virtual / pypy

A virtual for PyPy Python implementation

v7.2.0 :: 0/41-py27 :: gentoo

~amd64 ~amd64-linux ~x86 ~x86-linux
USE flags
bzip2 gdbm ncurses sqlite tk


Use the bzlib compression library
Add support for sys-libs/gdbm (GNU database libraries)
Add ncurses support (console display library)
Add support for sqlite - embedded sql database
Add support for Tk GUI toolkit

dev-python / pypy : A fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python language

dev-python / pypy-bin : Pre-built version of PyPy

app-admin / eclean-kernel : Clean up old and stale kernel files

app-admin / webapp-config : Gentoo's installer for web-based applications

app-arch / brotli : Generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm

app-misc / gcalcli : Google Calendar Command Line Interface

app-misc / grc : Generic Colouriser beautifies your logfiles or output of commands

app-misc / tmuxp : tmux session manager. built on libtmux

app-misc / yq : Command-line YAML processor - jq wrapper for YAML documents

app-mobilephone / lightblue : API for Python which provides simple access to Bluetooth operations

app-portage / cpuid2cpuflags : Tool to guess CPU_FLAGS_* flags for the host

app-portage / diffmask : A utility to maintain package.unmask entries up-to-date with masks

app-portage / flaggie : A smart CLI mangler for package.* files

app-portage / gemato : Stand-alone Manifest generation & verification tool

app-portage / gentoolkit : Collection of administration scripts for Gentoo

app-portage / gentoopm : A common interface to Gentoo package managers

app-portage / gpyutils : Utitilies for maintaining Python packages

app-portage / layman : Tool to manage Gentoo overlays

app-text / grip : Preview GitHub Markdown files like Readme locally before committing them

app-text / pdfminer : Python tool for extracting information from PDF documents

app-text / pytextile : A Python port of Textile, A humane web text generator

app-text / restview : reStructuredText viewer

dev-cpp / gtest : Google C++ Testing Framework

dev-lang / rust : Systems programming language from Mozilla

dev-libs / Ice : ICE middleware C++ library and generator tools

dev-python / Babel : Collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications

dev-python / CacheControl : The httplib2 caching algorithms packaged up for use with requests

dev-python / MechanicalSoup : A python library for automating interaction with websites

dev-python / PyContracts : Declare constraints on function parameters and return values

dev-python / PyDbLite : A fast, pure-Python in-memory database

dev-python / PyRSS2Gen : RSS feed generator written in Python

dev-python / PySensors : Python bindings to libsensors (via ctypes)

dev-python / PySocks : SOCKS client module

dev-python / aadict : An auto-attribute dict (and a couple of other useful dict functions)

dev-python / addons : Dynamically extend other objects (formerly ObjectRoles)

dev-python / alabaster : A configurable sidebar-enabled Sphinx theme

dev-python / alagitpull : alabaster sub-theme used on git-pull docs

dev-python / amodem : Transmit data between two computers using audio

dev-python / amqplib : Python client for the Advanced Message Queuing Procotol (AMQP)

dev-python / aniso8601 : A library for parsing ISO 8601 strings

dev-python / ansi2html : Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML

dev-python / ansicolor : Produce ansi color output and colored highlighting and diffing

dev-python / anyjson : Wraps the best available JSON implementation available in a common interface

dev-python / apipkg : Namespace control and lazy-import mechanism

dev-python / appdirs : Module for determining appropriate platform-specific dirs

dev-python / argcomplete : Bash tab completion for argparse

dev-python / argh : A simple argparse wrapper

dev-python / argon2_cffi : CFFI bindings to the Argon2 password hashing library

dev-python / asn1crypto : Python ASN.1 library with a focus on performance and a pythonic API

dev-python / astor : Read/rewrite/write Python ASTs

dev-python / astroid : Abstract Syntax Tree for logilab packages

dev-python / atomicwrites : Atomic file writes

dev-python / attrs : Attributes without boilerplate

dev-python / authres : Authentication-Results Headers generation and parsing

dev-python / automat : Self-service finite-state machines for the programmer on the go

dev-python / autopep8 : Automatically formats Python code to conform to the PEP 8 style guide

dev-python / babelfish : Python library to work with countries and languages

dev-python / backports : Namespace for backported Python features

dev-python / backports-abc : Backport of Python 3.5's '' module

dev-python / backports-functools-lru-cache : Backport of functools.lru_cache from Python 3.3

dev-python / backports-lzma : Backport of Python 3.3's lzma module for XZ/LZMA compressed files

dev-python / backports-ssl-match-hostname : Backport of the ssl.match_hostname function

dev-python / backports-unittest-mock : Backport of unittest.mock

dev-python / batinfo : A simple Python lib to retreive battery information

dev-python / bcrypt : Modern password hashing for software and servers

dev-python / beanstalkc : A simple beanstalkd client library

dev-python / beautifulsoup : Pythonic idioms for iterating, searching, and modifying an HTML/XML parse tree

dev-python / betamax : python-requests HTTP exchanges recorder

dev-python / billiard : Python multiprocessing fork

dev-python / biplist : A binary plist parser/generator for Python

dev-python / bleach : an easy whitelist-based HTML-sanitizing tool

dev-python / blessings : A thin, practical wrapper around terminal coloring, styling, and positioning

dev-python / blinker : Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling

dev-python / bottle : A fast and simple micro-framework for small web-applications

dev-python / brotlipy : Python binding to the Brotli library

dev-python / bytecodeassembler : Generate Python code objects by assembling bytecode

dev-python / bz2file : Replacement for bz2.BZ2File with features from newest CPython

dev-python / cachetools : Extensible memoizing collections and decorators

dev-python / cairocffi : CFFI-based drop-in replacement for Pycairo

dev-python / case : Python unittest Utilities

dev-python / catkin_pkg : Standalone Python library for the catkin package system

dev-python / certifi : Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle

dev-python / chameleon : Fast HTML/XML template compiler for Python

dev-python / characteristic : Python attributes without the boilerplate

dev-python / chardet : Universal encoding detector

dev-python / cheroot : Cheroot is the high-performance, pure-Python HTTP server used by CherryPy.

