dev-gap packages

61 packages - The dev-gap category contains packages for the GAP system at

dev-gap / aclib : Almost-crystallographic group library and algorithms for GAP

dev-gap / alnuth : Algebraic number theory and an interface to PARI/GP

dev-gap / atlasrep : GAP Interface to the Atlas of Group Representations

dev-gap / autodoc : Generate documentation from GAP source code

dev-gap / autpgrp : Computing the Automorphism Group of a p-Group

dev-gap / browse : GAP ncurses interface for browsing two-dimensional data

dev-gap / cohomolo : Cohomology groups of finite groups on finite modules

dev-gap / congruence : Congruence subgroups of SL(2,ZZ) for GAP

dev-gap / corelg : GAP package to compute with real semisimple Lie algebras

dev-gap / crime : GAP Package to calculate group cohomology and Massey products

dev-gap / crisp : GAP algorithms for subgroups of finite soluble groups

dev-gap / crypting : GAP implementation of SHA256 and HMAC for the Jupyter kernel

dev-gap / cryst : GAP package for computing with crystallographic groups

dev-gap / crystcat : The crystallographic groups catalog

dev-gap / ctbllib : The GAP Character Table Library

dev-gap / cvec : Compact vectors over finite fields in GAP

dev-gap / datastructures : Collection of standard data structures for GAP

dev-gap / design : The Design Package for GAP

dev-gap / digraphs : Graphs, digraphs, and multidigraphs in GAP

dev-gap / edim : Elementary Divisors of Integer Matrices (EDIM) for GAP

dev-gap / factint : Advanced Methods for Factoring Integers

dev-gap / fga : Free Group Algorithms (FGA) for GAP

dev-gap / gapdoc : GAP documentation structure and tooling

dev-gap / gaplint : Linter for GAP

dev-gap / gbnp : Compute Gröbner bases of noncommutative polynomials

dev-gap / genss : GAP implementation of the randomized Schreier-Sims algorithm

dev-gap / grape : GRaph Algorithms using PErmutation groups

dev-gap / guava : GAP package for computing with error-correcting codes

dev-gap / hap : Homological Algebra Programming (HAP) in GAP

dev-gap / hapcryst : A HAP extension for crytallographic groups

dev-gap / hecke : Calculate decomposition matrices of Hecke algebras in GAP

dev-gap / images : Find minimal and canonical images in permutation groups

dev-gap / io : Bindings for low level C library I/O routines

dev-gap / irredsol : Irreducible soluble linear groups over finite fields and more

dev-gap / laguna : Lie AlGebras and UNits of group Algebras

dev-gap / liealgdb : A database of Lie algebras

dev-gap / liepring : Database and algorithms for Lie p-rings

dev-gap / liering : Finitely presented Lie rings in GAP

dev-gap / loops : Computing with quasigroups and loops in GAP

dev-gap / mapclass : A GAP package to compute mapping-class group orbits

dev-gap / nq : Nilpotent Quotients of finitely-presented groups

dev-gap / orb : GAP methods to enumerate orbits

dev-gap / polenta : Polycyclic presentations for matrix groups

dev-gap / polycyclic : Computation with polycyclic groups

dev-gap / polymaking : GAP interface to sci-mathematics/polymake

dev-gap / primgrp : GAP Primitive Permutation Groups Library

dev-gap / qpa : Quivers and Path Algebras in GAP

dev-gap / quagroup : GAP package for quantum group computations

dev-gap / radiroot : Roots of a polynomial as radicals in GAP

dev-gap / resclasses : Set-theoretic computations with residue classes in GAP

dev-gap / semigroups : GAP package for semigroups and monoids

dev-gap / singular : GAP interface to sci-mathematics/singular

dev-gap / sla : GAP package for simple Lie algebra computations

dev-gap / smallgrp : The GAP Small Groups Library

dev-gap / sonata : System of finite nearrings and their applications

dev-gap / sophus : Computing in nilpotent Lie algebras

dev-gap / spinsym : Brauer tables of spin-symmetric groups

dev-gap / tomlib : The GAP library of Tables of Marks

dev-gap / toric : GAP package for computing with toric varieties

dev-gap / transgrp : GAP transitive groups library

dev-gap / utils : Utility functions in GAP