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Crossplatform access to image scanners

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Libinsane is the library to access scanners on both Linux and Windows. It's cross-platform, cross-programming languages, cross-scanners :-). It takes care of all the quirks of all the platforms and scanners It has however some limitations: * It is only designed to work with scanners, not webcams, not USB keys, etc (think paper-eaters only) * TWAIN API may display some dialogs. Libinsane cannot prevent them. * Full bed page scan only: Presence of the option to set the scan area cannot be guaranteed. You may have to crop the image later in your own application (see Paperwork for example). * 24 bits color scans only (may be fixed later) It is the successor of Pyinsane2 but shares no code with it.

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app-doc / doxygen : Documentation system for most programming languages

dev-util / cunit : C Unit Test Framework

dev-util / gtk-doc : GTK+ Documentation Generator

dev-util / valgrind : An open-source memory debugger for GNU/Linux

media-gfx / sane-backends : Scanner Access Now Easy - Backends

media-gfx / sane-backends : Scanner Access Now Easy - Backends

app-text / paperwork : a personal document manager for scanned documents (and PDFs)

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