dev-python packages

1656 packages - The dev-python category contains packages whose primary purpose is to provide Python modules, extensions and bindings, as well as tools and utilities useful for development in the Python programming language.

dev-python / APScheduler : In-process task scheduler with Cron-like capabilities

dev-python / Arpeggio : Parser interpreter based on PEG grammars

dev-python / Babel : Collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications

dev-python / BitVector : A pure-Python memory-efficient packed representation for bit arrays

dev-python / ConfigArgParse : Drop-in replacement for argparse supporting config files and env variables

dev-python / CppHeaderParser : Parse C++ header files and generate a data structure

dev-python / Faker : A Python package that generates fake data for you

dev-python / Frozen-Flask : Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files

dev-python / GitPython : Library used to interact with Git repositories

dev-python / GridDataFormats : Reading and writing of data on regular grids in Python

dev-python / IPy : Class and tools for handling of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks

dev-python / Levenshtein : Functions for fast computation of Levenshtein distance, and edit operations

dev-python / MechanicalSoup : A Python library for automating interaction with websites

dev-python / Nuitka : Python to native compiler

dev-python / Opcodes : Opcodes Project

dev-python / OutputCheck : A tool for checking the output of console programs inspired by LLVM's FileCheck

dev-python / PeachPy : Portable Efficient Assembly Code-generator in Higher-level Python

dev-python / PyGithub : Python library to access the Github API v3

dev-python / PyQt-builder : The PEP 517 compliant PyQt build system

dev-python / PyQt5 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

dev-python / PyQt5-sip : sip extension module for PyQt5

dev-python / PyQt6 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

dev-python / PyQt6-WebEngine : Python bindings for QtWebEngine

dev-python / PyQt6-sip : sip module support for PyQt6

dev-python / PyQtWebEngine : Python bindings for QtWebEngine

dev-python / PyRSS2Gen : RSS feed generator written in Python

dev-python / PySDL2 : Python (ctypes) bindings for SDL2 libraries

dev-python / PySensors : Python bindings to libsensors (via ctypes)

dev-python / PySocks : SOCKS client module

dev-python / Pyro5 : Distributed object middleware for Python (RPC)

dev-python / QtPy : Abstraction layer on top of PyQt and PySide with additional custom QWidgets

dev-python / a2wsgi : Convert WSGI app to ASGI app or ASGI app to WSGI app

dev-python / absl-py : Abseil Python Common Libraries

dev-python / accessible-pygments : A collection of accessible pygments styles

dev-python / adblock : Python wrapper for Brave's adblocking library, which is written in Rust

dev-python / aesara : Library for operating on mathematical expressions with multi-dimensional arrays

dev-python / agate : A Python data analysis library that is optimized for humans instead of machines

dev-python / agate-dbf : Adds read support for DBF files to agate

dev-python / agate-excel : Adds read support for Excel files (xls and xlsx) to agate

dev-python / agate-sql : Adds SQL read/write support to agate

dev-python / aiocache : Asyncio cache manager

dev-python / aiodns : Simple DNS resolver for asyncio

dev-python / aiofiles : File support for asyncio

dev-python / aiohappyeyeballs : Happy Eyeballs for pre-resolved hosts

dev-python / aiohttp : HTTP client/server for asyncio

dev-python / aiohttp-cors : Implements CORS support for aiohttp asyncio-powered asynchronous HTTP server

dev-python / aiohttp-oauthlib : This project provides first-class OAuth library support for aiohttp

dev-python / aiohttp-socks : SOCKS proxy connector for aiohttp

dev-python / aioitertools : itertools and builtins for AsyncIO and mixed iterables

dev-python / aiopylgtv : Python library to control webOS-based LG TV devices

dev-python / aioresponses : Helper to mock/fake web requests in Python's aiohttp package

dev-python / aiorpcx : Generic async RPC implementation, including JSON-RPC

dev-python / aiosignal : A list of registered asynchronous callbacks

dev-python / aiosmtpd : Reimplementation of the Python stdlib based on asyncio

dev-python / aiosqlite : asyncio bridge to the standard sqlite3 module

dev-python / aiostream : Generator-based operators for asynchronous iteration

dev-python / aiounittest : Test asyncio code more easily

dev-python / ajsonrpc : Async JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol + server powered by asyncio

dev-python / alabaster : A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme

dev-python / alembic : Database migrations tool, written by the author of SQLAlchemy

dev-python / allpairspy : Pairwise test combinations generator

dev-python / amodem : Transmit data between two computers using audio

dev-python / amqp : Low-level AMQP client for Python (fork of amqplib)

dev-python / aniso8601 : A library for parsing ISO 8601 strings

dev-python / annotated-types : Reusable constraint types to use with typing.Annotated

dev-python / ansi : ANSI cursor movement and graphics in Python

dev-python / ansi2html : Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML

dev-python / ansible-compat : Contains functions that facilitate working with various versions of Ansible

dev-python / ansible-pygments : Pygments lexer and style Ansible snippets

dev-python / ansicolor : Produce ansi color output and colored highlighting and diffing

dev-python / antlr4-python3-runtime : Python 3 runtime for ANTLR

dev-python / anyascii : Unicode to ASCII transliteration

dev-python / anyio : Compatibility layer for multiple asynchronous event loop implementations

dev-python / apache-libcloud : Unified Interface to the Cloud - python support libs

dev-python / apipkg : Namespace control and lazy-import mechanism

dev-python / apispec : A pluggable API specification generator

dev-python / appdirs : Module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs

dev-python / apprise : Push Notifications that work with just about every platform

dev-python / apsw : APSW - Another Python SQLite Wrapper

dev-python / argcomplete : Bash tab completion for argparse

dev-python / argh : A simple argparse wrapper

dev-python / argon2-cffi : CFFI bindings to the Argon2 password hashing library

dev-python / argon2-cffi-bindings : Low-level CFFI bindings for the Argon2 password hashing library

dev-python / argparse-addons : Additional Python argparse types and actions

dev-python / argparse-manpage : Automatically build man-pages for your Python project

dev-python / arrow : Better dates and times for Python

dev-python / arsenic : Asynchronous WebDriver client

dev-python / asgiref : ASGI utilities (successor to WSGI)

dev-python / asn1crypto : Python ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API

dev-python / asteval : Evaluator of Python expression using ast module

dev-python / astor : Read/rewrite/write Python ASTs

dev-python / astroid : Abstract Syntax Tree for logilab packages

dev-python / asttokens : Annotate Python AST trees with source text and token information

dev-python / async-lru : Simple lru_cache for asyncio

dev-python / async-timeout : Timeout context manager for asyncio programs

dev-python / asyncstdlib : The missing async toolbox

dev-python / atomicwrites : Atomic file writes

dev-python / atpublic : A decorator to populate __all__ and the module globals

dev-python / attrs : Attributes without boilerplate

dev-python / audioread : Wrapper for audio file decoding using FFmpeg or GStreamer

dev-python / authres : Parse and generate Authentication-Results headers

dev-python / autobahn : WebSocket and WAMP for Twisted and Asyncio

dev-python / autocommand : Library to create a command-line program from a function

dev-python / automat : Self-service finite-state machines for the programmer on the go

dev-python / autopage : A library to provide automatic paging for console output

dev-python / autopep8 : Automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP 8 style guide

dev-python / autoprop : Infer properties from accessor methods

dev-python / aws-sam-translator : A library that transform SAM templates into AWS CloudFormation templates

dev-python / aws-xray-sdk : AWS X-Ray SDK for Python

dev-python / babelfish : Python library to work with countries and languages

dev-python / backoff : Function decoration for backoff and retry

dev-python / backports-tarfile : Backport of CPython tarfile module (from Python 3.12)

dev-python / backrefs : Wrapper around re or regex that adds additional back references

dev-python / bandit : A security linter from OpenStack Security

dev-python / bareos : python bindings for bareos network backup suite

dev-python / bashate : A pep8 equivalent for bash scripts

dev-python / basho-erlastic : Erlang binary term codec and port interface

dev-python / bcrypt : Modern password hashing for software and servers

dev-python / beagle : Command line client for Hound, the code search tool

dev-python / beartype : Unbearably fast runtime type checking in pure Python

dev-python / beautifulsoup4 : Pythonic idioms for iterating, searching, and modifying an HTML/XML parse tree

dev-python / beniget : Extract semantic information about static Python code

dev-python / betamax : python-requests HTTP exchanges recorder

dev-python / betamax-matchers : A group of experimental matchers for Betamax

dev-python / bibtexparser : A BibTeX parser written in Python

dev-python / binaryornot : Ultra-lightweight pure Python package to guess whether a file is binary or text

dev-python / bincopy : Mangling of various file formats that conveys binary information

dev-python / bitarray : Efficient arrays of booleans -- C extension

dev-python / bitstring : A pure Python module for creation and analysis of binary data

dev-python / black : The uncompromising Python code formatter

dev-python / blake3 : Python bindings for the BLAKE3 cryptographic hash function

dev-python / bleach : An easy whitelist-based HTML-sanitizing tool

dev-python / blessed : Library for making terminal apps using colors, keyboard input and positioning

dev-python / blinker : Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling

dev-python / blosc : High performance compressor optimized for binary data

dev-python / bluelet : Module for pure Python asynchronous I/O using coroutines

dev-python / blurb : Tool to create and manage NEWS blurbs for CPython

dev-python / boltons : Pure-python utilities in the same spirit as the standard library

dev-python / boolean-py : Define boolean algebras, create and parse boolean expressions

dev-python / boto3 : The AWS SDK for Python

dev-python / botocore : Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3

dev-python / bottle : A fast and simple micro-framework for small web-applications

dev-python / bottleneck : Fast NumPy array functions written in C

dev-python / bpython : Syntax highlighting and autocompletion for the Python interpreter

dev-python / bracex : Bash style brace expansion for Python

dev-python / braintree : Braintree Python Library

dev-python / breathe : Sphinx Doxygen renderer

dev-python / brotlicffi : Python binding to the Brotli library

dev-python / browser-cookie3 : Loads cookies from your browser into a cookiejar object

dev-python / brython : Python 3 implementation for client-side web programming

dev-python / btrfs : Python module to inspect btrfs filesystems

dev-python / build : A simple, correct PEP517 package builder

dev-python / cachecontrol : httplib2 caching for requests

dev-python / cached-property : A cached-property for decorating methods in classes

dev-python / cachelib : Collection of cache libraries in the same API interface. Extracted from werkzeug

dev-python / cachetools : Extensible memoizing collections and decorators

dev-python / cairocffi : CFFI-based drop-in replacement for Pycairo

dev-python / caldav : CalDAV (RFC4791) client library for Python

dev-python / calver : Setuptools extension for CalVer package versions

dev-python / cangjie : Python wrapper for libcangjie

dev-python / canonicaljson : Canonical JSON

dev-python / capturer : Easily capture stdout/stderr of the current process and subprocesses

dev-python / carbon : Backend data caching and persistence daemon for Graphite

dev-python / casttube : casttube provides a way to interact with the Youtube Chromecast api

dev-python / cattrs : Composable complex class support for attrs and dataclasses

dev-python / cbor2 : Pure Python CBOR (de)serializer with extensive tag support

dev-python / cchardet : High speed universal character encoding detector

dev-python / cerberus : A lightweight and extensible data-validation library for Python

dev-python / certifi : A certifi hack to use system trust store on Linux/FreeBSD

dev-python / cffi : Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code

dev-python / cfgv : Validate configuration and produce human-readable error messages

dev-python / cfn-lint : CloudFormation Linter

dev-python / cftime : Time-handling functionality from netcdf4-python

dev-python / cgroup-utils : Tools and libraries for control groups of Linux

dev-python / chainstream : Chain I/O-Streams together into a single stream

dev-python / chameleon : Fast HTML/XML template compiler for Python

dev-python / characteristic : Python attributes without the boilerplate

dev-python / chardet : Universal encoding detector

dev-python / charset-normalizer : The Real First Universal Charset Detector

dev-python / chart-studio : Browser-based graphing library for Python

dev-python / cheetah3 : Python-powered template engine and code generator

dev-python / cheroot : High-performance, pure-Python HTTP server used by CherryPy

dev-python / cherrypy : CherryPy is a pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework

dev-python / chump : API wrapper for Pushover

dev-python / cjkwrap : A library for wrapping and filling UTF-8 CJK text

dev-python / clang-python : Python bindings for sys-devel/clang

dev-python / cleo : Python tool for building testable command-line interfaces

dev-python / cli-helpers : Python helpers for common CLI tasks

dev-python / click : A Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces

dev-python / click-default-group : Extends click.Group to invoke a command without explicit subcommand name

dev-python / click-didyoumean : Enable git-like did-you-mean feature in click

dev-python / click-help-colors : Colorization of help messages in Click

dev-python / click-log : Logging integration for Click

dev-python / click-plugins : Module for click to enable registering CLI commands via entry points

dev-python / click-threading : Multithreaded Click apps made easy

dev-python / cliff : Command Line Interface Formulation Framework

dev-python / clikit : Group of utilities to build beautiful and testable command line interfaces

dev-python / clint : Python Command-line Application Tools

dev-python / cloudpickle : Extended pickling support for Python objects

dev-python / cloudscraper : A Python module to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot page

dev-python / clr-loader : Generic pure Python loader for .NET runtimes

dev-python / cmd2 : Extra features for standard library's cmd module

dev-python / colorama : ANSI escape character sequences for colored terminal text & cursor positioning

dev-python / colorclass : Colorful worry-free console applications for multiple platforms

dev-python / colored-traceback : Automatically color Python's uncaught exception tracebacks

dev-python / coloredlogs : Colored stream handler for the logging module

dev-python / colorful : Terminal string styling done right, in Python

dev-python / colorlog : Log formatting with colors

dev-python / colour : Python color representations manipulation library

dev-python / comm : Jupyter Python Comm implementation, for usage in ipykernel, xeus-python

