lsp-mode

app-emacs / lua-mode : An Emacs major mode for editing Lua scripts

app-emacs / lv : Other echo area

app-emacs / lyskom-elisp-client : Elisp client for the LysKOM conference system

app-emacs / m-buffer : List Oriented Buffer Operations for Emacs

app-emacs / macrostep : Interactive macro-expander for Emacs

app-emacs / macrostep-geiser : Emacs macrostep back-end powered by geiser

app-emacs / magit : A Git porcelain inside Emacs

app-emacs / magit-popup : Define prefix-infix-suffix command combos

app-emacs / mailcrypt : Provides a simple interface to public key cryptography with OpenPGP

app-emacs / marginalia : Marginalia in the minibuffer

app-emacs / markdown-mode : Major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files

app-emacs / mastodon : Emacs client for Mastodon, federated microblogging social network

app-emacs / math-symbol-lists : Lists of Unicode mathematical symbols and latex commands

app-emacs / matlab : Major modes for MATLAB .m and .tlc files

app-emacs / mediawiki : MediaWiki client for Emacs

app-emacs / meson-mode : A GNU Emacs major mode for Meson build-system files

app-emacs / metamath-mode : Major GNU Emacs mode for metamath files

app-emacs / mew : Great MIME mail reader for Emacs/XEmacs

app-emacs / mic-paren : Advanced highlighting of matching parentheses

app-emacs / mldonkey : An Emacs Lisp interface to the MLDonkey core

app-emacs / mmm-mode : Enables the user to edit different parts of a file in different major modes

app-emacs / moccur-edit : An improved interface to color-moccur for editing

app-emacs / mocker : Simple mocking framework for Emacs

app-emacs / modus-themes : Highly accessible themes for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / mpg123-el : Emacs front-end to mpg123 audio player and OggVorbis audio player

app-emacs / mu-cite : Message citation utilities for emacsen

app-emacs / multi-term : Manage multiple terminal buffers in Emacs

app-emacs / multiple-cursors : Multiple cursors for Emacs

app-emacs / muse : An authoring and publishing environment for Emacs

app-emacs / nagios-mode : Major mode for editing Nagios configuration files

app-emacs / navi2ch : A navigator for the Japanese textboard 2ch

app-emacs / nerd-icons : Emacs Nerd Font Icons Library

app-emacs / nginx-mode : Emacs editing mode for Nginx config files

app-emacs / nim-mode : Emacs major mode for the Nim programming language support

app-emacs / ninja-mode : GNU Emacs mode for handling Ninja build files

app-emacs / nix-mode : GNU Emacs major mode for editing Nix expressions

app-emacs / no-littering : ELisp library that helps keeping Emacs configuration directory clean

app-emacs / noflet : Dynamic, local advice for Emacs-Lisp code

app-emacs / nxml-docbook5-schemas : Add support for DocBook 5 schemas to NXML

app-emacs / nxml-gentoo-schemas : Extension for nxml-mode with Gentoo-specific schemas

app-emacs / nxml-libvirt-schemas : Extension for nxml-mode with libvirt schemas

app-emacs / nxml-svg-schemas : Extension for nxml-mode with SVG 1.1 schemas

app-emacs / oauth2 : OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol

app-emacs / ocaml-mode : Emacs mode for OCaml

app-emacs / orderless : Completion style that matches multiple regexps in any order

app-emacs / org-appear : Toggle Org mode element visibility upon entering and leaving

app-emacs / org-contrib : Contributed packages to Org

app-emacs / org-mode : An Emacs mode for notes and project planning

app-emacs / org-modern : Modern style for your GNU Emacs Org buffers

app-emacs / org-roam : Rudimentary Roam replica with Org-mode

app-emacs / org-static-blog : Static site generator using Emacs's org-mode

app-emacs / org-superstar-mode : Prettify headings and plain lists in Org mode (use UTF8 bullets)

app-emacs / osm : OpenStreetMap tile-based viewer for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / outline-magic : Outline mode extensions for Emacs

app-emacs / package-build : Tools for assembling a package archive

app-emacs / package-lint : Linting library for Emacs Lisp package metadata

app-emacs / pandoc-mode : GNU Emacs minor mode for interacting with Pandoc

app-emacs / paredit : Minor mode for performing structured editing of S-expressions

app-emacs / pariemacs : sci-mathematics/pari emacs mode

app-emacs / parsebib : Emacs Lisp library for reading .bib files

app-emacs / parseclj : Clojure Parser for Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / parseedn : EDN parser for Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / pdf-tools : Emacs Lisp support library for PDF documents

app-emacs / persist : Persist variables between Emacs sessions

app-emacs / pfuture : Simple wrapper around asynchronous processes

app-emacs / php-mode : GNU Emacs major mode for editing PHP code

app-emacs / pinentry : GnuPG Pinentry server implementation for Emacs

app-emacs / pkg-info : Provide information about Emacs packages

app-emacs / planner : Maintain a local Wiki using Emacs-friendly markup

app-emacs / plz : HTTP library with curl backend for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / po-mode : Major mode for GNU gettext PO files

app-emacs / poke : Emacs meets GNU poke!

