Packages with the gcrypt use flag

app-admin / rsyslog : An enhanced multi-threaded syslogd with database support and more

  • Add support for encrypted log files using dev-libs/libgcrypt

app-admin / sudo : Allows users or groups to run commands as other users

  • Use message digest functions from dev-libs/libgcrypt instead of sudo's

app-backup / dar : A full featured backup tool, aimed for disks

  • Enables strong encryption support

app-crypt / qca : Qt Cryptographic Architecture (QCA)

  • Enable gcrypt plugin

app-crypt / tpm2-tss : TCG Trusted Platform Module 2.0 Software Stack

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt as crypto engine

app-emulation / fuse-utils : Utils for the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator by Philip Kendall

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto of some features, including logfiles.

app-emulation / libspectrum : Spectrum emulation library

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto of some features, including logfiles.

app-emulation / wine-staging : Free implementation of Windows(tm) on Unix, with Wine-Staging patchset

  • Add support for the Diffie-Hellman key exchanges using dev-libs/libgcrypt

dev-libs / xmlsec : Command line tool for signing, verifying, encrypting and decrypting XML

  • Install xmlsec-gcrypt library

dev-perl / Net-SSH2 : Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libssh2

  • Use libgcrypt instead of openssl

dev-vcs / cvsync : portable CVS repository synchronization utility

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt for hash functions.

media-video / ffmpeg : Complete solution to record/convert/stream audio and video. Includes libavcodec

  • Enables gcrypt support: Needed for rtmp(t)e support if openssl, librtmp or gmp is not used.

media-video / vlc : Media player and framework with support for most multimedia files and streaming

  • Enable cryptography support via libgcrypt

net-analyzer / hydra : Parallelized network login hacker

  • Enable radmin2 support through dev-libs/libgcrypt

net-libs / libgsasl : The GNU SASL library

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto

net-libs / libssh : Access a working SSH implementation by means of a library

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt as TLS provider

net-libs / libssh2 : Library implementing the SSH2 protocol

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt instead of dev-libs/openssl

net-libs / libvncserver : library for creating vnc servers

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt as crypto backend

net-misc / gsasl : The GNU SASL client, server, and library

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt for low-level crypto

net-misc / iputils : Network monitoring tools including ping and ping6

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt for md5 support

net-vpn / strongswan : IPsec-based VPN solution, supporting IKEv1/IKEv2 and MOBIKE

  • Enable dev-libs/libgcrypt plugin which provides 3DES, AES, Blowfish, Camellia, CAST, DES, Serpent and Twofish ciphers along with MD4, MD5 and SHA1/2 hash algorithms, RSA and DH groups 1,2,5,14-18 and 22-24(4.4+). Also includes a software random number generator.

net-wireless / crda : Central Regulatory Domain Agent for wireless networks

  • Use libgcrypt instead of openssl for key checking

sys-apps / systemd : System and service manager for Linux

  • Enable sealing of journal files using gcrypt

sys-auth / munge : An authentication service for creating and validating credentials

  • Use libgcrypt instead of openssl

sys-fs / cryptmount : A utility for management and user-mode mounting of encrypted filesystems

  • Support libgcrypt-encryption of keys.

sys-fs / cryptsetup : Tool to setup encrypted devices with dm-crypt

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt crypto backend

x11-plugins / pidgin-telegram : A libpurple protocol plugin that adds support for the Telegram messenger

  • Use dev-libs/libgcrypt instead of dev-libs/openssl.