dev-python / commentjson : Add Python and JavaScript style comments in your JSON files

dev-python / commonmark : Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec

dev-python / configclass : A Python to class to hold configuration values

dev-python / configobj : Simple config file reader and writer

dev-python / configshell-fb : A Python library for building configuration shells

dev-python / configupdater : Parser like ConfigParser but for updating configuration files

dev-python / confusable-homoglyphs : Detect confusable usage of unicode homoglyphs, prevent homograph attacks

dev-python / confuse : Confuse is a configuration library for Python that uses YAML

dev-python / cons : Implementation of Lisp/Scheme-like cons in Python

dev-python / consonance : WhatsApp's handshake implementation using Noise Protocol

dev-python / constantly : Symbolic constants in Python

dev-python / construct : A powerful declarative parser for binary data

dev-python / contourpy : Python library for calculating contours in 2D quadrilateral grids

dev-python / conway-polynomials : Python interface to Frank Lübeck's Conway polynomial database

dev-python / cookies : Friendlier RFC 6265-compliant cookie parser/renderer

dev-python / coverage : Code coverage measurement for Python

dev-python / cppy : C++ header library which makes it easier to write Python extension modules

dev-python / cramjam : Thin Python bindings to de/compression algorithms in Rust

dev-python / crashtest : Python library that makes exceptions handling and inspection easier

dev-python / crc32c : CRC32c algorithm in hardware and software

dev-python / crcmod : Python CRC Generator module

dev-python / crispy-bootstrap3 : Bootstrap3 template pack for django-crispy-forms

dev-python / crispy-bootstrap4 : Bootstrap4 template pack for django-crispy-forms

dev-python / crispy-bootstrap5 : Bootstrap5 template pack for django-crispy-forms

dev-python / croniter : Python module to provide iteration for datetime object

dev-python / cryptography : Library providing cryptographic recipes and primitives

dev-python / cson : A python parser for the Coffeescript Object Notation (CSON)

dev-python / css-parser : A CSS Cascading Style Sheets library (fork of cssutils)

dev-python / csscompressor : A python port of YUI CSS Compressor

dev-python / cssselect : Parse CSS3 Selectors and translate them to XPath 1.0

dev-python / cssselect2 : Parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0

dev-python / cssutils : A CSS Cascading Style Sheets library

dev-python / cstruct : C-style structs for Python

dev-python / csvkit : A suite of utilities for converting to and working with CSV

dev-python / curtsies : Curses-like terminal wrapper, with colored strings

dev-python / cvxopt : Python package for convex optimization

dev-python / cwcwidth : Python bindings for wc(s)width

dev-python / cycler : Composable style cycles

dev-python / cypari2 : Cython interface to PARI

dev-python / cysignals : Interrupt and signal handling for Cython

dev-python / cython : A Python to C compiler

dev-python / cython-test-exception-raiser : A trivial extension that just raises an exception (for testing)

dev-python / daemonize : Library for writing system daemons in Python

dev-python / dask : Task scheduling and blocked algorithms for parallel processing

dev-python / dask-expr : High Level Expressions for Dask

dev-python / dbfread : Read DBF Files with Python

dev-python / dbus-next : The next great DBus library for Python with asyncio support

dev-python / dbus-python : Python bindings for the D-Bus messagebus

dev-python / dbutils : Database connections for multi-threaded environments

dev-python / ddt : Data-Driven/Decorated Tests

dev-python / debtcollector : Python deprecation patterns and strategies that collect technical debt

dev-python / decorator : Simplifies the usage of decorators for the average programmer

dev-python / deepdiff : A library for comparing dictionaries, iterables, strings and other objects

dev-python / deepmerge : Tools to handle merging of nested data structures in python

dev-python / defusedxml : XML bomb protection for Python stdlib modules, an xml serialiser

dev-python / denonavr : Automation Library for Denon AVR receivers

dev-python / dep-logic : Python dependency specifications supporting logical operations

dev-python / deprecated : Python @deprecated decorator to deprecate old API

dev-python / deprecation : A library to handle automated deprecations

dev-python / dict2xml : Small utility to convert a python dictionary into an XML string

dev-python / dictdiffer : Dictdiffer is a library that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries

dev-python / dictpath : Object-oriented dictionary paths

dev-python / diff-match-patch : Diff, match and patch algorithms for plain text

dev-python / dill : Serialize all of Python (almost)

dev-python / dirty-equals : Doing dirty (but extremely useful) things with equals

dev-python / discid : Python bindings for libdiscid

dev-python / diskcache : Disk and file backed cache

dev-python / dissononce : A python implementation for Noise Protocol Framework

dev-python / distlib : Low-level components of distutils2/packaging

dev-python / distro : Reliable machine-readable Linux distribution information for Python

dev-python / dj-database-url : Use Database URLs in your Django Application

dev-python / dj-email-url : Use an URL to configure email backend settings in your Django Application

dev-python / dj-search-url : Use Search URLs in your Django Haystack Application

dev-python / django : High-level Python web framework

dev-python / django-auth-ldap : Django LDAP authentication backend

dev-python / django-cache-url : Use Cache URLs in your Django application

dev-python / django-cacheops : ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation for Django

dev-python / django-configurations : A helper for organizing Django settings

dev-python / django-cors-headers : Django App that adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers to responses

dev-python / django-crispy-forms : DRY Django forms

dev-python / django-debug-toolbar : A configurable set of panels that display various debug information

dev-python / django-filter : Django app allowing declarative dynamic QuerySet filtering from URL parameters

dev-python / django-js-asset : Script tag with additional attributes for django.forms.Media

dev-python / django-otp : Django framework adding two-factor authentication using one-time passwords

dev-python / django-polymorphic : Seamless Polymorphic Inheritance for Django Models

dev-python / django-prometheus : Library to export Django metrics for Prometheus

dev-python / django-redis : Full featured redis cache backend for Django

dev-python / django-registration : user-registration application for Django

dev-python / django-sortedm2m : Drop-in replacement for django's many to many field with sorted relations

dev-python / django-tables2 : Table/data-grid framework for Django

dev-python / django-taggit : Simple tagging for Django

dev-python / django-timezone-field : A Django app providing database and form fields for timezone objects

dev-python / djangorestframework : Web APIs with django made easy

dev-python / dkimpy : DKIM and ARC email signing and verification library

dev-python / dns-lexicon : Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized/agnostic way

dev-python / dnspython : DNS toolkit for Python

dev-python / doc8 : Style checker for Sphinx (or other) RST documentation

dev-python / docker : Python client for Docker

dev-python / dockerpty : Python library to use the pseudo-tty of a docker container

dev-python / docopt : Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile

dev-python / docstring-to-markdown : On the fly conversion of Python docstrings to markdown

dev-python / docutils : Python Documentation Utilities (reference reStructuredText impl.)

dev-python / docutils-glep : Gentoo GLEP support for docutils

dev-python / dogpile-cache : A locking API for expiring values while a single thread generates a new value

dev-python / doit : Automation tool

dev-python / doit-py : doit tasks for python stuff

dev-python / dominate : Library for creating and manipulating HTML documents using an elegant DOM API

dev-python / doublex : Python test doubles

dev-python / doublex-expects : Expects matchers for Doublex test doubles assertions

dev-python / dparse : A parser for Python dependency files

dev-python / dulwich : Pure-Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols

dev-python / easy-thumbnails : Easy thumbnails for Django

dev-python / easyprocess : Easy to use Python subprocess interface

dev-python / ecdsa : ECDSA cryptographic signature library in pure Python

dev-python / editables : A Python library for creating 'editable wheels'

dev-python / editorconfig : Clone of EditorConfig core written in Python

dev-python / elastic-transport : Transport classes and utilities shared among Python Elastic client libraries

dev-python / elasticsearch : Official Elasticsearch client library for Python

dev-python / elementpath : XPath 1.0/2.0 parsers and selectors for ElementTree and lxml

dev-python / email-validator : A robust email syntax and deliverability validation library

dev-python / emcee : Python ensemble sampling toolkit for affine-invariant MCMC

dev-python / emoji : Emoji for Python

dev-python / enrich : Extend rich functionality

dev-python / ensurepip-pip : Shared pip wheel for ensurepip Python module

dev-python / ensurepip-setuptools : Shared setuptools wheel for ensurepip Python module

dev-python / ensurepip-wheel : Shared wheel wheel for use in pip tests

dev-python / ensurepip-wheels : Shared wheels for ensurepip Python module

dev-python / entrypoint2 : Easy to use command-line interface for python modules

dev-python / entrypoints : Discover and load entry points from installed packages

dev-python / environs : Python library for simplified environment variable parsing

dev-python / enzyme : Python video metadata parser

dev-python / ephemeral-port-reserve : Bind to an ephemeral port, force it into the TIME_WAIT state, and unbind it

dev-python / eradicate : Removes commented-out code from Python files

dev-python / et_xmlfile : An implementation of lxml.xmlfile for the standard library

dev-python / etuples : Python S-expression emulation using tuple-like objects

dev-python / evdev : Python library for evdev bindings

dev-python / ewmh : An implementation of Extended Window Manager Hints, based on Xlib

dev-python / exceptiongroup : Backport of PEP 654 (exception groups)

dev-python / execnet : Rapid multi-Python deployment

dev-python / executing : Get information about what a Python frame is currently doing

dev-python / expandvars : Expand system variables Unix style

dev-python / expects : Expressive and extensible TDD/BDD assertion library for Python

dev-python / extras : Useful extra bits for Python that should be in the standard library

dev-python / eyeD3 : Module for manipulating ID3 (v1 + v2) tags in Python

dev-python / fakeredis : Fake implementation of redis API for testing purposes

dev-python / fastbencode : Implementation of bencode with optional fast C extensions

dev-python / fasteners : Python package that provides useful locks

dev-python / fastimport : Library for parsing the fastimport VCS serialization format

dev-python / fastjsonschema : Fast JSON schema validator for Python

dev-python / feedgenerator : Standalone version of django.utils.feedgenerator

dev-python / feedparser : Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python

dev-python / ffmpeg-python : Python bindings for FFmpeg with complex filtering support

dev-python / fido2 : Python based FIDO 2.0 library

dev-python / fields : Container class boilerplate killer

dev-python / filebytes : Classes/Types to read and edit executable files

dev-python / filelock : A platform independent file lock for Python

dev-python / filetype : Small, dependency-free, fast Python package to infer binary file types checking

dev-python / findimports : Python module import analysis tool

dev-python / findpython : A utility to find python versions on your system

dev-python / fitsio : Python library to read from and write to FITS files

dev-python / fixtures : Fixtures, reusable state for writing clean tests and more

dev-python / flake8 : A wrapper around PyFlakes, pep8 & mccabe

dev-python / flake8-polyfill : Polyfill package for Flake8 plugins

dev-python / flaky : Plugin for pytest that automatically reruns flaky tests

dev-python / flasgger : Easy OpenAPI specs and Swagger UI for your Flask API

dev-python / flask : A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions

dev-python / flask-api : Browsable web APIs for Flask

dev-python / flask-babel : i18n and l10n support for Flask based on Babel and pytz

dev-python / flask-compress : Compress responses in your Flask app with gzip

dev-python / flask-cors : A Flask extension for Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

dev-python / flask-debug : Flask extension that displays various debugging insights during development

dev-python / flask-htmlmin : Minimize your flask rendered html

dev-python / flask-login : Login session support for Flask

dev-python / flask-migrate : SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic

dev-python / flask-nav : Easily create navigation for Flask applications

dev-python / flask-paginate : Pagination support for flask

dev-python / flask-paranoid : Simple user session protection extension for Flask

dev-python / flask-sphinx-themes : Sphinx Themes for Flask related projects and Flask itself

dev-python / flask-sqlalchemy : SQLAlchemy support for Flask applications

dev-python / flatbuffers : RFC 7049 - Concise Binary Object Representation

dev-python / flatdict : Python module for interacting with nested dicts

dev-python / fleep : File format determination library for Python

dev-python / flexmock : Testing library to create mocks, stubs and fakes

dev-python / flit : Simplified packaging of Python modules

dev-python / flit-core : Simplified packaging of Python modules (core module)

dev-python / flit_scm : A PEP 518 build backend combining flit with setuptools_scm

dev-python / flufl-lock : NFS-safe file locking with timeouts for POSIX systems

dev-python / fonttools : Library for manipulating TrueType, OpenType, AFM and Type1 fonts

dev-python / fpylll : Python bindings for sci-libs/fplll

dev-python / fqdn : RFC-compliant FQDN validation and manipulation for Python

dev-python / freetype-py : FreeType Python bindings

dev-python / freezegun : Let your Python tests travel through time

dev-python / fritzconnection : Lib/tool to communicate with AVM FRITZ! devices using TR-064 protocol over UPnP

dev-python / frozenlist : A list-like structure which implements

dev-python / fs : Filesystem abstraction layer

dev-python / fsspec : A specification that python filesystems should adhere to

dev-python / ftfy : Fixes mojibake and other problems with Unicode, after the fact

dev-python / funcparserlib : Recursive descent parsing library based on functional combinators

dev-python / funcy : A collection of fancy functional tools focused on practicality

dev-python / furo : Clean customisable Sphinx documentation theme

dev-python / fuse-python : Python FUSE bindings

dev-python / fuzzywuzzy : Fuzzy string matching in python

dev-python / gast : A generic AST to represent Python2 and Python3's Abstract Syntax Tree (AST)

dev-python / gdb-pt-dump : Examine the address space of a QEMU-based virtual machine

dev-python / genshi : Python toolkit for stream-based generation of output for the web

dev-python / genson : GenSON is a powerful, user-friendly JSON Schema generator built in Python

dev-python / gentoo-common : Common files shared by Python implementations in Gentoo

