dev-qt / qtgui

The GUI module and platform plugins for the Qt5 framework

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v5.9.2 :: 5/5.9 :: gentoo

|| ( GPL-2 GPL-3 LGPL-3 ) FDL-1.3
~amd64 ~arm ~arm64 ~hppa ~ppc ~ppc64 ~x86
USE flags
accessibility dbus debug egl eglfs evdev gif gles2 ibus jpeg libinput png test tslib tuio udev vnc xcb

v5.7.1-r1 :: 5/5.7 :: gentoo

|| ( GPL-2 GPL-3 LGPL-3 ) FDL-1.3
amd64 arm ppc ppc64 x86 ~arm64 ~hppa
USE flags
accessibility dbus debug egl eglfs evdev gif gles2 gtk ibus jpeg libinput png test tslib tuio udev xcb

v4.8.7 :: 4 :: gentoo

|| ( LGPL-2.1 LGPL-3 GPL-3 ) FDL-1.3
alpha amd64 arm ia64 ppc ppc64 sparc x86 ~amd64-fbsd ~arm64 ~hppa ~mips ~x86-fbsd
USE flags
accessibility aqua cups debug egl exceptions glib gtkstyle mng nas nis pch qt3support tiff trace xinerama xv


Add support for accessibility (eg 'at-spi' library)
Include support for the Mac OS X Aqua (Carbon/Cocoa) GUI
Add support for CUPS (Common Unix Printing System)
Enable dbus support for anything that needs it (gpsd, gnomemeeting, etc)
Enable extra debug codepaths, like asserts and extra output. If you want to get meaningful backtraces see
Enable EGL integration
Build the EGL Full Screen/Single Surface platform plugin
Enable support for input devices via evdev
Add support for exceptions - like catching them inside the event loop (recommended by upstream)
Add GIF image support
Use GLES 2.0 or later instead of full OpenGL
Enable integration with the dev-libs/glib event loop
Add support for x11-libs/gtk+ (The GIMP Toolkit)
Build a widgets style that mimics the active GTK+ theme
Build the IBus input method plugin
Add JPEG image support
Enable support for input devices via dev-libs/libinput
Add support for libmng (MNG images)
Add support for network audio sound
Support for NIS/YP services
Enable precompiled header support for faster compilation at the expense of disk space and memory (>=sys-devel/gcc-3.4 only)
Add support for libpng (PNG images)
Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3 programs with Qt4.
Workaround to pull in packages needed to run with FEATURES=test. Portage-2.1.2 handles this internally, so don't set it in make.conf/package.use anymore
Add support for the TIFF image format
Build the 'trace' graphicssystem engine which allows to record all drawing operations into a trace buffer. The trace can be replayed later with the qttracereplay tool.
Enable support for touchscreen devices via x11-libs/tslib
Build plugin to receive touch events over the TUIO protocol
Enable virtual/udev integration (device discovery, power and storage device support, etc)
Enable VNC (remote desktop viewer) support
Build the XCB platform plugin and enable X11 integration
Add support for the xinerama X11 extension, which is mandatory if you work in multiple monitors setup
Add in optional support for the Xvideo extension (an X API for video playback)


64-bit (32-bit pointer) libraries
64-bit libraries
32-bit libraries


32-bit (ppc) libraries
64-bit (ppc64) libraries


32-bit (s390) libraries
64-bit (s390x) libraries


32-bit (x86) libraries
64-bit (amd64) libraries
x32 ABI libraries

app-eselect / eselect-qtgraphicssystem : Utility to change the active Qt Graphics System

dev-lang / perl : Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language

dev-libs / glib : The GLib library of C routines

dev-libs / libinput : Library to handle input devices in Wayland

dev-qt / qtcore : Cross-platform application development framework

dev-qt / qtdbus : Qt5 module for inter-process communication over the D-Bus protocol

dev-qt / qtnetwork : Network abstraction library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtscript : Application scripting library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

dev-qt / qttest : Unit testing library for the Qt5 framework

media-libs / fontconfig : A library for configuring and customizing font access

media-libs / freetype : A high-quality and portable font engine

media-libs / harfbuzz : An OpenType text shaping engine

media-libs / libmng : Multiple Image Networkgraphics lib (animated png's)

media-libs / libpng : Portable Network Graphics library

media-libs / mesa : OpenGL-like graphic library for Linux

media-libs / nas : Network Audio System

media-libs / tiff : Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library

net-print / cups : The Common Unix Printing System

sys-kernel / linux-headers : Linux system headers

sys-libs / mtdev : Multitouch Protocol Translation Library

sys-libs / zlib : Standard (de)compression library

virtual / jpeg : A virtual for the ABI for binary-only programs

virtual / libudev : Virtual for libudev providers

virtual / opengl : Virtual for OpenGL implementation

virtual / pkgconfig : Virtual for the pkg-config implementation

x11-libs / cairo : A vector graphics library with cross-device output support

x11-libs / gtk+ : Gimp ToolKit +

x11-libs / libICE : X.Org Inter-Client Exchange library

x11-libs / libSM : X.Org Session Management library

x11-libs / libX11 : X.Org X11 library

x11-libs / libXcursor : X.Org Xcursor library

x11-libs / libXext : X.Org Xext library

x11-libs / libXfixes : X.Org Xfixes library

x11-libs / libXi : X.Org Xi library

x11-libs / libXinerama : X.Org Xinerama library

x11-libs / libXrandr : X.Org Xrandr library

x11-libs / libXrender : X.Org Xrender library

x11-libs / libXv : X.Org Xv library

x11-libs / libdrm : X.Org libdrm library

x11-libs / libxcb : X C-language Bindings library

x11-libs / libxkbcommon : X.Org xkbcommon library

x11-libs / pango : Internationalized text layout and rendering library

x11-libs / tslib : Touchscreen Access Library

x11-libs / xcb-util-image : X C-language Bindings sample implementations

x11-libs / xcb-util-keysyms : X C-language Bindings sample implementations

x11-libs / xcb-util-renderutil : X C-language Bindings sample implementations

x11-libs / xcb-util-wm : X C-language Bindings sample implementations

x11-proto / inputproto : X.Org Input protocol headers

x11-proto / videoproto : X.Org Video protocol headers

x11-proto / xextproto : X.Org XExt protocol headers

x11-proto / xineramaproto : X.Org Xinerama protocol headers

app-eselect / eselect-qtgraphicssystem : Utility to change the active Qt Graphics System

dev-libs / glib : The GLib library of C routines

dev-libs / libinput : Library to handle input devices in Wayland

dev-qt / qtchooser : Qt4/Qt5 version chooser

dev-qt / qtcore : Cross-platform application development framework

dev-qt / qtdbus : Qt5 module for inter-process communication over the D-Bus protocol

dev-qt / qtnetwork : Network abstraction library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtscript : Application scripting library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

media-libs / fontconfig : A library for configuring and customizing font access

media-libs / freetype : A high-quality and portable font engine

media-libs / harfbuzz : An OpenType text shaping engine

media-libs / libmng : Multiple Image Networkgraphics lib (animated png's)

media-libs / libpng : Portable Network Graphics library

media-libs / mesa : OpenGL-like graphic library for Linux

media-libs / nas : Network Audio System

media-libs / tiff : Tag Image File Format (TIFF) library

net-print / cups : The Common Unix Printing System

sys-libs / mtdev : Multitouch Protocol Translation Library

sys-libs / zlib : Standard (de)compression library

virtual / jpeg : A virtual for the ABI for binary-only programs

virtual / libudev : Virtual for libudev providers

virtual / opengl : Virtual for OpenGL implementation

x11-libs / cairo : A vector graphics library with cross-device output support

x11-libs / gtk+ : Gimp ToolKit +

x11-libs / libICE : X.Org Inter-Client Exchange library

x11-libs / libSM : X.Org Session Management library

x11-libs / libX11 : X.Org X11 library

x11-libs / libXcursor : X.Org Xcursor library

x11-libs / libXext : X.Org Xext library

x11-libs / libXfixes : X.Org Xfixes library

x11-libs / libXi : X.Org Xi library

x11-libs / libXinerama : X.Org Xinerama library

x11-libs / libXrandr : X.Org Xrandr library

x11-libs / libXrender : X.Org Xrender library

x11-libs / libXv : X.Org Xv library

x11-libs / libdrm : X.Org libdrm library

x11-libs / libxcb : X C-language Bindings library

x11-libs / libxkbcommon : X.Org xkbcommon library

x11-libs / pango : Internationalized text layout and rendering library

x11-libs / tslib : Touchscreen Access Library

x11-libs / xcb-util-image : X C-language Bindings sample implementations

x11-libs / xcb-util-keysyms : X C-language Bindings sample implementations

x11-libs / xcb-util-renderutil : X C-language Bindings sample implementations

x11-libs / xcb-util-wm : X C-language Bindings sample implementations

app-accessibility / simon : Open-source speech recognition program for replacing mouse and keyboard

app-admin / calamares : Distribution-independent installer framework

app-admin / elektra : Framework to store config parameters in hierarchical key-value pairs

app-admin / keepassx : Qt password manager compatible with its Win32 and Pocket PC versions

app-admin / keepassxc : KeePassXC - KeePass Cross-platform Community Edition

app-admin / qtpass : multi-platform GUI for pass, the standard unix password manager

app-admin / systemdgenie : systemd managment utility

app-admin / testdisk : Checks and undeletes partitions + PhotoRec, signature based recovery tool

app-backup / kbackup : Program that lets you back up any directories or files

app-backup / kfoldersync : Folder synchronization and backup tool based on KDE Frameworks

app-backup / luckybackup : Powerful and flexible backup (and syncing) tool, using RSync and Qt4

app-backup / qt4-fsarchiver : Qt4 frontend for fsarchiver

app-benchmarks / i7z : A better i7 (and now i3, i5) reporting tool for Linux

app-cdr / kcdemu : Frontend to cdemu daemon based on KDE Frameworks

app-cdr / qpxtool : CD/DVD quality checking utilities

app-crypt / kencfs : GUI frontend for encfs

app-crypt / kencfs-plasma : GUI frontend for encfs

app-crypt / moolticute : Mooltipass crossplatform daemon/tools

app-crypt / nitrokey-app : Cross platform personalization tool for the Nitrokey

app-crypt / ophcrack : A time-memory-trade-off-cracker

app-crypt / pinentry : Simple passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol

