x11-plugins / wmcpuwatch

dockapp showing the load of every logical CPU on the system

Official package sites : https://bitbucket.org/StarFire/wmcpuwatch ·

wmcpuwatch aims to show the load of every logical CPU on the system. It is a fork of wmmon. wmmon shows the load of up to 10 CPUs. With a little tweaking it is possible to show 12 with wmmon, but when in 2017 Intel announced a 18 core CPU (and AMD was with their Ryzen even earlier), there was time for a new dockapp. wmcpuwatch now shows the load of all CPUs in the lower frame which allows 40 CPUs at max.

v0.2-r1 :: 0 :: gentoo

~amd64 ~x86
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x11-libs / libdockapp : Window Maker Dock Applet Library

Bernard Cafarelli · gentoo
x11-plugins/wmcpuwatch: add documentation handling
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