net-libs packages

206 packages - The net-libs category contains libraries that are network-related.

net-libs / NativeThread : NativeThread for priorities on linux for freenet

net-libs / accounts-qt : Qt5 bindings for libaccounts-glib

net-libs / adns : Advanced, easy to use, asynchronous-capable DNS client library and utilities

net-libs / aqbanking : Generic Online Banking Interface

net-libs / axtls : Embedded client/server TLSv1 SSL library and small HTTP(S) server

net-libs / balde : A microframework for C based on GLib and bad intentions

net-libs / balde-markdown : A balde extension that adds Markdown support

net-libs / biblesync : A multicast protocol to support Bible software shared co-navigation

net-libs / c-client : UW IMAP c-client library

net-libs / canlock : A library for creating and verifying Usenet cancel locks

net-libs / ccnet : Ccnet is a framework for writing networked applications in C

net-libs / ccrtp : GNU ccRTP - Implementation of the IETF real-time transport protocol

net-libs / courier-authlib : Courier authentication library

net-libs / courier-unicode : Unicode library used by the courier mail server

net-libs / cppzmq : High-level CPP Binding for ZeroMQ

net-libs / cvm : Credential Validation Modules by Bruce Guenter

net-libs / czmq : High-level C Binding for ZeroMQ

net-libs / daq : Data Acquisition library, for packet I/O

net-libs / davix : High-performance file management over WebDAV/HTTP

net-libs / dleyna-connector-dbus : utility library for higher level dLeyna libraries

net-libs / dleyna-core : utility library for higher level dLeyna libraries

net-libs / dleyna-renderer : library implementing services that allow clients to discover and manipulate DLNA renderers

net-libs / dslib : Library to access Czech eGov system "Datove schranky"

net-libs / enet : relatively thin, simple and robust network communication layer on top of UDP

net-libs / farstream : Audio/video conferencing framework specifically designed for instant messengers

net-libs / ftplib : A set of routines that implement the FTP protocol

net-libs / glib-networking : Network-related giomodules for glib

net-libs / gloox : A portable high-level Jabber/XMPP library for C++

net-libs / gnet : A simple network library

net-libs / gnome-online-accounts : GNOME framework for accessing online accounts

net-libs / gnutls : A TLS 1.2 and SSL 3.0 implementation for the GNU project

net-libs / google-cloud-cpp : Google Cloud Client Library for C++

net-libs / grpc : Modern open source high performance RPC framework

net-libs / gsnmp : An SNMP library based on glib and gnet

net-libs / gsoap : A cross-platform open source C and C++ SDK for SOAP/XML Web services

net-libs / gssdp : A GObject-based API for handling resource discovery and announcement over SSDP

net-libs / gtk-vnc : VNC viewer widget for GTK

net-libs / gupnp : An object-oriented framework for creating UPnP devs and control points

net-libs / gupnp-av : Utility library aiming to ease the handling UPnP A/V profiles

net-libs / gupnp-igd : Library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping for GUPnP

net-libs / gupnp-ui : Collection of simple GTK+ widgets on top of GUPnP

net-libs / http-parser : HTTP request/response parser for C

net-libs / iax : IAX (Inter Asterisk eXchange) Library

net-libs / ignition-msgs : Protobuf messages and functions for robot applications

net-libs / ignition-transport : Combines ZeroMQ with Protobufs to create a fast and efficient message passing system

net-libs / jreen : Qt XMPP library

net-libs / kdav2 : KJob based DAV protocol implementation

net-libs / kimap2 : Library for interacting with IMAP servers - successor of kimap

net-libs / ldns : a library with the aim to simplify DNS programming in C

net-libs / liba53 : A5/3 Call encryption library

net-libs / libaccounts-glib : Accounts SSO (Single Sign-On) management library for GLib applications

net-libs / libad9361-iio : IIO AD9361 library for filter design and handling, multi-chip sync, etc.

net-libs / libasr : Async Resolver Library from OpenBSD/OpenSMTPD

net-libs / libasyncns : C library for executing name service queries asynchronously

net-libs / libbitcoinconsensus : Bitcoin Core consensus library

net-libs / libblkmaker : C implementation of getblocktemplate (BIP 22)

net-libs / libbloom : A simple and small bloom filter implementation in plain C.