dev-python / cherrypy : CherryPy is a pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework

dev-python / click : A Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces

dev-python / click-default-group : Extends click. Group to invoke a command without explicit subcommand name

dev-python / cloudpickle : Extended pickling support for Python objects

dev-python / cmd2 : Extra features for standard library's cmd module

dev-python / colander : A simple schema-based serialization and deserialization library

dev-python / colorama : ANSI escape character sequences for colored terminal text & cursor positioning

dev-python / colorclass : Colorful worry-free console applications for multiple platforms

dev-python / colorlog : Log formatting with colors

dev-python / configclass : A Python to class to hold configuration values

dev-python / configobj : Simple config file reader and writer

dev-python / configparser : Backport of Python-3 built-in configparser

dev-python / constantly : Symbolic constants in Python

dev-python / contextlib2 : Backports and enhancements for the contextlib module

dev-python / cookies : Friendlier RFC 6265-compliant cookie parser/renderer

dev-python / couchdb-python : Python library for working with CouchDB

dev-python / cov-core : plugin core for use by pytest-cov, nose-cov and nose2-cov

dev-python / coverage : Code coverage measurement for Python

dev-python / crcmod : Python CRC Generator module

dev-python / cryptography : Library providing cryptographic recipes and primitives

dev-python / cryptography-vectors : Test vectors for the cryptography package

dev-python / css-parser : A CSS Cascading Style Sheets library (fork of cssutils)

dev-python / cssselect : parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0

dev-python / cssutils : A CSS Cascading Style Sheets library

dev-python / cython : A Python to C compiler

dev-python / d2to1 : Allows using distutils2-like setup.cfg files for a package metadata

dev-python / ddt : A library to multiply test cases

dev-python / decorator : Simplifies the usage of decorators for the average programmer

dev-python / decoratortools : Class, function, and metaclass decorators

dev-python / deform : Another form generation library

dev-python / defusedxml : XML bomb protection for Python stdlib modules, an xml serialiser

dev-python / demjson : Encoder, decoder, and lint/validator for JSON compliant with RFC 4627

dev-python / deprecation : A library to handle automated deprecations

dev-python / dexml : Dead-simple Object-XML mapper for Python

dev-python / diff-match-patch : Diff, match and patch algorithms for plain text

dev-python / dill : Serialize all of python (almost)

dev-python / dingus : A record-then-assert mocking library

dev-python / discogs-client : Official Python API client for Discogs

dev-python / distlib : Distribution utilities

dev-python / dj-database-url : Use Database URLs in your Django Application

dev-python / django : High-level Python web framework

dev-python / django-auth-ldap : Django LDAP authentication backend

dev-python / django-baker : Management command that generates views, forms, urls, admin, and templates for models

dev-python / django-crispy-forms : Best way to have Django DRY forms

dev-python / django-debug-toolbar : A configurable set of panels that display debug information

dev-python / django-discover-runner : A Django test runner based on unittest2's test discovery

dev-python / django-haystack : Pluggable search for Django

dev-python / django-nose : Django test runner that uses nose

dev-python / django-oauth-plus : Support of OAuth 1.0a in Django using python-oauth2

dev-python / django-recaptcha : Django recaptcha form field/widget app

dev-python / django-setuptest : Simple test suite enabling Django app testing via

dev-python / django-tables2 : Table/data-grid framework for Django

dev-python / dnslib : Simple library to encode/decode DNS wire-format packets

dev-python / dnspython : DNS toolkit for Python

dev-python / docopt : Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile

dev-python / doctest-ignore-unicode : Add flag to ignore unicode literal prefixes in doctests

dev-python / docutils : Python Documentation Utilities

dev-python / docutils-glep : Gentoo GLEP support for docutils

dev-python / doit : Automation tool

dev-python / doit-py : doit tasks for python stuff

dev-python / dominate : Library for creating and manipulating HTML documents using an elegant DOM API

dev-python / ecdsa : ECDSA cryptographic signature library in pure Python

dev-python / ed25519ll : A low-level ctypes wrapper for Ed25519 digital signatures.

dev-python / elasticsearch-py : Official Python low-level client for Elasticsearch

dev-python / elementtree : A light-weight XML object model for Python

dev-python / empy : A powerful and robust templating system for Python

dev-python / entrypoints : Discover and load entry points from installed packages

dev-python / enum34 : Python 3.4 Enum backported

dev-python / envoy : Simple API for running external processes

dev-python / eradicate : Removes commented-out code from Python files

dev-python / errorhandler : Logging framework handler

dev-python / eunuchs : Missing manly parts of UNIX API for Python

dev-python / execnet : Rapid multi-Python deployment

dev-python / extras : Useful extra bits for Python that should be in the standard library

dev-python / extremes : Production-quality 'Min' and 'Max' objects

dev-python / falcon : A supersonic micro-framework for building cloud APIs

dev-python / fasteners : Python package that provides useful locks

dev-python / fdsend : flexible file descriptor passing

dev-python / feedgenerator : Standalone version of django.utils.feedgenerator

dev-python / feedparser : Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python

dev-python / fields : Container class boilerplate killer

dev-python / filelock : A platform independent file lock for Python

dev-python / filemagic : A Python API for libmagic, the library behind the Unix file command

dev-python / fixtures : Fixtures, reusable state for writing clean tests and more

dev-python / flake8 : A wrapper around PyFlakes, pep8 & mccabe

dev-python / flaky : Plugin for nose or py.test that automatically reruns flaky tests

dev-python / flask : A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions

dev-python / flask-appconfig : Configures Flask applications in a canonical way

dev-python / flask-babel : i18n and l10n support for Flask based on Babel and pytz

dev-python / flask-bootstrap : An extension that includes Bootstrap in your project, without boilerplate code

dev-python / flask-cors : A Flask extension for Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

dev-python / flask-debug : Flask extension that displays various debugging insights during development

dev-python / flask-login : Login session support for Flask

dev-python / flask-mail : Flask extension for sending email

dev-python / flask-nav : Easily create navigation for Flask applications.

dev-python / flask-paginate : Pagination support for flask

dev-python / flask-principal : Identity management for flask

dev-python / flask-script : Flask support for writing external scripts

dev-python / flask-socketio : Socket.IO integration for Flask applications.

