dev-perl / DBIx-Class

Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper

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|| ( Artistic GPL-1+ )
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USE flags
admin admin-script deploy examples replicated test


Modules required for the DBIx::Class administrative library
Modules required for the CLI DBIx::Class interface dbicadmin
Modules required for "deploy" in DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI and "deploymen_statements" in DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI
Install examples, usually source code
Modules required for DBIx::Class::Storage::DBI::Replicated
Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)

dev-lang / perl : Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language

dev-lang / perl : Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language

dev-perl / Class-Accessor-Grouped : Lets you build groups of accessors

dev-perl / Class-C3-Componentised : Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class

dev-perl / Class-Inspector : Provides information about Classes

dev-perl / Config-Any : Load configuration from different file formats, transparently

dev-perl / Context-Preserve : Return chained, modified values from subs, without losing context

dev-perl / DBI : Database independent interface for Perl

dev-perl / Data-Dumper-Concise : Less indentation and newlines plus sub deparsing

dev-perl / Data-Page : help when paging through sets of results

dev-perl / Devel-GlobalDestruction : Returns the equivalent of ${^GLOBAL_PHASE} eq DESTRUCT for older perls

dev-perl / Getopt-Long-Descriptive : Getopt::Long with usage text

dev-perl / Hash-Merge : Merges arbitrarily deep hashes into a single hash

dev-perl / JSON-Any : Wrapper Class for the various JSON classes (DEPRECATED)

dev-perl / MRO-Compat : Lets you build groups of accessors

dev-perl / Math-Base36 : Encoding and decoding of base36 strings

dev-perl / Module-Find : Find and use installed modules in a (sub)category

dev-perl / Moo : Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatiblity)

dev-perl / Moose : A postmodern object system for Perl 5

dev-perl / MooseX-Types : Organise your Moose types in libraries

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-JSON : JSON datatype for Moose

dev-perl / MooseX-Types-Path-Class : A Path::Class type library for Moose

dev-perl / Path-Class : Cross-platform path specification manipulation

dev-perl / SQL-Abstract : Generate SQL from Perl data structures

dev-perl / SQL-Translator : Manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)

dev-perl / Scope-Guard : Lexically scoped resource management

dev-perl / Sub-Name : (Re)name a sub

dev-perl / Text-CSV : Manipulate comma-separated value strings

dev-perl / Try-Tiny : Minimal try/catch with proper localization of $@

dev-perl / namespace-autoclean : Keep imports out of your namespace

dev-perl / namespace-clean : Keep imports and functions out of your namespace

virtual / perl-File-Path : Virtual for File-Path

virtual / perl-Math-BigInt : Virtual for Math-BigInt

virtual / perl-Scalar-List-Utils : Virtual for Scalar::Util and List::Util, also distributed as Scalar::List::Utils

virtual / perl-Text-Balanced : Virtual for Text-Balanced

dev-perl / DBICx-TestDatabase : create a temporary database from a DBIx::Class::Schema

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-DynamicDefault : Automatically set and update fields

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Boolean : Auto-create boolean objects from columns

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-IP : Auto-create NetAddr::IP objects from columns

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-Object-Enum : Allows a DBIx::Class user to define a Object::Enum column

dev-perl / DBIx-Class-UserStamp : Automatically set update and create user id fields

dev-perl/DBIx-Class: QA issues
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Andreas K. Hüttel · gentoo
dev-perl/DBIx-Class: Remove old
Closes: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.76, Repoman-2.3.17 Signed-off-by: Andreas K. Hüttel <>
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dev-perl/DBIx-Class: Fix IUSE wr/t bug #695086
- Update to EAPI7 - Fix IUSE to not use underscores (bug #695086) Bug: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.75, Repoman-2.3.16 Signed-off-by: Kent Fredric <>
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Merge updates from master
Kent Fredric · gentoo
dev-perl/DBIx-Class: Bump to version 0.82.841
- Remove now redundant sed hacks from Makefile.PL Upstream: - Fix build tooling for 'progressive' perls - Fix various test failures - Fix tests for recent SQLites Bug: Bug: Bug: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.66, Repoman-2.3.16 Signed-off-by: Kent Fredric <>
Kent Fredric · gentoo
dev-perl/DBIx-Class: Fix for '.' in @INC re bug #615710
Generic Module::Install fix for 5.26 Bug: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.2
Kent Fredric · gentoo
dev-perl/DBIx-Class: Cleanup old
Remove old versions with now failing tests Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.4, Repoman-2.3.2
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.
Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <>
T. Malfatti · gentoo
media-libs/portaudio: Version bump
Kent Fredric · gentoo
dev-perl/DBIx-Class: Bump to version 0.82.840
- EAPI6 - Add USE=examples - Enable parallel testing Package-Manager: portage-2.3.2
Kent Fredric · gentoo
dev-perl/DBIx-Class: Remove redundant dep on dev-perl/Test-Pod{,-Coverage}
No user-executable tests use these modules. Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="alpha amd64 amd64-fbsd arm arm64 hppa ia64 m68k mips nios2 ppc ppc64 riscv s390 sh sparc sparc-fbsd x86 x86-fbsd"
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