Packages with the btrfs use flag

app-emulation / containerd : A daemon to control runC

  • Support for BTRFS snapshot driver

app-emulation / containers-storage : containers/storage library

app-emulation / cri-o : OCI-based implementation of Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface

app-emulation / docker : The core functions you need to create Docker images and run Docker containers

  • Enables dependencies for the "btrfs" graph driver, including necessary kernel flags.

app-emulation / libpod : Library and podman tool for running OCI-based containers in Pods

dev-util / schroot : Utility to execute commands in a chroot environment

  • Enable support for chroots using btrfs snapshots.

sys-block / gparted : Gnome Partition Editor

  • Include Btrfs support (sys-fs/btrfs-progs)

sys-boot / refind : The UEFI Boot Manager by Rod Smith

  • Builds the EFI binary btrfs filesystem driver