dev-python / flask-sphinx-themes : Sphinx Themes for Flask related projects and Flask itself

dev-python / flask-sqlalchemy : SQLAlchemy support for Flask applications

dev-python / flask-themes : Infrastructure for theming support in Flask applications

dev-python / flask-uploads : Flexible and efficient upload handling for Flask

dev-python / flask-wtf : Simple integration of Flask and WTForms

dev-python / flit_core : Simplified packaging of Python modules (core module)

dev-python / flup : Random assortment of WSGI servers

dev-python / fpconst : Python Module for handling IEEE 754 floating point special values

dev-python / freezegun : Let your Python tests travel through time

dev-python / frozen-flask : Freezes a Flask application into a set of static files

dev-python / fs : Filesystem abstraction layer

dev-python / fudge : Replace real objects with fakes (mocks, stubs, etc) while testing

dev-python / funcparserlib : Recursive descent parsing library based on functional combinators

dev-python / funcsigs : Python function signatures backport from PEP362 for Python 2.7-3.5

dev-python / functools32 : Backport of the functools module from Python 3

dev-python / fuse-python : Python FUSE bindings

dev-python / future : Easy, clean, reliable Python 2/3 compatibility

dev-python / futures : Backport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3.2

dev-python / gdata : Python client library for Google data APIs

dev-python / genshi : Python toolkit for stream-based generation of output for the web

dev-python / genty : Allows you to run a test with multiple data sets

dev-python / geoip-python : Python bindings for GeoIP

dev-python / gevent : Coroutine-based network library

dev-python / geventhttpclient : A high performance, concurrent HTTP client library for Python using gevent

dev-python / google-api-python-client : Google API Client for Python

dev-python / google-auth : Google Authentication Library

dev-python / google-auth-httplib2 : httplib2 Transport for Google Auth

dev-python / graphy : Simple Chart Library for Python

dev-python / hachoir-core : Core of Hachoir framework: parse and edit binary files

dev-python / hachoir-parser : Package of Hachoir parsers used to open binary files

dev-python / happydoc : Tool for extracting documentation from Python source code

dev-python / hgdistver : utility lib to generate python package version infos from mercurial tags

dev-python / hglib : Library for using the Mercurial Command Server from Python

dev-python / hpack : Pure-Python HPACK header compression

dev-python / html2text : Turn HTML into equivalent Markdown-structured text

dev-python / html5lib : HTML parser based on the HTML5 specification

dev-python / httmock : A mocking library for requests

dev-python / http-parser : HTTP request/response parser for python in C

dev-python / httpauth : A WSGI middleware that secures routes using HTTP Digest Authentication

dev-python / httpbin : HTTP Request and Response Service

dev-python / httplib2 : A comprehensive HTTP client library

dev-python / httpstat : httpstat visualizes cURL statistics in a way of beauty and clarity

dev-python / httreplay : A HTTP replay library for testing.

dev-python / humanize : Common humanization utilities

dev-python / hyper-h2 : HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation

dev-python / hyperframe : HTTP/2 framing layer for Python

dev-python / hyperlink : A featureful, correct URL for Python

dev-python / hypothesis : A library for property based testing

dev-python / icalendar : Package used for parsing and generating iCalendar files (RFC 2445)

dev-python / idna : Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)

dev-python / imagesize : Pure Python module for getting image size from png/jpeg/jpeg2000/gif files

dev-python / imapclient : easy-to-use, pythonic, and complete IMAP client library

dev-python / importing : Import objects dynamically, lazily, weakly, and more

dev-python / importlib_metadata : Read metadata from Python packages

dev-python / importlib_resources : Read resources from Python packages

dev-python / incremental : Incremental is a small library that versions your Python projects

dev-python / inflect : Correctly inflect words and numbers

dev-python / inflection : A port of Ruby on Rails' inflector to Python

dev-python / inotifyx : Python bindings to the Linux inotify file system event monitoring API

dev-python / intreehooks : Load a PEP 517 backend from inside the source tree

dev-python / iocapture : Capture stdout, stderr easily

dev-python / ipaddr : Python IP address manipulation library

dev-python / ipaddress : IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library, backport of the ipaddress module

dev-python / ipcalc : IP subnet calculator

dev-python / ipy : Class and tools for handling of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks

dev-python / iso3166 : Self-contained ISO 3166-1 country definitions.

dev-python / iso8601 : Simple module to parse ISO 8601 dates

dev-python / iso_639 : Python library for ISO 639 standard

dev-python / isodate : ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter

dev-python / isort : A python utility/library to sort imports

dev-python / itsdangerous : Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environments and back

dev-python / jaraco-envs : Classes for orchestrating Python (virtual) environments.

dev-python / jaraco-packaging : Tools to supplement packaging Python releases

dev-python / jaraco-stream : Routines for handling streaming data

dev-python / jaxml : XML generator written in Python

dev-python / jdcal : Julian dates from proleptic Gregorian and Julian calendars

dev-python / jinja : A full-featured template engine for Python

dev-python / jmespath : JSON Matching Expressions

dev-python / joblib : Tools to provide lightweight pipelining in Python

dev-python / jonpy : Powerful multi-threaded object-oriented CGI/FastCGI/mod_python/html-templating facilities

dev-python / jsmin : JavaScript minifier

dev-python / jsonpatch : Apply JSON-Patches like

dev-python / jsonpointer : Identify specific nodes in a JSON document (according to draft 08)

dev-python / jsonref : An implementation of JSON Reference for Python

dev-python / jsonschema : An implementation of JSON-Schema validation for Python

dev-python / kaitaistruct : Kaitai Struct runtime for Python

dev-python / kaptan : Configuration manager in your pocket

dev-python / kconfiglib : A flexible Python Kconfig implementation

dev-python / keyrings_alt : Alternate keyring implementations

dev-python / lazy-object-proxy : A fast and thorough lazy object proxy

dev-python / ldap3 : A strictly RFC 4511 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python client

dev-python / libcloud : Unified Interface to the Cloud - python support libs

dev-python / libextractor-python : A library used to extract metadata from files of arbitrary type