app-crypt / xca : A GUI to OpenSSL, RSA public keys, certificates, signing requests etc

app-crypt / zuluCrypt : Front end to cryptsetup

app-dicts / dikt : A dictionary application that implements the Dict protocol

app-dicts / qvortaro : Esperanto Dictionary

app-doc / doxygen : Documentation system for most programming languages

app-doc / zeal : Offline documentation browser inspired by Dash

app-editors / focuswriter : A fullscreen and distraction-free word processor

app-editors / ghostwriter : Cross-platform, aesthetic, distraction-free markdown editor

app-editors / juffed : QScintilla-based tabbed text editor with syntax highlighting

app-editors / kile : Latex Editor and TeX shell based on KDE Frameworks

app-editors / lfhex : A fast hex-editor with support for large files and comparing binary files

app-editors / notepadqq : Notepad++-like editor for Linux

app-editors / qxmledit : Simple Qt-based XML editor

app-editors / tea : Small, lightweight Qt text editor

app-editors / znotes : Simple Notes

app-emulation / genymotion-bin : Complete set of tools that provide a virtual environment for Android

app-emulation / q4wine : Qt GUI configuration tool for Wine

app-emulation / qt-virt-manager : A GUI application for managing virtual machines

app-emulation / qtemu : A graphical user interface for QEMU written in Qt4

app-emulation / virtualbox : Family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use

app-i18n / fcitx : Fcitx (Flexible Context-aware Input Tool with eXtension) input method framework

app-i18n / fcitx-libpinyin : Chinese LibPinyin input methods for Fcitx

app-i18n / fcitx-qt5 : Fcitx input method module for Qt 5

app-i18n / fcitx-unikey : Vietnamese Unikey input methods for Fcitx

app-i18n / ibus : Intelligent Input Bus for Linux / Unix OS

app-i18n / ibus-qt : Qt IBus library and Qt input method plugin

app-i18n / kcm-fcitx : KDE configuration module for Fcitx

app-i18n / kimera : A Japanese input method which supports the XIM protocol

app-i18n / mozc : Mozc - Japanese input method editor

app-i18n / qimhangul : a qt-based imhangul

app-i18n / scim-bridge : Yet another IM-client of SCIM

app-i18n / tagainijisho : Open-source Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup tool

app-i18n / uim : Simple, secure and flexible input method library

app-leechcraft / lc-core : Core of LeechCraft, the modular network client

app-leechcraft / lc-htthare : Simple HTTP server for Leechcraft

app-leechcraft / lc-knowhow : KnowHow, plugin for showing Tips of the Day in LeechCraft

app-leechcraft / lc-laughty : The LeechCraft notification daemon

app-leechcraft / lc-launchy : Allows launching external applications (and LeechCraft plugins) from LeechCraft

app-leechcraft / lc-rosenthal : Spellchecking support for LeechCraft

app-leechcraft / lc-sysnotify : Notifications via system libnotify daemon for LeechCraft

app-leechcraft / lc-tpi : Task progress indicator quark for LeechCraft

app-leechcraft / lcpackgen : Package creator for app-leechcraft/lc-lackman package manager

app-misc / brewtarget : Application to create and manage beer recipes

app-misc / ckb : Corsair K65/K70/K95 Driver

app-misc / datovka : GUI to access the Czech eGov system of Datove schranky

app-misc / qlcplus : QLC+ - Q Light Controller Plus to control DMX interfaces

app-misc / recoll : A personal full text search package

app-misc / sleepyhead : Software used to analyze data from CPAP machines

app-misc / socnetv : Qt Social Network Visualizer

app-mobilephone / heimdall : Tool suite used to flash firmware onto Samsung Galaxy S devices

app-mobilephone / past : Simple SMS tool

app-mobilephone / qtadb : Android phone manager via ADB

app-office / QtBitcoinTrader : Mt.Gox and BTC-e Bitcoin Trading Client

app-office / calligra : KDE Office Suite

app-office / kexi : Visual database applications creator

app-office / kmymoney : Personal finance manager by KDE

app-office / kraft : Software to manage quotes and invoices in small enterprises

app-office / libreoffice : A full office productivity suite

app-office / libreoffice-bin : A full office productivity suite. Binary package

app-office / lyx : WYSIWYM frontend for LaTeX, DocBook, etc.

app-office / odeskteam : Project collaboration and tracking software for

app-office / qchartdiary : Free Qt4 diary/agenda application

app-office / scribus : Desktop publishing (DTP) and layout program

app-office / skrooge : Personal finances manager, aiming at being simple and intuitive

app-office / texmacs : Wysiwyg text processor with high-quality maths

app-office / texmaker : A nice LaTeX-IDE

app-office / texstudio : Free cross-platform LaTeX editor (fork from texmakerX)

app-portage / kuroo4 : Graphical Portage frontend based on KDELibs4/Qt4

app-text / ansifilter : Handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes

app-text / bibletime : Qt Bible study application using the SWORD library

app-text / calibre : Ebook management application

app-text / cb2bib : Tool for extracting unformatted bibliographic references

app-text / coolreader : CoolReader - reader of eBook files (fb2,epub,htm,rtf,txt)

app-text / cutemarked : Qt5 markdown editor

app-text / diffpdf : Program that textually or visually compares two PDF files

app-text / djview : Portable DjVu viewer using Qt4

app-text / fbreader : E-Book Reader. Supports many e-book formats

app-text / goldendict : Feature-rich dictionary lookup program

app-text / highlight : Converts source code to formatted text (HTML, LaTeX, etc.) with syntax highlight

app-text / kbibtex : BibTeX editor to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX

app-text / kchmviewer : Feature rich chm file viewer, based on Qt

app-text / master-pdf-editor : Master PDF Editor is a complete solution for viewing and editing PDF files

app-text / poppler : PDF rendering library based on the xpdf-3.0 code base

app-text / qpdfview : A tabbed document viewer

app-text / searchmonkey : Powerful text searches using regular expressions

app-text / sigil : Sigil is a multi-platform WYSIWYG ebook editor for ePub format

app-text / tuxcards : A hierarchical notebook

app-text / yagf : Graphical front-end for cuneiform and tesseract OCR tools

dev-cpp / eigen : C++ template library for linear algebra

dev-db / dbmodel : Qt4 tool for drawing entity-relational diagrams

dev-db / kdb : Database connectivity and creation framework for various vendors

dev-db / sqlitebrowser : SQLite Database Browser

dev-db / sqliteman : Powerful GUI manager for the Sqlite3 database

dev-db / sqlitestudio : Powerful cross-platform SQLite database manager

dev-db / tora : TOra - Toolkit For Oracle

dev-games / openscenegraph : Open source high performance 3D graphics toolkit

dev-games / openscenegraph-qt : Qt support for OpenSceneGraph

dev-games / tiled : A general purpose tile map editor

dev-lang / qu-prolog : Extended Prolog supporting quantifiers, object-variables and substitutions

dev-libs / gecode : An environment for developing constraint-based applications

dev-libs / grantlee : C++ string template engine based on the Django template system

dev-libs / kdiagram : Powerful libraries (KChart, KGantt) for creating business diagrams

dev-libs / kproperty : Property editing framework with editor widget similar to Qt Designer

dev-libs / kqoauth : Library for Qt that implements the OAuth 1.0 authentication specification

dev-libs / kreport : Framework for creation and generation of reports in multiple formats

dev-libs / libattica : A library providing access to Open Collaboration Services

dev-libs / libdbusmenu-qt : Library providing Qt implementation of DBusMenu specification

dev-libs / libindicate-qt : Qt wrapper for libindicate library

dev-libs / libqtxdg : A Qt implementation of XDG standards

dev-libs / purpose : Library for providing abstractions to get the developer's purposes fulfilled

dev-libs / qcustomplot : Qt C++ widget for plotting and data visualization

dev-libs / qrosscore : KDE-free version of Kross (core libraries and Qt Script backend)

dev-libs / qrosspython : Python scripting backend for Qross

dev-libs / sink : A data access layer handling synchronization, caching and indexing

dev-libs / sni-qt : A Qt plugin which turns all QSystemTrayIcon into StatusNotifierItems

dev-libs / starpu : Unified runtime system for heterogeneous multicore architectures

dev-python / PyQt4 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

dev-python / PyQt5 : Python bindings for the Qt framework

dev-python / PythonQt : A dynamic Python binding for the Qt framework

dev-python / pyotherside : Asynchronous Python 3 Bindings for Qt 5

dev-python / pyside : Python bindings for the Qt framework

dev-python / pyside-tools : PySide development tools (lupdate, rcc, uic)

dev-python / qscintilla-python : Python bindings for Qscintilla

dev-python / shiboken : A tool for creating Python bindings for C++ libraries

dev-qt / assistant : Tool for viewing on-line documentation in Qt help file format

dev-qt / designer : WYSIWYG tool for designing and building Qt-based GUIs

dev-qt / linguist : Graphical tool for translating Qt applications

dev-qt / pixeltool : Qt screen magnifier

dev-qt / qdbusviewer : Graphical tool that lets you introspect D-Bus objects and messages

dev-qt / qt-creator : Lightweight IDE for C++/QML development centering around Qt

dev-qt / qt-meta : Cross-platform application development framework (metapackage)

dev-qt / qt3d : The 3D module for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qt3support : The Qt3Support module for the Qt toolkit

dev-qt / qtcharts : Chart component library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtdatavis3d : 3D data visualization library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtdeclarative : The QML and Quick modules for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtdemo : Demonstration module and examples for the Qt toolkit

dev-qt / qtdiag : Tool for reporting diagnostic information about Qt and its environment

dev-qt / qtgraphicaleffects : Set of QML types for adding visual effects to user interfaces

dev-qt / qthelp : Qt5 module for integrating online documentation into applications

dev-qt / qtimageformats : Additional format plugins for the Qt image I/O system

dev-qt / qtlocation : The Location module for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtmultimedia : Multimedia (audio, video, radio, camera) library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtopengl : OpenGL support library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

