dev-util / global

tag system to find an object location in various sources

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v6.5.7 :: 0 :: gentoo

~amd64 ~ppc ~x86 ~x86-fbsd
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doc emacs vim

v6.3.1 :: 0 :: gentoo

amd64 ppc x86 ~x86-fbsd
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doc emacs vim


Add extra documentation (API, Javadoc, etc). It is recommended to enable per package instead of globally
Add support for GNU Emacs
Integrate the GNU GLOBAL source code tag system with Vim

app-portage / elt-patches : Collection of patches for libtool.eclass

app-text / texi2html : Perl script that converts Texinfo to HTML

sys-apps / texinfo : The GNU info program and utilities

sys-devel / autoconf : Used to create autoconfiguration files

sys-devel / automake : Used to generate from

sys-devel / libtool : A shared library tool for developers

app-editors / gvim : GUI version of the Vim text editor

app-editors / vim : Vim, an improved vi-style text editor

dev-libs / libltdl : A shared library tool for developers

sys-devel / libtool : A shared library tool for developers

sys-libs / ncurses : console display library

virtual / emacs : Virtual for GNU Emacs

dev-util/global[vim] - not satisfied by app-editors/neovim
app-editors/vim, app-editors/gvim: USE=cscope should allow dev-util/global
dev-util/global: gozilla.c in GNU GLOBAL before 6.6.1 does not validate strings (CVE-2017-17531)
David Seifert · gentoo
dev-util/global: [QA] Fix DESCRIPTION.toolong
Patrice Clement · gentoo
dev-util/global: version bump.
This commit also bumps the ebuild to EAPI version 6. Gentoo-Bug: Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.6, Repoman-2.3.1
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.
Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <>
Justin Lecher · gentoo
Use https for most URLs
Signed-off-by: Justin Lecher <>
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
proj/gentoo: Initial commit
This commit represents a new era for Gentoo: Storing the gentoo-x86 tree in Git, as converted from CVS. This commit is the start of the NEW history. Any historical data is intended to be grafted onto this point. Creation process: 1. Take final CVS checkout snapshot 2. Remove ALL ChangeLog* files 3. Transform all Manifests to thin 4. Remove empty Manifests 5. Convert all stale $Header$/$Id$ CVS keywords to non-expanded Git $Id$ 5.1. Do not touch files with -kb/-ko keyword flags. Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <> X-Thanks: Alec Warner <> - did the GSoC 2006 migration tests X-Thanks: Robin H. Johnson <> - infra guy, herding this project X-Thanks: Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> - Former Gentoo developer, wrote Git features for the migration X-Thanks: Brian Harring <> - wrote much python to improve cvs2svn X-Thanks: Rich Freeman <> - validation scripts X-Thanks: Patrick Lauer <> - Gentoo dev, running new 2014 work in migration X-Thanks: Michał Górny <> - scripts, QA, nagging X-Thanks: All of other Gentoo developers - many ideas and lots of paint on the bikeshed