media-plugins packages

257 packages - The media-plugins category contains plugin packages for various media applications.

media-plugins / alsa-plugins : ALSA extra plugins

media-plugins / alsaequal : A real-time adjustable equalizer plugin for ALSA

media-plugins / amb-plugins : AMB-plugins ladspa plugin package. Filters by Fons Adriaensen

media-plugins / ams-lv2 : A port of the AMS internal modules to LV2 plugins to create modular synthesizers

media-plugins / audacious-plugins : Lightweight and versatile audio player

media-plugins / calf : A set of open source instruments and effects for digital audio workstations

media-plugins / caps-plugins : The CAPS Audio Plugin Suite - LADSPA plugin suite

media-plugins / cmt-plugins : CMT (computer music toolkit) LADSPA library plugins

media-plugins / dragonfly-reverb-plugins : A set of free reverb effects

media-plugins / fil-plugins : FIL-plugins ladspa plugin package. Filters by Fons Adriaensen

media-plugins / frei0r-plugins : A minimalistic plugin API for video effects

media-plugins / g2reverb : Stereo reverb LADSPA plugin

media-plugins / gimp-lqr : Content-aware resizing for the GIMP

media-plugins / gkrellmpc : A gkrellm plugin to control the MPD (Music Player Daemon)

media-plugins / grilo-plugins : A collection of plugins for the Grilo framework

media-plugins / gst-plugins-a52dec : ATSC A/52 audio decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-adaptivedemux2 : Adaptive demuxer plugins for Gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-amr : AMRNB encoder/decoder and AMRWB decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-aom : Alliance for Open Media AV1 plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-assrender : ASS/SSA rendering with effects support plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-bluez : AVDTP source/sink and A2DP sink plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-bs2b : bs2b elements for Gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-cairo : Video overlay plugin based on cairo for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-cdio : CD Audio Source (cdda) plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-cdparanoia : CD Audio Source (cdda) plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-chromaprint : Calculate Chromaprint fingerprint from audio files for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-colormanagement : Color management correction GStreamer plugins

media-plugins / gst-plugins-dash : MPEG-DASH plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-dtls : DTLS encoder/decoder with SRTP support plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-dts : DTS audio decoder plugin for Gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-dv : DV demuxer and decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-dvb : plugin for gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-dvdread : DVD read plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-faac : AAC audio encoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-faad : AAC audio decoder plugin

media-plugins / gst-plugins-flac : FLAC encoder/decoder/tagger plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-gdkpixbuf : plugin for gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-gtk : Video sink plugin for GStreamer that renders to a GtkWidget

media-plugins / gst-plugins-hls : HTTP live streaming plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-jack : plugin for gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-jpeg : JPEG image encoder/decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-kate : Kate overlay codec suppport plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-ladspa : Ladspa elements for Gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-lame : MP3 encoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-ldac : LDAC plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-libav : FFmpeg based gstreamer plugin

media-plugins / gst-plugins-libde265 : H.265 decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-libnice : GStreamer plugin for ICE (RFC 5245) support

media-plugins / gst-plugins-libpng : PNG image encoder/decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-libvisual : Visualization elements for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-lv2 : Lv2 elements for Gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-meta : Meta ebuild to pull in gst plugins for apps

media-plugins / gst-plugins-modplug : MOD audio decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-mpeg2dec : MPEG2 decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-mpeg2enc : MPEG-1/2 video encoding plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-mpg123 : MP3 decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-mplex : MPEG/DVD/SVCD/VCD video/audio multiplexing plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-neon : HTTP client source plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-openaptx : openaptx plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-opencv : OpenCV elements for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-openh264 : H.264 encoder/decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-opus : Opus audio parser plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-oss : OSS (Open Sound System) support plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-pulse : PulseAudio sound server plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-raw1394 : Fiwewire DV/HDV capture plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-resindvd : DVD playback support plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-rtmp : RTMP source/sink plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-sbc : SBC encoder and decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-sctp : SCTP plugins for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-shout2 : Icecast server sink plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-sidplay : Sid decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-smoothstreaming : Smooth Streaming plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-sndio : Sndio audio sink and source for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-soundtouch : Beats-per-minute detection and pitch controlling plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-soup : HTTP client source/sink plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-speex : Speex encoder/decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-srt : Secure reliable transport (SRT) transfer plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-srtp : SRTP encoder/decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-taglib : ID3v2/APEv2 tagger plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-twolame : MPEG2 encoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-uvch264 : UVC compliant H264 encoding cameras plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-v4l2 : plugin for gstreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-vaapi : Hardware accelerated video decoding through VA-API plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-voaacenc : AAC encoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-voamrwbenc : AMR-WB audio encoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-vpx : VP8/VP9 video encoder/decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-wavpack : Wavpack audio encoder/decoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-webp : WebP image format support for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-webrtc : WebRTC plugins for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-x264 : H.264 encoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-x265 : H.265 encoder plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-ximagesrc : X11 video capture stream plugin for GStreamer