dev-qt / qtprintsupport : Printing support library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtquickcontrols : Set of controls used in conjunction with Qt Quick to build complete interfaces

dev-qt / qtquickcontrols2 : Set of next generation Qt Quick controls for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtscript : Application scripting library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

dev-qt / qtsingleapplication : Qt library to start applications only once per user

dev-qt / qtsvg : SVG rendering library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qttest : Unit testing library for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtvirtualkeyboard : Virtual keyboard plugin for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtwayland : Wayland platform plugin for Qt

dev-qt / qtwebengine : Library for rendering dynamic web content in Qt5 C++ and QML applications

dev-qt / qtwebkit : WebKit rendering library for the Qt5 framework (deprecated)

dev-qt / qtwebview : Module for displaying web content in a QML application using the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtwidgets : Set of components for creating classic desktop-style UIs for the Qt5 framework

dev-qt / qtx11extras : Linux/X11-specific support library for the Qt5 framework

dev-ros / gazebo_plugins : Robot-independent Gazebo plugins for sensors, motors and dynamic reconfigurable components

dev-ros / hector_geotiff : Node to save occupancy grid map, robot trajectory and object of interest data to GeoTiff images

dev-ros / rviz_imu_plugin : RVIZ plugin for IMU visualization

dev-ros / rviz_plugin_tutorials : Tutorials showing how to write plugins for RViz

dev-ros / turtlesim : Tool made for teaching ROS and ROS packages

dev-tex / pstplus : A PSTricks GUI

dev-tex / qtexengine : TeX support for Qt

dev-util / apitrace : A tool for tracing, analyzing, and debugging graphics APIs

dev-util / beediff : A graphical user interface for comparing and merging files

dev-util / cmake : Cross platform Make

dev-util / cppcheck : static analyzer of C/C++ code

dev-util / edb-debugger : edb is a cross platform x86/x86-64 debugger, inspired by Ollydbg

dev-util / heaptrack : A fast heap memory profiler

dev-util / icemon : Monitor program for use with Icecream compile clusters based on KDE Frameworks

dev-util / intel-ocl-sdk : Intel's implementation of the OpenCL standard

dev-util / kdbg : Graphical debugger interface

dev-util / kdevelop : Integrated Development Environment, supporting KF5/Qt, C/C++ and much more

dev-util / kdevelop-php : PHP plugin for KDevelop

dev-util / kdevelop-python : Python plugin for KDevelop

dev-util / kdevplatform : KDE development support libraries and apps

dev-util / massif-visualizer : Tool visualising massif data

dev-util / oprofile : A transparent low-overhead system-wide profiler

dev-util / qbs : Modern build tool for software projects

dev-util / qdevicemonitor : Crossplatform log viewer for Android, iOS and text files

dev-util / qstlink2 : GUI and CLI ST-Link V2(Debugger/Programmer) client

dev-util / sasm : Simple crossplatform IDE for NASM assembly language

dev-util / valkyrie : Graphical front-end to the Valgrind suite of tools

dev-util / xxdiff : A graphical file and directories comparator and merge tool

dev-vcs / kdesvn : A frontend to the subversion vcs

dev-vcs / qgit : Qt GUI for git repositories

dev-vcs / qsvn : GUI frontend to the Subversion revision system

dev-vcs / subversion : Advanced version control system

games-board / capicity : A monopd compatible boardgame to play Monopoly-like games (previously named capitalism)

games-board / chessx : Qt5-based Chess Database Utility

games-board / cockatrice : An open-source multiplatform software for playing card games over a network

games-board / gambit : Qt-based chess application + engine "gupta"

games-board / holdingnuts : An open source poker client and server

games-board / kcheckers : Qt version of the classic boardgame checkers

games-board / knights : Simple chess board based on KDE Frameworks

games-board / peg-e : A peg solitaire game

games-board / pokerth : Texas Hold'em poker game

games-board / qcheckers : Qt4 based checkers game

games-board / qgo : An ancient boardgame, very common in Japan, China and Korea

games-board / simsu : A basic sudoku game

games-board / tetzle : A jigsaw puzzle game that uses tetrominoes for the pieces

games-emulation / dboxfe : Creates and manages configuration files for DOSBox

games-emulation / dolphin : Gamecube and Wii game emulator

games-emulation / gambatte : An accuracy-focused Gameboy / Gameboy Color emulator

games-emulation / higan : A Nintendo multi-system emulator formerly known as bsnes

games-emulation / mgba : A new Game Boy Advance emulator written in C.

games-emulation / mupen64plus : A fork of Mupen64 Nintendo 64 emulator, meta-package

games-emulation / ppsspp : A PSP emulator written in C++.

games-emulation / sdlmame : Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator + Multi Emulator Super System (MESS)

games-emulation / virtualjaguar : an Atari Jaguar emulator

games-engines / qtads : Multimedia interpreter for TADS text adventures

games-fps / doomsday : A modern gaming engine for Doom, Heretic, and Hexen

games-kids / crayon-physics : 2D physics puzzle/sandbox game with drawing

games-kids / cubetest : A program to train your spatial insight

games-misc / ggencoder : Utility to encode and decode Game Genie (tm) codes

games-misc / qlife : Simulates the classical Game of Life invented by John Conway

games-mud / kmuddy : MUD client by KDE

games-puzzle / bubble-chains : Arcade-puzzle game

games-puzzle / colorcode : A free advanced MasterMind clone

games-puzzle / connectagram : A word unscrambling game

games-puzzle / cutemaze : A simple, top-down game in which mazes are randomly generated

games-puzzle / gottet : A tetris clone based on Qt5

games-puzzle / hexalate : A color matching game

games-puzzle / jag : Arcade 2D Puzzle Game

games-puzzle / ksokoban : The japanese warehouse keeper game

games-puzzle / tanglet : A single player word finding game based on Boggle

games-rpg / arx-libertatis : Cross-platform port of Arx Fatalis, a first-person role-playing game

games-simulation / flightgear : Open Source Flight Simulator

games-sports / dustrac : Tile-based, cross-platform 2D racing game

games-strategy / freeciv : multiplayer strategy game (Civilization Clone)

games-strategy / hedgewars : A turn-based strategy, artillery, action and comedy game

games-strategy / warzone2100 : 3D real-time strategy game

games-util / antimicro : Map keyboard and mouse buttons to gamepad buttons

games-util / higan-purify : Rom purifier for higan

games-util / qjoypad : Translate gamepad/joystick input into key strokes/mouse actions in X

kde-apps / akonadi : Storage service for PIM data and libraries for PIM apps

kde-apps / akonadi-calendar : Library for akonadi calendar integration

kde-apps / akonadi-contacts : Library for akonadi contact integration

kde-apps / akonadi-import-wizard : Assistant to import PIM data from other applications into Akonadi

kde-apps / akonadi-mime : Library for akonadi mime types

kde-apps / akonadi-notes : Library for akonadi notes integration

kde-apps / akonadi-search : Libraries and daemons to implement searching in Akonadi

kde-apps / akonadiconsole : Application for debugging Akonadi Resources

kde-apps / akregator : News feed aggregator

kde-apps / analitza : KDE library for mathematical features

kde-apps / ark : KDE Archiving tool

kde-apps / artikulate : Language learning application that helps improving pronunciation skills

kde-apps / baloo-widgets : Widget library for baloo

kde-apps / blinken : KDE version of the Simon Says game

kde-apps / blogilo : Application to create, edit and update blog content

kde-apps / bomber : KDE arcade bombing game

kde-apps / bovo : Five-in-a-row Board Game

kde-apps / calendarsupport : Calendar support library

kde-apps / cantor : Interface for doing mathematics and scientific computing

kde-apps / cervisia : CVS frontend by KDE

kde-apps / dolphin : Plasma filemanager focusing on usability

kde-apps / dolphin-plugins : Extra Dolphin plugins

kde-apps / dragon : A simple video player

kde-apps / eventviews : Calendar viewer for KDE PIM

kde-apps / ffmpegthumbs : FFmpeg based thumbnail generator for video files

kde-apps / filelight : Visualise disk usage with interactive map of concentric, segmented rings

kde-apps / granatier : KDE Bomberman game

kde-apps / grantlee-editor : Utilities and tools to manage themes in KDE PIM applications

kde-apps / grantleetheme : Library for Grantlee plugins

kde-apps / gwenview : KDE image viewer

kde-apps / incidenceeditor : Incidence editor for korganizer

kde-apps / jovie : Text to speech application

kde-apps / juk : Jukebox and music manager by KDE

kde-apps / k3b : Full-featured burning and ripping application based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / kabcclient : Command line client for accessing the KDE addressbook

kde-apps / kaccessible : Provides accessibility services like focus tracking

kde-apps / kaccounts-integration : Administer web accounts for the sites and services across the Plasma desktop

kde-apps / kaccounts-providers : KDE accounts providers

kde-apps / kaddressbook : Address book application based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / kajongg : Classical Mah Jongg for four players

kde-apps / kalarm : Application to manage alarms and other timer based alerts for the desktop

kde-apps / kalarmcal : Client library to access and handling of KAlarm calendar data

kde-apps / kalgebra : MathML-based graph calculator by KDE

kde-apps / kalzium : Periodic table of the elements

kde-apps / kamera : Plasma integration for gphoto2 cameras

kde-apps / kanagram : Game based on anagrams of words

kde-apps / kapman : Pac-Man clone by KDE

kde-apps / kapptemplate : A shell script to create the necessary framework to develop KDE applications

kde-apps / kate : Kate is an advanced text editor

kde-apps / katepart : Editor KPart by KDE

kde-apps / katomic : KDE Atomic Entertainment Game

kde-apps / kblackbox : KDE Blackbox Game

kde-apps / kblocks : A single-player Tetris-like KDE game

kde-apps / kbounce : KDE Bounce Ball Game

kde-apps / kbreakout : Breakout-like game by KDE

kde-apps / kbruch : Educational application to learn calculating with fractions

kde-apps / kcachegrind : Frontend for Cachegrind by KDE

kde-apps / kcalc : KDE calculator

kde-apps / kcalcore : Library for handling calendar data

kde-apps / kcalutils : Library providing utility functions for the handling of calendar data