dev-python / genty : Allows you to run a test with multiple data sets

dev-python / geographiclib : Python implementation of the geodesic routines

dev-python / ghp-import : Copy your docs directly to the gh-pages branch

dev-python / git-review : Tool to submit code to Gerrit

dev-python / gitdb : GitDB is a pure-Python git object database

dev-python / github3-py : A wrapper for the GitHub API written in python

dev-python / gmpy : Python bindings for GMP, MPC, MPFR and MPIR libraries

dev-python / google-api-core : Core Library for Google Client Libraries

dev-python / google-api-python-client : Google API Client for Python

dev-python / google-auth : Google Authentication Library

dev-python / google-auth-httplib2 : httplib2 Transport for Google Auth

dev-python / google-auth-oauthlib : Google Authentication Library

dev-python / google-i18n-address : Google's i18n address metadata repository

dev-python / google-pasta : AST-based Python refactoring library

dev-python / googleapis-common-protos : Python classes generated from the common protos in the googleapis repository

dev-python / gpep517 : A backend script to aid installing Python packages in Gentoo

dev-python / graph-tool : An efficient python module for manipulation and statistical analysis of graphs

dev-python / graphviz : Simple Python interface for Graphviz

dev-python / greenlet : Lightweight in-process concurrent programming

dev-python / greenstalk : Python 3 client for the beanstalkd work queue

dev-python / griffe : Signature generator for Python programs

dev-python / grpcio : High-performance RPC framework (python libraries)

dev-python / grpcio-testing : Testing utilities for gRPC Python

dev-python / grpcio-tools : Protobuf code generator for gRPC

dev-python / gsd : GSD - file format specification and a library to read and write it

dev-python / gssapi : Low and high level wrappers around the GSSAPI C libraries

dev-python / gst-python : A Python Interface to GStreamer

dev-python / guessit : Python library for guessing information from video filenames

dev-python / guzzle_sphinx_theme : Sphinx theme used by Guzzle

dev-python / h11 : A pure-Python implementation of HTTP/1.1 inspired by hyper-h2

dev-python / h2 : HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation

dev-python / h5py : Simple Python interface to HDF5 files

dev-python / happybase : A developer-friendly Python library to interact with Apache HBase

dev-python / hatch-fancy-pypi-readme : Fancy PyPI READMEs with Hatch

dev-python / hatch-jupyter-builder : A hatch plugin to help build Jupyter packages

dev-python / hatch-nodejs-version : Hatch plugin for versioning from a package.json file

dev-python / hatch-vcs : Hatch plugin for versioning with your preferred VCS

dev-python / hatchling : Modern, extensible Python build backend

dev-python / hcloud : Official Hetzner Cloud python library

dev-python / helpdev : Helping users and developers to get information about the environment

dev-python / hidapi : A Cython interface to HIDAPI library

dev-python / hiredis : Python extension that wraps hiredis

dev-python / hishel : An elegant HTTP Cache implementation for HTTPX and HTTP Core

dev-python / hpack : Pure-Python HPACK header compression

dev-python / html2text : Turn HTML into equivalent Markdown-structured text

dev-python / html5-parser : Fast C based HTML 5 parsing for python

dev-python / html5lib : HTML parser based on the HTML5 specification

dev-python / httmock : A mocking library for requests

dev-python / httpauth : A WSGI middleware that secures routes using HTTP Digest Authentication

dev-python / httpbin : HTTP Request and Response Service

dev-python / httpcore : A minimal low-level HTTP client

dev-python / httplib2 : A comprehensive HTTP client library

dev-python / httpretty : HTTP client mock for Python

dev-python / httpx : Fully-featured HTTP client which provides sync and async APIs

dev-python / httpx-socks : Proxy (HTTP, SOCKS) transports for httpx

dev-python / huawei-lte-api : API For huawei LAN/WAN LTE Modems

dev-python / humanfriendly : Human friendly output for text interfaces using Python

dev-python / humanize : Common humanization utilities

dev-python / hvac : HashiCorp Vault API client

dev-python / hypercorn : A ASGI Server based on Hyper libraries and inspired by Gunicorn

dev-python / hyperframe : HTTP/2 framing layer for Python

dev-python / hyperlink : A featureful, correct URL for Python

dev-python / hypothesis : A library for property based testing

dev-python / icalendar : Package used for parsing and generating iCalendar files (RFC 2445)

dev-python / identify : File identification library for Python

dev-python / idna : Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)

dev-python / ifaddr : Enumerate IP addresses on the local network adapters

dev-python / ijson : Iterative JSON parser with a Pythonic interface

dev-python / imageio : Python library for reading and writing image data

dev-python / imageio-ffmpeg : FFMPEG wrapper for Python

dev-python / imagesize : Pure Python module for getting image size from png/jpeg/jpeg2000/gif files

dev-python / imapclient : easy-to-use, pythonic, and complete IMAP client library

dev-python / iminuit : Minuit numerical function minimization in Python

dev-python / immutabledict : An immutable wrapper around dictionaries

dev-python / immutables : A high-performance immutable mapping type for Python

dev-python / importlib-metadata : Read metadata from Python packages

dev-python / incremental : Incremental is a small library that versions your Python projects

dev-python / indexed-gzip : Fast random access of gzip files in Python

dev-python / inflect : Correctly inflect words and numbers

dev-python / inflection : A port of Ruby on Rails' inflector to Python

dev-python / ini2toml : Automatically conversion of .ini/.cfg files to TOML equivalents

dev-python / iniconfig : Brain-dead simple config-ini parsing

dev-python / iniparse : Better INI parser for Python

dev-python / insipid-sphinx-theme : Insipid Sphinx theme

dev-python / installer : A library for installing Python wheels

dev-python / intelhex : Python library for Intel HEX files manipulations

dev-python / intervaltree : Editable interval tree data structure for Python 2 and 3

dev-python / iocapture : Capture stdout, stderr easily

dev-python / ioflo : Automated Reasoning Engine and Flow Based Programming Framework

dev-python / ipaddr : Python IP address manipulation library

dev-python / ipdb : IPython-enabled pdb

dev-python / ipykernel : IPython Kernel for Jupyter

dev-python / ipyparallel : Interactive Parallel Computing with IPython

dev-python / ipython : Advanced interactive shell for Python

dev-python / ipython_genutils : Vestigial utilities from IPython

dev-python / ipywidgets : IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter

dev-python / irc : IRC client framework written in Python

dev-python / irctokens : RFC1459 and IRCv3 protocol tokeniser library

dev-python / iso8601 : Simple module to parse ISO 8601 dates

dev-python / isodate : ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter

dev-python / isoduration : Operations with ISO 8601 durations

dev-python / isort : A python utility/library to sort imports

dev-python / itsdangerous : Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments and back

dev-python / itunespy : A simple library to fetch data from the iTunes Store API

dev-python / jack-client : JACK Audio Connection Kit client for Python

dev-python / jaraco-classes : Classes used by other projects by developer jaraco

dev-python / jaraco-collections : Models and classes to supplement the stdlib collections module

dev-python / jaraco-context : Context managers by jaraco

dev-python / jaraco-env : Facilities for environment variables

dev-python / jaraco-envs : Classes for orchestrating Python (virtual) environments

dev-python / jaraco-functools : Additional functions used by other projects by developer jaraco

dev-python / jaraco-itertools : Tools for working with iterables. Complements itertools and more_itertools

dev-python / jaraco-logging : Additional facilities to supplement Python's stdlib logging module

dev-python / jaraco-path : Miscellaneous path functions

dev-python / jaraco-stream : Routines for handling streaming data

dev-python / jaraco-test : Testing support by jaraco

dev-python / jaraco-text : Text utilities used by other projects by developer jaraco

dev-python / jc : Converts the output of popular command-line tools and file-types to JSON

dev-python / jdcal : Julian dates from proleptic Gregorian and Julian calendars

dev-python / jedi : Autocompletion library for Python

dev-python / jeepney : Low-level, pure Python DBus protocol wrapper

dev-python / jellyfish : Python module for doing approximate and phonetic matching of strings

dev-python / jinja : A full-featured template engine for Python

dev-python / jinja2-time : Jinja2 Extension for Dates and Times

dev-python / jinja2_pluralize : Jinja2 pluralize filters

dev-python / jmespath : JSON Matching Expressions

dev-python / joblib : Tools to provide lightweight pipelining in Python

dev-python / josepy : JOSE protocol implementation in Python

dev-python / jq : Python bindings for jq

dev-python / js2py : JavaScript to Python Translator & JavaScript interpreter in Python

dev-python / jschema-to-python : Generate source code for Python classes from a JSON schema

dev-python / jsmin : JavaScript minifier

dev-python / json-rpc : JSON-RPC transport implementation for python

dev-python / json5 : A Python implementation of the JSON5 data format

dev-python / jsondiff : Diff JSON and JSON-like structures in Python

dev-python / jsonext : Well-structured helpers for serializing commonly encountered structures to JSON

dev-python / jsonmerge : Merge a series of JSON documents

dev-python / jsonpatch : Apply JSON-Patches like

dev-python / jsonpath-ng : Python JSONPath Next-Generation

dev-python / jsonpickle : Python library for serializing any arbitrary object graph into JSON

dev-python / jsonpointer : Identify specific nodes in a JSON document (according to draft 08)

dev-python / jsonref : An implementation of JSON Reference for Python

dev-python / jsonrpclib : python implementation of the JSON-RPC spec (1.0 and 2.0)

dev-python / jsonschema : An implementation of JSON-Schema validation for Python

dev-python / jsonschema-path : JSONSchema Spec with object-oriented paths

dev-python / jsonschema-spec : JSONSchema Spec with object-oriented paths

dev-python / jsonschema-specifications : The JSON Schema meta-schemas and vocabularies, exposed as a Registry

dev-python / jsonxs : Get/set values in JSON and Python datastructures

dev-python / junit-xml : Create JUnit XML test result documents

dev-python / jupyter : Jupyter metapackage. Install all the Jupyter components in one go

dev-python / jupyter-client : Jupyter protocol implementation and client libraries

dev-python / jupyter-console : A terminal-based console frontend for Jupyter kernels

dev-python / jupyter-core : Core common functionality of Jupyter projects

dev-python / jupyter-events : Jupyter Event System library

dev-python / jupyter-kernel-test : A tool for testing Jupyter kernels

dev-python / jupyter-lsp : Multi-Language Server WebSocket proxy for Jupyter Notebook/Lab

dev-python / jupyter-packaging : Tools to help build and install Jupyter Python packages

dev-python / jupyter-server : Core services, APIs, and REST endpoints to Jupyter web applications

dev-python / jupyter-server-mathjax : MathJax resources as a Jupyter Server Extension

dev-python / jupyter-server-proxy : Jupyter notebook server extension to proxy web services

dev-python / jupyter-server-terminals : A Jupyter Server Extension Providing Terminals

dev-python / jupyterlab : JupyterLab computational environment

dev-python / jupyterlab-lsp : Coding assistance for JupyterLab with Language Server Protocol

dev-python / jupyterlab-pygments : Pygments theme making use of JupyterLab CSS variables

dev-python / jupyterlab-server : Server components for JupyterLab and JupyterLab like applications

dev-python / jwcrypto : Implements JWK,JWS,JWE specifications using python-cryptography

dev-python / k5test : Library for testing Python applications in Kerberos 5 environments

dev-python / kafka-python : Kafka protocol support in Python

dev-python / kaitaistruct : Kaitai Struct runtime for Python

dev-python / kaptan : Configuration manager in your pocket

dev-python / kconfiglib : A flexible Python Kconfig implementation

dev-python / keep : Personal shell command keeper and snippets manager

dev-python / kerberos : A high-level Python wrapper for Kerberos/GSSAPI operations

dev-python / keyring : Provides access to the system keyring service

dev-python / keyrings-alt : Alternate keyring implementations

dev-python / keystoneauth1 : This package contains tools for authenticating to an OpenStack-based cloud

dev-python / keyutils : A set of python bindings for keyutils

dev-python / kgb : Python function spy support for unit tests

dev-python / kiwisolver : An efficient C++ implementation of the Cassowary constraint solving algorithm

dev-python / klein : Micro-framework for developing production-ready web services with Python

dev-python / kombu : AMQP Messaging Framework for Python

dev-python / krb5 : Kerberos API bindings for Python

dev-python / lark : Python module to propose a modern general-purpose parsing library for Python

dev-python / latexcodec : Lexer and codec to work with LaTeX code in Python

dev-python / lazy-loader : Populate library namespace without incurring immediate import costs

dev-python / lazy-object-proxy : A fast and thorough lazy object proxy

dev-python / ldap3 : A strictly RFC 4511 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python client

dev-python / leather : Python charting for 80% of humans

dev-python / leechcorepyc : Python binding for LeechCore Physical Memory Acquisition Library

dev-python / lesscpy : A compiler written in Python for the LESS language

dev-python / libarchive-c : A Python interface to libarchive

dev-python / libevdev : Python wrappers for the libevdev library

dev-python / liblarch : Library to handle directed acyclic graphs

dev-python / libnacl : Python ctypes wrapper for libsodium

dev-python / libpillowfight : Small library containing various image processing algorithms

dev-python / libsass : A straightforward binding of libsass for Python

dev-python / libtmux : Typed library that provides an ORM wrapper for tmux, a terminal multiplexer

dev-python / libvirt-python : libvirt Python bindings

dev-python / license-expression : Parse, compare, simplify and normalize license expressions

dev-python / line-profiler : Line-by-line profiler

dev-python / linkify-it-py : Links recognition library with full unicode support

dev-python / linode-metadata : Python bindings for the Linode Metadata Service

dev-python / lit : A stand-alone install of the LLVM suite testing tool

dev-python / littleutils : Small personal collection of Python utility functions

dev-python / livereload : livereload server in Python

dev-python / llfuse : Python bindings for the low-level FUSE API

dev-python / lmdb : Python bindings for the Lightning Database

dev-python / lmfit : Non-Linear Least-Squares Minimization and Curve-Fitting for Python

dev-python / locket : File-based locks for Python

dev-python / lockfile : Platform-independent file locking module

dev-python / logbook : A logging replacement for Python

dev-python / logfury : Boilerplate library for logging method calls

dev-python / logical-unification : Logical unification in Python

dev-python / loguru : Python logging made (stupidly) simple

dev-python / logutils : The logutils package provides a set of handlers for the Python standard

dev-python / loky : Robust and reusable Executor for joblib

dev-python / looseversion : A backwards/forwards-compatible fork of distutils.version.LooseVersion

dev-python / lrcalc : Python bindings for sci-mathematics/lrcalc

dev-python / lxml : A Pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries

dev-python / lz4 : LZ4 Bindings for Python

dev-python / m2crypto : A Python crypto and SSL toolkit

dev-python / magic-wormhole : Get Things From One Computer To Another, Safely

dev-python / magic-wormhole-mailbox-server : Mailbox server for magic-wormhole

dev-python / magic-wormhole-transit-relay : Transit relay server for magic-wormhole

dev-python / makefun : Small library to dynamically create Python functions

dev-python / mako : A Python templating language

dev-python / mamba : Python test runner born under the banner of Behavior Driven Development

dev-python / mando : Create Python CLI apps with little to no effort at all!

