sci-mathematics packages

115 packages - The sci-mathematics category contains mathematical software.

sci-mathematics / 4ti2 : Software package for algebraic, geometric and combinatorial problems

sci-mathematics / abc : System for sequential logic synthesis and formal verification

sci-mathematics / acl2 : Industrial strength theorem prover, logic and programming language

sci-mathematics / alectryon : Toolkit for literate programming in Coq

sci-mathematics / alt-ergo : Automatic theorem prover

sci-mathematics / arb : C library for arbitrary-precision interval arithmetic

sci-mathematics / bertini : Software for Numerical Algebraic Geometry

sci-mathematics / boolector : Fast SMT solver for bit-vectors, arrays and uninterpreted functions

sci-mathematics / btor2tools : Generic parser and tools for the BTOR2 format

sci-mathematics / cadabra : Field-theory motivated approach to computer algebra

sci-mathematics / cadical : Simplified Satisfiability Solver

sci-mathematics / calc : Arbitrary precision C-like arithmetic system

sci-mathematics / cgal : C++ library for geometric algorithms and data structures

sci-mathematics / cliquer : C routines for finding cliques in an arbitrary weighted graph

sci-mathematics / coq : Proof assistant written in O'Caml

sci-mathematics / coq-mathcomp : Mathematical Components for the Coq proof assistant

sci-mathematics / coq-serapi : Serialization library and protocol for interaction with the Coq proof assistant

sci-mathematics / cryptominisat : Advanced SAT solver with C++ and command-line interfaces

sci-mathematics / cubicle : Model checker for verifying properties of array-based systems

sci-mathematics / cudd : Colorado University binary Decision Diagram library

sci-mathematics / cvc4 : Automatic theorem prover for satisfiability modulo theories (SMT) problems

sci-mathematics / dataplot : Program for scientific visualization and statistical analyis

sci-mathematics / diagrtb : Calculation of some eigenvectors of a large real, symmetrical, matrix

sci-mathematics / dsfmt : Double precision SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister library

sci-mathematics / dunshire : Python library to solve linear games over symmetric cones

sci-mathematics / easycrypt : Computer-Aided Cryptographic Proofs

sci-mathematics / eclib : Programs for elliptic curves defined over the rational numbers

sci-mathematics / ent : Random number sequence test and entropy calculation

sci-mathematics / eprover : Automated theorem prover for full first-order logic with equality

sci-mathematics / euler : Mathematical programming environment

sci-mathematics / fann : Fast Artificial Neural Network Library

sci-mathematics / flint : Fast Library for Number Theory

sci-mathematics / flocq : Formalization of floating-point arithmetic for the Coq proof assistant

sci-mathematics / form : Symbolic Manipulation System

sci-mathematics / fricas : FriCAS is a fork of Axiom computer algebra system

sci-mathematics / frobby : Software system and project for computations with monomial ideals

sci-mathematics / gap : System for computational discrete algebra. Core functionality.

sci-mathematics / gappa : Tool for verifying floating-point or fixed-point arithmetic

sci-mathematics / gappalib-coq : Allows the certificates Gappa generates to be imported by the Coq

sci-mathematics / genius : Genius Mathematics Tool and the GEL Language

sci-mathematics / geogebra-bin : Mathematics software for geometry

sci-mathematics / geomview : Interactive Geometry Viewer

sci-mathematics / gfan : Compute Groebner fans and tropical varieties

sci-mathematics / giac : A free C++ Computer Algebra System library and its interfaces

sci-mathematics / gimps : The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

sci-mathematics / ginac : C++ library and tools for symbolic calculations

sci-mathematics / glpk : GNU Linear Programming Kit

sci-mathematics / gmm : Generic C++ template library for sparse, dense and skyline matrices

sci-mathematics / gmp-ecm : Elliptic Curve Method for Integer Factorization

sci-mathematics / gp2c : A GP to C translator

sci-mathematics / gretl : Regression, econometrics and time-series library

sci-mathematics / gsl-shell : Lua interactive shell for sci-libs/gsl

sci-mathematics / jags : Just Another Gibbs Sampler for Bayesian MCMC simulation

sci-mathematics / kind2 : Multi-engine SMT-based automatic model checker

sci-mathematics / kissat : Keep-it-simple and clean bare metal SAT solver written in C

