Packages with the crypt use flag

Global definition: Add support for encryption -- using mcrypt or gpg where applicable.

app-arch / gtk-splitter : Split files into smaller pieces and combine them back together

app-arch / zip : Info ZIP (encryption support)

app-backup / hdup : Hdup is backup program using tar, find, gzip/bzip2, mcrypt and ssh

app-crypt / libsecret : GObject library for accessing the Secret Service API

app-editors / gvim : GUI version of the Vim text editor

  • Use dev-libs/libsodium for crypto support

app-editors / okteta : Hex editor by KDE

app-editors / vim : Vim, an improved vi-style text editor

  • Use dev-libs/libsodium for crypto support

app-forensics / air : A GUI front-end to dd/dc3dd

app-forensics / volatility3 : Framework for analyzing volatile memory

  • support plugins that decrypt passwords, password hashes, etc.

app-misc / note : A note taking perl program

app-office / calligra : KDE Office Suite

app-shells / pdsh : A high-performance, parallel remote shell utility

dev-libs / gmime : Library for creating and parsing MIME messages

dev-libs / libgdata : GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using the GData protocol

  • Use app-crypt/gcr for keeping tokens and passwords in non-pageable memory for improved security

dev-libs / libxslt : XSLT libraries and tools

dev-libs / rasqal : Library that handles Resource Description Framework (RDF)

dev-libs / totem-pl-parser : Playlist parsing library

  • Support AmazonAMZ decoding with dev-libs/libgcrypt

dev-python / pdfrw : PDF file reader/writer library

dev-util / buildbot : BuildBot build automation system

dev-util / perf : Userland tools for Linux Performance Counters

dev-vcs / cvs : Concurrent Versions System - source code revision control tools

gnustep-apps / gnumail : A fully featured mail application for GNUstep

gui-libs / vte : Library providing a virtual terminal emulator widget

kde-apps / okular : Universal document viewer based on KDE Frameworks

  • Enable support for password-encrypted documents via kde-frameworks/kwallet

kde-misc / basket : Multiple information organizer - a DropDrawers clone

kde-plasma / plasma-meta : Merge this to pull in all Plasma 5 packages

  • Pull in kde-plasma/plasma-vault for encrypted vaults integration

mail-client / sylpheed : A lightweight email client and newsreader

mail-mta / courier : An MTA designed specifically for maildirs

media-libs / libmtp : Implementation of Microsoft's Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)

net-analyzer / netcat : The network swiss army knife

net-analyzer / nsca : Nagios Service Check Acceptor

  • Build support for crypted communication with nsca, through dev-libs/libmcrypt. It's recommended not to disable this flag unless all the communication will be handled in an absolutely safe environment.

net-im / gajim : Jabber client written in PyGTK

  • End to end encryption and GPG encryption

net-im / mcabber : A small Jabber console client with various features, like MUC, SSL, PGP

net-im / psi : Qt XMPP client

net-irc / konversation : User friendly IRC Client

net-irc / limnoria : Python based extensible IRC infobot and channel bot

  • Enables user authentication with GPG

net-irc / quassel : Qt/KDE IRC client supporting a remote daemon for 24/7 connectivity

  • Support core->network per-channel and per-query blowfish encryption via app-crypt/qca SLOT 2.

net-mail / lbdb : Little Brother database

net-mail / notmuch : Thread-based e-mail indexer, supporting quick search and tagging

  • Support decryption and verification of PGP/MIME messages and in Emacs UI - encryption; support also S/MIME signature verification since version 0.22

net-misc / remmina : A GTK+ RDP, SPICE, VNC and SSH client

net-nds / openldap : LDAP suite of application and development tools

net-proxy / haproxy : A TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments

sci-geosciences / owntracks-recorder : Stores and accesses location data published by the OwnTracks apps

  • Enable support for payload encryption with dev-libs/libsodium

sys-apps / pmount : Policy based mounter that gives the ability to mount removable devices as a user

sys-apps / qingy : A DirectFB getty replacement

sys-auth / pam_mount : A PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session

sys-cluster / torque : Resource manager and queuing system based on OpenPBS

sys-fs / lessfs : A high performance inline data deduplicating filesystem

sys-libs / glibc : GNU libc C library

  • build and install libcrypt and crypt.h

sys-libs / musl : Light, fast and simple C library focused on standards-conformance and safety

sys-libs / openipmi : Library interface to IPMI

sys-power / suspend : Userspace Software Suspend and S2Ram

  • Allows suspend and resume from encrypted disk

x11-libs / vte : Library providing a virtual terminal emulator widget

x11-misc / x11vnc : VNC server for real X displays

x11-misc / xlockmore : Just another screensaver application for X

x11-plugins / wmbiff : WMBiff is a dock applet for WindowMaker which can monitor up to 5 mailboxes