kde-apps / kcharselect : KDE character selection utility

kde-apps / kcolorchooser : KDE color selector/editor

kde-apps / kcontacts : Address book API based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / kcron : KDE Task Scheduler

kde-apps / kdav : DAV protocol implemention with KJobs

kde-apps / kde-dev-utils : KDE Development Utilities

kde-apps / kde4-l10n : KDE legacy internationalization package

kde-apps / kdebase-data : Icons, localization data and various .desktop files from kdebase

kde-apps / kdebase-kioslaves : KDE VFS framework - kioslaves present a filesystem-like view of arbitrary data

kde-apps / kdebugsettings : Application to enable/disable qCDebug

kde-apps / kdegraphics-mobipocket : Library to support mobipocket ebooks

kde-apps / kdenetwork-filesharing : kcontrol filesharing config module for SMB

kde-apps / kdenlive : Non-linear video editing suite by KDE

kde-apps / kdepim-addons : Plugins for KDE Personal Information Management Suite

kde-apps / kdepim-apps-libs : Libraries for KDE PIM applications

kde-apps / kdepim-kresources : KDE PIM groupware plugin collection (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kdepim-l10n : KDE PIM internationalization package

kde-apps / kdepim-runtime : Runtime plugin collection to extend the functionality of KDE PIM

kde-apps / kdepim-wizards : KDE PIM wizards (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / kdepimlibs : Common library for KDE PIM apps

kde-apps / kdesdk-thumbnailers : Thumbnail generator for PO files

kde-apps / kdf : KDE free disk space utility

kde-apps / kdialog : Can be used to show nice dialog boxes from shell scripts

kde-apps / kdiamond : A KDE three-in-a-row game

kde-apps / keditbookmarks : Bookmarks editor based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / kfilereplace : Powerful tool to search and replace in multiple files

kde-apps / kfind : File finder utility based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / kfloppy : A straightforward graphical means to format 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks

kde-apps / kfourinline : KDE four-in-a-row game

kde-apps / kgeography : Geography learning tool

kde-apps / kget : Advanced download manager by KDE

kde-apps / kgoldrunner : Game of action and puzzle solving by KDE

kde-apps / kgpg : Frontend for GnuPG, a powerful encryption utility by KDE

kde-apps / khangman : Classical hangman game by KDE

kde-apps / khelpcenter : The KDE Help Center

kde-apps / kidentitymanagement : Library for managing identitites

kde-apps / kig : KDE Interactive Geometry tool

kde-apps / kigo : Go game by KDE

kde-apps / killbots : Kill the bots or they kill you!

kde-apps / kimagemapeditor : KDE web development - image map editor

kde-apps / kimap : Library for interacting with IMAP servers

kde-apps / kio-extras : KIO plugins present a filesystem-like view of arbitrary data

kde-apps / kioclient : Command-line tool for network-transparent operations

kde-apps / kiriki : An addictive and fun dice game

kde-apps / kiten : KDE Japanese dictionary and reference

kde-apps / kjots : Note taking utility by KDE

kde-apps / kjumpingcube : Tactical one or two player game

kde-apps / kldap : Library for interacting with LDAP servers

kde-apps / kleopatra : Certificate manager and GUI for OpenPGP and CMS cryptography

kde-apps / klettres : Alphabet learning application

kde-apps / klickety : A game almost the same as ksame, but a bit different by KDE

kde-apps / klines : A little KDE game about balls and how to get rid of them

kde-apps / klinkstatus : KDE web development - link validity checker

kde-apps / kmag : KDE screen magnifier

kde-apps / kmahjongg : A tile matching game for one or two players

kde-apps / kmail : Email client, supporting POP3 and IMAP mailboxes.

kde-apps / kmail-account-wizard : Assistant for KMail accounts configuration

kde-apps / kmailtransport : Mail transport service

kde-apps / kmines : Classic mine sweeper game

kde-apps / kmix : Plasma mixer gui

kde-apps / kmousetool : KDE program that clicks the mouse for you

kde-apps / kmouth : Text-to-speech synthesizer front end

kde-apps / kmplot : Mathematical function plotter

kde-apps / knavalbattle : Battleship clone by KDE

kde-apps / knetwalk : KDE version of the popular NetWalk game for system administrators

kde-apps / knode : Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists reader by KDE (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / knotes : Note taking application

kde-apps / knotify : The KDE notification daemon

kde-apps / kolf : Minigolf Game by KDE

kde-apps / kollision : Simple ball dodging game

kde-apps / kolourpaint : Paint Program by KDE

kde-apps / kompare : A program to view the differences between files

kde-apps / konqueror : Web browser and file manager based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / konquest : Galactic Strategy KDE Game

kde-apps / konsole : KDE's terminal emulator

kde-apps / konsolekalendar : Command line interface to KDE calendars

kde-apps / konsolepart : X terminal kpart for use by konsole and other KDE applications

kde-apps / kontact : Container application to unify several major PIM applications within one

kde-apps / kontactinterface : Library for embedding KParts in a Kontact component

kde-apps / kopete : Multi-protocol IM client based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / korganizer : Organizational assistant, providing calendars and other similar functionality

kde-apps / kpat : KDE patience game

kde-apps / kpimtextedit : A textedit with PIM-specific features

kde-apps / kppp : A dialer and front-end to pppd

kde-apps / kqtquickcharts : Qt Quick plugin for beautiful and interactive charts

kde-apps / krdc : Remote desktop connection (RDP and VNC) client

kde-apps / kremotecontrol : KDE frontend for the Linux Infrared Remote Control system

kde-apps / kreversi : Board game by KDE

kde-apps / krfb : VNC-compatible server to share Plasma desktops

kde-apps / kross-interpreters : Kross interpreter plugins for programming languages

kde-apps / kruler : Screen ruler for Plasma

kde-apps / kscd : KDE CD player

kde-apps / kshisen : A KDE game similiar to Mahjongg

kde-apps / ksirk : Port of the board game risk

kde-apps / ksnakeduel : KDE Tron game

kde-apps / kspaceduel : Space Game by KDE

kde-apps / ksquares : KDE clone of the game squares

kde-apps / kstars : Desktop Planetarium

kde-apps / ksudoku : Logic-based symbol placement puzzle by KDE

kde-apps / ksystemlog : System log viewer by KDE

kde-apps / kteatime : KDE timer for making a fine cup of tea

kde-apps / ktimer : KDE Timer

kde-apps / ktimetracker : Tracks time spent on various tasks (noakonadi branch)

kde-apps / ktimezoned : KDE: Timezone daemon

kde-apps / ktouch : Program that helps to learn and practice touch typing

kde-apps / ktp-accounts-kcm : KDE Telepathy account management kcm

kde-apps / ktp-approver : KDE Telepathy notification handler

kde-apps / ktp-auth-handler : KDE Telepathy authentication handler

kde-apps / ktp-call-ui : KDE Telepathy audio/video conferencing ui

kde-apps / ktp-common-internals : KDE Telepathy common library

kde-apps / ktp-contact-list : KDE Telepathy contact list

kde-apps / ktp-contact-runner : KDE Telepathy krunner plugin

kde-apps / ktp-filetransfer-handler : KDE Telepathy file transfer handler

kde-apps / ktp-kded-module : KDE Telepathy workspace integration

kde-apps / ktp-send-file : KDE Telepathy file manager plugin to send files to contacts

kde-apps / ktp-text-ui : KDE Telepathy text chat window

kde-apps / ktuberling : Potato game for kids by KDE

kde-apps / kturtle : Educational programming environment using the Logo programming language

kde-apps / kubrick : Game based on the "Rubik's Cube" puzzle by KDE

kde-apps / kwalletmanager : KDE Wallet management tool

kde-apps / kwave : Sound editor built on KDE Frameworks 5 that can edit many types of audio files

kde-apps / kwordquiz : A powerful flashcard and vocabulary learning program

kde-apps / kwrite : KDE simple text editor

kde-apps / libgravatar : Library for gravatar integration

kde-apps / libkcddb : KDE library for CDDB

kde-apps / libkdcraw : Digital camera raw image library wrapper

kde-apps / libkdegames : Base library common to many KDE games

kde-apps / libkdepim : Common PIM libraries

kde-apps / libkexiv2 : KDE Image Plugin Interface: an exiv2 library wrapper

kde-apps / libkface : Qt/C++ wrapper around LibFace to perform face recognition and detection

kde-apps / libkgapi : Library for accessing Google calendar and contact resources

kde-apps / libkgeomap : Wrapper library for world map components as marble, openstreetmap and googlemap

kde-apps / libkipi : A library for image plugins accross KDE applications

kde-apps / libkleo : Library for encryption handling

kde-apps / libkmahjongg : Mahjongg library based on Qt/KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / libkomparediff2 : KDE library to compare files and strings

kde-apps / libkpgp : KDE pgp abstraction library

kde-apps / libksane : SANE Library interface based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / libksieve : Common PIM libraries

kde-apps / lokalize : KDE Applications 5 translation tool

kde-apps / lskat : Skat game by KDE

kde-apps / mailcommon : Common mail library

kde-apps / mailimporter : Library to import mail from various sources

kde-apps / marble : Virtual Globe and World Atlas to learn more about Earth

kde-apps / mbox-importer : Import mbox email archives from various sources into Akonadi

kde-apps / messagelib : Libraries for messaging functions

kde-apps / minuet : A KDE Software for Music Education

kde-apps / okteta : KDE hexeditor

kde-apps / okular : Universal document viewer based on KDE Frameworks

kde-apps / palapeli : KDE jigsaw puzzle game

kde-apps / parley : A vocabulary trainer to help you memorize things

kde-apps / phonon-kde : Phonon KDE Integration

kde-apps / picmi : Nonogram logic game by KDE

kde-apps / pim-data-exporter : Assistant to backup and archive PIM data and configuration