media-plugins / gst-plugins-zbar : Bar codes detection in video streams for GStreamer

media-plugins / hdx-realtime-media-engine : HDX RealTime Media Engine plugin for Citrix Workspace App

media-plugins / hexter : Yamaha DX7 modeling DSSI plugin

media-plugins / imlib2_loaders : Additional image loaders for Imlib2

media-plugins / ir_lv2 : LV2 convolver plugin especially for creating reverb effects

media-plugins / kodi-audiodecoder-modplug : Modplug decoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audiodecoder-nosefart : Nosefart decoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audiodecoder-sacd : Super Audio CD ISO-Image decoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audiodecoder-sidplay : SidPlay decoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audiodecoder-snesapu : SPC decoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audiodecoder-stsound : SPC decoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audiodecoder-timidity : Timidity decoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audiodecoder-vgmstream : vgmstream decoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audioencoder-flac : Flac encoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audioencoder-lame : Lame MP3 encoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audioencoder-vorbis : Vorbis encoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-audioencoder-wav : WAV encoder addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-game-libretro : Libretro compatibility layer for the Kodi Game API

media-plugins / kodi-game-libretro-bnes : bNES GameClient for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-game-libretro-dosbox : DOSBox GameClient for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-game-libretro-nestopia : Nestopia GameClient for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-game-libretro-snes9x : Snes9x GameClient for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-game-libretro-twentyfortyeight : 2048 for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-imagedecoder-heif : HEIF image decoder for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-imagedecoder-raw : RAW image decoder for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-inputstream-adaptive : Kodi's Adaptive inputstream addon

media-plugins / kodi-inputstream-ffmpegdirect : Kodi's FFMpeg Direct Inputstream addon

media-plugins / kodi-inputstream-rtmp : Kodi's RTMP inputstream addon

media-plugins / kodi-peripheral-joystick : Libretro compatibility layer for the Kodi Game API

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-argustv : Kodi's ARGUS TV client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-demo : Demo PVR for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-dvblink : Kodi's DVBLink client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-dvbviewer : Kodi's DVBViewer client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-filmon : Kodi's Filmon client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-hts : Tvheadend Live TV and Radio PVR client addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-iptvsimple : Kodi's IPTVSimple client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-mediaportal-tvserver : Kodi's MediaPortal TVServer client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-mythtv : MythTV PVR for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-nextpvr : Kodi's NextPVR client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-njoy : Kodi's Njoy N7 client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-pctv : Kodi's PCTV client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-stalker : Kodi's Stalker client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-vbox : Kodi's VBox Home TV Gateway PVR client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-vdr-vnsi : Kodi PVR addon VNSI

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-vuplus : Kodi's VuPlus client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-wmc : Kodi's Windows Media Center client addon

media-plugins / kodi-pvr-zattoo : Zattoo PVR addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-asteroids : Asteroids screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-asterwave : AsterWave screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-biogenesis : Biogenesis screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-cpblobs : CpBlobs screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-greynetic : Greynetic screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-matrixtrails : Matrix Trails screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-pingpong : Ping-pong screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-pyro : Pyro screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-shadertoy : Shadertoy screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-screensaver-stars : Stars screensaver for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-vfs-libarchive : Libarchive VFS add-on for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-vfs-rar : RAR VFS addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-vfs-sftp : SFTP VFS addon for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-visualization-fishbmc : Fische visualizer for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-visualization-goom : Goom visualizer for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-visualization-projectm : ProjectM visualizer for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-visualization-shadertoy : Shadertoy visualizer for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-visualization-spectrum : Spectrum visualizer for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-visualization-starburst : StarBurst visualizer for Kodi

media-plugins / kodi-visualization-waveform : Waveform visualizer for Kodi

media-plugins / ladspa-bs2b : LADSPA plugin for bs2b headphone filter

media-plugins / libvisual-plugins : collection of visualization plugins for use with the libvisual framework

media-plugins / libvisual-projectm : A libvisual graphical music visualization plugin similar to milkdrop

