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Reference Implementation of The Jolly Good API

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The Jolly Good API is an emulation focused API for rshared objects, written in ISO C99. It has been designed with the goal of simplicity to ensure that emulator cores are lean and minimalistic, making them easier to understand.

v9999 :: 1 :: gentoo


v1.0.0 :: 1 :: gentoo


games-emulation / bsnes-jg : Jolly Good Fork of bsnes

games-emulation / cega-jg : Jolly Good SG-1000, SMS, and Game Gear Emulator

games-emulation / gambatte-jg : Jolly Good Fork of Gambatte

games-emulation / jgrf : The Jolly Good Reference Frontend

games-emulation / jollycv-jg : Jolly Good ColecoVision Emulator

games-emulation / mednafen-jg : Jolly Good Port of Mednafen

games-emulation / melonds-jg : Jolly Good Port of melonDS

games-emulation / mgba-jg : Jolly Good Port of mGBA

games-emulation / nestopia-jg : Jolly Good Fork of Nestopia

games-emulation / prosystem-jg : Jolly Good Fork of ProSystem

games-emulation / sameboy-jg : Jolly Good Port of SameBoy

games-emulation / vecx-jg : Jolly Good Fork of vecx

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media-libs/jg: New package, v1.0.0
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