kde-apps / pim-sieve-editor : Assistant for editing IMAP Sieve filters

kde-apps / pimcommon : Common PIM libraries

kde-apps / print-manager : Manage print jobs and printers in Plasma

kde-apps / rocs : Interface to work with Graph Theory

kde-apps / spectacle : Screenshot capture utility

kde-apps / step : Interactive physics simulator

kde-apps / svgpart : Kpart for viewing SVGs

kde-apps / sweeper : KDE Privacy Settings Widget

kde-apps / thumbnailers : Thumbnail generators for PDF/PS and RAW files

kde-apps / umbrello : KDE UML Modeller

kde-apps / zeroconf-ioslave : A DNSSD (DNS Service Discovery - part of Rendezvous) ioslave and kded module

kde-frameworks / baloo : Framework for searching and managing metadata

kde-frameworks / frameworkintegration : Framework for integrating Qt applications with KDE Plasma workspaces

kde-frameworks / kactivities : Framework for working with KDE activities

kde-frameworks / kauth : Framework to let applications perform actions as a privileged user

kde-frameworks / kbookmarks : Framework for managing bookmarks stored in XBEL format

kde-frameworks / kcmutils : Framework to work with KDE System Settings modules

kde-frameworks / kcompletion : Framework for common completion tasks such as filename or URL completion

kde-frameworks / kconfig : Framework for reading and writing configuration

kde-frameworks / kconfigwidgets : Framework providing an assortment of configuration-related widgets

kde-frameworks / kcrash : Framework for intercepting and handling application crashes

kde-frameworks / kdeclarative : Framework providing integration of QML and KDE work spaces

kde-frameworks / kded : Central daemon of KDE workspaces

kde-frameworks / kdelibs : Libraries needed for programs by KDE

kde-frameworks / kdelibs4support : Framework easing the development transition from KDELibs 4 to KF 5

kde-frameworks / kdesignerplugin : Framework providing plugins to use KDE frameworks widgets in QtDesigner

kde-frameworks / kdewebkit : Framework providing KDE integration of QtWebKit

kde-frameworks / kemoticons : Framework for converting text emoticons to graphical representations

kde-frameworks / kglobalaccel : Framework to handle global shortcuts

kde-frameworks / kguiaddons : Framework providing assorted high-level user interface components

kde-frameworks / khtml : KHTML web rendering engine

kde-frameworks / kiconthemes : Framework for icon theming and configuration

kde-frameworks / kidletime : Framework for detection and notification of device idle time

kde-frameworks / kimageformats : Framework providing additional format plugins for Qt's image I/O system

kde-frameworks / kinit : Helper library to speed up start of applications on KDE work spaces

kde-frameworks / kio : Framework providing transparent file and data management

kde-frameworks / kirigami : Lightweight user interface framework for mobile and convergent applications

kde-frameworks / kitemviews : Framework providing additional widgets for item models

kde-frameworks / kjobwidgets : Framework providing assorted widgets for showing the progress of jobs

kde-frameworks / kjsembed : Framework binding JavaScript objects to QObjects

kde-frameworks / knewstuff : Framework for downloading and sharing additional application data

kde-frameworks / knotifications : Framework for notifying the user of an event

kde-frameworks / knotifyconfig : Framework for configuring desktop notifications

kde-frameworks / kparts : Framework providing elaborate user-interface components

kde-frameworks / kpeople : KDE contact person abstraction library

kde-frameworks / kplotting : Framework providing easy data-plotting functions

kde-frameworks / kross : Framework for embedding scripting into applications

kde-frameworks / krunner : Framework for providing different actions given a string query

kde-frameworks / ktexteditor : Framework providing a full text editor component

kde-frameworks / ktextwidgets : Framework providing an assortment of widgets for displaying and editing text

kde-frameworks / kwallet : Framework providing desktop-wide storage for passwords

kde-frameworks / kwayland : Qt-style client and server library wrapper for Wayland libraries

kde-frameworks / kwidgetsaddons : An assortment of high-level widgets for common tasks

kde-frameworks / kwindowsystem : Framework providing access to properties and features of the window manager

kde-frameworks / kxmlgui : Framework for managing menu and toolbar actions in an abstract way

kde-frameworks / plasma : Plasma framework

kde-frameworks / prison : QRCode and data matrix barcode library

kde-frameworks / qqc2-desktop-style : Style for QtQuickControls 2 that uses QWidget's QStyle for painting

kde-frameworks / sonnet : Framework for providing spell-checking through abstraction of popular backends

kde-frameworks / syntax-highlighting : Framework for syntax highlighting

kde-misc / basket : A DropDrawers clone. Multiple information organizer

kde-misc / colord-kde : Provides interfaces and session daemon to colord

kde-misc / kdeconnect : Adds communication between KDE Plasma and your smartphone

kde-misc / kdiff3 : Frontend to diff3 based on Qt/KF5

kde-misc / kdirstat : GUI equivalent to the du command based on KDE Frameworks

kde-misc / kimtoy : An input method frontend for Plasma

kde-misc / kio-gdrive : KIO Slave for Google Drive service

kde-misc / kmarkdownwebview : KPart for rendering Markdown content

kde-misc / kopete-antispam : Antispam filter for Kopete instant messenger

kde-misc / kopete-thinklight : A ThinkPad's light flash on every incoming message

kde-misc / krcstat : A Gentoo system management tool

kde-misc / krename : Powerful batch file renamer

kde-misc / krusader : Advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager with many extras

kde-misc / kshutdown : Shutdown manager for desktop environments like KDE Plasma

kde-misc / ktexteditorpreviewplugin : Plugin for previewing content using the KTextEditor Framework

kde-misc / ktoshiba : Function key (FN) monitoring for Toshiba laptops

kde-misc / kwebkitpart : WebKit KPart for Konqueror

kde-misc / latte-dock : Elegant dock, based on KDE Frameworks

kde-misc / openofficeorg-thumbnail : KDE thumbnail-plugin that generates thumbnails for ODF files

kde-misc / rsibreak : Small utility which bothers you at certain intervals

kde-misc / skanlite : KDE image scanning application

kde-misc / systemd-kcm : Plasma control module for systemd

kde-misc / tellico : A collection manager based on KDE Frameworks

kde-misc / wacomtablet : KControl module for Wacom tablets

kde-misc / yakuake : Quake-style terminal emulator based on konsole

kde-misc / zanshin : Getting things done application by KDE

kde-plasma / bluedevil : Bluetooth stack for KDE Plasma

kde-plasma / breeze : Breeze visual style for the Plasma desktop

kde-plasma / drkonqi : Plasma crash handler, gives the user feedback if a program crashed

kde-plasma / kactivitymanagerd : System service to manage user's activities, track the usage patterns etc.

kde-plasma / kde-cli-tools : Tools based on KDE Frameworks 5 to better interact with the system

kde-plasma / kde-gtk-config : KDE Plasma systemsettings kcm to set GTK application look&feel

kde-plasma / kdecoration : Plugin based library to create window decorations

kde-plasma / kdeplasma-addons : Extra Plasma applets and engines

kde-plasma / kgamma : Screen gamma values kcontrol module

kde-plasma / khotkeys : KDE Plasma workspace hotkey module

kde-plasma / kinfocenter : A utility that provides information about a computer system

kde-plasma / kmenuedit : KDE Plasma menu editor

kde-plasma / kscreen : KDE Plasma screen management

kde-plasma / kscreenlocker : Library and components for secure lock screen architecture

kde-plasma / ksysguard : Network-enabled task manager and system monitor

kde-plasma / kwayland-integration : Provides integration plugins for various KDE frameworks for Wayland

kde-plasma / kwin : KDE window manager

kde-plasma / kwrited : KDE Plasma daemon listening for wall and write messages

kde-plasma / libkscreen : Plasma screen management library

kde-plasma / libksysguard : Task management and system monitoring library

kde-plasma / milou : Dedicated search application built on top of Baloo

kde-plasma / oxygen : Oxygen visual style for the Plasma desktop

kde-plasma / plasma-desktop : KDE Plasma desktop

kde-plasma / plasma-integration : Qt Platform Theme integration plugins for the Plasma workspaces

kde-plasma / plasma-nm : KDE Plasma applet for NetworkManager

kde-plasma / plasma-pa : Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio

kde-plasma / plasma-sdk : Useful applications for Plasma development

kde-plasma / plasma-workspace : KDE Plasma workspace

kde-plasma / plymouth-kcm : KDE Plasma control module for Plymouth

kde-plasma / polkit-kde-agent : PolKit agent module for KDE Plasma

kde-plasma / powerdevil : Power management for KDE Plasma Shell

kde-plasma / qguiplatformplugin_kde : Helps integration of pure Qt applications with KDE Plasma

kde-plasma / sddm-kcm : KDE Plasma control module for SDDM

kde-plasma / systemsettings : System settings utility

kde-plasma / user-manager : Simple system settings module to manage the users of your system

lxqt-base / liblxqt : Common base library for the LXQt desktop environment

lxqt-base / lxqt-about : LXQt about dialog

lxqt-base / lxqt-admin : LXQt system administration tool

lxqt-base / lxqt-config : LXQt system configuration control center

lxqt-base / lxqt-globalkeys : Daemon and library for global keyboard shortcuts registration

lxqt-base / lxqt-notificationd : LXQt notification daemon and library

lxqt-base / lxqt-openssh-askpass : LXQt OpenSSH user password prompt tool

lxqt-base / lxqt-panel : LXQt desktop panel and plugins

lxqt-base / lxqt-policykit : LXQt PolKit authentication agent

lxqt-base / lxqt-powermanagement : LXQt daemon for power management and auto-suspend

lxqt-base / lxqt-qtplugin : LXQt system integration plugin for Qt

lxqt-base / lxqt-runner : LXQt quick launcher

lxqt-base / lxqt-session : LXQT session manager

lxqt-base / lxqt-sudo : LXQt GUI frontend for sudo

mail-client / kube : A mail client by KDE

mail-client / trojita : A Qt IMAP e-mail client

media-gfx / aqsis : Open source RenderMan-compliant 3D rendering solution

media-gfx / clockphoto : Adjusts photo timestamps based on clock photos.