sci-mathematics / lcalc : Command-line utility and library for L-function computations

sci-mathematics / lean : The Lean Theorem Prover

sci-mathematics / libpoly : C library for manipulating polynomials

sci-mathematics / lpsolve : Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver

sci-mathematics / lrcalc : Littlewood-Richardson Calculator

sci-mathematics / mathematica : Wolfram Mathematica

sci-mathematics / mathlib-tools : Development tools for Lean's mathlib

sci-mathematics / mathmod : Plot parametric and implicit surfaces

sci-mathematics / mathomatic : Automatic algebraic manipulator

sci-mathematics / maxima : Free computer algebra environment based on Macsyma

sci-mathematics / metamath : Proof verifier based on a minimalistic formalism

sci-mathematics / metamath-databases : Sample databases for Metamath

sci-mathematics / minisat : Small yet efficient SAT solver with reference paper

sci-mathematics / msieve : A C library implementing a suite of algorithms to factor large integers

sci-mathematics / nauty : Computing automorphism groups of graphs and digraphs

sci-mathematics / nestedsums : A GiNaC-based library for symbolic expansion of certain transcendental functions

sci-mathematics / normaliz : Tool for computations in affine monoids and more

sci-mathematics / num-utils : A set of programs for dealing with numbers from the command line

sci-mathematics / octave : High-level interactive language for numerical computations

sci-mathematics / octave-epstk : Graphical output functions for Matlab and Octave

sci-mathematics / opensmt : Compact and open-source SMT-solver written in C++

sci-mathematics / otter : An Automated Deduction System

sci-mathematics / palp : A Package for Analyzing Lattice Polytopes (PALP)

sci-mathematics / pari : Computer-aided number theory C library and tools

sci-mathematics / pari-data : Additional dataset packages for PARI

sci-mathematics / petsc : Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation

sci-mathematics / picosat : SAT solver with proof and core support

sci-mathematics / planarity : The edge addition planarity suite of graph algorithms

sci-mathematics / plfit : Fit power-law distributions to empirical data

sci-mathematics / polymake : Tool for polyhedral geometry and combinatorics

sci-mathematics / primecount : Highly optimized CLI and library to count primes

sci-mathematics / primesieve : CLI and library for quickly generating prime numbers

sci-mathematics / prng : Pseudo-Random Number Generator library

sci-mathematics / prover9 : Automated theorem prover for first-order and equational logic

sci-mathematics / proverif : Cryptographic protocol verifier in the formal model

sci-mathematics / psmt2-frontend : Library to parse and type-check an extension of the SMT-LIB 2 standard

sci-mathematics / pspp : Program for statistical analysis of sampled data

sci-mathematics / rkward : IDE for the R-project

sci-mathematics / rngstreams : Multiple independent streams of pseudo-random numbers

sci-mathematics / rw : Compute rank-width decompositions of graphs

sci-mathematics / sha1-polyml : implementation of SHA1 is taken from the GNU coreutils package

sci-mathematics / singular : Computer algebra system for polynomial computations

sci-mathematics / slepc : Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations

sci-mathematics / smtinterpol : Interpolating SMT-solver computing Craig interpolants for various theories

sci-mathematics / spin : An efficient logic-model checker for the verification of multi-threaded code

sci-mathematics / stp : Simple Theorem Prover, an efficient SMT solver for bitvectors

sci-mathematics / sympow : Symmetric power elliptic curve L-functions

sci-mathematics / topcom : Computing Triangulations Of Point Configurations and Oriented Matroids

sci-mathematics / twelf : Implementation of the logical framework LF

sci-mathematics / unuran : Universal Non-Uniform Random number generator

sci-mathematics / vampire : The Vampire Prover, theorem prover for first-order logic

sci-mathematics / verifpal : Cryptographic protocol analysis for real-world protocols

sci-mathematics / verit : An open, trustable and efficient SMT-prover

sci-mathematics / why3 : Platform for deductive program verification

sci-mathematics / why3-for-spark : Platform for deductive program verification

sci-mathematics / wxmaxima : Graphical frontend to Maxima, using the wxWidgets toolkit

sci-mathematics / yacas : General purpose computer algebra system

sci-mathematics / yafu : Yet another factoring utility

sci-mathematics / yices2 : SMT Solver supporting SMT-LIB and Yices specification language

sci-mathematics / z3 : An efficient theorem prover