app-laptop packages

20 packages - The app-laptop category contains packages which are designed to work with certain kinds of laptop or notebook computer.

app-laptop / dispad : Daemon to disable trackpads while typing

app-laptop / framework-laptop-kmod : Kernel module to expose more Framework Laptop stuff

app-laptop / hdaps-gl : OpenGL visualization for HDAPS data

app-laptop / hdapsd : IBM ThinkPad Hard Drive Active Protection System (HDAPS) daemon

app-laptop / i8kutils : Dell Inspiron and Latitude utilities

app-laptop / ibam : Intelligent Battery Monitor

app-laptop / laptop-mode-tools : Linux kernel laptop_mode user-space utilities

app-laptop / mbpfan : A simple daemon to control fan speed on all Macbook/Macbook Pros

app-laptop / msi-keyboard : Control backlight of MSI laptop keyboards

app-laptop / pbbuttonsd : Handles power management and special keys on laptops

app-laptop / pommed : Manage screen and keyboard backlight on Apple MacBook Pro/PowerBook

app-laptop / rogauracore : RGB keyboard control for Asus ROG laptops

app-laptop / spicctrl : tool for the sonypi-Device (found in Sony Vaio Notebooks)

app-laptop / thinkfan : Simple fan control program for thinkpads

app-laptop / tiny-dfr : The most basic dynamic function row daemon possible

app-laptop / tp_smapi : IBM ThinkPad SMAPI BIOS driver

app-laptop / tpacpi-bat : Control battery thresholds of recent ThinkPads, not supported by tp_smapi

app-laptop / tpb : IBM ThinkPad buttons utility

app-laptop / tuxedo-control-center-bin : Tool to control performance, energy, fan and comfort settings on TUXEDO laptops

app-laptop / tuxedo-drivers : Kernel Module for Tuxedo Keyboard