media-gfx / converseen : Batch image converter and resizer based on ImageMagick

media-gfx / digikam : Digital photo management application

media-gfx / engauge : Convert an image file showing a graph or map into numbers

media-gfx / fotowall : Qt5 tool for creating wallpapers

media-gfx / freecad : Qt based Computer Aided Design application

media-gfx / graphviz : Open Source Graph Visualization Software

media-gfx / ipe : Drawing editor for creating figures in PDF or PS formats

media-gfx / kcoloredit : Tool for editing color palettes

media-gfx / kgraphviewer : Graphviz dot graph file viewer

media-gfx / kphotoalbum : Tool for indexing, searching, and viewing images

media-gfx / kpovmodeler : A modeling and composition program for creating POV-Ray(TM) scenes

media-gfx / krita : Free digital painting application. Digital Painting, Creative Freedom!

media-gfx / kuickshow : KDE program to view images

media-gfx / kxstitch : Program to create cross stitch patterns

media-gfx / librecad : Generic 2D CAD program

media-gfx / luminance-hdr : Luminance HDR is a graphical user interface that provides a workflow for HDR imaging

media-gfx / lximage-qt : LXImage Image Viewer - GPicView replacement

media-gfx / nomacs : Qt-based image viewer

media-gfx / openmesh : A generic data structure to represent and manipulate polygonal meshes

media-gfx / openscad : The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

media-gfx / opentoonz : An open-source full-featured 2D animation creation software

media-gfx / pencil : A Qt4 based animation and drawing program

media-gfx / photivo : Photo processor for RAW and Bitmap images

media-gfx / photoqt : Simple but powerful Qt-based image viewer

media-gfx / phototonic : Image viewer and organizer

media-gfx / pictureflow : Qt widget to display images with animated transition effect

media-gfx / qiviewer : Lightweight image viewer, similar to eog or viewnior for Gnome

media-gfx / qosmic : A cosmic recursive flame fractal editor

media-gfx / qvv : QVV Image Viewer and Browser

media-gfx / scantailor : A interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages

media-gfx / structure-synth : A program to generate 3D structures by specifying a design grammar

media-gfx / symboleditor : Application to create libraries of QPainterPath objects with redering hints

media-gfx / synnefo : Qt front end for the Oyranos Color Management System

media-gfx / valentina : Cloth patternmaking software

media-gfx / wally : Qt4 wallpaper changer

media-gfx / wkhtmltopdf : Convert html to pdf (and various image formats) using webkit

media-gfx / yafaray : YafaRay is a raytracing open source render engine

media-gfx / zbar : Library and tools for reading barcodes from images or video

media-libs / SoQt : The glue between Coin3D and Qt

media-libs / dssi : Plugin API for software instruments with user interfaces

media-libs / emfengine : Native vector graphics file format on Windows

media-libs / hupnp-ng : A software library for building UPnP devices, fork of herqq

media-libs / libde265 : Open h.265 video codec implementation

media-libs / libmediaart : Manages, extracts and handles media art caches

media-libs / libopenshot : Video editing library used by OpenShot

media-libs / libprojectm-qt : A graphical music visualization plugin similar to milkdrop

media-libs / libqaccessibilityclient : Library for writing accessibility clients such as screen readers

media-libs / mlt : Open source multimedia framework for television broadcasting

media-libs / openal : A software implementation of the OpenAL 3D audio API

media-libs / opencv : A collection of algorithms and sample code for various computer vision problems

media-libs / openimageio : A library for reading and writing images

media-libs / oyranos : Colour management system allowing to share settings across apps and services

media-libs / phonon : KDE multimedia API

media-libs / phonon-gstreamer : Phonon GStreamer backend

media-libs / phonon-vlc : Phonon VLC backend

media-libs / qimageblitz : Graphical effect and filter library by KDE

media-libs / qt-gstreamer : C++ bindings for GStreamer with a Qt-style API

media-libs / qtav : Multimedia playback framework based on Qt + FFmpeg

media-libs / quarter : A glue between Nokia Qt4 and Coin3D

media-libs / suil : Lightweight C library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs

media-plugins / audacious-plugins : Audacious Player - Your music, your way, no exceptions

media-plugins / kipi-plugins : Plugins for the KDE Image Plugin Interface

media-plugins / mythplugins : Official MythTV plugins

media-plugins / qmmp-plugin-pack : A set of extra plugins for Qmmp

media-radio / qsstv : Amateur radio SSTV software

media-radio / svxlink : Multi Purpose Voice Services System, including Qtel for EchoLink

media-radio / unixcw : A package of programs that fit together to form a morse code tutor program

media-radio / wsjtx : Weak signal ham radio communication

media-sound / audacious : Audacious Player - Your music, your way, no exceptions

media-sound / audex : Tool for ripping compact discs

media-sound / bempc : Qt4 MPD client with experimental UI

media-sound / bpmdetect : Automatic BPM detection utility

media-sound / cantata : Featureful and configurable Qt client for the music player daemon (MPD)

media-sound / clementine : Modern music player and library organizer based on Amarok 1.4 and Qt

media-sound / coquillo : GUI audio tagger based on Qt4 and taglib

media-sound / drumstick : Qt/C++ wrapper for ALSA sequencer

media-sound / flacon : Extracts audio tracks from an audio CD image to separate tracks

media-sound / fmit : Free Music Instrument Tuner

media-sound / google-musicmanager : An application for adding music to your Google Music library

media-sound / hydrogen : Advanced drum machine

media-sound / jalv : Simple but fully featured LV2 host for Jack

media-sound / karlyriceditor : Application to edit and synchronize lyrics with karaoke songs in various formats

media-sound / kid3 : Simple tag editor based on Qt

media-sound / kmetronome : MIDI based metronome using ALSA sequencer

media-sound / lastfmplayer : A player for radio streams

media-sound / lmms : Cross-platform music production software

media-sound / mixxx : Advanced Digital DJ tool based on Qt

media-sound / mp3diags : Qt-based MP3 diagnosis and repair tool

media-sound / mumble : Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software

media-sound / musescore : WYSIWYG Music Score Typesetter

media-sound / musique : Qt music player

media-sound / picard : A cross-platform music tagger

media-sound / qarecord : A simple harddisk recorder writing from an input audio stream to a .wav file

media-sound / qastools : Qt5 GUI ALSA tools: mixer, configuration browser

media-sound / qjackctl : Qt GUI to control the JACK Audio Connection Kit and ALSA sequencer connections

media-sound / qmidiarp : An arpeggiator, sequencer and MIDI LFO for ALSA

media-sound / qmidiroute : QMidiRoute is a filter/router for MIDI events

media-sound / qmmp : Qt5-based audio player with winamp/xmms skins support

media-sound / qmpdclient : QMPDClient with NBL additions, such as lyrics' display

media-sound / qpitch : A program to tune musical instruments using Qt4

media-sound / qsampler : A graphical frontend to the LinuxSampler engine

media-sound / qsynth : A Qt application to control FluidSynth

media-sound / qtagconvert : Qt4 tag editor for mp3 files

media-sound / qtagger : Simple Qt4 ID3v2 tag editor

media-sound / qtgain : A simple frontend to mp3gain, vorbisgain and metaflac

media-sound / qtractor : Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer written in C++ with the Qt framework

media-sound / qtscrobbler : Updates a profile using information from a supported portable music player

media-sound / quimup : A Qt5 client for the music player daemon (MPD) written in C++

media-sound / rosegarden : MIDI and audio sequencer and notation editor

media-sound / sonic-visualiser : Music audio files viewer and analiser

media-sound / soundkonverter : Frontend to various audio converters

media-sound / supercollider : An environment and a programming language for real time audio synthesis.

media-sound / teamspeak-client-bin : TeamSpeak Client - Voice Communication Software

media-sound / tomahawk : Multi-source social music player

media-sound / traverso : Professional Audio Tools for GNU/Linux

media-sound / vmpk : Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

media-tv / mythtv : Homebrew PVR project

media-tv / v4l-utils : Separate utilities ebuild from upstream v4l-utils package

media-video / 2mandvd : The successor of ManDVD

media-video / abby : GUI front-end for cclive and clive video extraction utilities

media-video / avidemux : Video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks

media-video / baka-mplayer : Cross-platform libmpv-based multimedia player with uncluttered design

media-video / bdsup2sub++ : C++ port of BDSup2Sub

media-video / bino : Stereoscopic and multi-display media player

media-video / ffdiaporama : Movie creator from photos and video clips

media-video / kaffeine : Media player with digital TV support by KDE

media-video / kamerka : Simple photo taking application with fancy animated interface

media-video / kamoso : Application to take pictures and videos from your webcam by KDE

media-video / kmplayer : Video player plugin for Konqueror and basic MPlayer frontend

media-video / makemkv : Tool for ripping and streaming Blu-ray, HD-DVD and DVD discs

media-video / minitube : Qt5 YouTube Client

media-video / mkvtoolnix : Tools to create, alter, and inspect Matroska files

media-video / obs-studio : Software for Recording and Streaming Live Video Content

media-video / plasma-mediacenter : Unified media experience for any device capable of running KDE Plasma

media-video / qgifer : A video-based animated GIF creator

media-video / qx11grab : X11 desktop video grabber tray

media-video / simplescreenrecorder : A Simple Screen Recorder

media-video / smplayer : Great Qt GUI front-end for mplayer/mpv

media-video / smtube : YouTube Browser for SMPlayer

media-video / subtitlecomposer : Text-based subtitles editor

media-video / tsmuxer : Utility to create and demux TS and M2TS files

media-video / ttcut : Tool for cutting MPEG files especially for removing commercials

media-video / videocut : A program to create compositions from video files

media-video / vlc : VLC media player - Video player and streamer

net-analyzer / gr-fosphor : gnuradio fosphor block (GPU spectrum display)

net-analyzer / nmapsi : A Qt frontend to nmap

net-analyzer / ostinato : A packet generator and analyzer

net-analyzer / wireshark : A network protocol analyzer formerly known as ethereal