dev-python / libnatpmp : Python module for libnatpmp, an alternative protocol to UPnP IGD

dev-python / libtmux : python api for tmux

dev-python / linecache2 : Backports of the linecache module

dev-python / llfuse : Python bindings for the low-level FUSE API

dev-python / lockfile : Platform-independent file locking module

dev-python / logbook : A logging replacement for Python

dev-python / lxml : A Pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries

dev-python / lz4 : LZ4 Bindings for Python

dev-python / m2r : Markdown to reStructuredText converter

dev-python / mako : A Python templating language

dev-python / manuel : Manuel lets you build tested documentation

dev-python / markdown : Python implementation of the markdown markup language

dev-python / markdown2 : Python Markdown language reimplementation

dev-python / markups : A wrapper around various text markups

dev-python / markupsafe : Implements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python

dev-python / mccabe : flake8 plugin: McCabe complexity checker

dev-python / mechanize : Stateful programmatic web browsing in Python

dev-python / medusa : A framework for writing asynchronous long-running, high-performance network servers in Python

dev-python / meld3 : meld3 is an HTML/XML templating engine

dev-python / mergedict : A Python 'dict' with a merge() method

dev-python / milksets : Datasets in a common Pythonic interface to use with milk

dev-python / mimeparse : Basic functions for handling mime-types in python

dev-python / mimerender : RESTful HTTP Content Negotiation for Flask, Bottle, and webapp2

dev-python / miniupnpc : Python bindings for UPnP client library

dev-python / mistune : The fastest markdown parser in pure Python

dev-python / mkpythonproj : Creates the framework for a new Python project or script

dev-python / mock : Rolling backport of unittest.mock for all Pythons

dev-python / mocker : Platform for Python test doubles: mocks, stubs, fakes, and dummies

dev-python / mockldap : A simple mock implementation of python-ldap

dev-python / monotonic : An implementation of time.monotonic() for Python 2 & < 3.3

dev-python / more-itertools : More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools

dev-python / msgpack : MessagePack (de)serializer for Python

dev-python / multipledispatch : RESTful HTTP Content Negotiation for Flask, Bottle, and webapp2

dev-python / munch : A dot-accessible dictionary (a la JavaScript objects)

dev-python / mygpoclient : A client library

dev-python / mysql-python : Python interface to MySQL

dev-python / mysqlclient : Fork of MySQL-python

dev-python / nagiosplugin : A class library for writing nagios-compatible plugins

dev-python / namespace-google : Namespace package declaration for google

dev-python / namespace-jaraco : Namespace package declaration for jaraco

dev-python / namespace-paste : Namespace package declaration for paste

dev-python / namespace-repoze : Namespace package declaration for repoze

dev-python / namespace-sphinxcontrib : Namespace package declaration for sphinxcontrib

dev-python / namespace-zope : Namespace package declaration for zope

dev-python / natsort : Natural sorting for Python

dev-python / ndg-httpsclient : Provides enhanced HTTPS support for httplib and urllib2 using PyOpenSSL

dev-python / neovim-python-client : Python client for Neovim

dev-python / netifaces : Portable network interface information

dev-python / node-semver : Python version of node-semver, the semantic versioner for npm

dev-python / nodeenv : Node.js virtual environment builder

dev-python / nose : Unittest extension with automatic test suite discovery and easy test authoring

dev-python / nose-cover3 : Coverage 3.x support for Nose

dev-python / nose-descriptionfixer : Fix the way tests are described when the verbose flag is used

dev-python / nose-exclude : Exclude specific directories from nosetests runs

dev-python / nose-show-skipped : A nose plugin to show skipped tests and their messages

dev-python / nose-testconfig : Test Configuration plugin for nosetests

dev-python / nose_fixes : A plugin to make nose behave better

dev-python / nosehtmloutput : Nose plugin to produce test results in html

dev-python / nosexcover : Extends nose.plugins.cover to add Cobertura-style XML reports

dev-python / oauth : Python OAuth module

dev-python / oauth2 : Library for OAuth version 1.0

dev-python / oauth2client : Library for accessing resources protected by OAuth 2.0

dev-python / olefile : Python package to parse, read and write Microsoft OLE2 files

dev-python / openstack-nose-plugin : openstack style output for nosetests

dev-python / optcomplete : Shell completion self-generator for Python

dev-python / packaging : Core utilities for Python packages

dev-python / pallets-sphinx-themes : Sphinx themes for Pallets and related projects

dev-python / parso : a python parser that supports error recovery and round-trip parsing

dev-python / passlib : Password hashing framework supporting over 20 schemes

dev-python / paste : Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack

dev-python / pastedeploy : Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers

dev-python / path-and-address : Functions for server CLI applications used by humans

dev-python / path-py : A module wrapper for os.path

dev-python / pathlib : Object-oriented filesystem paths

dev-python / pathlib2 : Fork of pathlib aiming to support the full stdlib Python API

dev-python / pathspec : Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths.

dev-python / pathtools : Pattern matching and various utilities for file systems paths

dev-python / paver : Python-based software project scripting tool along the lines of Make

dev-python / pbkdf2 : Implementation of PBKDF2, specified in RSA PKCS#5 v2.0

dev-python / pbr : Inject some useful and sensible default behaviors into setuptools

dev-python / pdfrw : PDF file reader/writer library

dev-python / peak-rules : Generic functions and business rules support systems

dev-python / pep8 : Python style guide checker

dev-python / peppercorn : Convert a token stream into a web form data structure

dev-python / pexpect : Python module for spawning child apps and responding to expected patterns

dev-python / pid : Pidfile featuring stale detection and file-locking

dev-python / piexif : Exif manipulation with pure Python

dev-python / pika : Pure-Python implementation of the AMQP

dev-python / pillow : Python Imaging Library (fork)

dev-python / pillowfight : Eases the transition from PIL to Pillow

dev-python / pip : Installs python packages -- replacement for easy_install

dev-python / pipfile : Replacement for the existing standard pip's requirements.txt file

dev-python / pkgconfig : Interface Python with pkg-config

dev-python / pkginfo : Provides an API for querying the distutils metadata written in a PKG-INFO file

dev-python / placefinder : Yahoo! BOSS PlaceFinder Python Client

dev-python / pluggy : plugin and hook calling mechanisms for python

dev-python / ply : Python Lex-Yacc library

dev-python / portend : TCP port monitoring utilities

dev-python / positional : A decorator which enforces only some args may be passed positionally.

