Packages with the cloud-dev use flag

dev-libs / aws-sdk-cpp : AWS SDK for C++

  • Enables in-cloud developer tools: Cloud9 : Cloud-based integrated development environment IDE to write, run, and debug code. CodeArtifact: Secure and scalable artifact management service for software development. CodeBuild : Managed build service that compiles, runs unit tests and produces artifacts. CodeCommit : Privately store and manage Git repositories in the AWS cloud. CodeDeploy : Automate the deployment and updating of applications. CodeGuru : Provides intelligent recommendations for improving application performance, efficiency, and code quality in your Java applications. CodePipeline: Continuous delivery service to model, visualize, and automate the steps required to release software. CodeStar : Quickly develop, build, and deploy applications on AWS. Also enables codestar-connections and codestar-notifications. Honey Code : Fully managed service to quickly build mobile and web apps for teams. Queues : Simple queue class. Allows standard queue operations top, delete, and push. Also has higher level, asynchronous interface with callbacks. X-Ray : Provides request tracing, exception collection, and profiling capabilities.