dev-python / manuel : Lets you mix and match traditional doctests with custom test syntax

dev-python / mapbox-vector-tile : Mapbox Vector Tile encoding and decoding.

dev-python / mapbox_earcut : Python bindings to the mapbox earcut C++ library

dev-python / markdown : Python implementation of the markdown markup language

dev-python / markdown-exec : Utilities to execute code blocks in Markdown files

dev-python / markdown-include : Python-Markdown extension providing LaTeX-style 'include' function

dev-python / markdown-it-py : Python port of markdown-it, Markdown parser

dev-python / markdown2 : Python Markdown language reimplementation

dev-python / markups : A wrapper around various text markups

dev-python / markupsafe : Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python

dev-python / marshmallow : A library for converting to and from native Python datatypes

dev-python / matplotlib : Pure python plotting library with matlab like syntax

dev-python / matplotlib-inline : Inline Matplotlib backend for Jupyter

dev-python / matrix-common : Common code for Synapse, Sydent and Sygnal

dev-python / matterhook : Interact with Mattermost incoming webhooks easily

dev-python / mcbootflash : Flash firmware to devices running Microchip's 16-bit bootloader

dev-python / mccabe : flake8 plugin: McCabe complexity checker

dev-python / mdit-py-plugins : Collection of plugins for markdown-it-py

dev-python / mdurl : Markdown URL utilities

dev-python / mdx-gh-links : An extension which adds links to GitHub users, repositories, issues and commits

dev-python / mecab-python : Python binding for MeCab

dev-python / mechanize : Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python

dev-python / mediafile : Read and write audio files' tags in Python

dev-python / memory-allocator : An extension class for memory allocation in cython

dev-python / merge3 : Python implementation of 3-way merge

dev-python / mergedeep : A deep merge tool for Python

dev-python / mergedict : A Python 'dict' with a merge() method

dev-python / meshio : Input/output for many mesh formats

dev-python / meson-python : Meson PEP 517 Python build backend

dev-python / metakernel : Metakernel for Jupyter

dev-python / micawber : A small library for extracting rich content from urls

dev-python / mido : MIDI Objects, a library for working with MIDI messages and ports

dev-python / mimerender : RESTful HTTP Content Negotiation for Flask, Bottle, and webapp2

dev-python / minidb : Simple SQLite-based object store

dev-python / minify-html : Extremely fast and smart HTML + JS + CSS minifier

dev-python / minikanren : Relational programming in Python

dev-python / minimock : The simplest possible mock library

dev-python / miniupnpc : Python bindings for UPnP client library

dev-python / mistletoe : A fast, extensible Markdown parser in pure Python

dev-python / mistune : The fastest markdown parser in pure Python

dev-python / mitmproxy_wireguard : WireGuard frontend for mitmproxy

dev-python / mkautodoc : Auto documentation for MkDocs

dev-python / mkdocs : Project documentation with Markdown

dev-python / mkdocs-ansible : Ansible theme for MkDocs

dev-python / mkdocs-autorefs : Automatically link across pages in MkDoc

dev-python / mkdocs-bootstrap : Bootstrap theme for MkDocs

dev-python / mkdocs-bootswatch : Bootswatch themes for MkDocs

dev-python / mkdocs-gen-files : MkDocs plugin to programmatically generate documentation pages during the build

dev-python / mkdocs-git-authors-plugin : Mkdocs plugin to display git authors of a page

dev-python / mkdocs-git-revision-date-localized-plugin : Display the localized date of the last git modification of a markdown file

dev-python / mkdocs-htmlproofer-plugin : A MkDocs plugin that validates URLs in rendered HTML files

dev-python / mkdocs-i18n : MkDocs i18n plugin

dev-python / mkdocs-macros-plugin : Mkdocs plug-in allowing the use of macros and variables in Markdown

dev-python / mkdocs-material : A Material Design theme for MkDocs

dev-python / mkdocs-material-extensions : Extension pack for Python Markdown

dev-python / mkdocs-minify-plugin : An MkDocs plugin to minify HTML and/or JS files prior to being written to disk

dev-python / mkdocs-monorepo-plugin : Build multiple documentation folders in a single Mkdocs

dev-python / mkdocs-pymdownx-material-extras : Custom alterations based on Mkdocs-Material

dev-python / mkdocs-redirects : Plugin for Mkdocs page redirects

dev-python / mkdocs-static-i18n : MkDocs i18n plugin using static translation markdown files

dev-python / mkdocstrings : Automatic documentation from sources, for MkDocs

dev-python / mkdocstrings-python : Python handler for dev-python/mkdocstrings

dev-python / ml-dtypes : A stand-alone implementation of several NumPy dtype extensions

dev-python / mmtf-python : The python implementation of the MMTF API, decoder and encoder

dev-python / mock : Rolling backport of unittest.mock for all Pythons

dev-python / moddb : Python scrapper to access ModDB mods, games and more as objects

dev-python / more-itertools : More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools

dev-python / moto : Mock library for boto

dev-python / mpdlcd : A small tool to display the MPD status on a LCDproc server

dev-python / mpi4py : Message Passing Interface for Python

dev-python / mpmath : Python library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic

dev-python / mrcfile : MRC2014 file format I/O library

dev-python / msgpack : MessagePack (de)serializer for Python

dev-python / mss : An ultra fast cross-platform multiple screenshots module in python using ctypes

dev-python / multidict : multidict implementation

dev-python / multipledispatch : Multiple dispatch

dev-python / multiprocess : Better multiprocessing and multithreading in Python

dev-python / munch : A dot-accessible dictionary (a la JavaScript objects)

dev-python / munkres : Module implementing munkres algorithm for the Assignment Problem

dev-python / musicbrainzngs : Python bindings for the MusicBrainz NGS and the Cover Art Archive webservices

dev-python / mygpoclient : A client library

dev-python / mypy : Optional static typing for Python

dev-python / mypy_extensions : Type system extensions for programs checked with mypy

dev-python / mysqlclient : Python interface to MySQL

dev-python / myst-parser : Extended commonmark compliant parser, with bridges to Sphinx

dev-python / nagiosplugin : A class library for writing nagios-compatible plugins

dev-python / natsort : Natural sorting for Python

dev-python / nautilus-python : Python bindings for the Nautilus file manager

dev-python / nbclassic : Jupyter Notebook as a Jupyter Server Extension

dev-python / nbclient : A client library for executing Jupyter notebooks

dev-python / nbconvert : Converting Jupyter Notebooks

dev-python / nbdime : Diff and merge of Jupyter Notebooks

dev-python / nbformat : Reference implementation of the Jupyter Notebook format

dev-python / nbsphinx : Jupyter Notebook Tools for Sphinx

dev-python / nbval : A pytest plugin to validate Jupyter notebooks

dev-python / nbxmpp : Python library to use Jabber/XMPP networks in a non-blocking way

dev-python / neovim-remote : A tool that helps control neovim processes

dev-python / nest-asyncio : Patch asyncio to allow nested event loops

dev-python / netaddr : Network address representation and manipulation library

dev-python / netcdf4 : Python/numpy interface to the netCDF C library

dev-python / netifaces : Portable network interface information

dev-python / networkx : Python tools to manipulate graphs and complex networks

dev-python / nextinspace : A command-line tool for seeing the latest in space

dev-python / nh3 : Ammonia HTML sanitizer Python binding

dev-python / nnpy : cffi-based Python bindings for nanomsg

dev-python / node-semver : Python version of node-semver, the semantic versioner for npm

dev-python / nodeenv : Node.js virtual environment builder

dev-python / noiseprotocol : Implementation of Noise Protocol Framework. Compatible with revisions 32 and 33.

dev-python / nose2 : Unittest with plugins

dev-python / noseofyeti : A custom python codec that provides an RSpec style dsl for python

dev-python / notebook : Jupyter Interactive Notebook

dev-python / notebook-shim : A shim layer for notebook traits and config

dev-python / notify2 : Python interface to DBus notifications

dev-python / nox : Flexible test automation for Python

dev-python / nspektr : Distribution package dependency inspector

dev-python / ntplib : Python NTP library

dev-python / numexpr : Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python and NumPy

dev-python / numpy : Fast array and numerical python library

dev-python / numpydoc : Sphinx extension to support docstrings in Numpy format

dev-python / oauthlib : Spec-compliant and thorough implementation of the OAuth request-signing logic

dev-python / objgraph : Draws Python object reference graphs with graphviz

dev-python / oct2py : Python to GNU Octave bridge

dev-python / octave-kernel : Jupyter kernel for octave

dev-python / odfpy : Python API and tools to manipulate OpenDocument files

dev-python / olefile : Python package to parse, read and write Microsoft OLE2 files

dev-python / omemo-dr : OMEMO Crypto Library

dev-python / openapi-core : Client-side and server-side support for the OpenAPI Specification v3

dev-python / openapi-schema-validator : OpenAPI schema validation for Python

dev-python / openapi-spec-validator : OpenAPI 2.0 (aka Swagger) and OpenAPI 3.0 spec validator

dev-python / openapi3 : Python OpenAPI 3 Specification client and validator

dev-python / openpyxl : Pure python reader and writer of Excel OpenXML files

dev-python / opensearch-py : Python client for OpenSearch

dev-python / openstackdocstheme : Theme and extension support for Sphinx documentation

dev-python / openstacksdk : A collection of libraries for building applications to work with OpenStack

dev-python / opentelemetry-api : OpenTelemetry Python API

dev-python / opentelemetry-sdk : OpenTelemetry Python SDK

dev-python / opentelemetry-semantic-conventions : OpenTelemetry Semantic Conventions

dev-python / opt-einsum : Optimized Einsum: A tensor contraction order optimizer

dev-python / ordered-set : A mutable set that remembers the order of its entries

dev-python / orjson : Fast, correct Python JSON library supporting dataclasses, datetimes, and numpy

dev-python / os-client-config : OpenStack Client Configuation Library

dev-python / os-service-types : A library to handle official service types for OpenStack and it's aliases

dev-python / osc-lib : A package of common support modules for writing OSC plugins

dev-python / oslo-concurrency : Oslo Concurrency library

dev-python / oslo-config : Oslo Configuration API

dev-python / oslo-context : Helpers to maintain useful information about a request context

dev-python / oslo-i18n : Oslo i18n library

dev-python / oslo-log : OpenStack logging config library, configuration for all openstack projects

dev-python / oslo-serialization : Oslo Serialization library

dev-python / oslo-utils : Oslo Utility library

dev-python / oslotest : Oslo test framework

dev-python / outcome : Capture the outcome of Python function calls

dev-python / overrides : A decorator to automatically detect mismatch when overriding a method.

