dev-libs / libaio

Asynchronous input/output library that uses the kernels native interface

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Library to provide user-level kernel Asynchronous I/O (AIO) support for Linux (needs kernel patches as of 2.6.12)

v0.3.110 :: 0 :: gentoo

alpha amd64 arm arm64 hppa ia64 m68k ppc ppc64 s390 sh sparc x86 ~amd64-linux ~mips ~x86-linux
USE flags
static-libs test


Build static versions of dynamic libraries as well
Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)


64-bit (32-bit pointer) libraries
64-bit libraries
32-bit libraries


32-bit (ppc) libraries
64-bit (ppc64) libraries


32-bit (s390) libraries
64-bit (s390x) libraries


32-bit (x86) libraries
64-bit (amd64) libraries
x32 ABI libraries

app-benchmarks / stress-ng : Stress test for a computer system with various selectable ways

app-benchmarks / sysbench : System performance benchmark

app-emulation / qemu : QEMU + Kernel-based Virtual Machine userland tools

app-emulation / xen-tools : Xen tools including QEMU and xl

dev-db / mariadb : An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL

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dev-db / mysql-cluster : An enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL

dev-db / oracle-instantclient : Oracle 18c Instant Client with SDK

dev-db / oracle-instantclient-basic : Transition package moving to single dev-db/oracle-instantclient package

dev-db / percona-server : A fast, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL database server

dev-db / percona-xtrabackup : Hot backup utility for MySQL based servers

dev-db / percona-xtrabackup-bin : MySQL hot backup software. non-blocking backups for InnoDB/XtraDB databases

dev-php / swoole : Event-driven asynchronous & concurrent & coroutine networking engine

dev-util / strace : A useful diagnostic, instructional, and debugging tool

dev-util / stressapptest : Stressful Application Test

games-emulation / pcsx2 : A PlayStation 2 emulator

net-fs / samba : Samba Suite Version 4

net-libs / libiio : Library for interfacing with IIO devices

sys-block / blktrace : show detailed info about what is happening on a block device io queue

sys-block / fio : Jens Axboe's Flexible IO tester

sys-block / tgt : Linux SCSI target framework (tgt)

sys-block / thin-provisioning-tools : A suite of tools for thin provisioning on Linux

sys-cluster / ceph : Ceph distributed filesystem

sys-cluster / cluster-glue : Library pack for Heartbeat / Pacemaker

sys-cluster / glusterfs : GlusterFS is a powerful network/cluster filesystem

sys-cluster / mpich : A high performance and portable MPI implementation

sys-cluster / mpich2 : A high performance and portable MPI implementation

sys-cluster / sanlock : shared storage lock manager

sys-fs / lvm2 : User-land utilities for LVM2 (device-mapper) software

sys-fs / multipath-tools : Device mapper target autoconfig

net-fs/samba-4.4.2 automagic dependency on dev-libs/libaio
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.
Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <>
Göktürk Yüksek · gentoo
dev-libs/libaio: switch from fedorahosted to debian mirrors
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.3, Repoman-2.3.1
Michał Górny · gentoo
dev-libs/libaio: Merge "link against stdlib (...)", #558406
Gokturk Yuksek · gentoo
dev-libs/libaio: link against stdlib to pull the fortified functions #558406
When '-fstack-protector-strong' is included in CFLAGS, the function '__stack_chk_fail_local' needs to be pulled from libc. However, upstream uses '-nostdlib' to avoid linking against any C library or gcc libs. Remove '-nostdlib' and '-nostartfiles' to pull the required symbols from libc. Gentoo-Bug: Package-Manager: portage-
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proj/gentoo: Initial commit
This commit represents a new era for Gentoo: Storing the gentoo-x86 tree in Git, as converted from CVS. This commit is the start of the NEW history. Any historical data is intended to be grafted onto this point. Creation process: 1. Take final CVS checkout snapshot 2. Remove ALL ChangeLog* files 3. Transform all Manifests to thin 4. Remove empty Manifests 5. Convert all stale $Header$/$Id$ CVS keywords to non-expanded Git $Id$ 5.1. Do not touch files with -kb/-ko keyword flags. Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <> X-Thanks: Alec Warner <> - did the GSoC 2006 migration tests X-Thanks: Robin H. Johnson <> - infra guy, herding this project X-Thanks: Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> - Former Gentoo developer, wrote Git features for the migration X-Thanks: Brian Harring <> - wrote much python to improve cvs2svn X-Thanks: Rich Freeman <> - validation scripts X-Thanks: Patrick Lauer <> - Gentoo dev, running new 2014 work in migration X-Thanks: Michał Górny <> - scripts, QA, nagging X-Thanks: All of other Gentoo developers - many ideas and lots of paint on the bikeshed