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Regression test harness for Emacs Lisp code

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This module provides support for writing and executing regression tests for Emacs Lisp code. This module makes it easy for Emacs lisp programmers to write complete, well-documented regression tests and to run them often during the developement and enhancement processes. Here's the idea: 1. The programmer puts one or more test suites directly in the lisp file, wrapped inside an "eval-when-compile" special form. This causes the test suites to be available when .el file is loaded (or when the buffer is evaluated), but not when the .elc file is loaded. 2. The programmer runs the tests in one of two ways: a. Interactively, with the M-x regress command. b. Automatically, every time the file is evaluated, by putting a small bit of code at the end of the file. 3. If there are any regressions, a report is produced detailing the problems.

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