kde-plasma packages

66 packages - The kde-plasma category contains KDE Plasma

kde-plasma / bluedevil : Bluetooth stack for KDE Plasma

kde-plasma / breeze : Breeze visual style for the Plasma desktop

kde-plasma / breeze-grub : Breeze theme for GRUB

kde-plasma / breeze-gtk : Official GTK+ port of Plasma's Breeze widget style

kde-plasma / breeze-plymouth : Breeze theme for Plymouth

kde-plasma / discover : KDE Plasma resources management GUI

kde-plasma / drkonqi : Plasma crash handler, gives the user feedback if a program crashed

kde-plasma / flatpak-kcm : Flatpak Permissions Management KCM

kde-plasma / kactivitymanagerd : System service to manage user's activities, track the usage patterns etc.

kde-plasma / kde-cli-tools : Tools based on KDE Frameworks 6 to better interact with the system

kde-plasma / kde-gtk-config : Syncs KDE Plasma theme settings to GTK applications

kde-plasma / kdecoration : Plugin based library to create window decorations

kde-plasma / kdeplasma-addons : Extra Plasma applets and engines

kde-plasma / kgamma : Screen gamma values kcontrol module

kde-plasma / kglobalacceld : Daemon providing Global Keyboard Shortcut (Accelerator) functionality

kde-plasma / khotkeys : KDE Plasma workspace hotkey module

kde-plasma / kinfocenter : Utility providing information about the computer hardware

kde-plasma / kmenuedit : KDE Plasma menu editor

kde-plasma / kpipewire : Components relating to Flatpak pipewire use in Plasma

kde-plasma / kscreen : KDE Plasma screen management

kde-plasma / kscreenlocker : Library and components for secure lock screen architecture

kde-plasma / ksshaskpass : Implementation of ssh-askpass with KDE Wallet integration

kde-plasma / ksysguard : Network-enabled resource usage monitor

kde-plasma / ksystemstats : Plugin-based system monitoring daemon

kde-plasma / kwallet-pam : PAM module to not enter KWallet password again after login

kde-plasma / kwayland : Qt-style API to interact with the wayland-client API

kde-plasma / kwayland-integration : Provides KWindowSystem integration plugin for Wayland

kde-plasma / kwin : Flexible, composited Window Manager for windowing systems on Linux

kde-plasma / kwrited : KDE Plasma daemon listening for wall and write messages

kde-plasma / layer-shell-qt : Qt component to allow applications make use of Wayland wl-layer-shell protocol

kde-plasma / libkscreen : Plasma screen management library

kde-plasma / libksysguard : Task management and system monitoring library

kde-plasma / libkworkspace : Workspace library to interact with the Plasma session manager

kde-plasma / libplasma : Plasma library and runtime components based upon KF6 and Qt6

kde-plasma / milou : Dedicated search application built on top of Baloo

kde-plasma / ocean-sound-theme : Ocean Sound Theme for Plasma

kde-plasma / oxygen : Oxygen visual style for the Plasma desktop

kde-plasma / oxygen-sounds : Oxygen sound theme for the Plasma desktop

kde-plasma / plasma-activities : Core components for KDE's Activities System

kde-plasma / plasma-activities-stats : Library for accessing usage data collected by the activities system

kde-plasma / plasma-browser-integration : Integrate Chrome/Firefox better into Plasma through browser extensions

kde-plasma / plasma-desktop : KDE Plasma desktop

kde-plasma / plasma-disks : Monitors S.M.A.R.T. capable devices for imminent failure

kde-plasma / plasma-firewall : Plasma frontend for Firewalld or UFW

kde-plasma / plasma-integration : Qt Platform Theme integration plugins for the Plasma workspaces

kde-plasma / plasma-meta : Merge this to pull in all Plasma 6 packages

kde-plasma / plasma-nm : KDE Plasma applet for NetworkManager

kde-plasma / plasma-pa : Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio

kde-plasma / plasma-sdk : Useful applications for Plasma development

kde-plasma / plasma-systemmonitor : Monitor system sensors, process information and other system resources

kde-plasma / plasma-thunderbolt : Plasma integration for controlling Thunderbolt devices

kde-plasma / plasma-vault : Plasma applet and services for creating encrypted vaults

kde-plasma / plasma-welcome : Friendly onboarding wizard for Plasma

kde-plasma / plasma-workspace : KDE Plasma workspace

kde-plasma / plasma-workspace-wallpapers : Wallpapers for the Plasma workspace

kde-plasma / plasma5support : Support components for porting from KF5/Qt5 to KF6/Qt6

kde-plasma / plymouth-kcm : KDE Plasma control module for Plymouth

kde-plasma / polkit-kde-agent : PolKit agent module for KDE Plasma

kde-plasma / powerdevil : Power management for KDE Plasma Shell

kde-plasma / print-manager : Shim print-manager to ease slot 5 users into slot 6

kde-plasma / qqc2-breeze-style : Breeze inspired QQC2 Style

kde-plasma / sddm-kcm : KDE Plasma control module for SDDM

kde-plasma / systemsettings : Control Center to configure KDE Plasma desktop

kde-plasma / wacomtablet : Wacom system settings module that supports different button/pen layout profiles

kde-plasma / xdg-desktop-portal-kde : Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal that is using Qt/KDE Frameworks

kde-plasma / xembed-sni-proxy : Legacy xembed tray icons support for SNI-only system trays