sys-power packages

33 packages - The sys-power category contains software which handles power management, including CPU frequency scaling tools.

sys-power / RyzenAdj : The power management tool for mobile and desktop Ryzen APUs

sys-power / acpi : Displays information about ACPI devices

sys-power / acpi_call : A linux kernel module that enables calls to ACPI

sys-power / acpid : Daemon for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

sys-power / acpilight : Replacement for xbacklight that uses the ACPI interface to set brightness

sys-power / acpitool : A replacement for the APM tool

sys-power / apcupsd : APC UPS daemon with integrated tcp/ip remote shutdown

sys-power / athcool : small utility to toggle Powersaving mode for AMD Athlon/Duron processors

sys-power / autosuspend : A daemon to automatically suspend and wake up a system

sys-power / bbswitch : Toggle discrete NVIDIA Optimus graphics card

sys-power / cpupower : Shows and sets processor power related values

sys-power / hibernate-script : Hibernate script supporting multiple suspend methods

sys-power / iasl : Intel ACPI Source Language (ASL) compiler

sys-power / intel-undervolt : Intel CPU undervolting and throttling configuration tool

sys-power / nut : Network-UPS Tools

sys-power / nvclock : NVIDIA Overclocking Utility

sys-power / nvram-reboot : PowerOff Boot-Images for nvram-wakeup (not needed for GRUB)

sys-power / pmtools : Collection of tools for ACPI and power management

sys-power / power-profiles-daemon : Makes power profiles handling available over D-Bus

sys-power / powermgmt-base : Script to test whether computer is running on AC power

sys-power / powernowd : Daemon to control the speed and voltage of CPUs

sys-power / powerstat : Laptop power measuring tool

sys-power / powertop : tool to diagnose issues with power consumption and power management

sys-power / sandmann-bin : An autosuspend and wakeup daemon

sys-power / sispmctl : GEMBIRD SiS-PM control utility

sys-power / suspend : Userspace Software Suspend and S2Ram

sys-power / switcheroo-control : D-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU

sys-power / thermald : Thermal daemon for Intel architectures

sys-power / throttled : Daemon to work around throttling issues on some Intel laptops

sys-power / tlp : Optimize laptop battery life

sys-power / uhubctl : USB hub per-port power control

sys-power / upower : D-Bus abstraction for enumerating power devices, querying history and statistics

sys-power / wluma : Automatic brightness adjustment based on screen contents and ALS