media-plugins / live : Libraries for standards-based RTP/RTCP/RTSP multimedia streaming

media-plugins / mcp-plugins : MCP ladspa plugins package. Includes moogvcf, phaser & chorus

media-plugins / mda-lv2 : LV2 port of the MDA plugins by Paul Kellett

media-plugins / mpg123-output-plugins : a realtime MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player for layers 1, 2 and 3

media-plugins / noise-repellent : An lv2 plug-in for broadband noise reduction

media-plugins / qmmp-plugin-pack : Set of extra plugins for Qmmp

media-plugins / rev-plugins : REV LADSPA plugins package, stereo reverb plugin based on the well-known greverb

media-plugins / swh-lv2 : Large collection of LV2 audio plugins/effects

media-plugins / swh-plugins : Large collection of LADSPA audio plugins/effects

media-plugins / tap-plugins : Tom's audio processing (TAP) LADSPA plugins

media-plugins / vamp-aubio-plugins : Onset detection, pitch tracking, note tracking and tempo tracking plugins

media-plugins / vamp-libxtract-plugins : Vamp plugin encapsulating many of the functions of the LibXtract library

media-plugins / vco-plugins : SAW-VCO ladspa plugin package. Anti-aliased oscillators

media-plugins / vdr-actuator : VDR plugin: control a horz. or vert. actuator attached through the parallel port

media-plugins / vdr-avards : VDR Plugin: Automatic Video Aspect Ratio Detection and Signaling

media-plugins / vdr-beep : VDR plugin: Use the PC speaker to signalize some events (shutdown, cut done ...)

media-plugins / vdr-calc : VDR Plugin: OSD Calculator

media-plugins / vdr-cdplayer : VDR Plugin: CD-PLAYER

media-plugins / vdr-cinebars : VDR Plugin: Show black bars to hide station logo

media-plugins / vdr-clock : VDR Plugin: Tea clock, clock

media-plugins / vdr-ddci2 : VDR plugin: DDCI2 - Digital Devices CI support

media-plugins / vdr-devstatus : VDR plugin: display the usage status of the available DVB devices

media-plugins / vdr-dummydevice : VDR Plugin: dummy output device ,for recording server without any output devices

media-plugins / vdr-duplicates : VDR Plugin: show duplicated records

media-plugins / vdr-dvbapi : VDR Plugin: allows connect VDR to OScam

media-plugins / vdr-dvbhddevice : VDR Plugin: output device for the 'Full Featured' TechnoTrend S2-6400 DVB Card

media-plugins / vdr-dvbsddevice : VDR Plugin: output device for the 'Full Featured' SD DVB Card

media-plugins / vdr-dvd : VDR Plugin: DVD-Player

media-plugins / vdr-dvdswitch : VDR Plugin: to play dvds and dvd file structures

media-plugins / vdr-epgsearch : VDR plugin: create timers from epg content based on saved search expressions

media-plugins / vdr-epgsync : VDR Plugin: Import the EPG of another VDR via vdr-svdrpservice

media-plugins / vdr-exec : VDR plugin: Exec commands like timers at defined times

media-plugins / vdr-extrecmenu : VDR Plugin: Extended recordings menu

media-plugins / vdr-femon : VDR Plugin: DVB Frontend Status Monitor (signal strength/noise)

media-plugins / vdr-ffnetdev : VDR Plugin: Provides an easy way of connecting possible streaming clients to VDR

media-plugins / vdr-filebrowser : VDR plugin: file manager plugin for moving or renaming files in VDR

media-plugins / vdr-freecell : VDR plugin: play 'Freecell' on the On Screen Display

media-plugins / vdr-fritzbox : VDR Plugin: Inform about incoming phone-calls and use the fritz!box phonebook

media-plugins / vdr-graphlcd : VDR Plugin: support output on Graphical LCD

media-plugins / vdr-imonlcd : VDR Plugin: shows information about the current state of VDR on iMON LCD

media-plugins / vdr-iptv : VDR plugin: Add a logical device capable of receiving IPTV

media-plugins / vdr-joystick : VDR plugin: allows using a joystick as a remote control for VDR

media-plugins / vdr-launcher : VDR Plugin: launch other plugins - even when their menu-entry is hidden

media-plugins / vdr-lcdproc : VDR plugin: use LCD device for additional output

media-plugins / vdr-live : VDR Plugin: Web Access To Settings

media-plugins / vdr-loadepg : VDR : Loadepg Plugin; Canal+ group (Mediahighway)

media-plugins / vdr-menuorg : VDR plugin: make osd menu configurable via config-file