dev-python / ovs : OVS bindings for python

dev-python / owslib : Library for client programming with Open Geospatial Consortium web service

dev-python / packaging : Core utilities for Python packages

dev-python / paginate : Divides large result sets into pages for easier browsing

dev-python / paho-mqtt : MQTT version 5.0/3.1.1 client class

dev-python / pallets-sphinx-themes : Sphinx themes for Pallets and related projects

dev-python / pandas : Powerful data structures for data analysis and statistics

dev-python / pandocfilters : Utilities for writing pandoc filters in python

dev-python / parallax : Execute commands and copy files over SSH to multiple machines at once

dev-python / parameterized : Parameterized testing with any Python test framework

dev-python / paramiko : SSH2 protocol library

dev-python / parse : Parse strings using a specification based on the Python format() syntax

dev-python / parse_type : Extension to the parse module

dev-python / parsedatetime : Parse human-readable date/time strings

dev-python / parso : A python parser that supports error recovery and round-trip parsing

dev-python / partd : Appendable key-value storage

dev-python / parver : Parse and manipulate version numbers

dev-python / passlib : Password hashing framework supporting over 20 schemes

dev-python / paste : Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack

dev-python / pastedeploy : Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers

dev-python / pastel : Bring colors to your terminal

dev-python / patatt : A simple library to add cryptographic attestation to patches sent via email

dev-python / patch-ng : Library to parse and apply unified diffs, fork of dev-python/patch

dev-python / path : A module wrapper for os.path

dev-python / path-and-address : Functions for server CLI applications used by humans

dev-python / pathable : Object-oriented paths

dev-python / pathlib2 : Backport of pathlib aiming to support the full stdlib Python API

dev-python / pathspec : Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths

dev-python / pathvalidate : A Python library to sanitize/validate a string such as filenames/file-paths/etc

dev-python / patiencediff : Python implementation of the patiencediff algorithm

dev-python / patsy : Python module to describe statistical models and design matrices

dev-python / pbkdf2 : Implementation of PBKDF2, specified in RSA PKCS#5 v2.0

dev-python / pbr : Inject some useful and sensible default behaviors into setuptools

dev-python / pbs-installer : Installer for Python Build Standalone

dev-python / pdfrw : PDF file reader/writer library

dev-python / pdm : Python package and dependency manager supporting the latest PEP standards

dev-python / pdm-backend : A PEP 517 backend for PDM that supports PEP 621 metadata

dev-python / pdm-pep517 : A PEP 517 backend for PDM that supports PEP 621 metadata

dev-python / pdoc3 : Auto-generate API documentation for Python projects

dev-python / pebble : Threading and multiprocessing eye-candy

dev-python / pecan : A WSGI object-dispatching web framework, lean, fast, with few dependencies

dev-python / peewee : Small Python ORM

dev-python / pefile : Module to read and work with Portable Executable (PE) files

dev-python / pelican-minify : An HTML minification plugin for Pelican, the static site generator

dev-python / pexpect : Python module for spawning child apps and responding to expected patterns

dev-python / pgspecial : Python implementation of PostgreSQL meta commands

dev-python / pgzero : A zero-boilerplate games programming framework based on Pygame

dev-python / phonenumbers : Python port of Google's libphonenumber

dev-python / phply : Lexer and parser for PHP source implemented using PLY

dev-python / pickleshare : A small 'shelve' like datastore with concurrency support

dev-python / picobox : Dependency injection framework designed with Python in mind

dev-python / pid : Pidfile featuring stale detection and file-locking

dev-python / piexif : Exif manipulation with pure Python

dev-python / pika : Pure-Python implementation of the AMQP

dev-python / pikepdf : Python library to work with pdf files based on qpdf

dev-python / pillow : Python Imaging Library (fork)

dev-python / pip : The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages

dev-python / pip-run : Install packages and run Python with them

dev-python / pipdeptree : Utility for displaying installed packages in a dependency tree

dev-python / pipenv : Python Development Workflow for Humans

dev-python / pipx : Install and Run Python Applications in Isolated Environments

dev-python / pivy : Coin3D bindings for Python

dev-python / pkgconfig : Interface Python with pkg-config

dev-python / pkgcraft : Python bindings for pkgcraft

dev-python / pkginfo : Provides an API for querying the distutils metadata written in a PKG-INFO file

dev-python / platformdirs : A small Python module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs

dev-python / plette : Structured Pipfile and Pipfile.lock models

dev-python / plotly : Browser-based graphing library for Python

dev-python / plotly-geo : Browser-based graphing library for Python

dev-python / pluggy : Plugin and hook calling mechanisms for Python

dev-python / pluginbase : Support library for building plugins sytems in Python

dev-python / plumbum : A library for shell script-like programs in python

dev-python / ply : Python Lex-Yacc library

dev-python / plyvel : Python interface to LevelDB

dev-python / pmw : Toolkit for building high-level compound Python widgets using the Tkinter module

dev-python / pocketlint : Shared code for running pylint against rhinstaller projects

dev-python / pockets : Collection of helpful Python tools

dev-python / podcastparser : Podcast parser for the gpodder client

dev-python / podman : A library to interact with a Podman server

dev-python / poetry : A frontend for poetry - a python dependency management and packaging tool

dev-python / poetry-core : Poetry PEP 517 Build Backend

dev-python / poetry-plugin-export : A plugin that allows the export of locked packages to various formats

dev-python / polib : A library to manipulate gettext files (.po and .mo files)

dev-python / pooch : Manage your Python library's sample data files

dev-python / portalocker : A library for Python file locking

dev-python / portend : TCP port monitoring utilities

dev-python / poyo : A lightweight YAML Parser for Python

dev-python / pplpy : Python bindings for the Parma Polyhedra Library (PPL)

dev-python / precis-i18n : Internationalized Usernames and Passwords

dev-python / pretend : A library for stubbing in Python

dev-python / prettytable : Easily displaying tabular data in a visually appealing ASCII table format

dev-python / primecountpy : Cython interface to sci-mathematics/primecount

dev-python / priority : A pure-Python implementation of the HTTP/2 priority tree

dev-python / process-tests : Tools for testing processes

dev-python / progress : Easy to use progress bars

dev-python / progressbar2 : Text progressbar library for python

dev-python / prometheus-client : Python client for the Prometheus monitoring system

dev-python / prompt-toolkit : Building powerful interactive command lines in Python

dev-python / proto-plus : Beautiful, Pythonic protocol buffers

dev-python / protobuf-python : Google's Protocol Buffers - Python bindings

dev-python / prov : W3C provenance data dodel library

dev-python / pslab : Python library for communicating with Pocket Science Lab

dev-python / psutil : Retrieve information on running processes and system utilization

dev-python / psycopg : PostgreSQL database adapter for Python

dev-python / ptyprocess : Run a subprocess in a pseudo terminal

dev-python / publicsuffix : Get a public suffix for a domain name using the Public Suffix List

dev-python / pudb : A full-screen, console-based Python debugger

dev-python / pulsectl : Python high-level interface and ctypes-based bindings for PulseAudio (libpulse)

dev-python / pulsectl-asyncio : Asyncio frontend for pulsectl, Python bindings of libpulse

dev-python / pure-eval : Safely evaluate AST nodes without side effects

dev-python / puremagic : Pure python implementation of magic file detection

dev-python / py : library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities

dev-python / py-cpuinfo : Get CPU info with pure Python 2 & 3

dev-python / py-ubjson : Universal Binary JSON encoder/decoder

dev-python / py-zabbix : Zabbix module for Python

dev-python / pyClamd : python interface to Clamd (Clamav daemon)

dev-python / pyDes : Python implementation of DES and TRIPLE DES

dev-python / pyacoustid : Python bindings for Chromaprint and the AcoustID web service

dev-python / pyaes : Pure-Python Implementation of the AES block-cipher and common modes of operation

dev-python / pyalsa : Python bindings for ALSA library

dev-python / pyamg : Algebraic multigrid solvers in Python

dev-python / pyaml : PyYAML-based module to produce pretty and readable YAML-serialized data

dev-python / pyannotate : Auto-generate PEP-484 annotations

dev-python / pyarrow : Python library for Apache Arrow

dev-python / pyasn1 : ASN.1 library for Python

dev-python / pyasn1-modules : pyasn1 modules

dev-python / pyasynchat : Make asynchat available for Python 3.12 onwards

dev-python / pyasyncore : Make asyncore available for Python 3.12 onwards

dev-python / pyatspi : Python client bindings for D-Bus AT-SPI

dev-python / pyaudio : Python bindings for PortAudio

dev-python / pybind11 : AST-based Python refactoring library

dev-python / pybtex : BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor

dev-python / pybtex-docutils : A docutils backend for pybtex

dev-python / pycairo : Python bindings for the cairo library

dev-python / pycares : Python interface for c-ares

dev-python / pycdio : Python OO interface to libcdio (CD Input and Control library)

dev-python / pychm : Python bindings for the chmlib library

dev-python / pychromecast : Python module to talk to Google Chromecast

dev-python / pyclipper : Cython wrapper for the C++ translation of the Angus Johnson's Clipper library

dev-python / pycodestyle : Python style guide checker (fka pep8)

dev-python / pycollada : Python library for reading and writing COLLADA documents

dev-python / pycountry : Database of countries, subdivisions, languages, currencies and script

dev-python / pycparser : C parser and AST generator written in Python

dev-python / pycryptodome : A self-contained cryptographic library for Python

dev-python / pycuda : Python wrapper for NVIDIA CUDA

dev-python / pycups : Python bindings for the CUPS API

dev-python / pycurl : Python bindings for curl/libcurl

dev-python / pycurl-requests : Requests-compatible interface for PycURL

dev-python / pycxx : Set of facilities to extend Python with C++

dev-python / pydantic : Data parsing and validation using Python type hints

dev-python / pydantic-core : Core validation logic for pydantic written in Rust

dev-python / pydata-sphinx-theme : Bootstrap-based Sphinx theme from the PyData community

dev-python / pydbus : Pythonic DBus library

dev-python / pydecomp : A python library of common (de)compression and contents handling

dev-python / pydevd : PyDev.Debugger (used in PyDev, PyCharm and VSCode Python)

dev-python / pydiffx : Python module for reading and writing DiffX files

dev-python / pydot : Python interface to Graphviz's Dot language

dev-python / pydyf : A low-level PDF generator

dev-python / pyeclib : Messaging API for RPC and notifications over different messaging transports

dev-python / pyelftools : pure-Python library for analyzing ELF files and DWARF debugging information

dev-python / pyenchant : Python bindings for the Enchant spellchecking system

dev-python / pyfakefs : A fake file system that mocks the Python file system modules

dev-python / pyflakes : Passive checker for Python programs

dev-python / pyformance : Performance metrics, based on Coda Hale's Yammer metrics

dev-python / pyftpdlib : Python FTP server library

dev-python / pyfuse3 : Python 3 bindings for libfuse 3 with asynchronous API

dev-python / pygal : A python SVG charts generator

dev-python / pygame : Python bindings for SDL multimedia library

dev-python / pygccxml : A specialized XML reader to navigate C++ declarations

dev-python / pygdbmi : Library to parse gdb mi output and interact with gdb subprocesses

dev-python / pyghmi : A pure python implementation of IPMI protocol

dev-python / pygit2 : Python bindings for libgit2

dev-python / pyglet : Cross-platform windowing and multimedia library for Python

dev-python / pygments : Pygments is a syntax highlighting package written in Python

dev-python / pygments-ansi-color : ANSI color-code highlighting for Pygments

dev-python / pygments-github-lexers : Pygments Github custom lexers

dev-python / pygobject : Python bindings for GObject Introspection

dev-python / pygraphviz : Python wrapper for the Graphviz Agraph data structure

dev-python / pygresql : A Python interface for the PostgreSQL database

dev-python / pyh2o : Python API for sci-libs/libh2o

dev-python / pyhamcrest : Hamcrest framework for matcher objects

dev-python / pyhcl : HCL configuration parser for python

dev-python / pyicu : Python bindings for dev-libs/icu

dev-python / pyinotify : Python module used for monitoring filesystems events

dev-python / pyjsparser : Fast javascript parser based on esprima.js

dev-python / pyjwt : JSON Web Token implementation in Python

dev-python / pykka : A Python implementation of the actor model

dev-python / pykwalify : Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation

dev-python / pylast : Python interface to and other api-compatible websites

dev-python / pylatex : A Python library for creating LaTeX files and snippets

dev-python / pylatexenc : Simple LaTeX parser providing latex-to-unicode and unicode-to-latex conversion

dev-python / pylev : Python Levenshtein implementation

dev-python / pylibacl : POSIX ACLs (Access Control Lists) for Python

dev-python / pylibmc : Libmemcached wrapper written as a Python extension

dev-python / pylint : Python code static checker

dev-python / pylint-venv : Init-hook to use the same Pylint with different virtual environments

dev-python / pylru : A least recently used (LRU) cache for Python

dev-python / pyls-spyder : Spyder extensions for the python language server

dev-python / pymacaroons : A Python implementation of Macaroons

dev-python / pymad : Python wrapper for libmad MP3 decoding in python

dev-python / pymdown-extensions : Extensions for Python Markdown

dev-python / pymdown-lexers : Additional lexers for use in Pygments

dev-python / pymdstat : Python library to parse Linux /proc/mdstat

dev-python / pymediainfo : A wrapper around the mediainfo library

dev-python / pymetar : Downloads and decodes to the weather report for a given station ID

dev-python / pymongo : Python driver for MongoDB

dev-python / pymountboot : Python extension module to (re)mount /boot

dev-python / pymysql : Pure-Python MySQL Driver

dev-python / pynacl : Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library

dev-python / pynvim : Python client for Neovim

dev-python / pyocr : An optical character recognition (OCR) tool wrapper

dev-python / pyopencl : Python wrapper for OpenCL

dev-python / pyopengl : Python OpenGL bindings

dev-python / pyopengl_accelerate : Accelerate module for PyOpenGL

dev-python / pyopenssl : Python interface to the OpenSSL library

dev-python / pyotherside : Asynchronous Python 3 Bindings for Qt

dev-python / pyotp : PyOTP is a Python library for generating and verifying one-time passwords

dev-python / pyparsing : Easy-to-use Python module for text parsing

dev-python / pyparted : Python bindings for sys-block/parted

dev-python / pypax : Python module to get or set either PT_PAX and/or XATTR_PAX flags

dev-python / pypdf : Python library to work with PDF files

dev-python / pyperclip : A cross-platform clipboard module for Python

dev-python / pyphen : Python module for hyphenation using hunspell dictionaries

dev-python / pypiserver : Minimal PyPI server

dev-python / pypng : Pure Python PNG image encoder/decoder

dev-python / pypresence : Complete Discord IPC and Rich Presence wrapper library in Python

dev-python / pyprof2calltree : convert python profile data to kcachegrind calltree form

dev-python / pyproj : Python interface to the PROJ library

dev-python / pyproject-api : API to interact with the python pyproject.toml based projects

dev-python / pyproject-fmt : Format your pyproject.toml file

dev-python / pyproject-hooks : Wrappers to build Python packages using PEP 517 hooks

dev-python / pyproject-metadata : PEP 621 metadata parsing

dev-python / pypugjs : Pug (Jade) syntax adapter for Django, Jinja2 and Mako templates

dev-python / pypy : A fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python language

dev-python / pypy-exe : PyPy executable (build from source)

dev-python / pypy-exe-bin : PyPy executable (pre-built version)

dev-python / pypy3 : A fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python (3.10) language

dev-python / pypy3_10 : A fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python (3.10) language

dev-python / pypy3_10-exe : PyPy3.10 executable (build from source)

dev-python / pypy3_10-exe-bin : PyPy3.10 executable (pre-built version)

dev-python / pypy3_9 : A fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python (3.9) language

dev-python / pypy3_9-exe : PyPy3.9 executable (build from source)