dev-python / pretend : A library for stubbing in Python

dev-python / pretty-yaml : PyYAML-based module to produce pretty and readable YAML-serialized data

dev-python / priority : A pure-Python implementation of the HTTP/2 priority tree

dev-python / process-tests : Tools for testing processes

dev-python / progress : Easy to use progress bars

dev-python / progressbar : Text progressbar library for python

dev-python / progressbar2 : Text progressbar library for python

dev-python / psutil : Retrieve information on running processes and system utilization

dev-python / ptyprocess : Run a subprocess in a pseudo terminal

dev-python / py : library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities

dev-python / py-cpuinfo : Get CPU info with pure Python 2 & 3

dev-python / py2neo : A simple and pragmatic library which accesses the Neo4j graph database

dev-python / pyalsa : Python bindings for ALSA library

dev-python / pyasn1 : ASN.1 library for Python

dev-python / pyasn1-modules : pyasn1 modules

dev-python / pyblake2 : BLAKE2 hash function extension module

dev-python / pybluez : Python bindings for Bluez Bluetooth Stack

dev-python / pycairo : Python bindings for the cairo library

dev-python / pychart : Python library for creating charts

dev-python / pycmd : pycmd: tools for managing/searching Python related files

dev-python / pycodestyle : Python style guide checker (fka pep8)

dev-python / pycountry : Database of countries, subdivisions, languages, currencies and script

dev-python / pycparser : C parser and AST generator written in Python

dev-python / pycryptodome : A self-contained cryptographic library for Python

dev-python / pycups : Python bindings for the CUPS API

dev-python / pydiff : Diffs two Python files at the bytecode level

dev-python / pydns : Python DNS (Domain Name System) library

dev-python / pydvdread : A set of Python bindings for the libdvdread library

dev-python / pyenchant : Python bindings for the Enchant spellchecking system

dev-python / pyfakefs : a fake file system that mocks the Python file system modules

dev-python / pyflakes : Passive checker for Python programs

dev-python / pyftpdlib : Python FTP server library

dev-python / pygeocoder : Python wrapper for Google Geocoding API V3

dev-python / pygments : Pygments is a syntax highlighting package written in Python

dev-python / pygments-github-lexers : Pygments Github custom lexers

dev-python / pyh2o : Python API for sci-libs/libh2o

dev-python / pyinotify : Python module used for monitoring filesystems events

dev-python / pyjwt : JSON Web Token implementation in Python

dev-python / pykerberos : A high-level Python wrapper for Kerberos/GSSAPI operations

dev-python / pylast : Python interface to and other api-compatible websites

dev-python / pylint : Python code static checker

dev-python / pymdstat : Python library to parse Linux /proc/mdstat

dev-python / pymediainfo : A wrapper around the mediainfo library

dev-python / pymongo : Python driver for MongoDB

dev-python / pymountboot : Python extension module to (re)mount /boot

dev-python / pymssql : Simple MSSQL python extension module

dev-python / pymysql : Pure-Python MySQL Driver

dev-python / pynzb : Unified API for parsing NZB files

dev-python / pyode : Python bindings to the ODE physics engine

dev-python / pyopenssl : Python interface to the OpenSSL library

dev-python / pyparsing : Easy-to-use Python module for text parsing

dev-python / pypax : Python module to get or set either PT_PAX and/or XATTR_PAX flags

dev-python / pypcap : Simplified object-oriented Python extension module for libpcap

dev-python / pyperclip : A cross-platform clipboard module for Python.

dev-python / pypiserver : Minimal PyPI server

dev-python / pypy3 : A fast, compliant alternative implementation of the Python (3.6) language

dev-python / pypy3-bin : Pre-built version of PyPy3

dev-python / pyquery : A jQuery-like library for python

dev-python / pyrex : A language for writing Python extension modules

dev-python / pyro : Distributed object middleware for Python (RPC)

dev-python / pyroute2 : A pure Python netlink and Linux network configuration library.

dev-python / pyrsistent : Persistent/Functional/Immutable data structures

dev-python / pyscaffold : Tool for easily putting up the scaffold of a Python project

dev-python / pysendfile : A python interface to the sendfile(2) system call

dev-python / pyserial : Python Serial Port extension

dev-python / pysha3 : SHA-3 (Keccak) for Python 2.7 - 3.5

dev-python / pysolr : Lightweight python wrapper for Apache Solr

dev-python / pysrt : Python library used to edit or create SubRip files

dev-python / pystache : Mustache for Python

dev-python / pytest : Simple powerful testing with Python

dev-python / pytest-cache : mechanisms for caching across test runs

dev-python / pytest-catchlog : py.test plugin to catch log messages, fork of pytest-capturelog

dev-python / pytest-cov : py.test plugin for coverage reporting

dev-python / pytest-django : A Django plugin for py.test

dev-python / pytest-expect : py.test plugin that stores test expectations by saving the set of failing tests

dev-python / pytest-fixture-config : Virtualenv fixture for py.test

dev-python / pytest-flakes : Collection of small Python functions & classes

dev-python / pytest-forked : run tests in isolated forked subprocesses

dev-python / pytest-html : Plugin for generating HTML reports for py.test results

dev-python / pytest-httpbin : Easily test your HTTP library against a local copy of httpbin

dev-python / pytest-localserver : Py.test plugin to test server connections locally

dev-python / pytest-metadata : A plugin for pytest that provides access to test session metadata

dev-python / pytest-mock : Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test

dev-python / pytest-pep8 : pytest plugin to check PEP8 requirements

dev-python / pytest-pythonpath : pytest plugin for adding to the PYTHONPATH from command line or configs

dev-python / pytest-rerunfailures : pytest plugin to re-run tests to eliminate flaky failures

dev-python / pytest-runner : Adds support for tests during installation of files

dev-python / pytest-shutil : A goodie-bag of unix shell and environment tools for py.test

dev-python / pytest-timeout : py.test plugin to abort hanging tests

dev-python / pytest-virtualenv : Virtualenv fixture for py.test

dev-python / pytest-xdist : Distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes

dev-python / pytest-xprocess : Manage external processes across test runs

dev-python / python-cluster : Allows grouping a list of arbitrary objects into related groups (clusters)

dev-python / python-ctags : Exuberant Ctags indexing python bindings

dev-python / python-dateutil : Extensions to the standard Python datetime module

dev-python / python-debian : Python modules to work with Debian-related data formats

dev-python / python-digest : A Python library to aid in implementing HTTP Digest Authentication

dev-python / python-distutils-extra : Gettext support, themed icons and scrollkeeper-based documentation in distutils

dev-python / python-engineio : Python implementation of the Engine.IO realtime server.