net-libs / libbtbb : A library to decode Bluetooth baseband packets

net-libs / libcapi : CAPI library used by AVM products

net-libs / libcork : A simple, easily embeddable cross-platform C library

net-libs / libcorkipset : A small C helper library for storing sets of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

net-libs / libcrafter : a high level library for C++ designed to make easier the creation and decoding of network packets

net-libs / libdmapsharing : A library that implements the DMAP family of protocols

net-libs / libdom : implementation of the W3C DOM, written in C

net-libs / libeXosip : library to use the SIP protocol for multimedia session establishement

net-libs / libecap : API for implementing ICAP content analysis and adaptation

net-libs / libesmtp : lib that implements the client side of the SMTP protocol

net-libs / libetpan : A portable, efficient middleware for different kinds of mail access

net-libs / libflowmanager : A library that measures and reports on packet flows

net-libs / libgadu : This library implements the client side of the Gadu-Gadu protocol

net-libs / libgfbgraph : A GObject library for Facebook Graph API

net-libs / libgmail : Python bindings to access Google's gmail service

net-libs / libgrss : LibGRSS is a library for easy management of RSS/Atom/Pie feeds

net-libs / libgsasl : The GNU SASL library

net-libs / libgssglue : Exports a gssapi interface which calls other random gssapi libraries

net-libs / libhackrf : library for communicating with HackRF SDR platform

net-libs / libhtp : security-aware parser for the HTTP protocol and the related bits and pieces

net-libs / libhubbub : HTML5 compliant parsing library, written in C

net-libs / libident : A small library to interface to the Ident protocol server

net-libs / libiio : Library for interfacing with IIO devices

net-libs / libinfinity : An implementation of the Infinote protocol written in GObject-based C

net-libs / libircclient : Small but powerful library implementing the client-server IRC protocol

net-libs / libiscsi : iscsi client library and utilities

net-libs / libisds : Client library for accessing ISDS Soap services

net-libs / libktorrent : BitTorrent library based on KDE Frameworks

net-libs / libkvkontakte : Library for accessing the features of social networking site

net-libs / liblockfile : Implements functions designed to lock the standard mailboxes

net-libs / libmbim : Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) modem protocol helper library

net-libs / libmediawiki : C++ interface for MediaWiki based web service as

net-libs / libmicrodns : Minimal mDNS resolver (and announcer) library

net-libs / libmicrohttpd : Small C library to run an HTTP server as part of another application

net-libs / libmirisdr : Software for the Mirics MSi2500 + MSi001 SDR platform

net-libs / libmnl : Minimalistic netlink library

net-libs / libmrss : A C-library for parsing and writing RSS 0.91/0.92/1.0/2.0 files or streams

net-libs / libnatpmp : An alternative protocol to UPnP IGD specification

net-libs / libndp : Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol

net-libs / libnet : library providing an API for commonly used low-level network functions

net-libs / libnetfilter_acct : Userspace library providing interface to extended accounting infrastructure of NetFilter

net-libs / libnetfilter_conntrack : programming interface (API) to the in-kernel connection tracking state table

net-libs / libnetfilter_cthelper : userspace library that provides the programming interface to the user-space helper infrastructure

net-libs / libnetfilter_cttimeout : netlink interface to the connection tracking timeout infrastructure in the kernel packet filter

net-libs / libnetfilter_log : interface to packets that have been logged by the kernel packet filter

net-libs / libnetfilter_queue : API to packets that have been queued by the kernel packet filter

net-libs / libnfnetlink : the low-level library for netfilter related kernel/userspace communication

net-libs / libnfsidmap : NFSv4 ID <-> name mapping library

net-libs / libnftnl : Netlink API to the in-kernel nf_tables subsystem

net-libs / libnice : An implementation of the Interactice Connectivity Establishment standard (ICE)

net-libs / libnids : an implementation of an E-component of Network Intrusion Detection System

net-libs / libnipper : A router configuration security analysis library

net-libs / libnsl : Public client interface for NIS(YP) and NIS+ in a IPv6 ready version

net-libs / libntlm : Microsoft's NTLM authentication (libntlm) library

net-libs / libnxml : A C-library for parsing and writing XML 1.0/1.1 files or streams

net-libs / liboauth : C library implementing the OAuth secure authentication protocol

net-libs / liboping : Protocol independent ANSI-C ping library and command line utility

net-libs / libosip : a simple way to support the Session Initiation Protocol

net-libs / libosmo-abis : Osmocom library for A-bis interface

net-libs / libosmo-dsp : A library with SDR DSP primitives

net-libs / libosmo-netif : Utility functions for OsmocomBB, OpenBSC and related projects

net-libs / libosmocore : Utility functions for OsmocomBB, OpenBSC and related projects

net-libs / libotr : (OTR) Messaging allows you to have private conversations over instant messaging

net-libs / libpcap : A system-independent library for user-level network packet capture

net-libs / libpcapnav : Libpcap wrapper library to navigate to arbitrary packets in a tcpdump trace file

net-libs / libpri : Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) library

net-libs / libprotoident : A library that performs application layer protocol identification for flows

net-libs / libproxy : Library for automatic proxy configuration management

net-libs / libqmi : Qualcomm MSM (Mobile Station Modem) Interface (QMI) modem protocol helper library

net-libs / librouteros : Library for accessing MikroTik's RouterOS via its API

net-libs / librsync : Remote delta-compression library

net-libs / libs3 : A C Library API for Amazon S3

net-libs / libsearpc : A simple C language RPC framework

net-libs / libsignon-glib : GLib binding for the D-Bus API provided by signond

net-libs / libsmi : A Library to Access SMI MIB Information

net-libs / libsoup : An HTTP library implementation in C

net-libs / libsrsirc : A lightweight, cross-platform IRC library

net-libs / libsrtp : Open-source implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