dev-python / pypy3_9-exe-bin : PyPy3.9 executable (pre-built version)

dev-python / pyqtgraph : A pure-python graphics and GUI library built on PyQt and numpy

dev-python / pyquery : A jQuery-like library for python

dev-python / pyrate-limiter : Python Rate-Limiter using Leaky-Bucket Algorimth Family

dev-python / pyrfc3339 : Generates and parses RFC 3339 timestamps

dev-python / pyroute2 : A pure Python netlink and Linux network configuration library

dev-python / pyrqlite : Python client for rqlite

dev-python / pyrsistent : Persistent/Functional/Immutable data structures

dev-python / pyscard : Smart card support in python

dev-python / pyscreenshot : Python screenshot library

dev-python / pyserial : Python Serial Port extension

dev-python / pyside2 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

dev-python / pyside2-tools : PySide development tools (pyside2-lupdate with support for Python)

dev-python / pyside6 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

dev-python / pyside6-tools : PySide development tools (pyside6-lupdate with support for Python)

dev-python / pysimdjson : Python bindings for simdjson

dev-python / pysmi : Python Lex & Yacc

dev-python / pysnmp : Python SNMP library

dev-python / pysnmp-mibs : SNMP framework in Python - MIBs

dev-python / pysol-cards : Deal PySol FreeCell cards

dev-python / pyspectrum2 : Implements a protobuf-based interface for Spectrum2 python-based backends

dev-python / pyspelling : Spell checker automation tool

dev-python / pyspf : Python implementation of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

dev-python / pyspnego : Library to handle SPNEGO and CredSSP authentication

dev-python / pysrt : Python library used to edit or create SubRip files

dev-python / pystache : Updated Python implementation of Mustache templating framework

dev-python / pysvg : Python SVG document creation library

dev-python / pysvn : Object-oriented python bindings for subversion

dev-python / pyte : Simple VTXXX-compatible terminal emulator

dev-python / pytesseract : Optical character recognition (OCR) tool

dev-python / pytest : Simple powerful testing with Python

dev-python / pytest-aiohttp : pytest plugin for aiohttp support

dev-python / pytest-asyncio : Library for testing asyncio code with pytest

dev-python / pytest-bdd : BDD library for the pytest runner

dev-python / pytest-check : pytest plugin that allows multiple failures per test

dev-python / pytest-codeblocks : Extract code blocks from markdown

dev-python / pytest-console-scripts : Pytest plugin for testing console scripts

dev-python / pytest-cov : pytest plugin for coverage reporting

dev-python / pytest-custom-exit-code : Exit pytest test session with custom exit code in different scenarios

dev-python / pytest-datadir : Pytest plugin for manipulating test data directories and files

dev-python / pytest-datafiles : Create a 'tmp_path' containing predefined files/directories

dev-python / pytest-describe : Describe-style plugin for pytest

dev-python / pytest-django : A Django plugin for pytest

dev-python / pytest-env : pytest plugin that allows you to add environment variables

dev-python / pytest-expect : pytest plugin that stores test expectations by saving the set of failing tests

dev-python / pytest-faulthandler : Pytest plugin that activates the fault handler module for tests

dev-python / pytest-forked : Run tests in isolated forked subprocesses

dev-python / pytest-freezegun : Easily freeze time in pytest test + fixtures

dev-python / pytest-freezer : Pytest plugin providing a fixture interface for spulec/freezegun

dev-python / pytest-golden : Plugin for pytest that offloads expected outputs to data files

dev-python / pytest-helpers-namespace : Provides a helpers pytest namespace

dev-python / pytest-home : Home directory fixtures

dev-python / pytest-httpbin : Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of httpbin

dev-python / pytest-httpserver : HTTP server for pytest to test HTTP clients

dev-python / pytest-httpx : Send responses to HTTPX using pytest

dev-python / pytest-jupyter : Pytest plugin for testing Jupyter libraries and extensions

dev-python / pytest-lazy-fixture : It helps to use fixtures in pytest.mark.parametrize

dev-python / pytest-lazy-fixtures : Allows you to use fixtures in @pytest.mark.parametrize

dev-python / pytest-localftpserver : A PyTest plugin which provides an FTP fixture for your tests

dev-python / pytest-localserver : Pytest plugin to test server connections locally

dev-python / pytest-markdown : Run tests in your markdown

dev-python / pytest-metadata : A plugin for pytest that provides access to test session metadata

dev-python / pytest-mock : Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with pytest

dev-python / pytest-mpl : Facilitate image comparison for Matplotlib figures

dev-python / pytest-order : pytest plugin to run your tests in a specific order

dev-python / pytest-ordering : pytest plugin to run your tests in a specific order

dev-python / pytest-param-files : Pytest parametrize decorators from external files.

dev-python / pytest-plus : PyTest Plus Plugin - extends pytest functionality

dev-python / pytest-qt : Pytest plugin for PyQt5 and PySide2 applications

dev-python / pytest-recording : A pytest plugin to record network interactions via

dev-python / pytest-regressions : Easy to use fixtures to write regression tests

dev-python / pytest-rerunfailures : pytest plugin to re-run tests to eliminate flaky failures

dev-python / pytest-reserial : Pytest plugin for recording and replaying serial port traffic during tests

dev-python / pytest-salt-factories : The new generation of the pytest-salt Plugin

dev-python / pytest-services : Collection of fixtures and utility functions to run service processes for pytest

dev-python / pytest-shell-utilities : pytest plugin: fixtures and code to help with running shell commands on tests

dev-python / pytest-skip-markers : A Pytest plugin which implements a few useful skip markers

dev-python / pytest-subprocess : A plugin to fake subprocess for pytest

dev-python / pytest-subtests : Unittest subTest() support and subtests fixture

dev-python / pytest-sugar : Plugin that changes the default look and feel of pytest

dev-python / pytest-system-statistics : Pytest Plugin Which Reports System Usage Statistics

dev-python / pytest-tempdir : Pytest plugin to support for a predictable and repeatable temporary directory

dev-python / pytest-testinfra : Write unit tests in Python to test actual state of your servers

dev-python / pytest-timeout : pytest plugin to abort hanging tests

dev-python / pytest-tornado : Fixtures and markers to simplify testing of asynchronous tornado applications

dev-python / pytest-tornasync : Pytest plugin for testing Python 3.5+ Tornado code

dev-python / pytest-trio : This is a pytest plugin to help you test projects that use Trio

dev-python / pytest-twisted : A pytest plugin for testing Twisted framework consumers

dev-python / pytest-xdist : Distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes

dev-python / pytest-xprocess : Manage external processes across test runs

dev-python / pytest-xvfb : Pytest plugin to run Xvfb for tests

dev-python / python-augeas : Python bindings for Augeas

dev-python / python-axolotl : A python module for the axolotl protocol

dev-python / python-axolotl-curve25519 : A python wrapper for the curve25519 library with ed25519 signatures

dev-python / python-box : Python dictionaries with advanced dot notation access

dev-python / python-bugzilla : A python module for interacting with Bugzilla over XMLRPC

dev-python / python-caja : Python bindings for the Caja file manager

dev-python / python-cinderclient : A client for the OpenStack Cinder API

dev-python / python-constraint : Constraint Solving Problem resolver for Python

dev-python / python-ctags3 : Exuberant Ctags indexing python bindings

dev-python / python-daemon : Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process

dev-python / python-dateutil : Extensions to the standard Python datetime module

dev-python / python-dbusmock : Easily create mock objects on D-Bus for software testing

dev-python / python-debian : Python modules to work with Debian-related data formats

dev-python / python-distutils-extra : Gettext support, themed icons and scrollkeeper-based documentation in distutils

dev-python / python-dotenv : Manage .env files

dev-python / python-editor : Programmatically open an editor, capture the result

dev-python / python-engineio : Python implementation of the Engine.IO realtime server

dev-python / python-gammu : Python bindings for Gammu

dev-python / python-gflags : Google's Python argument parsing library

dev-python / python-glanceclient : A client for the OpenStack Glance API

dev-python / python-gnupg : A Python wrapper for GnuPG

dev-python / python-ironicclient : Python bindings for the Ironic API

dev-python / python-jose : A JavaScript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) implementation in Python

dev-python / python-json-logger : Standard python logging to output log data as json objects

dev-python / python-keystoneclient : Client Library for OpenStack Identity

dev-python / python-ldap : Various LDAP-related Python modules

dev-python / python-lhafile : LHA archive support for Python

dev-python / python-linux-procfs : Python classes to extract information from the Linux kernel /proc files

dev-python / python-lsp-black : Black plugin for the Python LSP Server

dev-python / python-lsp-jsonrpc : JSON RPC 2.0 server library

dev-python / python-lsp-server : Python Language Server for the Language Server Protocol

dev-python / python-ly : Tool and library for manipulating LilyPond files

dev-python / python-lzo : Python interface to lzo

dev-python / python-magic : Access the libmagic file type identification library

dev-python / python-markdown-math : Math extension for Python-Markdown

dev-python / python-memcached : Pure python memcached client

dev-python / python-mimeparse : Basic functions for handling mime-types in python

dev-python / python-mpd2 : Python MPD client library

dev-python / python-mpv : Python interface to the mpv media player

dev-python / python-multipart : A streaming multipart parser for Python

dev-python / python-netlink : Pure-Python client for the Linux NetLink interface

dev-python / python-neutronclient : A client for the OpenStack Quantum API

dev-python / python-novaclient : A client for the OpenStack Nova API

dev-python / python-openstackclient : A client for the OpenStack APIs

dev-python / python-pam : Python PAM module

dev-python / python-poppler-qt5 : Python binding for libpoppler-qt5

dev-python / python-ptrace : A Python binding of ptrace library

dev-python / python-redmine : Python interface to the Redmine REST API

dev-python / python-rtmidi : Python bindings for media-libs/rtmidi implemented using Cython

dev-python / python-slugify : A Python Slugify application that handles Unicode

dev-python / python-snappy : Python library for the snappy compression library from Google

dev-python / python-socks : SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP tunneling functionality for Python

dev-python / python-stdnum : A module to handle standardized numbers and codes

dev-python / python-swiftclient : Python bindings to the OpenStack Object Storage API

dev-python / python-systemd : Python module for native access to the systemd facilities

dev-python / python-utils : Collection of small Python functions & classes

dev-python / python-vlc : Python ctypes-based bindings for libvlc

dev-python / python-xlib : A fully functional X client library for Python, written in Python

dev-python / python-xmp-toolkit : Library for working with XMP metadata

dev-python / python3-discogs-client : Continuation of the official Python API client for Discogs

dev-python / python3-lxc : Python bindings for LXC

dev-python / python3-saml : OneLogin's SAML Python Toolkit

dev-python / python3-xapp : Python bindings for x11-libs/xapp

dev-python / pythondialog : A Python module for making simple text/console-mode user interfaces

dev-python / pythonfinder : PythonFinder: Cross Platform Search Tool for Finding Pythons

dev-python / pythonnet : Nearly seamless integration with the .NET Common Language Runtime

dev-python / pythran : Ahead of Time compiler for numeric kernels

dev-python / pytidylib : Python wrapper for HTML Tidy (tidylib)

dev-python / pytimeparse : A small Python module to parse various kinds of time expressions

dev-python / pytoolconfig : Python tool configuration

dev-python / pytools : Collection of tools missing from the Python standard library

dev-python / pytrie : A pure Python implementation of the trie data structure

dev-python / pytz : World timezone definitions for Python

dev-python / pytzdata : The Olson timezone database for Python

dev-python / pyu2f : Python based U2F host library

dev-python / pyuca : Python implementation of the Unicode Collation Algorithm

dev-python / pyudev : Python binding to libudev

dev-python / pyupgrade : Tool + pre-commit hook to automatically upgrade syntax for newer Pythons

dev-python / pyusb : USB support for Python

dev-python / pyvirtualdisplay : Python wrapper for Xvfb, Xephyr and Xvnc

dev-python / pywavelets : Discrete Wavelet Transforms in Python

dev-python / pywayland : Python bindings for the libwayland library

dev-python / pywinrm : Python client for the Windows Remote Management (WinRM) service

dev-python / pywlroots : Python binding to the wlroots library using cffi

dev-python / pyx : Python package for the generation of encapsulated PostScript figures

dev-python / pyxDamerauLevenshtein : Implements the Damerau-Levenshtein edit distance algorithm for Python in Cython

dev-python / pyxattr : Python interface to xattr

dev-python / pyxdg : A Python module to deal with specifications

dev-python / pyyaml : YAML parser and emitter for Python

dev-python / pyyaml_env_tag : A custom YAML tag for referencing environment variables in YAML files

dev-python / pyzbar : Read one-dimensional barcodes and QR codes from Python

dev-python / pyzmq : Lightweight and super-fast messaging library built on top of the ZeroMQ library

dev-python / pyzotero : A Python client for the Zotero API

dev-python / qdarkstyle : A dark style sheet for QtWidgets application

dev-python / qiskit-aer : High performance simulator for quantum circuits that includes noise models

dev-python / qiskit-terra : Terra is the foundation on which Qiskit is built

dev-python / qpageview : Page-based viewer widget for Qt5/PyQt5

dev-python / qrcode : QR Code generator on top of PIL

dev-python / qscintilla-python : Python bindings for QScintilla

dev-python / qstylizer : Stylesheet Generator for PyQt5/PySide2

dev-python / qtawesome : Enables iconic fonts such as Font Awesome in PyQt

dev-python / qtconsole : Qt-based console for Jupyter with support for rich media output

dev-python / qtsass : Compile SASS files to Qt stylesheets

dev-python / quantities : Support for physical quantities with units, based on numpy

dev-python / quart : A Python ASGI web microframework with the same API as Flask

dev-python / quart-trio : A Quart extension to provide trio support

dev-python / radon : Code Metrics in Python

dev-python / raet : Reliable Asynchronous Event Transport Protocol

dev-python / random2 : Python 2.7 random module ported to Python 3

dev-python / rapidfuzz : Rapid fuzzy string matching in Python using various string metrics

dev-python / rapidfuzz-capi : C-API of RapidFuzz, which can be used to extend RapidFuzz

dev-python / rarfile : Module for RAR archive reading

dev-python / ratelimit : An API rate limit decorator for Python

dev-python / rdflib : RDF library containing a triple store and parser/serializer

dev-python / re-assert : Show where your regex match assertion failed

dev-python / readme-renderer : A library for rendering 'readme' descriptions for Warehouse

dev-python / readthedocs-sphinx-ext : Code specific for Read the Docs and Sphinx

dev-python / readtime : Calculates the time some text takes the average human to read

dev-python / rebulk : Python library that performs advanced searches in strings

dev-python / recommonmark : Python docutils-compatibility bridge to CommonMark

dev-python / recurring-ical-events : Repeat ICalendar events by RRULE, RDATE and EXDATE

dev-python / redis : Python client for Redis key-value store

dev-python / reedsolo : Python Reed Solomon encoder/decoder

dev-python / referencing : Cross-specification JSON referencing (JSON Schema, OpenAPI...)

