Packages with the aspell use flag

app-editors / tea : Small, lightweight Qt text editor

  • Enable spellchecking using app-text/aspell

app-office / lyx : WYSIWYM frontend for LaTeX, DocBook, etc.

  • Add support for aspell spellchecking

app-text / enchant : Spellchecker wrapping library

  • Adds support for app-text/aspell spell checker

dev-libs / link-grammar : A Syntactic English parser

  • Adds support for app-text/aspell spell checker

kde-frameworks / sonnet : Framework for providing spell-checking through abstraction of popular backends

  • Enable the app-text/aspell spell-checking backend

net-im / mcabber : A small Jabber console client with various features, like MUC, SSL, PGP

  • Adds support for app-text/aspell spell checker.

net-im / psi : Qt XMPP client

  • Enable spellchecking using app-text/aspell

net-im / vacuum : Qt Crossplatform Jabber client

  • Select app-text/aspell spell checker backend

net-irc / rbot : A ruby IRC bot

  • Use aspell instead of ispell in the "spell" plugin for rbot. The vanilla plugin uses ispell, but enabling this flag makes it use the ispell interface from aspell instead.