net-libs / libssh : Access a working SSH implementation by means of a library

net-libs / libssh2 : Library implementing the SSH2 protocol

net-libs / libtelnet : Simple RFC-complient TELNET implementation as a C library

net-libs / libtirpc : Transport Independent RPC library (SunRPC replacement)

net-libs / libtorrent : BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix

net-libs / libtorrent-rasterbar : C++ BitTorrent implementation focusing on efficiency and scalability

net-libs / libtrace : A library and tools for trace processing

net-libs / libupnp : An Portable Open Source UPnP Development Kit

net-libs / libupnpp : The libupnpp C++ library wraps libupnp for easier use by upmpdcli and upplay

net-libs / libvncserver : library for creating vnc servers

net-libs / libwebsockets : canonical websocket library

net-libs / libyahoo2 : interface to the new Yahoo! Messenger protocol

net-libs / libzapojit : GLib/GObject wrapper for the SkyDrive and Hotmail REST APIs

net-libs / liquid-dsp : digital signal processing library for software-defined radios

net-libs / loudmouth : Lightweight C Jabber library

net-libs / mbedtls : Cryptographic library for embedded systems

net-libs / meanwhile : Meanwhile (Sametime protocol) library

net-libs / miniupnpc : UPnP client library and a simple UPnP client

net-libs / nDPI : Open Source Deep Packet Inspection Software Toolkit

net-libs / nacl : high-speed software library for network communication, encryption, decryption, signatures

net-libs / nativebiginteger : jbigi library used by net-vpn/i2p

net-libs / neon : HTTP and WebDAV client library

net-libs / net6 : Network access framework for IPv4/IPv6 written in C++

net-libs / netwib : Library of Ethernet, IP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, ARP and RARP protocols

net-libs / nfqueue-bindings : High-level language bindings for libnetfilter_queue

net-libs / nghttp2 : HTTP/2 C Library

net-libs / nodejs : A JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine

net-libs / ntirpc : Transport Independent RPC library for nfs-ganesha

net-libs / obby : Library for collaborative text editing

net-libs / onion : C library to create simple HTTP servers and Web Applications

net-libs / openmq-cclient : C-Client Library for Open Source Java Message Service (JMS)

net-libs / openpgm : Open source implementation of the Pragmatic General Multicast specification

net-libs / openslp : An open-source implementation of Service Location Protocol

net-libs / ortp : Open Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP, RFC3550) stack

net-libs / osptoolkit : Open Settlement Protocol development kit

net-libs / pacparser : Library to parse proxy auto-config files

net-libs / phodav : WebDav server implementation using libsoup

net-libs / pjproject : Open source SIP, Media, and NAT Traversal Library

net-libs / quasselc : API for accessing Quassel using C

net-libs / qxmpp : A cross-platform C++ XMPP client library based on the Qt framework

net-libs / rabbitmq-c : RabbitMQ C client

net-libs / rest : Helper library for RESTful services

net-libs / ripe-atlas-sagan : A parsing library for RIPE Atlas result strings

net-libs / roadrunner : RoadRunner library provides API for using Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol

net-libs / rpc2 : Remote procedure call package for IP/UDP (used by Coda)

net-libs / rpcsvc-proto : rpcsvc protocol definitions from glibc

net-libs / serf : HTTP client library

net-libs / shairplay : Apple airplay and raop protocol server

net-libs / signon-oauth2 : OAuth2 plugin for Signon daemon

net-libs / signon-ui : Online accounts signon UI

net-libs / signond : Signon daemon for libaccounts-glib

net-libs / socket_wrapper : A library passing all socket communications through unix sockets

net-libs / sofia-sip : RFC3261 compliant SIP User-Agent library

net-libs / srt : Open-source implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

net-libs / stem : Stem is a Python controller library for Tor

net-libs / telepathy-accounts-signon : Mission control plugin for Telepathy to provide IM accounts and authentication

net-libs / telepathy-farstream : Telepathy client library that uses Farstream to handle Call channels

net-libs / telepathy-glib : GLib bindings for the Telepathy D-Bus protocol

net-libs / telepathy-logger-qt : Qt bindings for the Telepathy logger

net-libs / telepathy-qt : Qt bindings for the Telepathy D-Bus protocol

net-libs / tox : Encrypted P2P, messaging, and audio/video calling platform

net-libs / udns : Async-capable DNS stub resolver library

net-libs / uhttpmock : HTTP web service mocking library

net-libs / vanessa-mcast : Multicast Helper Library

net-libs / vanessa-socket : Simplifies TCP/IP socket operations

net-libs / wandio : Library for transparent file I/O with compression

net-libs / webkit-gtk : Open source web browser engine

net-libs / wvstreams : A network programming library in C++

net-libs / xrootd : Extended ROOT remote file server

net-libs / zeromq : A brokerless kernel

net-libs / zmqpp : ZeroMQ 'highlevel' C++ bindings