net-dialup / cutecom : CuteCom is a serial terminal, like minicom, written in qt

net-dialup / qtwvdialer : Qt4 frontend for wvdial

net-dns / dnssec-lookup : DNS lookup utility that supports DNSSEC validation

net-dns / dnssec-system-tray : display DNSSEC resolver logs in system tray

net-firewall / fwbuilder : A firewall GUI

net-firewall / pglinux : Privacy oriented firewall application

net-fs / smbtatools : Tools for configuration and query of SMB Traffic Analyzer

net-ftp / oneclickftp : The somehow different FTP client

net-ftp / qshare : FTP server with a service discovery feature

net-ftp / scythia : Just a small FTP client

net-im / choqok : Free/Open Source micro-blogging client by KDE

net-im / dianara : Qt-based client for the distributed social network

net-im / kadu : An open source Gadu-Gadu and Jabber/XMPP protocol Instant Messenger client

net-im / openmittsu : An open source chat client for Threema-style end-to-end encrypted chat networks

net-im / psi : Qt XMPP client

net-im / qtox : Most feature-rich GUI for net-libs/tox using Qt5

net-im / vacuum : Qt Crossplatform Jabber client

net-irc / konversation : A user friendly IRC Client

net-irc / kvirc : Advanced IRC Client

net-irc / quassel : Qt/KDE IRC client supporting a remote daemon for 24/7 connectivity

net-libs / jreen : Qt XMPP library

net-libs / kdav2 : KJob based DAV protocol implementation

net-libs / libkvkontakte : Library for accessing the features of social networking site

net-libs / signon-ui : Signon UI

net-libs / signond : Signon daemon for libaccounts-glib

net-libs / telepathy-qt : Qt bindings for the Telepathy D-Bus protocol

net-misc / cmst : Qt GUI for Connman with system tray icon

net-misc / dropbox : Dropbox daemon (pretends to be GUI-less)

net-misc / fatrat : Qt5-based download/upload manager

net-misc / gns3-gui : Graphical Network Simulator

net-misc / hotot : lightweight & open source microblogging client

net-misc / knemo : Plasma Network Monitor

net-misc / mico : A freely available and fully compliant implementation of the CORBA standard

net-misc / netfleet : Qt4 cross-platform multi-threaded download utility

net-misc / nextcloud-client : Nextcloud themed desktop client

net-misc / owncloud-client : Synchronize files from ownCloud Server with your computer

net-misc / qtm : Qt blogging client

net-misc / seafile-client : Seafile desktop client

net-misc / smb4k : Advanced network neighborhood browser

net-misc / teamviewer : All-In-One Solution for Remote Access and Support over the Internet

net-misc / x2goclient : The X2Go Qt client

net-news / quiterss : A Qt-based RSS/Atom feed reader

net-news / rssguard : A tiny RSS and Atom feed reader

net-nntp / kwooty : Friendly nzb linux usenet binary client

net-p2p / bitcoin-qt : An end-user Qt GUI for the Bitcoin crypto-currency

net-p2p / classified-ads : Program for displaying classified advertisement items

net-p2p / dogecoin-qt : P2P Internet currency favored by Shiba Inus worldwide

net-p2p / eiskaltdcpp : Qt/DC++ based client for DirectConnect and ADC protocols

net-p2p / ktorrent : Powerful BitTorrent client based on KDE Frameworks

net-p2p / primecoin-qt : Cryptocurrency forked from Bitcoin which aims to be energy efficiency

net-p2p / qbittorrent : BitTorrent client in C++ and Qt

net-p2p / retroshare : P2P private sharing application

net-p2p / transmission : A fast, easy, and free BitTorrent client

net-voip / vidyodesktop : Enterprise video conferencing platform

net-voip / yate : The Yate AV Suite

net-vpn / kvpnc : KDELibs4-based frontend for various VPN clients

net-wireless / gnuradio : Toolkit that provides signal processing blocks to implement software radios

net-wireless / gqrx : Software defined radio receiver powered by GNU Radio and Qt

net-wireless / inspectrum : a tool for analysing captured signals from software-defined radio receivers

net-wireless / ubertooth : open source wireless development platform suitable for Bluetooth experimentation

net-wireless / wpa_supplicant : IEEE 802.1X/WPA supplicant for secure wireless transfers

sci-astronomy / stellarium : 3D photo-realistic skies in real time

sci-biology / clustalx : Graphical interface for the ClustalW multiple alignment program

sci-calculators / qalculator : A Qt4 based small calculator application

sci-calculators / speedcrunch : Fast and usable calculator for power users

sci-chemistry / avogadro : Advanced molecular editor that uses Qt4 and OpenGL

sci-chemistry / avogadro2 : Advanced molecule editor and visualizer 2

sci-chemistry / ball : Biochemical Algorithms Library

sci-chemistry / molsketch : A drawing tool for 2D molecular structures

sci-chemistry / xdsgui : GUI for XDS that is supposed to help both novice and experienced users

sci-electronics / cirkuit : An application to generate publication-ready figures

sci-electronics / fritzing : Electronic Design Automation

sci-electronics / klayout : Viewer and editor for GDS and OASIS integrated circuit layouts

sci-electronics / osqoop : multi-platform open source software oscilloscope based on Qt 4

sci-electronics / plcedit : Qt4 notepad for PLC programming

sci-electronics / pulseview : Qt based logic analyzer GUI for sigrok

sci-electronics / qelectrotech : Qt5 application to design electric diagrams

sci-electronics / qucs : Quite Universal Circuit Simulator in Qt4

sci-geosciences / gebabbel : Qt-Frontend to load and convert gps tracks with gpsbabel

sci-geosciences / gpsbabel : GPS waypoints, tracks and routes converter

sci-geosciences / gpsd : GPS daemon and library for USB/serial GPS devices and GPS/mapping clients

sci-geosciences / merkaartor : Qt based map editor for the project

sci-geosciences / qgis : User friendly Geographic Information System

sci-libs / ViSP : Visual Servoing Platform: visual tracking and visual servoing library

sci-libs / avogadrolibs : Advanced molecule editor and visualizer 2 - libraries

sci-libs / chemkit : Library for chemistry applications

sci-libs / liborigin : Library for reading OriginLab OPJ project files

sci-libs / mathgl : Math Graphics Library

sci-libs / octomap : An Efficient Probabilistic 3D Mapping Framework Based on Octrees

sci-libs / pcl : 2D/3D image and point cloud processing

sci-libs / plplot : Multi-language scientific plotting library

sci-libs / rtabmap : Real-Time Appearance-Based Mapping (RGB-D Graph SLAM)

sci-libs / silo : A mesh and field I/O library and scientific database

sci-libs / vtk : The Visualization Toolkit

sci-mathematics / cgal : C++ library for geometric algorithms and data structures

sci-mathematics / octave : High-level interactive language for numerical computations

sci-mathematics / pari : Computer-aided number theory C library and tools

sci-mathematics / qtoctave : Qt4 front-end for Octave

sci-mathematics / rkward : IDE for the R-project

sci-mathematics / rstudio : IDE for the R language

sci-mathematics / yacas : General purpose computer algebra system

sci-misc / mendeleydesktop : Research management tool for desktop and web

sci-physics / geant : Toolkit for simulation of passage of particles through matter

sci-physics / root : C++ data analysis framework and interpreter from CERN

sci-visualization / gnuplot : Command-line driven interactive plotting program

sci-visualization / kst : Fast real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool

sci-visualization / labplot : Scientific data analysis and visualisation based on KDE Frameworks

sci-visualization / paraview : ParaView is a powerful scientific data visualization application

sci-visualization / qtiplot : Qt based clone of the Origin plotting package

sci-visualization / xds-viewer : X-ray diffraction/control image viewer in the context of data processing by XDS

sci-visualization / xyscan : Tool for extracting data points from graphs

sci-visualization / zhu3d : Interactive 3D mathematical function viewer

sys-apps / qdirstat : Qt app to show where your disk space has gone and to help you clean it up

sys-apps / qdiskusage : Qt4 Graphical Disk Usage Analyzer

sys-apps / ultracopier : Advanced file copying tool

sys-auth / polkit-qt : PolicyKit Qt API wrapper library

sys-auth / yubikey-personalization-gui : GUI for personalization of Yubico's YubiKey

sys-block / kvpm : KDE frontend for Linux LVM2 and GNU parted

sys-block / partitionmanager : KDE utility for management of partitions and file systems

sys-boot / unetbootin : UNetbootin installs Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive

sys-kernel / kccmp : A simple tool for comparing two linux kernel .config files

sys-libs / gwenhywfar : A multi-platform helper library for other libraries

sys-libs / kpmcore : Library for managing partitions

www-client / dooble : A Secure and Open Source Web Browser

www-client / otter : Project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5

www-client / qupzilla : A cross-platform web browser using QtWebEngine

x11-apps / copyq : Clipboard manager with advanced features

x11-libs / libQGLViewer : C++ library based on Qt that eases the creation of OpenGL 3D viewers

x11-libs / libfm-qt : Qt port of libfm, a library providing components to build desktop file managers

x11-libs / libqxt : Extension library providing cross-platform utility classes for the Qt toolkit

x11-libs / libyui-qt : UI abstraction library - Qt plugin

x11-libs / qscintilla : A Qt port of Neil Hodgson's Scintilla C++ editor class

x11-libs / qtermwidget : Qt terminal emulator widget

x11-libs / qtscriptgenerator : Tool for generating Qt bindings for Qt Script

x11-libs / qwt : 2D plotting library for Qt4 and Qt5

x11-libs / qwtplot3d : Qt4/OpenGL-based 3D widget library for C++

x11-libs / snorenotify : Multi platform Qt notification framework

x11-misc / albert : Desktop agnostic launcher

x11-misc / appmenu-qt : Application menu module for Qt

x11-misc / basqet : Keep your notes, pictures, ideas, and information in Baskets

x11-misc / evolvotron : Generative art image evolver

x11-misc / flow-pomodoro : A pomodoro app that blocks distractions while you work

x11-misc / fracplanet : Fractal planet and terrain generator

x11-misc / fraqtive : an open source, multi-platform generator of the Mandelbrot family fractals

x11-misc / kapow : A punch clock program designed to easily keep track of your hours

