Packages with the emacs use flag

Global definition: Add support for GNU Emacs.

app-admin / eselect : Gentoo's multi-purpose configuration and management tool

app-admin / pass : Stores, retrieves, generates, and synchronizes passwords securely

app-admin / puppet : A system automation and configuration management software.

app-crypt / ccrypt : Encryption and decryption

app-crypt / pinentry : Simple passphrase entry dialogs which utilize the Assuan protocol

app-editors / leafpad : Simple GTK2 text editor

  • Enable Emacs key theme

app-i18n / anthy : Anthy -- free and secure Japanese input system

app-i18n / mozc : Mozc - Japanese input method editor

app-i18n / skktools : SKK utilities to manage dictionaries

app-i18n / uim : A multilingual input method framework

app-misc / cdargs : Bookmarks and browser for the shell builtin cd command

app-misc / gtypist : Universal typing tutor

app-office / magicpoint : X11 based presentation tool

app-text / a2ps : Any to PostScript filter

app-text / namazu : Namazu is a full-text search engine

app-text / xdvik : DVI previewer for X Window System

dev-cpp / ctemplate : A simple but powerful template language for C++

dev-lang / c-intercal : C-INTERCAL - INTERCAL to binary (via C) compiler

dev-lang / erlang : Erlang programming language, runtime environment and libraries (OTP)

dev-lang / gforth : GNU Forth is a fast and portable implementation of the ANSI Forth language

dev-lang / inform : design system for interactive fiction

dev-lang / lfe : Lisp-flavoured Erlang

dev-lang / lisaac : An object prototype based language

dev-lang / mercury : Mercury is a modern general-purpose logic/functional programming language

dev-lang / mozart : Advanced development platform for intelligent, distributed applications

dev-lang / ocaml : Programming language supporting functional, imperative & object-oriented styles

dev-lang / scala : The Scala Programming Language

dev-lang / teyjus : Higher-order logic programming language Lambda Prolog

dev-libs / librep : Shared library implementing a Lisp dialect

dev-libs / protobuf : Google's Protocol Buffers - Extensible mechanism for serializing structured data

dev-lisp / ecls : ECL is an embeddable Common Lisp implementation

dev-lisp / gcl : GNU Common Lisp

dev-ml / merlin : Context sensitive completion for OCaml in Vim and Emacs

dev-perl / Perl-Critic : Critique Perl source code for best-practices

dev-python / cython : A Python to C compiler

dev-ruby / rdtool : A multipurpose documentation format for Ruby

dev-scheme / gambit : Gambit-C is a native Scheme to C compiler and interpreter

dev-scheme / guile : GNU Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extensions

dev-scheme / scheme48 : Scheme48 is an implementation of the Scheme Programming Language

dev-util / cflow : C function call hierarchy analyzer

dev-util / cmake : Cross platform Make

dev-util / cscope : Interactively examine a C program

dev-util / desktop-file-utils : Command line utilities to work with desktop menu entries

dev-util / global : tag system to find an object location in various sources

dev-util / gtk-doc : GTK+ Documentation Generator

dev-util / ninja : A small build system similar to make

dev-util / quilt : quilt patch manager

dev-util / rpmdevtools : Collection of rpm packaging related utilities

dev-vcs / git : stupid content tracker: distributed VCS designed for speed and efficiency

dev-vcs / mercurial : Scalable distributed SCM

media-gfx / asymptote : A vector graphics language that provides a framework for technical drawing

media-gfx / openscad : The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller

media-sound / lilypond : GNU Music Typesetter

media-sound / supercollider : Environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis

  • Enable the SCEL user interface

media-sound / timidity++ : A handy MIDI to WAV converter with OSS and ALSA output support

net-dns / libidn : Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) implementation

net-mail / mailutils : A useful collection of mail servers, clients, and filters

net-mail / mu : Set of tools to deal with Maildirs, in particular, searching and indexing

  • Install the mu4e mail client

net-mail / notmuch : Thread-based e-mail indexer, supporting quick search and tagging

  • Install Emacs UI (the main one)

sci-mathematics / agda : A dependently typed functional programming language and proof assistant

sci-mathematics / fricas : FriCAS is a fork of Axiom computer algebra system

sci-mathematics / geomview : Interactive Geometry Viewer

sci-mathematics / gretl : Regression, econometrics and time-series library

sci-mathematics / maxima : Free computer algebra environment based on Macsyma

sci-mathematics / pspp : Program for statistical analysis of sampled data

sci-mathematics / singular : Computer algebra system for polynomial computations

sci-mathematics / twelf : Implementation of the logical framework LF

sci-mathematics / why3-for-spark : Platform for deductive program verification

sci-physics / root : C++ data analysis framework and interpreter from CERN

sci-physics / thepeg : Toolkit for High Energy Physics Event Generation

sci-visualization / epix : 2- and 3-D plotter for creating images (to be used in LaTeX)

sci-visualization / gle : Graphics Layout Engine

sci-visualization / gri : Language for scientific graphics programming

sys-apps / qingy : A DirectFB getty replacement

sys-cluster / glusterfs : GlusterFS is a powerful network/cluster filesystem

sys-devel / autoconf : Used to create autoconfiguration files

sys-devel / gettext : GNU locale utilities

x11-wm / ratpoison : window manager without mouse dependency

x11-wm / sawfish : Extensible window manager using a Lisp-based scripting language

x11-wm / stumpwm : Stumpwm is a Window Manager written entirely in Common Lisp.