app-mobilephone packages

12 packages - The app-mobilephone category contains software for working with mobile phones.

app-mobilephone / adebar : Android DEvice Backup And Report, using Bash and ADB

app-mobilephone / anyremote : Bluetooth, infrared or cable remote control service

app-mobilephone / dfu-util : implements the Host (PC) side of the USB DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) protocol

app-mobilephone / gammu : A tool to handle your cellular phone

app-mobilephone / gnokii : User space driver and tools for use with mobile phones

app-mobilephone / heimdall : Tool suite used to flash firmware onto Samsung devices

app-mobilephone / qtadb : Android phone manager via ADB

app-mobilephone / scmxx : Exchange data with Siemens phones

app-mobilephone / scrcpy : Display and control your Android device

app-mobilephone / smstools : Send and receive short messages through GSM modems

app-mobilephone / sobexsrv : Scripting/Secure OBEX Server (for BlueZ Linux)

app-mobilephone / vmoconv : A tool that converts Siemens phones VMO and VMI audio files to gsm and wav