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Futuristic FPS (Game Of The Year edition)

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In the single player mode, the player squares off against computer controlled Bots in all the game modes through a tournament ladder with increasing difficulty. Thanks to Epic's unmatched AI coding wizardry, Unreal Tournament's Bots are more life like than any computer-controlled characters to date. They understand each game's unique rules. They have a firm handle on all the different weapons at their disposal and how best to use them. They can swim, use elevators, climb stairs, and put on Toxin suits if they have to. If they're on the player's team, they can take orders to attack, defend or freelance. Unreal Tournament's bread and butter is the online multiplayer mode. Squaring off against other combatants from around the world, or on the other end of a LAN connection, provides some of the most thrilling and tense battles seen on a PC. Unreal Tournament's unparalleled networking code makes it as easy to play the game against anyone, anytime. If the host server has unique content -- like custom skins or maps -- UT will automatically download and install that content in REAL TIME, as the game is connecting. And thanks to Epic Games' amazing work on Unreal Tournament's network play, you can be sure that even a 33.6K modem can get a silky smooth connection to the server.

v451 :: 0 :: gentoo

~amd64 ~x86
USE flags
3dfx S3TC nls opengl


Enable support for Voodoo chipsets, also called as 3DFX and TDFX
Add the extra fancy textures to UT ... only works on certain cards (nvidia/ati/s3)
Add Native Language Support (using gettext - GNU locale utilities)
Add support for OpenGL (3D graphics)

games-misc / games-envd : Environment file for gentoo games

media-libs / libsdl : Simple Direct Media Layer

virtual / opengl : Virtual for OpenGL implementation

x11-libs / libX11 : X.Org X11 library

x11-libs / libXau : X.Org X authorization library

x11-libs / libXdmcp : X.Org X Display Manager Control Protocol library

x11-libs / libXext : X.Org Xext library

games-fps / aaut : ascii mode unreal tournament

games-fps / unreal-tournament : Futuristic FPS

games-fps / unreal-tournament-bonuspacks : Futuristic FPS (bonus packs)

games-fps / unreal-tournament-strikeforce : A UT addon where you fight terrorists as part of an elite strikeforce

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