dev-python / reflink : Python wrapper around the reflink system calls

dev-python / regex : Alternative regular expression module to replace re

dev-python / rencode : similar to bencode from the BitTorrent project

dev-python / reno : Release notes manager, storing release notes in a git repo and building docs

dev-python / reportlab : Tools for generating printable PDF documents from any data source

dev-python / repoze-lru : A tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator

dev-python / requests : HTTP library for human beings

dev-python / requests-cache : Persistent cache for requests library

dev-python / requests-credssp : HTTPS CredSSP authentication with the requests library

dev-python / requests-file : File transport adapter for Requests

dev-python / requests-futures : Asynchronous Python HTTP for Humans

dev-python / requests-kerberos : A Kerberos authentication handler for python-requests

dev-python / requests-mock : Mock out responses from the requests package

dev-python / requests-ntlm : HTTP NTLM authentication using the requests library

dev-python / requests-oauthlib : This project provides first-class OAuth library support for Requests

dev-python / requests-toolbelt : A utility belt for advanced users of python-requests

dev-python / requests-unixsocket : Use requests to talk HTTP via a UNIX domain socket

dev-python / requests-wsgi-adapter : WSGI Transport Adapter for Requests

dev-python / requests_download : A convenient function to download to a file using requests

dev-python / requestsexceptions : Finds the correct path to exceptions in the requests library

dev-python / resolvelib : Resolve abstract dependencies into concrete ones

dev-python / responses : Utility for mocking out the Python Requests library

dev-python / respx : Mock HTTPX with awesome request patterns and response side effects

dev-python / restructuredtext-lint : Checks PyPI validity of reStructuredText

dev-python / retry-decorator : Decorator for retrying when exceptions occur

dev-python / retrying : General-purpose retrying library

dev-python / rfc3339-validator : A pure python RFC3339 validator

dev-python / rfc3986 : Validating URI References per RFC 3986

dev-python / rfc3986-validator : Pure python RFC3986 validator

dev-python / rfc3987 : Parsing and validation of URIs (RFC 3986) and IRIs (RFC 3987)

dev-python / rich : Python library for rendering rich text, tables, etc. to the terminal

dev-python / roman : An Integer to Roman numerals converter

dev-python / rope : Python refactoring library

dev-python / ropemode : A helper for using rope refactoring library in IDEs

dev-python / routes : A re-implementation of Rails routes system, mapping URLs to Controllers/Actions

dev-python / rpds-py : Python bindings to Rust's persistent data structures (rpds)

dev-python / rply : Pure python parser generator that also works with RPython

dev-python / rpy : Python interface to the R language

dev-python / rpyc : Remote Python Call (RPyC), a transparent and symmetric RPC library

dev-python / rq : Simple, lightweight library for creating and processing background jobs

dev-python / rsa : Pure-Python RSA implementation

dev-python / rst-linker : Sphinx plugin to add links and timestamps to the changelog

dev-python / rtimulib : Python Binding for RTIMULib, a versatile IMU library

dev-python / rtslib-fb : A Python object API for managing the Linux LIO kernel target

dev-python / ruamel-yaml : YAML parser/emitter that supports roundtrip comment preservation

dev-python / ruamel-yaml-clib : C-based reader/scanner and emitter for dev-python/ruamel-yaml

dev-python / rustworkx : A high performance Python graph library implemented in Rust

dev-python / s3transfer : An Amazon S3 Transfer Manager

dev-python / sabctools : Module providing raw yEnc encoding/decoding for SABnzbd

dev-python / sarge : Wrapper for subprocess which provides command pipeline functionality

dev-python / sarif-om : Classes implementing the SARIF 2.1.0 object model

dev-python / schema : Simple data validation library

dev-python / scikit-build : Improved build system generator for Python C/C++/Fortran/Cython extensions

dev-python / scikit-build-core : Build backend for CMake based projects

dev-python / scikit-image : Image processing routines for SciPy

dev-python / scikit-learn : Machine learning library for Python

dev-python / scipy : Scientific algorithms library for Python

dev-python / scripttest : A very small text templating language

dev-python / scrypt : Bindings for the scrypt key derivation function library

dev-python / seaborn : Statistical data visualization

dev-python / secretstorage : Python bindings to Secret Service API

dev-python / seedir : Package for creating, editing, and reading folder tree diagrams

dev-python / segno : Python QR Code and Micro QR Code encoder

dev-python / selenium : Python language binding for Selenium Remote Control

dev-python / semantic-version : Python library providing a few tools handling SemVer in Python

dev-python / semver : A Python module for semantic versioning

dev-python / send2trash : Sends files to the Trash (or Recycle Bin)

dev-python / sense-hat : Raspberry Pi Sense HAT python library

dev-python / sentry-sdk : Python client for Sentry

dev-python / serpent : A simple serialization library based on ast.literal_eval

dev-python / serverfiles : Utility for accessing HTTP server and storing files locally for reuse

dev-python / service-identity : Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL

dev-python / setproctitle : Allow customization of the process title

dev-python / setuptools : Collection of extensions to Distutils

dev-python / setuptools-gettext : Setuptools plugin for building mo files

dev-python / setuptools-git : Setuptools revision control system plugin for Git

dev-python / setuptools-rust : A plugin for setuptools to build Rust Python extensions

dev-python / setuptools-scm : Manage versions by scm tags via setuptools

dev-python / sexpdata : a simple S-expression parser/serializer

dev-python / sgmllib3k : Py3k port of sgmllib

dev-python / sh : Python subprocess interface

dev-python / shapely : Geometric objects, predicates, and operations

dev-python / shellingham : Tool to Detect Surrounding Shell

dev-python / shiboken2 : Python binding generator for C++ libraries

dev-python / shiboken6 : Python binding generator for C++ libraries

dev-python / shtab : Automagic shell tab completion for Python CLI applications

dev-python / signature-dispatch : Execute the first function that matches the given arguments

dev-python / signedjson : Signs JSON objects with ED25519 signatures.

dev-python / simber : Simple, minimal and powerful logging library for Python

dev-python / simpervisor : Simple Python3 Supervisor library

dev-python / simple-websocket : Simple WebSocket server and client for Python

dev-python / simplebayes : memory-based, optional-persistence naive bayesian text classifier

dev-python / simpleeval : A simple, safe single expression evaluator library

dev-python / simplegeneric : Simple generic functions for Python

dev-python / simplejson : Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python

dev-python / simplekml : Enables you to generate KML with as little effort as possible

dev-python / simpy : Object-oriented, process-based discrete-event simulation language

dev-python / sip : Python bindings generator for C/C++ libraries

dev-python / six : Python 2 and 3 compatibility library

dev-python / slixmpp : Python 3 library for XMPP

dev-python / smartypants : ASCII quote-dot-dash to HTML entity converter

dev-python / smbus2 : A drop-in replacement for smbus-cffi/smbus-python in pure Python

dev-python / smmap : A pure Python implementation of a sliding window memory map manager

dev-python / snakeoil : misc common functionality and useful optimizations

dev-python / snaketrace : An strace-like tool for Python audit events

dev-python / snapshottest : Snapshot Testing utils for Python

dev-python / sniffio : Sniff out which async library your code is running under

dev-python / snowballstemmer : Stemmer algorithms generated from Snowball algorithms

dev-python / socketio-client-nexus : A 2.x client library for Python

dev-python / socksio : Sans-I/O implementation of SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, and SOCKS5

dev-python / sortedcontainers : Python library to sort collections and containers

dev-python / soupsieve : A modern CSS selector implementation for BeautifulSoup

dev-python / spake2 : python implementation of SPAKE2 password-authenticated key exchange algorithm

dev-python / spdx-tools : Python library to parse, validate and create SPDX documents

dev-python / speg : A PEG-based parser interpreter with memoization

dev-python / sphinx : Python documentation generator

dev-python / sphinx-aiohttp-theme : Sphinx theme for aiohttp

dev-python / sphinx-argparse : Sphinx extension that automatically documents argparse commands and options

dev-python / sphinx-autoapi : A new approach to API documentation in Sphinx

dev-python / sphinx-autodoc-typehints : Type hints support for the Sphinx autodoc extension

dev-python / sphinx-basic-ng : A modern skeleton for Sphinx themes

dev-python / sphinx-bootstrap-theme : Sphinx theme integrates the Bootstrap CSS / JavaScript framework

dev-python / sphinx-celery : Celery Sphinx Theme and Utilities

dev-python / sphinx-copybutton : A small sphinx extension to add a "copy" button to code blocks

dev-python / sphinx-epytext : Sphinx epytext extension

dev-python / sphinx-gallery : Sphinx extension to automatically generate an examples gallery

dev-python / sphinx-inline-tabs : A sphinx extension for inline tabs

dev-python / sphinx-issues : Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker

dev-python / sphinx-lv2-theme : Minimal pure-CSS Sphinx theme using the LV2 plugin documentation style

dev-python / sphinx-multiversion : Add support for multiple versions to sphinx

dev-python / sphinx-notfound-page : Create a custom 404 page with absolute URLs hardcoded

dev-python / sphinx-panels : A sphinx extension for creating panels in a grid layout

dev-python / sphinx-press-theme : A Sphinx-doc theme based on Vuepress

dev-python / sphinx-prompt : Sphinx directive to add unselectable prompt

dev-python / sphinx-py3doc-enhanced-theme : Enhanced Sphinx theme (based on Python 3 docs)

dev-python / sphinx-pytest : Helpful pytest fixtures for Sphinx extensions

dev-python / sphinx-rtd-theme : theme for Sphinx

dev-python / sphinx-tabs : Tabbed views for Sphinx

dev-python / sphinx_selective_exclude : Sphinx selective rendition extensions

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-apidoc : Sphinx extension for running sphinx-apidoc on each build

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-applehelp : Sphinx extension which outputs Apple help book

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-asyncio : sphinx extension to support coroutines in markup

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-autoprogram : Documenting CLI programs

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-bibtex : Sphinx extensions for BibTeX style citations

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-devhelp : Sphinx extension which outputs Devhelp documents

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-doxylink : Extension to link to external Doxygen API documentation

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-github-alt : Link to GitHub issues, pull requests, commits and users from Sphinx docs

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp : Sphinx extension which outputs HTML help book

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-httpdomain : Sphinx domain for documenting HTTP APIs

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-jquery : Extension to include jQuery on newer Sphinx releases

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-jsmath : Sphinx extension which renders display math in HTML via JavaScript

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-log-cabinet : Organize changelog directives in Sphinx docs

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-newsfeed : News Feed extension for Sphinx

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-plantuml : Sphinx extensions for PlantUML

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-programoutput : Extension to sphinx to include program output

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-qthelp : Sphinx extension which outputs QtHelp documents

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml : Sphinx extension which outputs outputs serialized HTML files

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-spelling : Sphinx spelling extension

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-trio : Make Sphinx better at documenting Python functions and methods

