Packages with the exif use flag

Global definition: Add support for reading EXIF headers from JPEG and TIFF images.

app-misc / gramps : Community genealogy program aiming to be both intuitive and feature-complete

app-misc / tracker-miners : Collection of data extractors for Tracker/Nepomuk

dev-lang / php : The PHP language runtime engine

gnome-extra / gnome-commander : A graphical, full featured, twin-panel file manager

gnome-extra / nemo : A file manager for Cinnamon, forked from Nautilus

kde-frameworks / kfilemetadata : Library for extracting file metadata

kde-misc / krename : Powerful batch file renamer

mail-client / roundcube : A browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface

media-gfx / eog : The Eye of GNOME image viewer

media-gfx / eog-plugins : Eye of GNOME plugins

media-gfx / eom : The MATE image viewer

media-gfx / feh : A fast, lightweight imageviewer using imlib2

media-gfx / fim : Fbi-IMproved is a framebuffer image viewer based on Fbi and inspired from Vim

media-gfx / geeqie : A lightweight GTK image viewer forked from GQview

media-gfx / gthumb : Image viewer and browser for Gnome

media-gfx / inkscape : SVG based generic vector-drawing program

media-gfx / llgal : Command-line static web gallery generator

media-gfx / photoqt : Simple but powerful Qt-based image viewer

media-gfx / qimgv : A cross-platform image viewer with webm support, written in qt5

media-gfx / qiv : Quick Image Viewer

media-gfx / sxiv : Simple (or small or suckless) X Image Viewer

media-libs / libgphoto2 : Library that implements support for numerous digital cameras

media-tv / mythtv : Open Source DVR and media center hub

media-video / oxine : OSD frontend for Xine

net-misc / gerbera : UPnP Media Server

net-print / cups-filters : Cups filters

sci-geosciences / merkaartor : Qt based map editor for the project

sci-geosciences / viking : GPS data editor and analyzer

www-apps / piwigo : a photo gallery software for the web

x11-libs / libfm : Library for file management

x11-wm / enlightenment : Enlightenment window manager

xfce-base / thunar : File manager for the Xfce desktop environment