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3rd installment of the classic id 3D first-person shooter

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Quake III Arena is the third installment of the extremely popular and successful Quake series by id software. The game was released by id software for both Windows and Linux. The Linux version of the game was maintained and sold by the now defunct Loki Entertainment. The powerful Quake III engine is the basis for many other commercial games, as id's major source of revenue is licensing their game engines. The engine allows for user-contributed modifications to be made, allowing the game to be extensible and expandable. This game is commercial software, and requires the data from a retail copy of the game to play. If you're interested in checking out the technology behind Quake III, then "emerge quake3-demo" to get the playable demo.

v1.32c-r2 :: 0 :: gentoo

-* ~amd64 ~x86
USE flags
cdinstall dedicated teamarena


Copy files from the CD rather than asking the user to copy them, mostly used with games
Add support for dedicated game servers (some packages do not provide clients and servers at the same time)
Adds support for Team Arena expansion pack

app-arch / unzip : unzipper for pkzip-compressed files

app-misc / screen : screen manager with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation

games-fps / quake3-data : Quake III Arena - data portion

games-fps / quake3-teamarena : Quake III Team Arena - data portion

games-misc / games-envd : Environment file for gentoo games

sys-libs / glibc : GNU libc C library

virtual / opengl : Virtual for OpenGL implementation

x11-libs / libX11 : X.Org X11 library

x11-libs / libXext : X.Org Xext library

games-fps / quake3-alliance : Quake III Alliance - fast paced, off-handed grapple mod

games-fps / quake3-alternatefire : Quake III Alternate Fire - adds unique new secondary attacks to weapons

games-fps / quake3-bfp : Quake III Bid For Power - Control Ki-powered superheros and battle in the air

games-fps / quake3-cpma : Quake III Challenge Pro Mode Arena - advanced FPS competition mod

games-fps / quake3-defrag : Quake III Defrag - Trickjumping challenges for Quake III

games-fps / quake3-excessiveplus : Quake III Excessive Plus - Makes the weapons much faster and stronger

games-fps / quake3-lrctf : Quake III Loki's Revenge CTF - offhand grapple all-weapons capture the flag mod

games-fps / quake3-matrix : Quake III Matrix - Matrix conversion mod

games-fps / quake3-nsco : Quake III Navy Seals: Covert Operations - a US Navy Seals conversion mod

games-fps / quake3-osp : Quake III OSP - a tournament mod

games-fps / quake3-ra3 : Quake III Rocket Arena 3 - a rocket dueling mod

games-fps / quake3-reaction : Quake III Reaction - port of Action Quake 2 to Quake 3: Arena

games-fps / quake3-ruinhunters : Quake III Ruin Hunters - Anime mod with cartoon actors and arcade-like gameplay

games-fps / quake3-teamarena : Quake III Team Arena - data portion

games-fps / quake3-threewave : Quake III Threewave CTF - Threewave CTF

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