gnome-extra packages

65 packages - The gnome-extra category contains additional non-core GNOME packages.

gnome-extra / cinnamon : A fork of GNOME Shell with layout similar to GNOME 2

gnome-extra / cinnamon-control-center : Cinnamons's main interface to configure various aspects of the desktop

gnome-extra / cinnamon-desktop : A collection of libraries and utilites used by Cinnamon

gnome-extra / cinnamon-menus : Cinnamon's library for the Desktop Menu fd.o specification

gnome-extra / cinnamon-screensaver : Screensaver for Cinnamon

gnome-extra / cinnamon-session : Cinnamon session manager

gnome-extra / cinnamon-settings-daemon : Cinnamon's settings daemon

gnome-extra / cinnamon-translations : Translation data for Cinnamon

gnome-extra / cjs : Linux Mint's fork of gjs for Cinnamon

gnome-extra / eiciel : ACL editor for GNOME, with Nautilus extension

gnome-extra / evolution-data-server : Evolution groupware backend

gnome-extra / evolution-ews : Evolution module for connecting to Microsoft Exchange Web Services

gnome-extra / gnome-boxes : Simple GNOME application to access remote or virtual systems

gnome-extra / gnome-browser-connector : OS-native connector counterpart for GNOME Shell browser extension

gnome-extra / gnome-calculator : A calculator application for GNOME

gnome-extra / gnome-calendar : Manage your calendars with simple and modern interface

gnome-extra / gnome-characters : Unicode character map viewer and library

gnome-extra / gnome-clocks : Clocks application for GNOME

gnome-extra / gnome-color-manager : GNOME color profile tools

gnome-extra / gnome-commander : A graphical, full featured, twin-panel file manager

gnome-extra / gnome-contacts : GNOME contact management application

gnome-extra / gnome-directory-thumbnailer : Thumbnail generator for directories

gnome-extra / gnome-firmware : Install firmware on devices

gnome-extra / gnome-getting-started-docs : Help a new user get started in GNOME

gnome-extra / gnome-integration-spotify : GNOME integration for Spotify

gnome-extra / gnome-logs : Log viewer for the systemd journal

gnome-extra / gnome-network-displays : Stream the desktop to Wi-Fi Display capable devices

gnome-extra / gnome-power-manager : GNOME power statistics

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-alphabetical-grid : Restore the alphabetical ordering of the app grid

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-appindicator : Support legacy, AppIndicators and KStatusNotifierItems in Gnome

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-applications-overview-tooltip : Show tooltip with full name and description

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-bing-wallpaper : Change your wallpaper daily to the background image

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-bluetooth-quick-connect : Allow to connect bluetooth paired devices from gnome control panel

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-control-blur-effect-on-lock-screen : Control the blur effect on gnome-shell lock screen

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel : An icon taskbar for the Gnome Shell

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons-ng : Desktop icon support for GNOME Shell

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect : KDE Connect implementation for Gnome Shell

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell : Keyboard-driven layer for GNOME Shell with tiling support

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extension-weather-in-the-clock : Display the current weather in the clock

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-extensions : JavaScript extensions for GNOME Shell

gnome-extra / gnome-shell-frippery : Unofficial extension pack providing GNOME 2-like features

gnome-extra / gnome-software : Gnome install & update software

gnome-extra / gnome-system-monitor : The Gnome System Monitor

gnome-extra / gnome-tweaks : Customize advanced GNOME options

gnome-extra / gnome-user-docs : GNOME end user documentation

gnome-extra / gnome-user-share : Personal file sharing for the GNOME desktop

gnome-extra / gnome-weather : A weather application for GNOME

gnome-extra / gucharmap : Unicode character map viewer and library

gnome-extra / krb5-auth-dialog : An application to acquire and list Kerberos tickets.

gnome-extra / libgda : GNOME database access library

gnome-extra / libgsf : The GNOME Structured File Library

gnome-extra / mousetweaks : Mouse accessibility enhancements for the GNOME desktop

gnome-extra / nautilus-dropbox : Dropbox Nautilus Extension

gnome-extra / nautilus-sendto : A nautilus extension for sending files to locations

gnome-extra / nemo : A file manager for Cinnamon, forked from Nautilus

gnome-extra / nemo-fileroller : Nemo file-roller integration

gnome-extra / nm-applet : NetworkManager connection editor and applet

gnome-extra / office-runner : Lighthearted tool to temporarily inhibit GNOME's suspend on lid close behavior

gnome-extra / pch-session : Unofficial gnome based session with different default settings and extensions

gnome-extra / polkit-gnome : A dbus session bus service that is used to bring up authentication dialogs

gnome-extra / sushi : A quick previewer for Nautilus, the GNOME file manager

gnome-extra / tecla : Tecla is a keyboard layout viewer

gnome-extra / yelp : Help browser for GNOME

gnome-extra / yelp-xsl : XSL stylesheets for yelp

gnome-extra / zenity : Tool to display dialogs from the commandline and shell scripts