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-websupport : Sphinx websupport extension

dev-python / sphinxemoji : Extension to use emoji codes in your Sphinx documentation

dev-python / sphinxygen : Python module/script that generates Sphinx markup to describe a C API

dev-python / sphobjinv : Sphinx objects.inv Inspection/Manipulation Tool

dev-python / spotipy : A lightweight Python library for the Spotify Web API

dev-python / spur : Run commands locally or over SSH using the same interface

dev-python / spyder : The Scientific Python Development Environment

dev-python / spyder-kernels : Kernels used by spyder on its ipython console

dev-python / spyder-line-profiler : Plugin to run the python line profiler from within the spyder editor

dev-python / spyder-notebook : Jupyter notebook integration with Spyder

dev-python / spyder-terminal : Run system terminals inside Spyder

dev-python / spyder-unittest : Plugin for Spyder to run tests and view the results

dev-python / spyder-vim : Plugin for Spyder to enable Vim keybindings

dev-python / sqlalchemy : Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper

dev-python / sqlalchemy-rqlite : A SQLAlchemy dialect for rqlite

dev-python / sqlglot : An easily customizable SQL parser and transpiler

dev-python / sqlitedict : Persistent dict in Python, backed by SQLite and pickle

dev-python / sqlparse : A non-validating SQL parser module for Python

dev-python / sshpubkeys : OpenSSH public key parser for Python

dev-python / sshtunnel : Pure Python SSH tunnels

dev-python / ssl-fetch : Small convenience library for fetching files securely

dev-python / stack-data : Extract data from Python tracebacks for informative displays

dev-python / stapler : Suite of tools for PDF files manipulation written in Python

dev-python / starlette : The little ASGI framework that shines

dev-python / statsd : A simple statsd client

dev-python / statsmodels : Statistical computations and models for use with SciPy

dev-python / stdio-mgr : Context manager for mocking/wrapping stdin/stdout/stderr

dev-python / stestr : A parallel Python test runner built around subunit

dev-python / stevedore : Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications

dev-python / stomp-py : Python client library for the STOMP messaging protocol

dev-python / strict-rfc3339 : Strict, simple, lightweight RFC3339 functions

dev-python / stripe : Stripe python bindings

dev-python / structlog : Structured Logging for Python

dev-python / subprocess-tee : replacement with tee(1)-like output

dev-python / subunit : A streaming protocol for test results

dev-python / suds-community : Lightweight SOAP client

dev-python / sumtypes : Sum Types, aka Tagged Unions, for Python

dev-python / superqt : Missing widgets and components for PyQt/PySide

dev-python / sure : idiomatic assertion toolkit with human-friendly failure messages

dev-python / svg-path : SVG path objects and parser

dev-python / svglib : Pure-Python library for reading and converting SVG

dev-python / svgwrite : Python Package to write SVG files

dev-python / swagger-spec-validator : Validate Swagger specs against Swagger 1.1 or 2.0 specification

dev-python / sybil : Automated testing for the examples in your documentation

dev-python / symengine : Python wrappers to the symengine C++ library

dev-python / sympy : Computer Algebra System in pure Python

dev-python / tables : Hierarchical datasets for Python

dev-python / tabulate : Pretty-print tabular data

dev-python / tagpy : Python Bindings for TagLib

dev-python / tappy : Test Anything Protocol (TAP) tools

dev-python / taskgroup : Backport of asyncio.TaskGroup, asyncio.Runner and asyncio.timeout

dev-python / tasklib : A Python library for interacting with taskwarrior databases

dev-python / tavalidate : Utities to validate Tavern responses

dev-python / tavern : A tool, library, and Pytest plugin for testing RESTful APIs

dev-python / tblib : Traceback fiddling library for Python

dev-python / tcolorpy : tcolorpy is a Python library to apply true color for terminal text

dev-python / tekore : Spotify Web API client

dev-python / tempest : OpenStack Integration Testing

dev-python / tempora : Objects and routines pertaining to date and time

dev-python / tenacity : General-purpose retrying library

dev-python / termcolor : ANSI Color formatting for output in terminal

dev-python / terminado : Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets

dev-python / terminaltables : Generate simple tables in terminals from a nested list of strings

dev-python / testfixtures : A collection of helpers and mock objects for unit tests and doc tests

dev-python / testpath : Test utilities for code working with files and commands

dev-python / testresources : A pyunit extension for managing expensive test resources

dev-python / testscenarios : A pyunit extension for dependency injection

dev-python / testtools : Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework

dev-python / text-unidecode : The most basic port of the Text::Unidecode Perl library

dev-python / textX : Meta-language for DSL implementation inspired by Xtext

dev-python / textdistance : Compute distance between the two texts

dev-python / textile : A Python port of Textile, A humane web text generator

dev-python / texttable : Module to create simple ASCII tables

dev-python / threadpoolctl : Limit the number of threads used in native libs that have their own threadpool

dev-python / three-merge : Simple Python library to perform a 3-way merge between strings

dev-python / thrift : Python implementation of Thrift

dev-python / thriftpy2 : Pure python approach of Apache Thrift

dev-python / tifffile : Read and write TIFF files

dev-python / time-machine : Travel through time in your tests

dev-python / timeout-decorator : Timeout decorator

dev-python / tiny-proxy : Simple proxy server (SOCKS4(a), SOCKS5(h), HTTP tunnel)

dev-python / tinycss : A complete yet simple CSS parser for Python

dev-python / tinycss2 : A complete yet simple CSS parser for Python

dev-python / tld : Extract the top level domain (TLD) from the URL given

dev-python / tldextract : Accurately separate the TLD from the registered domain and subdomains of a URL

dev-python / tlsh : Fuzzy matching library - C++ extension for Python

dev-python / tokenize-rt : A wrapper around the stdlib 'tokenize' which roundtrips

dev-python / tomli : A lil' TOML parser

dev-python / tomli-w : A lil' TOML writer

dev-python / tomlkit : Style preserving TOML library

dev-python / toolz : List processing tools and functional utilities

dev-python / toposort : Implements a topological sort algorithm

dev-python / tornado : Python web framework and asynchronous networking library

dev-python / towncrier : Building newsfiles for your project

dev-python / tox : virtualenv-based automation of test activities

dev-python / tpm2-pytss : Python bindings for TSS

dev-python / tqdm : Add a progress meter to your loops in a second

dev-python / traitlets : A configuration system for Python applications

dev-python / transitions : A lightweight, object-oriented state machine implementation in Python

dev-python / translate-toolkit : Toolkit to convert between many translation formats

dev-python / tree-sitter : Python bindings to the Tree-sitter parsing library

dev-python / treq : A requests-like API built on top of twisted.web's Agent

dev-python / trimesh : Python library for loading and using triangular meshes

dev-python / trio : Python library for async concurrency and I/O

dev-python / trio-websocket : WebSocket client and server implementation for Python Trio

dev-python / trove-classifiers : Canonical source for classifiers on PyPI (

dev-python / trustme : #1 quality TLS certs while you wait, for the discerning tester

dev-python / truststore : Verify certificates using native system trust stores

dev-python / tubes : Flow control and backpressure for event-driven applications

dev-python / twine : Collection of utilities for publishing packages on PyPI

dev-python / twisted : An asynchronous networking framework written in Python

dev-python / twython : An easy way to access Twitter data with Python

dev-python / txAMQP : Python library for communicating with AMQP peers using Twisted

dev-python / txaio : Compatibility API between asyncio/Twisted/Trollius

dev-python / txredisapi : Non-blocking redis client for python

dev-python / txrequests : Asynchronous Python HTTP for Humans

dev-python / txtorcon : Twisted-based Tor controller client, with state-tracking abstractions

dev-python / typeguard : Run-time type checker for Python

dev-python / types-docutils : Typing stubs for docutils

dev-python / types-gdb : Typing stubs for gdb

dev-python / types-psutil : Typing stubs for psutil

dev-python / types-setuptools : Typing stubs for setuptools

dev-python / typing-extensions : Backported and Experimental Type Hints for Python 3.7+

dev-python / typogrify : Filters for web typography, supporting Django & Jinja templates

dev-python / tzdata : tzdata shim to satisfy requirements (while using system tzdata)

dev-python / tzlocal : tzinfo object for the local timezone

dev-python / u-msgpack-python : A portable, lightweight MessagePack serializer and deserializer

dev-python / ubelt : A stdlib like feel, and extra batteries. Hashing, Caching, Timing, Progress

dev-python / uc-micro-py : Micro subset of unicode data files for linkify-it-py projects

dev-python / ujson : Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python

dev-python / ukkonen : Implementation of bounded Levenshtein distance (Ukkonen)

dev-python / unasync : The async transformation code

dev-python / uncertainties : Python module for calculations with uncertainties

dev-python / unearth : A utility to fetch and download python packages

dev-python / unidecode : Module providing ASCII transliterations of Unicode text

dev-python / unidiff : Unified diff parsing/metadata extraction library

dev-python / unittest-mixins : A set of mixin classes and other helpers for unittest test case classes

dev-python / unittest-or-fail : Run unittests or fail if no tests were found

dev-python / unpaddedbase64 : Unpadded Base64

dev-python / unrardll : Python wrapper for the UnRAR DLL

dev-python / untangle : Convert XML documents into Python objects

dev-python / uri-template : URI Template expansion in strict adherence to RFC 6570

dev-python / uritemplate : Python implementation of RFC6570, URI Template

dev-python / uritools : RFC 3986-compliant URI parsing, classification and composition

dev-python / url-normalize : URL normalization for Python

dev-python / urllib3 : HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more

dev-python / urwid : Curses-based user interface library for Python

dev-python / urwid-readline : Text input widget for urwid that supports readline shortcuts

dev-python / urwidtrees : Tree widgets for urwid

dev-python / userpath : Cross-platform tool for adding locations to the user PATH

dev-python / utidylib : TidyLib Python wrapper

dev-python / uv : A Python package installer and resolver, written in Rust

dev-python / uvicorn : Lightning-fast ASGI server implementation

dev-python / uvloop : Ultra-fast implementation of asyncio event loop on top of libuv

dev-python / validators : Python Data Validation for Humans

dev-python / varlink : Python implementation of the Varlink protocol

dev-python / vcrpy : Automatically mock your HTTP interactions to simplify and speed up testing

dev-python / vdf : A module for (de)serialization to and from VDF, Valve's key-value text format

dev-python / vdirsyncer : Synchronize calendars and contacts

dev-python / vecrec : 2D vector and rectangle classes

dev-python / verboselogs : Verbose logging for Python's logging module

dev-python / versioneer : Easy VCS-based management of project version strings

dev-python / versioningit : A setuptools plugin for versioning based on git tags

dev-python / vine : Python Promises

dev-python / virtualenv : Virtual Python Environment builder

dev-python / virtualenv-clone : A script for cloning a non-relocatable virtualenv

dev-python / virtualenvwrapper : Set of extensions to Ian Bicking's virtualenv tool

dev-python / visitor : A tiny pythonic visitor implementation

dev-python / vobject : Python package for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files

dev-python / voluptuous : A Python data validation library

dev-python / vpython : VPython for Jupyter notebook

dev-python / waitress : A pure-Python WSGI server

dev-python / wand : Ctypes-based simple ImageMagick binding for Python

dev-python / warlock : Python object model built on JSON schema and JSON patch

dev-python / watchdog : Python API and shell utilities to monitor file system events

dev-python / watchfiles : Simple, modern file watching and code reload in Python

dev-python / wcag-contrast-ratio : A library for computing contrast ratios, as required by WCAG 2.0

dev-python / wcmatch : Wildcard/glob file name matcher

dev-python / wcwidth : Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes

dev-python / weasyprint : Visual rendering engine for HTML and CSS that can export to PDF

dev-python / webcolors : Color names and value formats defined by the HTML and CSS specifications

dev-python / webencodings : Character encoding aliases for legacy web content

dev-python / webob : WSGI request and response object

dev-python / websocket-client : WebSocket client for python with hybi13 support

dev-python / websockets : Library for building WebSocket servers and clients in Python

dev-python / websockify : WebSockets support for any application/server

dev-python / webtest : Helper to test WSGI applications

dev-python / werkzeug : Collection of various utilities for WSGI applications

dev-python / whatever : Easy anonymous functions by partial application of operators

dev-python / whatthepatch : A patch parsing and application library.

dev-python / wheel : A built-package format for Python

dev-python / whichcraft : Cross-platform cross-python shutil.which functionality

dev-python / whisper : Fixed size round-robin style database

dev-python / whoosh : Fast, pure-Python full text indexing, search and spell checking library

dev-python / widgetsnbextension : IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter

dev-python / wrapt : Module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching

dev-python / wsaccel : Accelerator for ws4py, autobahn and tornado

dev-python / wsgiproxy2 : HTTP proxying tools for WSGI apps

dev-python / wsproto : WebSockets state-machine based protocol implementation

dev-python / wtforms : Flexible forms validation and rendering library for python web development

dev-python / wurlitzer : Capture C-level stdout/stderr in Python

dev-python / wxpython : A blending of the wxWindows C++ class library with Python

dev-python / x-wr-timezone : Convert calendars using X-WR-TIMEZONE to standard ones

dev-python / xarray : N-D labeled arrays and datasets in Python

dev-python / xcffib : A drop in replacement for xpyb, an XCB python binding

dev-python / xdoctest : A rewrite of Python's builtin doctest module but without all the weirdness

dev-python / xkbcommon : Python bindings for libxkbcommon using cffi

dev-python / xlrd : Library to extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

dev-python / xlsxwriter : Python module for creating Excel XLSX files

dev-python / xlwt : Python library to create spreadsheet files compatible with Excel

dev-python / xmlschema : An XML Schema validator and decoder

dev-python / xmlsec : Python bindings for the XML Security Library

dev-python / xmltodict : Makes working with XML feel like you are working with JSON

dev-python / xvfbwrapper : Python wrapper for running a display inside X virtual framebuffer

dev-python / xxhash : Python binding for the xxHash library

dev-python / yapf : A formatter for Python files

dev-python / yappi : Yet Another Python Profiler

dev-python / yapsy : A fat-free DIY Python plugin management toolkit

dev-python / yara-python : Python interface for a malware identification and classification tool

dev-python / yarl : Yet another URL library

dev-python / yaswfp : Yet Another SWF Parser

dev-python / yattag : Python library to generate HTML or XML in a readable, concise and pythonic way

dev-python / yaxmldiff : Yet Another XML Differ

dev-python / youtube-search-python : Get YouTube video information using link WITHOUT YouTube Data API v3

dev-python / ytmusicapi : Unofficial API for YouTube Music

dev-python / zc-lockfile : Basic inter-process locks

dev-python / zconfig : Configuration library supporting a hierarchical schema-driven model

dev-python / zeep : A modern/fast Python SOAP client based on lxml / requests

dev-python / zeroconf : Pure Python Multicast DNS Service Discovery Library (Bonjour/Avahi compatible)

dev-python / zipp : Backport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files

dev-python / zope-component : Zope Component Architecture

dev-python / zope-configuration : Zope Configuration Architecture

dev-python / zope-deprecation : Zope Deprecation Infrastructure

dev-python / zope-event : Event publishing / dispatch, used by Zope Component Architecture

dev-python / zope-exceptions : General purpose exceptions for Zope packages

dev-python / zope-hookable : Efficient creation of 'hookable' objects

dev-python / zope-i18nmessageid : Zope support for i18nmessageid (tagging source of i18n strings)

dev-python / zope-interface : Interfaces for Python

dev-python / zope-schema : Zope schema Architecture

dev-python / zope-testing : Zope testing helpers

dev-python / zstandard : Zstandard Bindings for Python

dev-python / zstd : Simple python bindings to Yann Collet ZSTD compression library