media-plugins / vdr-mlist : VDR plugin: Show a history of the last OSD message

media-plugins / vdr-mp3ng : VDR Plugin: play mp3 and ogg on VDR

media-plugins / vdr-mplayer : VDR Plugin: Play video files not supported by VDR with mplayer (divx and more)

media-plugins / vdr-newsticker : VDR plugin: Show rdf Newsticker on TV

media-plugins / vdr-noepg : VDR Plugin: will replace the noepg-patch with the new cEpgHandler

media-plugins / vdr-osdserver : VDR plugin: VDR OSD access for ext. programs through a TCP/IP socket connection

media-plugins / vdr-osdteletext : VDR Plugin: Osd-Teletext displays the teletext/videotext on the OSD

media-plugins / vdr-peer : VDR Plugin: peer-to-peer between multiple VDRs

media-plugins / vdr-permashift : VDR Plugin: permanent timeshift by recording live TV on RAM

media-plugins / vdr-pin : VDR plugin: enable/disable parentalrating in records

media-plugins / vdr-powermate : VDR PLUGIN: support the Powermate device

media-plugins / vdr-pvr350 : VDR plugin: use a PVR350 as output device

media-plugins / vdr-radio : VDR plugin: show background image for radio and decode RDS Text

media-plugins / vdr-rcu : VDR plugin: Remote Control Unit consists mainly of an IR receiver, PIC 16C84

media-plugins / vdr-recsearch : VDR Plugin: Search through your recordings and find the one you are looking for

media-plugins / vdr-remote : VDR Plugin: use various devices for controlling vdr (keyboards, lirc...)

media-plugins / vdr-remoteosd : VDR Plugin: server/client remoteosd

media-plugins / vdr-rpihddevice : VDR Plugin: Output Device for Raspberry Pi

media-plugins / vdr-rssreader : VDR Plugin: RSS reader

media-plugins / vdr-satip : VDR Plugin: integrates SAT>IP network devices seamlessly into VDR

media-plugins / vdr-scheduler : VDR plugin: allows to control externel jobs from within VDR

media-plugins / vdr-screenshot : VDR Plugin: takes screenshots of the current video or tv screen

media-plugins / vdr-serial : VDR Plugin: attach some buttons with diodes to the serial port

media-plugins / vdr-skincurses : VDR plugin: show content of menu in a shell window

media-plugins / vdr-skinelchi : VDR Skin Plugin: skinelchi

media-plugins / vdr-skinsoppalusikka : VDR Skin Plugin: soppalusikka

media-plugins / vdr-sleeptimer : VDR Plugin: Sleeptimer

media-plugins / vdr-sndctl : VDR plugin: Control the vol level of diff controls of your soundcard

media-plugins / vdr-solitaire : VDR Plugin: Solitaire game

media-plugins / vdr-span : VDR plugin: Spectrum Analyzer (SpAn)

media-plugins / vdr-streamdev : VDR Plugin: Client/Server and http streaming plugin

media-plugins / vdr-suspendoutput : VDR Plugin: Show still image instead of live tv to safe cpu

media-plugins / vdr-svdrposd : VDR plugin: export OSD via TCP to vdr-remoteosd

media-plugins / vdr-svdrpservice : VDR Plugin: offers SVDRP connections as a service to other plugins

media-plugins / vdr-systeminfo : VDR Plugin: systeminfo

media-plugins / vdr-ttxtsubs : VDR Plugin: displaying, recording and replaying teletext based subtitles

media-plugins / vdr-undelete : VDR Plugin: Recover deleted recordings of VDR

media-plugins / vdr-vcd : VDR plugin: play video cds

media-plugins / vdr-vdrmanager : VDR Plugin: remote programming VDR using VDR-Manager running on Android devices

media-plugins / vdr-vompserver : VDR Plugin: server part for MediaMVP device

media-plugins / vdr-weatherng : VDR plugin: show weather for specified place

media-plugins / vdr-wirbelscan : VDR Plugin: Scan for channels on DVB-? and on PVR*-Cards

media-plugins / vdr-xineliboutput : VDR Plugin: Xinelib PlugIn

media-plugins / vdr-zappilot : VDR Plugin: browse fast the EPG information without being to switch to a channel

media-plugins / x42-avldrums : AVLinux Drumkits

media-plugins / x42-plugins : Collection of LV2 plugins

media-plugins / xsynth-dssi : A software synthesizer plugin for the DSSI Soft Synth Interface

media-plugins / zam-plugins : Collection of LV2/LADSPA/VST/JACK audio plugins for high quality processing