gnustep-apps packages

32 packages - The gnustep-apps category contains GNUstep applications.

gnustep-apps / aclock : Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / addresses : Apple Addressbook work alike (standalone and for GNUMail)

gnustep-apps / affiche : Affiche allows people to 'stick' notes

gnustep-apps / batmon : displays the status of your laptop battery

gnustep-apps / cdplayer : Small CD Audio Player for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / cenon : Cenon is a vector graphics tool for GNUstep, OpenStep and MacOSX

gnustep-apps / cynthiune : Free software and romantic music player for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / fisicalab : educational application to solve physics problems

gnustep-apps / ftp : FTP client for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / gemas : a simple code editor for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / gmines : The well-known minesweeper game

gnustep-apps / gnumail : Fully featured mail application for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / gorm : A clone of the NeXTstep Interface Builder application for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / graphos : vector drawing application centered around bezier paths

gnustep-apps / gshisen : The first GNUstep game, similar to Mahjongg

gnustep-apps / gspdf : Postscript and Pdf Viewer using GhostScript

gnustep-apps / gworkspace : A workspace manager for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / lapispuzzle : a Tetris-like game where each player is effected by the others game play

gnustep-apps / laternamagica : an image viewer and slideshow application

gnustep-apps / mpdcon : GNUstep client for the Music Player Daemon

gnustep-apps / pictureframe : digital picture frame software

gnustep-apps / pikopixel : a free application for drawing & editing pixel-art images

gnustep-apps / preview : Simple image viewer

gnustep-apps / price : Precision Raster Image Convolution Engine

gnustep-apps / projectcenter : An IDE for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / simpleagenda : a simple calendar and agenda application

gnustep-apps / sogo : Groupware server built around and the SOPE application server

gnustep-apps / systempreferences : System Preferences is a clone of Apple OS X' System Preferences

gnustep-apps / talksoup : IRC client for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / terminal : A terminal emulator for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / textedit : A text editor with font, color, and style capabilities for GNUstep

gnustep-apps / zipper : Zipper is a tool for inspecting and extracting compressed archives