Packages with the consolekit use flag

app-admin / packagekit-base : Manage packages in a secure way using a cross-distro and cross-architecture API

  • Use sys-auth/consolekit to get user session

app-emulation / spice-vdagent : SPICE VD Linux Guest Agent

  • Use sys-auth/consolekit to determine the master vdagentd in case of multiple running vdagentds (highly recommended)

gnome-base / gnome-session : Gnome session manager

  • Support sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking

kde-plasma / kscreenlocker : Library and components for secure lock screen architecture

  • Support for killing the screenlocker when sys-auth/consolekit is the session tracker

kde-plasma / plasma-meta : Merge this to pull in all Plasma 5 packages

  • Enable sys-auth/consolekit support instead of logind session tracking

lxde-base / lxdm : LXDE Display Manager

  • Enables support for authorization using consolekit

mate-extra / mate-screensaver : Replaces xscreensaver, integrating with the MATE desktop

  • Enable support for sys-auth/consolekit

net-misc / networkmanager : A set of co-operative tools that make networking simple and straightforward

  • Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking

sys-apps / accountsservice : D-Bus interfaces for querying and manipulating user account information

  • Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking

sys-apps / fwupd : Aims to make updating firmware on Linux automatic, safe and reliable

  • Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking

sys-apps / qingy : A DirectFB getty replacement

  • Enable native consolekit support

sys-auth / pambase : PAM base configuration files

  • Enable pam_ck_connector module on local system logins. This allows for console logins to make use of ConsoleKit authorization.

sys-auth / polkit : Policy framework for controlling privileges for system-wide services

  • Use sys-auth/consolekit for session tracking

sys-auth / ykpers : Library and tool for personalization of Yubico's YubiKey

  • Use sys-auth/consolekit and virtual/udev to allow access to the YubiKey HID device to the console user.

x11-apps / xdm : X.Org xdm application

  • Enable native sys-auth/consolekit support

x11-misc / cdm : The Console Display Manager

  • Enable native consolekit support

x11-misc / light-locker : A simple locker using lightdm

  • Keep track of the various users, sessions, and seats present on the system.

x11-misc / sddm : Simple Desktop Display Manager

  • Use ck-launch-session from sys-auth/consolekit by default in Xsession (no native support)

x11-misc / slim : Simple Login Manager

  • Enable native consolekit support

xfce-extra / xfce4-screensaver : Screen saver and locker (port of MATE screensaver)

  • Enable ConsoleKit support