x11-misc / kaqaz : Modern note manager

x11-misc / kdocker : Helper to dock any application into the system tray

x11-misc / kronometer : Stopwatch application

x11-misc / launchy : utility that merges application menus, your desktop and even your file manager

x11-misc / lightdm : A lightweight display manager

x11-misc / obconf-qt : Openbox window manager configuration tool

x11-misc / okindd : On Screen Display (OSD) for KDE 4.x - works on any Qt desktop

x11-misc / pcmanfm-qt : Fast lightweight tabbed filemanager (Qt port)

x11-misc / ptbatterysystemtray : A simple battery monitor in the system tray

x11-misc / qarma : Zenity Clone for Qt5

x11-misc / qcomicbook : A viewer for comic book archives containing jpeg/png images

x11-misc / qlipper : Lightweight and cross-platform clipboard history applet

x11-misc / qps : Visual process manager - Qt version of ps/top

x11-misc / qsynergy : A comprehensive and easy to use graphical front end for Synergy

x11-misc / qt5ct : Qt5 configuration tool, similar to qtconfig for Qt4

x11-misc / qterm : A BBS client for Linux

x11-misc / qtfm : A small, lightweight file manager for desktops based on pure Qt

x11-misc / qtnotifydaemon : A flexible and configurable notification daemon

x11-misc / qxkb : Qt4-based keyboard layout switcher

x11-misc / screengrab : Qt application for getting screenshots

x11-misc / sddm : Simple Desktop Display Manager

x11-misc / synergy : Lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

x11-misc / touchfreeze : X11 touch pad driver configuration utility

x11-misc / urxvtconfig : GUI configuration tool for the rxvt-unicode terminal emulator

x11-misc / vym : View Your Mind, a mindmap tool

x11-misc / wmiface : Command line tool allowing user scripting of the running window manager

x11-misc / xembedsniproxy : A program to use legacy Xembed tray icons with SNI-only trays

x11-plugins / qled : Custom Led widget plugin for Qt-Designer

x11-terms / qterminal : Qt-based multitab terminal emulator

x11-themes / adwaita-qt : A style to bend Qt applications to look like they belong into GNOME Shell

x11-themes / bespin : Very configurable Qt4 style derived from the Oxygen project

x11-themes / kvantum : SVG-based theme engine for Qt4/Qt5, KDE and LXQt

x11-themes / qtcurve : Widget styles for Qt and GTK2

x11-wm / lumina : Lumina desktop environment

media-sound/clementine USE=projectm with dev-qt/qtgui[egl] - when opening visualizations menu, segmentation fault in QEglContext::createSurface(QPaintDevice*, QEglProperties const*) () from /usr/lib64/qt4/
>=sci-astronomy/stellarium-0.13.0 should depend on dev-qt/qtgui:5[egl]
dev-qt/qtgui:5 - add linuxfb support
dev-qt/qtwebkit:5: add dependency on dev-qt/qtgui[jpeg]
dev-qt/qtgui-5.6.2 fails with "error: cannot find -lqtharfbuzzng"
dev-qt/qtgui Segfault in X11 forwarding over ssh since upgrading to 5.7
media-gfx/openscad-9999 fails to build against dev-qt/qtgui:5[gles2]
dev-qt/qtgui-5.9.2 linker error: undefined reference to 'qt_blend_rgb16_on_argb32_neon(unsigned char*, int, unsigned char const*, int, int, int, int)'
Andreas Sturmlechner · gentoo
dev-qt: Drop Qt 5.6.2, de-stabilise hppa
Closes: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.13, Repoman-2.3.4
Davide Pesavento · gentoo
dev-qt: remove Qt 4.8.6
Closes: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.13, Repoman-2.3.4
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: enable libinput USE flag by default
dev-qt/qtwayland[libinput] is enabled by default and depends on dev-qt/qtgui[libinput], so let's avoid a USE conflict out of the box. Closes: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.8, Repoman-2.3.3
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: version bump 5.9.2
Bug: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.8, Repoman-2.3.3
Markus Meier · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: arm stable, bug #620334
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="arm"
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: remove 5.7.1-r0
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.2
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: backport patch from upstream solving build failure on x32
Gentoo-bug: 623882 Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.2
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ppc64 stable wrt bug #620334
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="ppc64" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ppc stable wrt bug #620334
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="ppc" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: x86 stable wrt bug #620334
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="x86" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: amd64 stable wrt bug #620334
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="amd64" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Andreas Sturmlechner · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: Fix QClipboard behaviour on XCB
This fix is also in 5.6.3 and >=5.8.0. See also: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.1
Markus Meier · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: arm stable, bug #552396
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="arm"
Sergei Trofimovich · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ia64 stable, bug #552396
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.2 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="ia64"
Tobias Klausmann · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui-4.8.7-r0: add alpha keyword
Gentoo-Bug: 552396
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: sparc stable wrt bug #552396
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="sparc" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Michael Weber · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ppc64 stable (bug 552396)
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.2 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="amd64 arm arm64 ppc ppc64"
Michael Weber · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ppc stable (bug 552396)
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.2 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="amd64 arm arm64 ppc ppc64"
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: x86 stable wrt bug #552396
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="x86" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Jeroen Roovers · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: Stable for HPPA (bug #552396).
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.2 RepoMan-Options: --ignore-arches
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: amd64 stable wrt bug #552396
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="amd64" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Davide Pesavento · gentoo
dev-qt: drop Qt 5.6.1
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.2
Jeroen Roovers · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: Stable for HPPA (bug #598780).
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.4, Repoman-2.3.2 RepoMan-Options: --ignore-arches
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.
Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <>
T. Malfatti · gentoo
media-libs/portaudio: Version bump
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ppc64 stable wrt bug #598780
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="ppc64" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Markus Meier · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: arm stable, bug #598780
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.3, Repoman-2.3.1 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="arm"
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ppc stable wrt bug #598780
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="ppc" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: remove 5.7.0
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.3
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: version bump 5.7.1
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.3
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: stabilise 5.6.2 for amd64/x86
Gentoo-bug: 598780 Package-Manager: portage-2.3.2
Davide Pesavento · gentoo
dev-qt: remove Qt 5.5.1
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.2
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ppc stable wrt bug #586180
Package-Manager: portage-2.2.28 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="ppc" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Davide Pesavento · gentoo
dev-qt: Qt 5.6.2 version bump
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.1
Markus Meier · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: arm stable, bug #586180
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="arm"
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: remove 5.6.0
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0
Jeroen Roovers · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: Stable for HPPA PPC64 (bug #586180).
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0 RepoMan-Options: --ignore-arches
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: version bump 5.7.0
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: stabilise 5.6.1 on amd64/x86
Gentoo-bug: 586180 Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0
Davide Pesavento · gentoo
dev-qt: Qt 5.6.1 version bump
Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0_rc1
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: stabilise 5.5.1 on x86
Gentoo-bug: 569924 Package-Manager: portage-2.3.0_rc1
Davide Pesavento · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: re-apply fix for bug 578108 that was lost during the move
Gentoo-Bug: 578108 Package-Manager: portage-2.2.28
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: version bump 5.6.0
Package-Manager: portage-2.2.28
Davide Pesavento · gentoo
dev-qt: remove Qt 5.4.2
Agostino Sarubbo · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ppc stable wrt bug #569924
Package-Manager: portage-2.2.26 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="ppc" Signed-off-by: Agostino Sarubbo <>
Markus Meier · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: arm stable, bug #569924
Package-Manager: portage-2.2.28 RepoMan-Options: --include-arches="arm"
Jeroen Roovers · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: Stable for HPPA PPC64 (bug #569924).
Package-Manager: portage-2.2.27 RepoMan-Options: --ignore-arches
Ian Delaney · gentoo
Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/sbraz/syncthing'
Pull Request:
Mikle Kolyada · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: amd64 stable wrt bug #569924
Package-Manager: portage-2.2.26
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: remove old revision
Package-Manager: portage-2.2.27
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: backport patch from upstream resolving crash
Gentoo-bug: 574636 Package-Manager: portage-2.2.27
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: remove 4.8.5
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: ensure that a GL integration plugin is always built
Gentoo-bug: 563156 Package-Manager: portage-
Mikle Kolyada · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: sparc stable wrt bug #530238
Package-Manager: portage-
Michael Palimaka · gentoo
dev-qt: version bump 5.5.1
Package-Manager: portage-
Jeroen Roovers · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: Stable for PPC64 (bug #543326).
Package-Manager: portage-
Mikle Kolyada · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: arm stable wrt bug #543326
Package-Manager: portage-
Davide Pesavento · gentoo
dev-qt: drop all prefix keywords from 4.8.6 and later.
See bug 529196 comment 17.
Mikle Kolyada · gentoo
gentoo/dev-qt: amd64 stable wrt bug #543326
Package-Manager: portage-
Justin Lecher · gentoo
Use https by default
Convert all URLs for sites supporting encrypted connections from http to https Signed-off-by: Justin Lecher <>
Jeroen Roovers · gentoo
dev-qt/qtgui: Stable for HPPA (bug #558136).
Package-Manager: portage-
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
proj/gentoo: Initial commit
This commit represents a new era for Gentoo: Storing the gentoo-x86 tree in Git, as converted from CVS. This commit is the start of the NEW history. Any historical data is intended to be grafted onto this point. Creation process: 1. Take final CVS checkout snapshot 2. Remove ALL ChangeLog* files 3. Transform all Manifests to thin 4. Remove empty Manifests 5. Convert all stale $Header$/$Id$ CVS keywords to non-expanded Git $Id$ 5.1. Do not touch files with -kb/-ko keyword flags. Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <> X-Thanks: Alec Warner <> - did the GSoC 2006 migration tests X-Thanks: Robin H. Johnson <> - infra guy, herding this project X-Thanks: Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> - Former Gentoo developer, wrote Git features for the migration X-Thanks: Brian Harring <> - wrote much python to improve cvs2svn X-Thanks: Rich Freeman <> - validation scripts X-Thanks: Patrick Lauer <> - Gentoo dev, running new 2014 work in migration X-Thanks: Michał Górny <> - scripts, QA, nagging X-Thanks: All of other Gentoo developers - many ideas and lots of paint on the bikeshed