Packages with the berkdb use flag

Global definition: Add support for sys-libs/db (Berkeley DB for MySQL).

app-arch / rpm : Red Hat Package Management Utils

app-crypt / heimdal : Kerberos 5 implementation from KTH

app-crypt / onak : onak is an OpenPGP keyserver

app-editors / xemacs : highly customizable open source text editor and application development system

app-misc / gramps : Community genealogy program aiming to be both intuitive and feature-complete

  • Support BerkeleyDB-based family trees produced by older versions of Gramps

dev-lang / gnucobol : A free/libre COBOL compiler

dev-lang / perl : Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language

dev-lang / php : The PHP language runtime engine

dev-lang / python : An interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language

dev-lang / ruby : An object-oriented scripting language

dev-lang / swi-prolog : Versatile implementation of the Prolog programming language

dev-libs / apr-util : Apache Portable Runtime Utility Library

dev-libs / cyrus-sasl : The Cyrus SASL (Simple Authentication and Security Layer)

dev-libs / redland : High-level interface for the Resource Description Framework

dev-lisp / clisp : A portable, bytecode-compiled implementation of Common Lisp

dev-vcs / subversion : Advanced version control system

gnome-extra / evolution-data-server : Evolution groupware backend

  • sys-libs/db support needed to migrate old (pre-3.13 evolution versions) addressbook data

gnome-extra / libgda : GNOME database access library

mail-client / mutt : A small but very powerful text-based mail client

  • Enable sys-libs/db database backend for header caching

mail-client / neomutt : A small but very powerful text-based mail client

  • Enable BDB (Berkley DB) backend for header caching

mail-filter / bmf : A fast and small Bayesian spam filter

mail-filter / bogofilter : Bayesian spam filter designed with fast algorithms, and tuned for speed

mail-filter / maildrop : Mail delivery agent/filter

mail-filter / opendkim : A milter providing DKIM signing and verification

mail-filter / spamassassin : An extensible mail filter which can identify and tag spam

mail-filter / spamprobe : Fast, intelligent, automatic spam detector using Bayesian analysis

mail-mta / exim : A highly configurable, drop-in replacement for sendmail

mail-mta / opensmtpd : Lightweight but featured SMTP daemon from OpenBSD

mail-mta / postfix : A fast and secure drop-in replacement for sendmail

net-analyzer / jnettop : A top like console network traffic visualiser

net-dns / bind : Berkeley Internet Name Domain - Name Server

net-libs / courier-authlib : Courier authentication library

net-libs / libetpan : A portable, efficient middleware for different kinds of mail access

net-mail / courier-imap : An IMAP daemon designed specifically for maildirs

net-mail / courier-makedat : Mail delivery agent/filter

net-mail / isync : MailDir mailbox synchronizer

net-mail / mailutils : A useful collection of mail servers, clients, and filters

net-nds / nsscache : commandline tool to sync directory services to local cache

net-nds / openldap : LDAP suite of application and development tools

net-p2p / bitcoin-qt : An end-user Qt GUI for the Bitcoin crypto-currency

net-p2p / bitcoind : Original Bitcoin crypto-currency wallet for automated services

sci-physics / reduze : Program for reducing Feynman integrals

sys-apps / iproute2 : kernel routing and traffic control utilities

  • build programs that use berkdb (just arpd)

sys-boot / netboot : Allows to remote boot a computer over an IP network

sys-fs / lessfs : A high performance inline data deduplicating filesystem

sys-libs / gdbm : Standard GNU database libraries

  • enable compatibility layer for UNIX-like dbm and ndbm interfaces

sys-libs / pam : Linux-PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules)

  • Build the pam_userdb module, that allows to authenticate users against a Berkeley DB file. Please note that enabling this USE flag will create a PAM module that links to the Berkeley DB (as provided by sys-libs/db) installed in /usr/lib and will thus not work for boot-critical services authentication.