app-emacs / poke-mode : Major mode for editing Poke programs

app-emacs / polymode : Framework for Multiple Major Modes in Emacs

app-emacs / popup : Visual popup interface library for Emacs

app-emacs / popwin : Popup window manager for Emacs

app-emacs / pos-tip : Show tooltip at point

app-emacs / posframe : Pop up a frame at point

app-emacs / pov-mode : Major mode for Povray scene files

app-emacs / powerline : GNU Emacs version of the Vim powerline

app-emacs / powershell : GNU Emacs mode for editing and running PowerShell code

app-emacs / projectile : A project interaction library for Emacs

app-emacs / proofgeneral : A generic interface for proof assistants

app-emacs / protbuf : Protect Emacs buffers from accidental killing

app-emacs / psgml : A GNU Emacs Major Mode for editing SGML and XML coded documents

app-emacs / puppet-mode : Emacs major mode for editing Puppet manifests

app-emacs / pymacs : A tool that allows both-side communication between Python and Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / python-mode : An Emacs major mode for editing Python source

app-emacs / pyvenv : Python virtual environment interface for Emacs

app-emacs / quack : Enhances Emacs support for Scheme

app-emacs / queue : Queue data structure

app-emacs / quilt-el : Quilt mode for Emacs

app-emacs / qwerty : Switch between QWERTY and DVORAK without changing the console keymap

app-emacs / racket-mode : Emacs modes for Racket: edit, REPL, check-syntax, debug, profile, and more

app-emacs / rainbow-delimiters : Highlight nested parentheses, brackets, and braces according to their depth

app-emacs / rainbow-mode : Colorize strings that represent colors inside Emacs buffers

app-emacs / raku-mode : Major mode for editing Raku code

app-emacs / reazon : GNU Emacs implementation of miniKanren, logic programming language

app-emacs / redo+ : Redo/undo system for Emacs

app-emacs / reformatter : Define commands which run reformatters on the Emacs buffers

app-emacs / regress : Regression test harness for Emacs Lisp code

app-emacs / remember : Simplify writing short notes in emacs

app-emacs / repology : Repology API access via Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / request : Compatible layer for URL request

app-emacs / rescript-mode : Emacs major mode for ReScript

app-emacs / restclient : HTTP REST client tool for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / revive : Resume Emacs

app-emacs / rfcview : An Emacs mode that reformats IETF RFCs for display

app-emacs / rg : GNU Emacs search tool based on ripgrep

app-emacs / riece : A redesign of Liece IRC client

app-emacs / rnc-mode : An Emacs mode for editing Relax NG compact schema files

app-emacs / rpm-spec-mode : Emacs mode to ease editing of RPM spec files

app-emacs / rudel : Collaborative editing environment for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / rust-mode : A major emacs mode for editing Rust source code

app-emacs / s : The long lost Emacs string manipulation library

app-emacs / scad-mode : Emacs mode to edit OpenSCAD files

app-emacs / scala-mode : Scala mode for Emacs

app-emacs / scala-ts-mode : Emacs Scala Mode via Tree-Sitter

app-emacs / scheme-complete : Scheme tab-completion and word-completion for Emacs

app-emacs / scim-bridge-el : a SCIM-Bridge client for Emacs

app-emacs / scss-mode : Major mode for editing SCSS files in Emacs

app-emacs / semi : A library to provide MIME feature for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / servant : ELPA server written in Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / sesman : Generic session manager for Emacs based IDEs

app-emacs / session : When you start Emacs, Session restores various variables from your last session

app-emacs / setnu : Display line numbers in Emacs buffers

app-emacs / setup : Macro to simplify repetitive configuration patterns

app-emacs / sharper : .NET SDK CLI wrapper for GNU Emacs using Transient

app-emacs / shell-split-string : Split Strings Using Shell-Like Syntax

app-emacs / shrink-path : Fish-style path truncation for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / shut-up : Reduce Emacs output of messages

app-emacs / slime : SLIME, the Superior Lisp Interaction Mode (Extended)

app-emacs / sly : Sylvester the Cat's Common Lisp IDE for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / sml-mode : Emacs major mode for editing Standard ML

app-emacs / sokoban : Implementation of Sokoban for Emacs

app-emacs / spacemacs-theme : Emacs color theme that started as a theme for Spacemacs