dev-python / python-fastimport : Library for parsing the fastimport VCS serialization format

dev-python / python-gflags : Google's Python argument parsing library

dev-python / python-gnupg : A Python wrapper for GnuPG

dev-python / python-iwscan : A Python extension for iwscan access

dev-python / python-ldap : Various LDAP-related Python modules

dev-python / python-levenshtein : Functions for fast computation of Levenshtein distance, and edit operations

dev-python / python-magic : Access the libmagic file type identification library

dev-python / python-markdown-math : Math extension for Python-Markdown

dev-python / python-memcached : Pure python memcached client

dev-python / python-mpd : Python MPD client library

dev-python / python-musicbrainz : Python Bindings for the MusicBrainz XML Web Service

dev-python / python-ntpdshm : Python interface to ntpd shared memory driver 28

dev-python / python-redmine : Python interface to the Redmine REST API

dev-python / python-socketio : Python implementation of the Socket.IO realtime server.

dev-python / python-sqlparse : A non-validating SQL parser module for Python

dev-python / python-termstyle : console colouring for python

dev-python / python-tvrage : Python client for the XML API

dev-python / python-utils : Collection of small Python functions & classes

dev-python / python-xlib : A fully functional X client library for Python, written in Python

dev-python / pythondialog : A Python module for making simple text/console-mode user interfaces

dev-python / pythonz-bd : Manage python installations in your system, berdario's shallow fork

dev-python / pytidylib : Python wrapper for HTML Tidy (tidylib)

dev-python / pytz : World timezone definitions for Python

dev-python / pyx : Python package for the generation of encapsulated PostScript figures

dev-python / pyxattr : Python interface to xattr

dev-python / pyxdg : A Python module to deal with specifications

dev-python / pyyaml : YAML parser and emitter for Python

dev-python / readme_renderer : a library for rendering "readme" descriptions for Warehouse

dev-python / redis-py : Python client for Redis key-value store

dev-python / redlock-py : Redis distributed locks in Python

dev-python / rednose : coloured output for nosetests

dev-python / regendoc : Check/update simple file/shell examples in documentation

dev-python / regex : Alternative regular expression module to replace re

dev-python / repoze-lru : A tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator

dev-python / requests : HTTP library for human beings

dev-python / requests-cache : Persistent cache for requests library

dev-python / requests-mock : Mock out responses from the requests package

dev-python / requests-toolbelt : A utility belt for advanced users of python-requests

dev-python / requests_download : A convenient function to download to a file using requests

dev-python / responses : Utility for mocking out the Python Requests library

dev-python / restkit : A HTTP ressource kit for Python

dev-python / retrying : General-purpose retrying library

dev-python / rfc3339-validator : A pure python RFC3339 validator

dev-python / rfc3986 : Validating URI References per RFC 3986

dev-python / rfc3986-validator : Pure python RFC3986 validator

dev-python / rfc3987 : Parsing and validation of URIs (RFC 3986) and IRIs (RFC 3987)

dev-python / roman : An Integer to Roman numerals converter

dev-python / rosdistro : Tools to work with catkinized rosdistro files

dev-python / rospkg : Standalone Python library for the ROS package system

dev-python / rply : Pure python parser generator that also works with RPython

dev-python / rsa : Pure-Python RSA implementation

dev-python / rst-linker : Sphinx plugin to add links and timestamps to the changelog

dev-python / scandir : A better directory iterator and faster os.walk()

dev-python / schema : Library for validating Python data structures

dev-python / scripttest : A very small text templating language

dev-python / scrypt : Bindings for the scrypt key derivation function library

dev-python / selectors34 : Backport of the selectors module from Python 3.4

dev-python / semantic_version : Python library providing a few tools handling SemVer in Python

dev-python / send2trash : Sends files to the Trash (or Recycle Bin)

dev-python / serpent : A simple serialization library based on ast.literal_eval

dev-python / service_identity : Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL

dev-python / setproctitle : Allow customization of the process title

dev-python / setuptools : Collection of extensions to Distutils

dev-python / setuptools-git : Setuptools revision control system plugin for Git

dev-python / setuptools_hg : Setuptools/distribute plugin for finding files under Mercurial version control

dev-python / setuptools_scm : package to manage versions by scm tags via setuptools

dev-python / sh : Python subprocess interface

dev-python / simplegeneric : Simple generic functions for Python

dev-python / simplejson : Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python

dev-python / simplekv : A key-value storage for binary data, support many backends.

dev-python / simples3 : A fairly simple, decently quick python interface to Amazon's S3 storage service

dev-python / singledispatch : A library to bring functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4 to Python 2.6-3.3

dev-python / six : Python 2 and 3 compatibility library

dev-python / sleekxmpp : Python library for XMPP

dev-python / slimit : A JavaScript minifier written in Python

dev-python / slowaes : AES implementation in pure Python

dev-python / snowballstemmer : Stemmer algorithms generated from Snowball algorithms

dev-python / socketpool : A simple Python socket pool

dev-python / soupsieve : A modern CSS selector implementation for BeautifulSoup

dev-python / spark-parser : An Early-Algorithm Context-free grammar Parser

dev-python / speaklater : Lazy strings for Python

dev-python / sphinx : Python documentation generator

dev-python / sphinx-better-theme : A nice-looking, customizable theme for Sphinx

dev-python / sphinx-bootstrap-theme : Sphinx theme integrates the Bootstrap CSS / JavaScript framework

dev-python / sphinx-issues : A Sphinx extension for linking to your project's issue tracker

dev-python / sphinx-py3doc-enhanced-theme : Enhanced Sphinx theme (based on Python 3 docs)

dev-python / sphinx_rtd_theme : theme for Sphinx

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-httpdomain : Extension providing a Sphinx domain for describing RESTful HTTP APIs

