www-misc packages

15 packages - The www-misc category contains various miscellaneous world wide web software.

www-misc / awstats : AWStats is short for Advanced Web Statistics

www-misc / bookmarksync : bookmarksync synchronizes various browser bookmark files

www-misc / buku : Powerful command-line bookmark manager

www-misc / fcgiwrap : Simple FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts (CGI support for nginx)

www-misc / htdig : HTTP/HTML indexing and searching system

www-misc / litmus : WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite

www-misc / log-toolkit : set of tools to manipulate and maintain webserver logfiles

www-misc / logswan : Fast Web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures

www-misc / mergelog : A utility to merge apache logs in chronological order

www-misc / monitorix : A lightweight system monitoring tool

www-misc / multisort : Merges httpd logfiles in the Common Log Format

www-misc / profile-sync-daemon : Symlinks and syncs browser profile dirs to RAM

www-misc / urlwatch : A tool for monitoring webpages for updates

www-misc / vdradmin-am : WWW Admin for the Video Disk Recorder

www-misc / visitors : Fast web log analyzer