app-emacs / speed-type : Practice touch and speed typing

app-emacs / spinner : Emacs mode-line spinner for operations in progress

app-emacs / ssass-mode : Write Sass in Emacs without a Turing Machine

app-emacs / ssh : Support for SSH sessions in Emacs shell buffers

app-emacs / string-inflection : Convert symbol names between different naming conventions

app-emacs / stripes : An Emacs mode that alternates the background color of lines

app-emacs / sumibi : Statistical Japanese input method using the Internet as a large corpus

app-emacs / sunrise-commander : Twin-pane file manager for Emacs inspired by Midnight Commander

app-emacs / svg-lib : SVG tags, progress bars & icons

app-emacs / swift-mode : Emacs support for Apple's Swift programming language

app-emacs / swiper : Alternative to isearch that uses ivy to show overview of all matches

app-emacs / switch-window : Offer a customizable visual way to choose a window to switch to

app-emacs / system-packages : Manage your installed packages with Emacs

app-emacs / systemd-mode : Major mode for editing systemd units in GNU Emacs

app-emacs / tablist : Extended tabulated-list mode fro Emacs

app-emacs / teco : TECO interpreter for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / tempel : Templates with in-buffer field editing for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / template : Use templates, decorate comments, auto-update buffers

app-emacs / tempo-snippets : Visual insertion of tempo templates

app-emacs / thinks : Insert text in a think bubble

app-emacs / transient : Transient commands abstraction for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / treemacs : Tree style project file explorer

app-emacs / treemacs-all-the-icons : GNU Emacs all-the-icons integration for treemacs

app-emacs / treepy : Generic tree traversing tools for Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / treesit-auto : Automatic installation, usage, fallback for tree-sitter modes in Emacs 29

app-emacs / ts : Emacs timestamp and date-time library

app-emacs / tuareg-mode : An Objective Caml/Camllight mode for Emacs

app-emacs / twittering-mode : Emacs major mode for Twitter

app-emacs / typescript-mode : TypeScript-support for Emacs

app-emacs / typing : The Typing of Emacs -- an Elisp parody of The Typing of the Dead for Dreamcast

app-emacs / uboat : Generate u-boat-death messages, patterned after Iron Coffins

app-emacs / undercover : Test coverage library for Emacs

app-emacs / undo-tree : Undo trees and visualization

app-emacs / uptimes : Track and display emacs session uptimes

app-emacs / use-package : Declaration macro for simplifying your Emacs configuration

app-emacs / uxntal-mode : GNU Emacs major mode for the uxntal assembly language

app-emacs / vertico : Vertical interactive completion

app-emacs / vhdl-mode : VHDL-mode for Emacs

app-emacs / visual-basic-mode : A mode for editing Visual Basic programs

app-emacs / vm : The VM mail reader for Emacs

app-emacs / volume : Tweak your sound card volume from Emacs

app-emacs / vterm : Fully-featured terminal emulator based on libvterm

app-emacs / vue-html-mode : Major Emacs mode for editing Vue.js templates

app-emacs / vue-mode : Major Emacs mode for vue component based on mmm-mode

app-emacs / w3mnav : Add Info-like navigation keys to the emacs-w3m web browser

app-emacs / wanderlust : Yet Another Message Interface on Emacsen

app-emacs / web-mode : Web template editing mode for Emacs

app-emacs / web-server : Web server running Emacs Lisp handlers

app-emacs / webpaste : Paste parts of buffers to several pastebin-like services from Emacs

app-emacs / websocket : A websocket implementation in elisp

app-emacs / wgrep : Writable grep buffer and apply the changes to files

app-emacs / which-key : Display the key bindings following your currently entered keys

app-emacs / whine : Complaint generator for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / wikipedia-mode : Mode for editing Wikipedia articles off-line

app-emacs / windows : Window manager for GNU Emacs

app-emacs / with-editor : Use the Emacsclient as the $EDITOR of child processes

app-emacs / with-simulated-input : Emacs Lisp macro to simulate user input non-interactively

app-emacs / ws-butler : Unobtrusively trim extraneous white-space *ONLY* in lines edited

app-emacs / xclip : Emacs Interface to XClip

app-emacs / xelb : X protocol Emacs Lisp Binding

app-emacs / xrdb-mode : An Emacs major mode for editing X resource database files

app-emacs / xslide : An Emacs major mode for editing XSL stylesheets and running XSL processes

app-emacs / yaml : YAML parser in Emacs Lisp

app-emacs / yaml-mode : A major mode for GNU Emacs for editing YAML files

app-emacs / yasnippet : Yet another snippet extension for Emacs

app-emacs / yasnippet-snippets : A collection of yasnippet snippets for many languages

app-emacs / yatex : Yet Another TeX mode for Emacs

app-emacs / zenburn : Zenburn color theme for Emacs

app-emacs / zenirc : A full-featured scriptable IRC client for the Emacs text editor