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Pure Haskell implementation of SplitMix described in Guy L. Steele, Jr., Doug Lea, and Christine H. Flood. 2014. Fast splittable pseudorandom number generators. In Proceedings of the 2014 ACM International Conference on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages & Applications (OOPSLA '14). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 453-472. DOI: <> The paper describes a new algorithm /SplitMix/ for /splittable/ pseudorandom number generator that is quite fast: 9 64 bit arithmetic/logical operations per 64 bits generated. /SplitMix/ is tested with two standard statistical test suites (DieHarder and TestU01, this implementation only using the former) and it appears to be adequate for "everyday" use, such as Monte Carlo algorithms and randomized data structures where speed is important. In particular, it __should not be used for cryptographic or security applications__, because generated sequences of pseudorandom values are too predictable (the mixing functions are easily inverted, and two successive outputs suffice to reconstruct the internal state).

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doc hscolour optimised-mixer profile random


Add extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally
Include coloured haskell sources to generated documentation (dev-haskell/hscolour)
Use JavaScript for mix32
Add support for software performance analysis (will likely vary from ebuild to ebuild)
Providen RandomGen SMGen instance

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