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-issuetracker : Extension to sphinx to create links to issue trackers

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-programoutput : Extension to sphinx to include program output

dev-python / sphinxcontrib-websupport : Sphinx websupport extension

dev-python / sphinxtogithub : A python script for preparing the html output of Sphinx documentation for github pages

dev-python / sqlalchemy : Python SQL toolkit and Object Relational Mapper

dev-python / sqlitecachec : sqlite cacher for python applications

dev-python / ssl-fetch : A small convenience library for fetching files securely

dev-python / statsd : A simple statsd client

dev-python / stomper : Transport neutral client implementation of the STOMP protocol

dev-python / strict-rfc3339 : Strict, simple, lightweight RFC3339 functions

dev-python / stripe : Stripe python bindings

dev-python / stsci-distutils : Utilities used to package some of STScI's Python projects

dev-python / subunit : A streaming protocol for test results

dev-python / sure : idiomatic assertion toolkit with human-friendly failure messages

dev-python / symboltype : Gives access to the peak.util.symbols module

dev-python / tabulate : Pretty-print tabular data

dev-python / tempita : A very small text templating language

dev-python / tempora : Objects and routines pertaining to date and time

dev-python / termcolor : ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal

dev-python / testfixtures : A collection of helpers and mock objects for unit tests and doc tests

dev-python / testpath : Test utilities for code working with files and commands

dev-python / testrepository : A repository of test results

dev-python / testresources : A pyunit extension for managing expensive test resources

dev-python / testscenarios : A pyunit extension for dependency injection

dev-python / testtools : Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework

dev-python / textfsm : Python module for parsing semi-structured text into python tables.

dev-python / toml : Python library for handling TOML files

dev-python / tox : virtualenv-based automation of test activities

dev-python / tqdm : Add a progress meter to your loops in a second

dev-python / traceback2 : Backports of the traceback module

dev-python / translationstring : Utility library for i18n relied on by various Repoze packages

dev-python / transmissionrpc : Python module that implements the Transmission bittorrent client RPC protocol

dev-python / trollius : Port of the asyncio project to Python 2.7 (deprecated)

dev-python / trustme : #1 quality TLS certs while you wait, for the discerning tester

dev-python / ttfquery : Font metadata and glyph outline extraction utility library

dev-python / turbojson : TurboGears JSON file format support plugin

dev-python / tweepy : A Python library for accessing the Twitter API

dev-python / twine : Collection of utilities for publishing packages on PyPI

dev-python / twitter : An API and command-line toolset for Twitter (

dev-python / typing : Type Hints for Python

dev-python / u-msgpack : A portable, lightweight MessagePack serializer and deserializer

dev-python / ujson : Ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder for Python

dev-python / uncompyle6 : Python cross-version byte-code deparser

dev-python / unicodecsv : Drop-in replacement for python stdlib csv module supporting unicode

dev-python / unidecode : Module providing ASCII transliterations of Unicode text

dev-python / unittest-mixins : A set of mixin classes and other helpers for unittest test case classes

dev-python / unittest2 : The new features in unittest backported to Python 2.4+

dev-python / uritemplate : Python implementation of RFC6570, URI Template

dev-python / urllib3 : HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more

dev-python / vcrpy : Automatically mock your HTTP interactions to simplify and speed up testing

dev-python / vcversioner : Use version control tags to discover version numbers

dev-python / versioneer : Easy VCS-based management of project version strings

dev-python / versiontools : Smart replacement for plain tuple used in __version__

dev-python / vine : Python Promises

dev-python / virtualenv : Virtual Python Environment builder

dev-python / visitor : A tiny pythonic visitor implementation

dev-python / vobject : Python package for parsing and generating vCard and vCalendar files

dev-python / waitress : A pure-Python WSGI server

dev-python / watchdog : Python API and shell utilities to monitor file system events

dev-python / wcwidth : Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes

dev-python / weakrefmethod : Backport of WeakMethod from Python 3.4 to Python 2.6+

dev-python / webcolors : Color names and value formats defined by the HTML and CSS specifications

dev-python / webencodings : Character encoding aliases for legacy web content

dev-python / webob : WSGI request and response object

dev-python / websocket-client : WebSocket client for python with hybi13 support

dev-python / webtest : Helper to test WSGI applications

dev-python / werkzeug : Collection of various utilities for WSGI applications

dev-python / wheel : A built-package format for Python

dev-python / whisper : Fixed size round-robin style database

dev-python / whoosh : Fast, pure-Python full text indexing, search and spell checking library

dev-python / workerpool : Module for distributing jobs to a pool of worker threads

dev-python / wrapt : Module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching

dev-python / wsgiintercept : WSGI application in place of a real URI for testing

dev-python / wsgiproxy2 : HTTP proxying tools for WSGI apps

dev-python / wstools : WSDL parsing services package for Web Services for Python

dev-python / wtforms : Flexible forms validation and rendering library for python web development

dev-python / xcffib : A drop in replacement for xpyb, an XCB python binding

dev-python / xdis : Python cross-version byte-code disassembler and marshal routines

dev-python / xlrd : Library to extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

dev-python / xlsxwriter : Python module for creating Excel XLSX files

dev-python / xlwt : Python library to create spreadsheet files compatible with Excel

dev-python / xmltodict : Makes working with XML feel like you are working with JSON

dev-python / xvfbwrapper : Python wrapper for running a display inside X virtual framebuffer

dev-python / yolk : Tool and library for querying PyPI and locally installed Python packages

dev-python / yolk-portage : Gentoo Portage plugin for yolk

dev-python / zc-buildout : System for managing development buildouts

dev-python / zeep : A modern/fast Python SOAP client based on lxml / requests

dev-python / zeroconf : Pure Python Multicast DNS Service Discovery Library (Bonjour/Avahi compatible)

