Packages with the executable use flag

dev-haskell / bytedump : Flexible byte dump helpers for human readers

  • build executable file

dev-haskell / certificate : Certificates and Key Reader/Writer

  • Build the executable

dev-haskell / cpu : Cpu information and properties helpers

  • build 'cpuid' tool

dev-haskell / highlighting-kate : Syntax highlighting

  • Build the Highlight executable.

dev-haskell / hit : Git operations in haskell

  • Build the executable

dev-haskell / language-dot : A library for the analysis and creation of Graphviz DOT files

  • Build the `ppdot' executable

dev-haskell / skylighting : syntax highlighting library

  • Build the skylighting executable.

dev-haskell / texmath : Conversion between formats used to represent mathematics

  • Compile test executable.

dev-haskell / x509-store : X.509 collection accessing and storing methods

  • Build the executable

dev-haskell / zip-archive : Library for creating and modifying zip archives

  • Build the Zip executable.

dev-php / agavi : PHP MVC application framework

  • Install the "agavi" executable used to manage projects. This requires dev-php/phing, and may be omitted if you are (for example) deploying an existing site to a production server.

sci-mathematics / rw : Compute rank-width decompositions of graphs

  • Build the 'rw' program.