sys-fabric packages

25 packages - The sys-fabric category contains OFED software stack and other infiniband related software.

sys-fabric / dapl : OpenIB - Direct Access Provider Library

sys-fabric / ibacm : IB CM pre-connection service application

sys-fabric / infiniband-diags : OpenIB diagnostic programs and scripts needed to diagnose an IB subnet

sys-fabric / infinipath-psm : OpenIB userspace driver for the PathScale InfiniBand HCAs

sys-fabric / libcxgb3 : OpenIB - driver for Chelsio T3-based iWARP (RDMA over IP/ethernet)

sys-fabric / libcxgb4 : OpenIB - driver for Chelsio T4-based iWARP (RDMA over IP/ethernet)

sys-fabric / libehca : OpenIB - IBM eServer eHCA Infiniband device driver for Linux on POWER

sys-fabric / libibcm : OpenIB Userspace CM library

sys-fabric / libibmad : OpenIB library provides the API for use interfacing with IB management programs

sys-fabric / libibumad : OpenIB User MAD lib functions which sit on top of the user MAD kernel modules

sys-fabric / libibverbs : A library to use InfiniBand 'verbs' for direct access to IB hardware

sys-fabric / libipathverbs : OpenIB userspace driver for the PathScale InfiniBand HCAs

sys-fabric / libmlx4 : OpenIB userspace driver for Mellanox ConnectX HCA

sys-fabric / libmlx5 : OpenIB userspace driver for Mellanox ConnectIB HCA

sys-fabric / libmthca : OpenIB userspace driver for Mellanox InfiniBand HCAs

sys-fabric / libnes : NetEffect RNIC Userspace Library

sys-fabric / libocrdma : OpenIB userspace driver for Emulex OneConnect RDMA

sys-fabric / librdmacm : OpenIB userspace RDMA CM library

sys-fabric / mstflint : Mstflint - an open source version of MFT (Mellanox Firmware Tools)

sys-fabric / ofed : OpenIB system files

sys-fabric / opensm : OpenSM - InfiniBand Subnet Manager and Administration for OpenIB

sys-fabric / perftest : OpenIB uverbs micro-benchmarks

sys-fabric / qperf : Measure RDMA and IP performance

sys-fabric / rds-tools : OpenIB userspace rds-tools

sys-fabric / srptools : Tools for discovering and connecting to SRP CSI targets on InfiniBand fabrics