dev-python / zipp : Backport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files

dev-python / zope-deprecation : Zope Deprecation Infrastructure

dev-python / zope-event : Event publishing / dispatch, used by Zope Component Architecture

dev-python / zope-exceptions : General purpose exceptions for Zope packages

dev-python / zope-i18nmessageid : Zope i18nmessageid Architecture

dev-python / zope-interface : Interfaces for Python

dev-python / zope-schema : Zope schema Architecture

dev-python / zope-testing : Zope testing helpers

dev-python / zope-testrunner : Zope testrunner script

dev-tcltk / snack : The Snack Sound Toolkit (Tcl)

dev-util / bumpversion : Version-bump your software with a single command

dev-util / catkin : Cmake macros and associated python code used to build some parts of ROS

dev-util / cdiff : Colored, side-by-side diff terminal viewer

dev-util / rosdep : Command-line tool for installing ROS system dependencies

dev-util / rosinstall_generator : Generates rosinstall metadata about repositories with ROS packages/stacks

dev-vcs / git-bz : Bugzilla subcommand for git

gnome-base / libglade : Library to construct graphical interfaces at runtime

gnome-extra / evolution-data-server : Evolution groupware backend

net-analyzer / carl : An rsync logfile analyzer

net-analyzer / fail2ban : scans log files and bans IPs that show malicious signs

net-news / rawdog : Rawdog, RSS Aggregator Without Delusions Of Grandeur

net-p2p / airdcpp-webclient : Cross-platform Direct Connect client

net-p2p / torrentinfo : A torrent file parser

sci-biology / biopython : Python modules for computational molecular biology

sci-chemistry / pdb-tools : Tools for manipulating and calculations on wwPDB macromolecule structure files

sci-libs / bmrblib : API abstracting the BioMagResBank (BMRB) NMR-STAR format

sci-libs / minfx : Numerical optimisation library

sci-libs / scikits : Common files for python scikits

sys-apps / file : identify a file's format by scanning binary data for patterns

sys-apps / portage : Portage is the package management and distribution system for Gentoo

sys-fs / pysize : A graphical and console tool for exploring the size of directories

virtual / python-backports_abc : A virtual for the Python 3.3+ module

virtual / python-cffi : A virtual for the Python cffi package

virtual / python-enum34 : A virtual for Python enum34 module

virtual / python-funcsigs : A Virtual for Python function signatures from PEP362 (py3.6 variant)

virtual / python-futures : A virtual for the Python concurrent.futures module

virtual / python-greenlet : A virtual for Python greenlet module

virtual / python-ipaddress : A virtual for Python ipaddress module

virtual / python-pathlib : A virtual for Python pathlib module

virtual / python-singledispatch : A virtual for the Python functools.singledispatch function

virtual / python-typing : A virtual for the Python typing module

virtual / python-unittest-mock : A virtual for unittest.mock with mock fallback

www-servers / gunicorn : A WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX

www-servers / uwsgi : uWSGI server for Python web applications

www-servers / varnish : Varnish is a state-of-the-art, high-performance HTTP accelerator

Repository mirror & CI · gentoo
Merge updates from master
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Drop 7.1.1
Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
Repository mirror & CI · gentoo
Merge updates from master
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 7.2.0
Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
Repository mirror & CI · gentoo
Merge updates from master
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Drop old (<7.1.1)
Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
Repository mirror & CI · gentoo
Merge updates from master
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 7.1.1
Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
Repository mirror & CI · gentoo
Merge updates from master
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 7.1.0
Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
Repository mirror & CI · gentoo
Merge updates from master
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 7.0.0
Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
Repository mirror & CI · gentoo
Merge updates from master
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Remove 5.10.0
Signed-off-by: Michał Górny <>
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Drop <5.10.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 6.0.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Clean old up
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.10.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Drop old
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.9.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.8.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.7.1
Ulrich Müller · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Remove unnecessary inherit.
Acked-by: floppym Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.2
Ulrich Müller · gentoo
virtual: Remove empty assignments of optional variables.
Remove empty HOMEPAGE, SRC_URI, KEYWORDS, LICENSE, IUSE, and DEPEND. As announced in gentoo-dev mailing list. Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.5, Repoman-2.3.2
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
Drop $Id$ per council decision in bug #611234.
Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <>
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Clean up old versions
T. Malfatti · gentoo
media-libs/portaudio: Version bump
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.6.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.4.1
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Adjust subslot to match ABI ver on 5.4.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.4.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
dev-virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.3.1
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Add 5.3.0
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.1.1
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 5.0.0, #577132
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Drop old
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Bump to 4.0.1
Michał Górny · gentoo
virtual/pypy: Remove old
Michał Górny · gentoo
*/pypy: Bump to 4.0.0 (p.masked for testing & binpkg build)
Michał Górny · gentoo
dev-python/pypy{,-bin}, virtual/pypy: Remove the 2.3.1 version
Package-Manager: portage-2.2.20
Robin H. Johnson · gentoo
proj/gentoo: Initial commit
This commit represents a new era for Gentoo: Storing the gentoo-x86 tree in Git, as converted from CVS. This commit is the start of the NEW history. Any historical data is intended to be grafted onto this point. Creation process: 1. Take final CVS checkout snapshot 2. Remove ALL ChangeLog* files 3. Transform all Manifests to thin 4. Remove empty Manifests 5. Convert all stale $Header$/$Id$ CVS keywords to non-expanded Git $Id$ 5.1. Do not touch files with -kb/-ko keyword flags. Signed-off-by: Robin H. Johnson <> X-Thanks: Alec Warner <> - did the GSoC 2006 migration tests X-Thanks: Robin H. Johnson <> - infra guy, herding this project X-Thanks: Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> - Former Gentoo developer, wrote Git features for the migration X-Thanks: Brian Harring <> - wrote much python to improve cvs2svn X-Thanks: Rich Freeman <> - validation scripts X-Thanks: Patrick Lauer <> - Gentoo dev, running new 2014 work in migration X-Thanks: Michał Górny <> - scripts, QA, nagging X-Thanks: All of other Gentoo developers - many ideas and lots of paint on the bikeshed