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Cross-platform multi-agent programmable modeling environment

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NetLogo is a programmable modeling environment for simulating natural and social phenomena. It is particularly well suited for modeling complex systems developing over time. Modelers can give instructions to hundreds or thousands of independent "agents" all operating concurrently. This makes it possible to explore the connection between the micro-level behavior of individuals and the macro-level patterns that emerge from the interaction of many individuals.

v6.0.2-r1 :: 0 :: gentoo

netlogo GPL-2 LGPL-2.1 LGPL-3 BSD Apache-2.0
-* ~amd64 ~x86

v5.0.3-r1 :: 0 :: gentoo

netlogo GPL-2 LGPL-2.1 LGPL-3 BSD Apache-2.0
-* amd64 x86


ELIBC setting for systems that use the FreeBSD C library

dev-java / java-config : Java environment configuration query tool

dev-java / java-config : Java environment configuration query tool

virtual / jre : Virtual for Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

x11-libs / libX11 : X.Org X11 library

x11-libs / libXrender : X.Org Xrender library

x11-libs / libXxf86vm : X.Org Xxf86vm library

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sci-misc/netlogo-bin-5.0.3-r1: depends on deprecated jdk / jre
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