app-emacs / lsp-java

Emacs Java IDE using Eclipse JDT Language Server

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v3.1 :: 0 :: gentoo


app-editors / emacs : The extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor

app-emacs / dap-mode : Debug Adapter Protocol mode

app-emacs / dash : A modern list library for Emacs

app-emacs / f : Modern API for working with files and directories in Emacs

app-emacs / ht : The missing hash table library for Emacs

app-emacs / lsp-mode : Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol

app-emacs / markdown-mode : Major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files

app-emacs / request : Compatible layer for URL request

app-emacs / treemacs : Tree style project file explorer

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Merge updates from master
Matthew Smith · gentoo
app-emacs/*: drop redundant NEED_EMACS
Not needed after elisp-common.eclass changed the default to 25.3 (the oldest currently in tree). Signed-off-by: Matthew Smith <> [Whitespace: removed double empty lines] Signed-off-by: Ulrich Müller <>
Repository mirror & CI · gentoo
Merge updates from master
Maciej Barć · gentoo
app-emacs/lsp-java: new package; add version 3.1
Signed-off-by: Maciej Barć <>