dev-ros / message_runtime

Package modeling the run-time dependencies for language bindings of messages

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Enable dependencies and/or preparations necessary to run tests (usually controlled by FEATURES=test but can be toggled independently)


Build for Python 3.10 only
Build for Python 3.8 only
Build for Python 3.9 only

dev-lang / python : An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

dev-python / empy : A powerful and robust templating system for Python

dev-util / catkin : Cmake macros and associated python code used to build some parts of ROS

dev-lang / python : An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

dev-ros / cpp_common : C++ code for doing things that are not necessarily ROS related

dev-ros / roscpp_serialization : Code for serialization

dev-ros / roscpp_traits : Message traits code

dev-ros / rostime : Time and Duration implementations for C++ libraries

dev-ros / actionlib : Provides a standardized interface for interfacing with preemptable tasks

dev-ros / actionlib_msgs : Common messages to interact with an action server and an action client

dev-ros / actionlib_tools : Tools for dealing with actionlib

dev-ros / actionlib_tutorials : Actionlib tutorials

dev-ros / audio_common_msgs : Messages for transmitting audio via ROS

dev-ros / base_local_planner : Trajectory Rollout and Dynamic Window approaches to robot navigation on a plane

dev-ros / bond : A bond allows two processes, A and B, to know when the other has terminated

dev-ros / calibration_msgs : Messages for storing calibration samples to be used in calibration procedures

dev-ros / control_msgs : Base messages and actions useful for controlling robots

dev-ros / control_toolbox : Modules that are useful across all controllers

dev-ros / controller_manager_msgs : The controller manager

dev-ros / costmap_2d : Creates a 2D costmap from sensor data

dev-ros / diagnostic_msgs : Standardized interface for the diagnostic and runtime monitoring systems in ROS

dev-ros / driver_base : Framework for writing drivers

dev-ros / dynamic_reconfigure : Provides a means to change node parameters at runtime

dev-ros / eigen_conversions : Conversion functions between Eigen and KDL and Eigen and geometry_msgs

dev-ros / gazebo_msgs : Message and service data structures for interacting with Gazebo from ROS

dev-ros / gazebo_plugins : Robot-independent Gazebo plugins

dev-ros / gazebo_ros : ROS plugins that offer messages and services for interfacing with gazebo

dev-ros / geographic_msgs : ROS messages for Geographic Information Systems

dev-ros / geometry_msgs : Messages for common geometric primitives such as points, vectors, and poses

dev-ros / hector_mapping : SLAM that can be used without odometry and on platforms that exhibit roll/pitch

dev-ros / hector_nav_msgs : Messages and services used in the hector_slam stack

dev-ros / image_cb_detector : Extracts checkerboard corners from ROS images

dev-ros / interval_intersection : Tools for calculating the intersection of interval messages

dev-ros / joint_states_settler : Reports how long a subset of joints has been settled

dev-ros / kdl_conversions : Conversion functions between KDL and geometry_msgs types

dev-ros / laser_assembler : Nodes to assemble point clouds from either LaserScan or PointCloud messages

dev-ros / laser_cb_detector : Extracts checkerboard corners from a dense laser snapshot

dev-ros / map_msgs : Messages commonly used in mapping packages

dev-ros / mavros_msgs : Messages for MAVROS

dev-ros / monocam_settler : Listens on a ImageFeatures topic, and waits for the data to settle

dev-ros / move_base_msgs : Holds the action description and relevant messages for the move_base package

dev-ros / moveit_msgs : Messages, services and actions used by MoveIt

dev-ros / nav_msgs : Common messages used to interact with the navigation stack

dev-ros / navfn : Fast interpolated navigation function for creating plans for a mobile base

dev-ros / nmea_msgs : Messages related to data in the NMEA format

dev-ros / nodelet : Runs multiple algorithms in the same process with zero copy transport

dev-ros / object_recognition_msgs : ROS message and the actionlib definition used in object_recognition_core

dev-ros / octomap_msgs : Messages and serializations / conversion for the OctoMap library

