dev-perl / Module-CPANTS-Analyse

Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution

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|| ( Artistic GPL-1+ )
USE flags


Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)


PERL_FEATURES setting enabling internal debug support in Perl
PERL_FEATURES setting enabling interpreter level threads, has some compatibility problems
PERL_FEATURES setting enabling 128bit floating point arithmetic via libquadmath

dev-lang / perl : Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language

dev-lang / perl : Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language

dev-perl / Archive-Any-Lite : Simple CPAN package extractor

dev-perl / Array-Diff : Find the differences between two arrays

dev-perl / CPAN-DistnameInfo : Extract distribution name and version from a distribution filename

dev-perl / Class-Accessor : Automated accessor generation

dev-perl / Data-Binary : Simple detection of binary versus text in strings

dev-perl / File-Find-Object : An object oriented File::Find replacement

dev-perl / Module-Find : Find and use installed modules in a (sub)category

dev-perl / Perl-PrereqScanner-NotQuiteLite : Tool to scan your Perl code for its prerequisites

dev-perl / Software-License : Packages that provide templated software licenses

virtual / perl-Archive-Tar : Virtual for Archive-Tar

virtual / perl-CPAN-Meta-YAML : Virtual for CPAN-Meta-YAML

virtual / perl-JSON-PP : Virtual for JSON-PP

virtual / perl-Scalar-List-Utils : Virtual for Scalar::Util and List::Util, also distributed as Scalar::List::Utils

virtual / perl-Text-Balanced : Virtual for Text-Balanced

dev-perl / Test-Kwalitee : Test the Kwalitee of a distribution before you release it

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