Packages with the fam use flag

Global definition: Enable FAM (File Alteration Monitor) support.

app-admin / apachetop : A realtime Apache log analyzer

dev-libs / glib : The GLib library of C routines

dev-util / omake : Make replacement

kde-frameworks / kcoreaddons : Framework for solving common problems such as caching, randomisation, and more

mail-client / cone : CONE: COnsole News reader and Emailer

mail-filter / maildrop : Mail delivery agent/filter

mail-mta / courier : An MTA designed specifically for maildirs

net-fs / samba : Samba Suite Version 4

net-mail / courier-imap : An IMAP daemon designed specifically for maildirs

net-mail / gnubiff : A mail notification program

www-servers / lighttpd : Lightweight high-performance web server