dev-ros / opencv_apps : OpenCV applications for ROS

dev-ros / openni2_camera : ROS drivers for the Asus Xtion and Primesense Devices

dev-ros / pcl_msgs : PCL (Point Cloud Library)-related ROS messages

dev-ros / polled_camera : C++ classes for implementing a polled camera driver node

dev-ros / pr2_msgs : Messages for representing PR2 state

dev-ros / robot_localization : Package of nonlinear state estimation nodes

dev-ros / robot_pose_ekf : Estimate the 3D pose of a robot from pose measurements from various sources

dev-ros / rosapi : Service calls for getting ros meta-information

dev-ros / rosauth : Server Side tools for Authorization and Authentication of ROS Clients

dev-ros / rosbridge_library : Core rosbridge package for parsing JSON and performing the appropriate action

dev-ros / rosbridge_msgs : Package containing message files for rosbridge

dev-ros / roscpp : C++ implementation of ROS

dev-ros / roscpp_tutorials : Attempts to show the features of ROS step-by-step

dev-ros / rosgraph_msgs : Messages relating to ROS comm

dev-ros / rospy : Python client library for ROS

dev-ros / rospy_tutorials : Attempts to show the features of ROS step-by-step

dev-ros / rosserial_arduino : Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Arduino/AVR Platforms

dev-ros / rosserial_msgs : Messages for automatic topic configuration using rosserial

dev-ros / rosserial_windows : Libraries and examples for ROSserial usage on Windows Platforms

dev-ros / rqt_py_common : Common functionality for rqt plugins written in Python

dev-ros / rviz : 3D visualization tool for ROS

dev-ros / sensor_msgs : Messages for commonly used sensors: cameras and scanning laser rangefinders

dev-ros / shape_msgs : Messages for defining shapes: simple solid object primitives, planes, and meshes

dev-ros / smach_msgs : Set of messages that are used by the introspection interfaces for smach

dev-ros / std_msgs : Standard ROS Messages

dev-ros / std_srvs : Messages relating to ROS comm

dev-ros / stereo_msgs : Messages specific to stereo processing, such as disparity images

dev-ros / test_bond : Tests for bond, bondpy and bondcpp

dev-ros / test_nodelet : Nodelet unit tests

dev-ros / test_nodelet_topic_tools : Nodelet topic tools unit tests

dev-ros / test_rosbag : Unit tests for rosbag

dev-ros / test_roscpp : Unit tests for roscpp

dev-ros / test_roslib_comm : Unit tests for roslib

dev-ros / test_rosmaster : Unit tests for rosmaster

dev-ros / test_rosparam : Unit tests for rosparam

dev-ros / test_rospy : Unit tests for rospy

dev-ros / test_rosservice : Unit tests for rospy

dev-ros / tf : Maintains the relationship between frames in a tree structure over time

dev-ros / tf2_geometry_msgs : The second generation Transform Library in ROS

dev-ros / tf2_msgs : TF2 messages

dev-ros / tf_conversions : Functions to convert common tf datatypes into those used by other libraries

dev-ros / theora_image_transport : Plugin for transparently sending an image stream encoded with the Theora codec

dev-ros / topic_tools : Tools for directing, throttling and selecting ROS topics

dev-ros / trajectory_msgs : Messages for defining robot trajectories

dev-ros / turtle_actionlib : Demonstrates how to write an action server and client with the turtlesim

dev-ros / turtlesim : Tool made for teaching ROS and ROS packages

dev-ros / urg_node : ROS wrapper for the Hokuyo urg_c library

dev-ros / uuid_msgs : ROS messages for universally unique identifiers

dev-ros / visp_camera_calibration : Calibration of cameras using a customizable pattern and ViSP library

dev-ros / visp_hand2eye_calibration : Estimates the camera position with respect to its effector using ViSP

dev-ros / visp_tracker : Wraps the ViSP moving edge tracker provided by the ViSP library

dev-ros / visualization_msgs : Messages used by higher level packages that deal in visualization-specific data

ros-meta / ros_core : Metapackage to aggregate the packages required to use core ROS concepts

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