Packages with the editor use flag

dev-libs / weston : Wayland reference compositor

  • Install wayland-editor example application

games-arcade / bomns : A fast-paced multiplayer deathmatch arcade game

  • enables building the level editor

games-sports / xmoto : A challenging 2D motocross platform game

  • Depend on inkscape, scripts to convert svg to level (svg2lvl)

games-strategy / 0ad : A free, real-time strategy game

  • Include Atlas scenario editor projects

games-strategy / ja2-stracciatella : A port of Jagged Alliance 2 to SDL

  • Adds necessary file to run the editor

games-strategy / megaglest : Cross-platform 3D realtime strategy game

  • Build map editor

kde-apps / kalzium : Periodic table of the elements

  • Enable the embedded molecule editor/viewer

net-proxy / privoxy : A web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy

  • Enable the web-based actions file editor