sys-apps / tas

Supermicro Thin-Agent Service for monitoring through the BMC/IPMI

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TAS provides server usage information at the OS level, that users could monitor on a system through the BMC/IPMI. For HW Platforms, where there is not RAID controller in configuration, it is recommended to install TAS. Provides Asset and Health Information: Hardware Information: CPU, Memory, NIC, and HDD Health Usage Monitoring: CPU workload, Memory Size, NIC State, and Disk Partition Supports RAID and HDD SMART Failure Information: Broadcom 3108 RAID Controller and Intel PCH/RSTe RAID Chipset Generates State Event Log: Disk Failure and NIC State Change

v1.5.2.180622 :: 0 :: gentoo

BSD supermicro
-* ~amd64 ~x86


KERNEL setting for system using the Linux kernel

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